Xperia T (LT30p) and Xperia TL (LT30at) Jelly Bean screenshots leak

by XB on 23rd December 2012

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There appears to be some chatter on Asian tech sites that the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the Sony Xperia T and Xperia TL (for AT&T) is being pushed out. We have come across two screenshots showing the About screen of the Xperia T using the 3.4 kernel and Android 4.1.2. One site shows the international version of the Xperia T (LT30p) with firmware version 9.1.A.0.420, whilst another shows the AT&T version of the handset, the Xperia TL (LT30at), with build number 9.1.F.1.64.

Before everyone gets too excited, these updates are highly unlikely to be ready for public consumption. What we’re looking at is either fake (however given the two separate screenshots, we assume that they are real) or a development version of the software that has leaked. Sony Mobile has talked about a February 2013 release date for Jelly Bean for the Xperia T and if it planned to release it earlier it would have said so.

Xperia T (LT30p): Build number 9.1.A.0.420 (Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean)

Xperia T Jelly Bean

Xperia T (LT30at): Build number 9.1.F.1.64 (Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean)

Xperia T Jelly Bean

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Thanks Aaron, Edison & Walkman!

  • Moisis Xperia

    yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh upload ftf

  • Someone

    They better be true, Sony lost it’s reputation after their latest announcement ….

  • reliable source

    This is test software, the small red droid in the notification bar only appears on your user debug software versions and refers to uploading crash reports.

  • People seem to forget the immense work Sony actually does for android.
    They update more phones than any other competitor. Samsung for example has updated three phones I believe (SGS2, SGS3 and Note, and released two, for JB. There are no plans for any other phone. And I won’t mention HTC and LG.
    Sony is going to update ten(!) phones to JB.
    They submit more code to Google than any other OEM and they’re the most pro-rooting that at least I know of.

  • ThilinaC

    Those looks like leaked beta fw,crash monitor app is working background in 2nd sshot

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  • APai

    true. but no one ever asked them to release half a dozen phones and not update them – that’s the reason most people are mad. those dozen phones they release are all pretty much variants of the top & mid range. why not at least update the top end flagship at least ?

    samsung has a handful of flagship level phones which they consistently update and okayish quick. I’m not a huge fan of samsung, I can’t stand their pop design, but they are getting a lot of things right. why is it so hard for sony to update it sooner ? JB release is 3-4 months after samsung has updated theirs. that’s a crying shame. it’s not like the phone market is static.

    also, samsung has brought in a number of good tweaks too – the split window being the latest of the lot, okay they might not be quite as active with code submission, but they’ve been steady for a long time. sony has just woken up to android last year. their earlier track record has been bad with rootkits et al. Don’t get me wrong i like calling spade a spade.

  • All of your arguments are good, but I do not completely agree.
    I believe that Sony offers a much better portfolio than it’s competitors. Instead of making three phones for high-, mid- and low-end, they make an array of phones, where at least one will suit each user more precisely.
    Samsung treats it’s high-end users great, but all the mid and low-end users are completely forgotten. And since the high-end “geeks” are the ones who give others advice and control the main perception of a company, Samsung gets great PR.
    Sony is more equal in it’s service and focus.
    Also, blaming Sony for being slow is beyond me. Samsung Electronics has 220 000 employees, whereas Sony Mobile Communications has 7 000.
    I give my Kudos to Sony for doing a quite remarkably good job!

  • I hope this is true! My TL would be so friggin awesome if it had JB :)

  • Blemish

    The only things good enough about Sony phones are physical design and UI. Barring these two, Sony sucks ass in every fucking aspect. No regular updates, abrupt malfunctioning, touchscreen going haywire, fucking ‘crop’ procedure for setting wallpapers, feeble loudspeaker, mediocre camera, no proper utilization of RAM, buggy updates, no support well within the promised 18-month-support-policy and the list goes on.

    Fuck you for everything, Sony.

  • Mark Mark
  • APai

    Agreed with the mid and low end phones strategy. I have a sola as well, and I’m completely incensed that it’s not getting JB, while being a capable device.

    “Also, blaming Sony for being slow is beyond me.”
    why, are you a sony employee defending them for having less employees ? it doesn’t take a hundred thousand people to write code, its a small division. also I mentioned that if sony releases a hundred products and then is bogged down supporting all those hundred, who is to blame ? why is a customer wrong to expect support ? and why is demanding support on time is so bad ? I’d do the same with samsung if they did this to me.

    as regards the high end phone – it is not quite complete product – any single current flagship from sony.
    I actually realized it pretty late that sony is in the market to offer “value” to all the phones in that top range, like unique features for sola or v which is water resistant but does not have a large screen, T which is quite compact has 100 mah more battery but non removable etc. that’s fine as a strategy with sony, and good to luck to sony too with that. for my next phone however I’ll look for a nexus, hopefully they’ll have a larger storage 9which is my only gripe with the current 16gb N4)

  • 3zeez

    i’ll give you the update delaying, but the rest is Exellent.

  • Fraulein

    * abrupt malfunctioning?
    * touchscreen going haywire?
    * mediocre camera
    – Compared to what? Sony is a big sensor manufacturer and supplies the camera to the iPhone among others.
    * no proper utilization of RAM
    – Isn’t this an Android problem then?
    * 18-month-support-policy

    – The support policy covered updates, not updates to the latest android version. I agree that it would be nice for us geeks, but it costs too much. Instead they help CyanogenMod.

  • APai

    * abrupt malfunctioning – this happens with others too include apple
    * touchscreen going haywire – well, sony has a weak touchscreen software for sure, but not all that bad.
    * fucking ‘crop’ for wallpapers – actually this is a great feature, as it gives power to the user to crop any large image
    * mediocre camera – agree, iphone uses the same sensor, but sony does not have HDR in T its flagship phone – sony sucks in this one. also iphone has full res 25MP panorama, with sony’s sensor, but sony does not have full res panorama!!!! wtf!

  • APai

    well, isnt it going to be true ? but it’s going to be later than sooner. another 2 months of wait. sadly.

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