Sony Mobile says “The extraordinary is coming”

by XB on 5th January 2013

in Rumours

Sony is stoking the fire ahead of its CES 2013 press conference in just over two days’ time. It has sent an email telling fans to “Get ready to go beyond the ordinary?” and that “The extraordinary is coming”. Excited?

Sony Mobile email:

  • Waaaiiitttiingg till monday!

  • Herman

    I AM excited!!

  • Simba

    Does that mean that our Xperia arc will get Jelly Bean ?

  • Michael REMY

    Maybe they would reveal the Xperia Omega or the Xperia Delta new cellphone

  • Someone

    Let’s hope they do, it’s true they made some great devices back in 2012 but they also messed up with few things like Jelly Bean upgrade plans and releasing so many devices which some of them were just overload to the market. Waiting to see what Sony have to show us this year :D

  • Everyone know what we are expecting at CES from Sony .

  • More pictures !!

  • von

    Perhaps they’ll magically add a Micro SD slot to the Xperia S/SL :p

  • AsadMulla

    When they say “Coming” I hope they mean we will be able to buy soon .Not just show off the product they want to release.

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  • Cp2020

    Hope they are not exaggerating with this ‘ extraordinary ‘. Excited? Not so much. Inpatient?…definately.

  • mauricegerald

    Too long time. 2 more days :((

  • blurb8

    Surprise Xperia ray 2!! :-))

  • Hemanth kollam

    Waiting the Sony monster XPERIA Z

  • Raheem Ali

    I’m stoked I have a feeling something special is in store!

  • Nimba

    Good one. :D

  • No one cares buy a new phone ffs lol

  • truthurts

    Exactly mate ;)

  • Norio24

    Maybe they will say something about Xperia Play 2 !

  • Double screen?! (just extrapolating the text shadow xD)

  • Norio24

    Maybe lol

  • CeccoFF

    No nexus?…no….?

  • hoplla

    A JB update? lol

  • A.I. Software

    Uh? and The new Xperia device still cant beat the Galaxy Note 2 !

  • mohammad1233214

    I can’t wait to Monday.
    Wondering what is it, hope that can beat the ugly Samsung

  • Avery Navas

    I don’t have money for a new phone, so i’m not exited… just give jelly bean to my old good Xperia S and you’ll have another happy costumer…. :)

  • People who put high expectations when buying phones…. you will never be happy with your phone. :-)

    Just buy a Nexus phone, you will get the early updates if that’s what you care about so much.

  • McJobs

    Sony shut up, and take my money !

  • Jaouad El A

    The Xperia S will get Jelly Bean mid Q1 along with a lot of other Xperia devices like my Xperia P. So probably in a few months. The only thing beside a few new functions is better optimalization which will be a good thing.

  • An association with TED maybe!!

  • Watchdog

    Maybe it’s time for Vita OS !

  • ProWeirdoAgain;D

    Yup, we need to worry. Russians like him are very impatient and aggresive, BEWARE OF SOVIET KILLER! D:

  • ProWeirdo

    I hope you won’t eat your Russian family for waiting 2 days!

  • Most probably it will be
    *integration of different sony services which can be accessed from a single device
    *good battery
    *camera with good low light performance
    *sleek and beautifull design
    & a much improved screen with better viewing angles.

  • James Earley

    I hope it’s something genuinely exciting rather than what we already know about. If Sony only announce a 5 inch 1080p phone called the Xperia Z then it won’t be anything special since although were all looking forward to it, we already know about it.

  • shutup SONY, and take my Xperia mini !!!

  • Antonio Kukas

    Whatever it is, it will sure be worth staying up until 2am and watching it :)

  • xperialover

    At least the xperia z as it leaks shows, stay in the range of 2013 year in comparison with other companies flagship like LG G2 but there is not chilly in this phone. Something that distinguish thing from the competition which xperia z is missing! But i don’t really know what ? all of the phone are crafted in the same way the only shit that differentiated mobile phones these day is bloody benchmark which are not translated in to the real life, good example is iPhone 5 have only dual core A^6 chip which is not the best in the market but the overall experience and usability are very pleasant even in comparison with SGS3 (I am not sure if it remain with Jealy Bean)



    P. S suprise me SONy are going to put weather station , or digital ultrasound positioning, google it for more information

  • xperialover

    I know super powerful, slim 1 week duration battery for heavy gamers without charging !!! that would differentiated the xperia from competion

  • You mean X10

  • m

    I just hope they meet the people’s expectation with all the hype they are putting into everyone…

  • tymodmyt

    He is Ukrainian like me, so be good and don’t mess with us.

  • Feanor

    First, the new Xperia Z will be considered rather a smartphone than a phablet and it’ll be a direct competitor to the Galaxy S3, not the Note 2. Second, how can you know that an unreleased device cannot beat the Note 2? Actually in leaked specs it beats it already…

  • I wish sony really makes zl with whitemagic huge battery good loud speaker thin solid fast and permium materials most of us in this forum sony lovers we are eagerly waithin true monster and beaty same time

  • Adrian

    Dony care about thin but the other stuff would be good!

  • Ashua

    Well the Xperia Z is waterproof and dust resistance is that the missing distinguishing key amongst the competition you want? :)

  • jag

    Actually, I can’t sleep because of this!

  • jag

    I hope they will put a lot of customizations and UI enhancements like Jarvis! Haha

  • just sayin

    At least software advancements, I mean the Galaxy Note II and SIII are packed with a ton of creative software features. BUT Xperia devices didn’t.

  • themanspirit

    There better be ‘extraordinary’ battery performance to go with Sony’s latest, greatest.
    I’m talking at least 50 hours in GSM Arena Battery Test Endurance Rating numbers.
    Sony needs to add substance to their renown style, to seriously challenge the industry’s leaders,
    As pretty as the Xperia S/SL are, their Battery performance is poor.

  • XYZ

    Vita OS, is pretty shit in its current state. It would get eaten alive by Android and iOS. The UI is nifty, but massively unintuitive, extremely laggy, the browser is a pile of shit (compared to smartphones) amongst other things.
    A Vita OS based phone would be born to die in a world with much better smartphone OS’s. Let it go.

  • XYZ

    That would also be impossible based on current battery technology and current laws of physics.

    Slim + super powerful+ 1 week battery on a cellphone, while gaming is like expecting some one to build a ladder to the moon.

  • XYZ

    What creative software features? All I see is the butt-ugly TouchWiz, with some gimmicks thrown in. Software-wise, they’re probably identical, but with different UI aesthetics.

  • rajiev


  • s7

    please update sony xperia p to new firmware to fix the camera and wifi problems !

  • I also got the mail this morning

  • Sriram

    Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean Update Coming

  • APai

    note 2 has a lot of features that xperia devices dont have. you probably have not checked any of those.

  • Agreed. I hope they really look into user’s feedback and make the shipping soon after announcement.

  • rafi

    Note 2 also dont have features xperia had.

  • APai

    maybe – but try these:
    * multi windows
    * stylus with hand writing recognition
    * screen recorder
    and there are a lot of others. the stylus features itself are pretty useful.

    essentially, note 2 is a higher class of device than the current range of xperia. okay, the samsung build and Ui might not be to your taste. but, dude.. dont deny credit where its due.

  • Ryan G


  • Alvin

    I got the email too!!

  • Alvin

    Yes that is what we called EXTRAORDINARY!!!

  • Cheng

    indeed, change the 1 week into 2 days and im already VERY HAPPY. I have to charge at least 2 to 3 times a day as Xperia S user. Ofcourse Im a heavy user underway gaming and blogging etc. I would be satisfied if I only have to charge 1 time per day even with some regulary gaming.~~

  • Hossam Elsaygh

    In fact i am waiting my salary to buy xperia s but now i wana to rethink about this cuz there is no update and there is no support and why i buy mobile phone from company didn’t respect my desire ?????

  • SonyFan

    Bullfuckingshit!!! lolz
    Laggy!?…what? VitaOS is smooth(much smoother than android), makes a lot of sense, and many tech reviewers said accordingly that the OS has a big future, they support Sony to continue development on this OS so it can be used on smartphones, tablets, media players, digital cameras but especially smart TV units.

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  • Feanor

    Dude, the stylus is there because the Note 2 is a phablet. As I said the Xperia Z is a competitor to S3, not to Note. The Xperias have floating small apps instead of multi windows. Of course Samsung have their strengths like Smart Stay etc, but from what we know the Z will have more powerful processor, more advanced camera, waterproof body, reduced screen layers etc. You really cannot compare. Samsung has some catch up work to do with the Galaxy S4. And let’s not talk about the design superiority of the Z over the Galaxies. Don’t deny credit when it’s due.

  • Akash

    Hope Sony Xperia P get any update which increase its battery backup time.

  • Yuri

    Hey! Feanor, you’re such an idiot and blind.

  • Linh Hai

    with new surpises. Waitting!!!

  • APai

    Z is NOT a competitor to S3 , what are you smoking ? you don’t release a S3 competitor 10 months later!!!

    also, there are features apart from the stylus that are unique to the galaxy S3, multi window being one of them. sony’s delay in updating to the latest android iteration between 4-6 months after samsung’s flagship is also unacceptable.

    don’t get me wrong, sony produces great phones, but they are flawed in critical areas. as it is the hardware is generally late to the party by 4-6 months. look at xperia t – produced just before the arrival of the next wave of devices. T came almost a full 6 months after s3, btw, and yet, it is flawed in plenty of areas as compared to S3 despite 6 months of lead time.

    there are key areas they should improve on notably:
    * enable HDR on T or other models. for god’s sake – their sensors power half the rivals and they have better software. note 2 had HDR, and my T does not. WTFing F!!!!
    * inordinate delay in updates. i bought T because sony said JB available soon after release. 4 months is NOT “soon”. I do not know japanese were clueless about english!!!
    * Panorama – limited to 5mp on a 13mp phone that can shoot fullHD. wtf is wrong with sony ? they have given the same sensor to iphone and they spit out a monster panorama. if my sola and t has the same output for a panorama, why bother with flagship prices for inferior hardware ???
    * no gorilla glass on T, but its on J, is that a F**ng joke ? they give confusing info, one of the sony support guys says that gorilla glass is on T, there’s nothing given anywhere else.

  • amsaKANNA C

    Ray 2 with 4 inch screen is my dream

  • vita os is the exact opposite of laggy, even with all the icons in 3D.

  • dude

    U are absolutely right…We gotta quickly then announce something else as well then.

    Maybe promising AOSP to Xperia S. naah.

    we’r out of options now… U said it… u just did….

    Anyway its goingto feature same old TFT screen with 1080p panel, RS sensor, 2Gb ram, jellybean 4.1 and new camera UI. Qualcomm s4 quad.

    it really impressive! believe me! gotta try it to believe. awesome! camera is now great, no more over compressing… video is now sharp too! beats xperia S hands down.

    video is really pleasant looking, sharp and clear full of details…

    dont ask ho i am. this is WHat ELDAR MUTARZIN SAID!

  • dude

    No it wont!
    it will get it on week 16! thats like 3.5 moths away! so moth 4 is more like it!

    3 months to go! till 4.1 to Xperia S.

  • this why i think xperia s is the last device receiving the update

  • dont´ forget that Xperia S received the ASOP from Google and the portability is made by sony so this why i think xperia s is the last device receiving the update

  • dude

    u are right, sony is getting it but slowly, yhey had 1 year to realize things, when samS had 3 year and htc apple had 4 years lead. Iphones till no SD because they wanna make 32 gb model and sell it for 150 mo bucks…
    sony is still gonna be BAD this year believe me!

    where is 4,7 inch IPS HD plus screen? where are the good photos? so overcompressed now for some reason?

    wheres latest hardware? wheres competitive prices?.

    HTC MAKES a one x
    samsung ups it by one step every where, with bigger screen, battery,memory, speed and features..

    sony sees samsung and tries to be as good but fails, then htc release new phone..SONY 3 steps behind, Sams is 1 , sa sammy make better, and then is SONY 5 steps behind….. this is constantly! new flagship every 6 month with old hardware so they rush on market…. MAKE A FLAG A YEAR 12 months…then ull have best hardware an innovatios…. not like 10 phones on market with old hardware…V,… T ,…. ,S,…. Acro s

    iN 1 YEAR….. cOMON!

    MAKEI gALAXY STYLE 1 flagman in year… bad strategy they have now…

    gotta thing about consumers as well, if u piss us off u have no money then!
    we are the people ho give u our money! if u no respect that, wi will go away and u will have no money,no customers, no fans…. KEEP US HAPPY

  • Sony

    Xperia J got 50 Hours at GSM Arena Battery Test :)

  • Paul

    With “extraordinary” they probably mean: No updates, you get what the phone ships with…

  • BJF

    past flagship xperia with late release, no upgrades with weird excuses, yellow screen problem, are extraordinary enough for major company,,, after all, like all brands in the world, exactly which one wouldn’t be extraordinary nowadays.

  • ProWeirdo

    Why? Will you eat me?

  • tymodmyt

    You seem to be a cannibal, we all here at Xperiablog should be careful! :)

  • HyaeneLeipzig

    Sony Xperia S was removed from the AOSP …

  • APai

    I too do not get sony’s releasing some 20 odd alphabets in one year. as if someone out there was going to claim all those alphabets!

    imho, they’ve completely lost the plot and 2013 they are going to pissoff even more people with delayed JB or further releases. my sola is not going to get JB, so it’s xda/ cm or whatever for me, as the last resort.

    I’m not buying another sony until my T gets 5 whenever it is released – and on time. if T gets 5 on time, I’ll buy another sony, or else it’s goodbye sony.

  • roeshak

    I got the email too and there’s only one thing I have to say… shameless marketing nonsense. Having said that, they are all guilty of such things. Not just Sony.
    The best Sony can hope for from CES and MWC is that they are not overshadowed by other manufacturers. Are people, apart from the truest Sony fanboys, going to come away from these two events crowing about how Sony is making a strong comeback and is poised to take the market by storm? I suspect not with 4.1 devices.
    Like I’ve said before there might be hope for Sony this year with the ZL. HTC have scaled back on screen size back to 4.7 because they are not confident with the size of the DNA. If the ZL is really as small as I’ve heard with a 5 inch display, it would be a big hit but only for 2 or 3 months until Sony announces it update plans for the 2013 line up and the cycle of angry and disgruntled customers starts yet again. A merry-go-round indeed.

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  • My be they forgot that Jelly Bean would be updated for sony phone by themselves. Google will not do that :P

  • JB has arrived to X10 over at XDA ;)

  • Trafalgar

    Maybe, for once they will start selling a phone immediately when it’s been announced. Now that, folks, is really EXTRAORDINARY,

  • ryq24

    totally agree. sony has yet to introduce the TX and V in our country.and now they are going to announce the Z. does that mean Z will be release in december?

  • Raphael

    I don’t understand this heavy teasing after such a long leaking campaign, Xperia Z & ZL main specs are well known by now.

  • Feanor

    And your arguments are….?

  • Feanor

    The BMW 3 series is a direct competitor to the Mercedes C-Class, it always comes when the C-Class in in the middle of it’s life cycle and yet they are competitors. Direct competitors are products that belong to the same segment, not a matter of date of release. When the Z will be on the market, people will have to choose – amongst others- also between the Z and the GS3 and this makes them direct competitors. It’s funny how sometimes you guys get confused with simple matters.

  • Asa

    Hahah funny, I got more updates on my Arc in a couple of months than I ever got on my HTC Desire though.

    Some people really know how to over exaggerate.

  • Sony

    I got this email in India Hope they release here soon …via

  • Xperiablog

    you can try jb on Xperia phone as well.. just check tutorials on

  • Ramy Ayash

    Smartwatch 2 anyone?

  • Ashua

    What do you mean by that we haven’t seen how quick the phone on benchmarks until tomorrow so until then get out of this blog and go on a samsung blog since your such a big samsung fan and at least the phone don’t Break easily or is made out of plastic and its waterproof and dust resistance and yet samsung ain’t. So thats how Xperia phones are better in terms of durability and design heck even the ui is way better then touchwiz!

  • shanefalco

    extraordinay shame because not upgrade U and Sola tu JB!!!

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  • Art Vandelay

    Let me guess, it will come with Android 4.0.X ICS.

  • Ashua

    No! Its coming with jelly bean!

  • Nezar

    With no camera support!!!?

  • Extraordinary? 4000mAh battery? 4,5″ 1080p display? Xenon flash? Optical zoom?

  • No, it means your Xperia Arc will get Windows Mobile 5.0

  • Xperia S

    I’ll let early adopters burn first this time Sony.

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  • iliketowritearticles

    Windows phone?

  • jay

    at CES..

  • jay
  • atb

    But the Xperia V have HDR and bloetoth 4.0 and the better cammera then sgs3 and removable battery and my xperia v support 64 gb sd card slot and the sound quality on my xv is also better and moore louder compaire to my sgs3 so and the xv has a lot of other functions which you want fint in sgs 3 like selecting you ringetones from you own music so get your facts rigth before posting here a comment

  • EMRE

    not sony again. a xperia s owner.

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  • Cheng

    wah, the real thing here~~ 1day to go~~~

  • APai

    “Xperia V have HDR ”
    yeah, finally. but my T is yet to get it, a supposed flagship competitor. what i’m crowing about is that sony is slow as molasses. the jb might include what you have. so, do you mean to say that people have to wait for 6 months for hdr feature ? don’t be ridiculous.

    “my xperia v support 64 gb sd”
    even the T and sgs 3 does it. but its not official.

    “sound quality on my xv is also better and moore louder compaire to my sgs3 ”
    i’m not happy that sgs 3 is doing good, i’m sad that xperia does not do well in a number of key areas.

    “so get your facts rigth before posting here a comment”
    ROTFL. you hardly mentioned any of the facts presented by me, and you want me to get my facts right ?

  • APai

    yeah, we’ll see how it goes when the s4 comes around the market in another 2 months – as direct competitor. OR, would you think that it’s going to be sony’s next year’s model that will compete with galaxy s4 ????

    sony’s qualcomm line of dual core compares favorably with sgs3’s SoC in most regards (as my T competes pretty well).

    so according to your logic, is my T a late released competition to S2 ?

  • powerofviva

    i hope to finally have news about XPERIA PLAY 2

  • jay
  • Trafalgar

    Maybe by “Extraordinary”, it means Sony will release the phone immediately after announcing, for a change.

  • Chi Chi Oppai

    oh boy there goes sony again doing what they do the best.. charming and fooling people.. once they get your money, they wouldnt give a shit about you anymore.. all this is based on my experience with the Xperia S.. yellow tint, bad customer service, camera issues that despite being flamed on their community for 6 months, still, no response from them or even maning up to admit that they messed up or even get our hopes up by stating they are sorting the prob. no nothing. almost a year now and we all still got the same faulty camera focus and blurry issues. after that, we have the JB announcement where inferior phones such as go will be prioritized over S.. and superior phones as well. and S was the last in line. so much for being a flagship.. and i can’t believe they are proud enough to post all their handsets in 2012 in a single picture.. they released so many handsets that they cant keep up with updates and now you got the nerve to post the pictures of all those handsets asking us which one is our favorite knowing that we all hated that marketing part you did?? plain dumb.. also, how come xperia go which has lower specs than U is getting JB?

    what I hate most about sony is they dont give a shit.. you flame their community, email, phone calls and you will still get no decent response from them. Xperia S will be my last sony handset. im so fucking dissapointed.. oh and by the way, Xperia S is the most beautiful handset ive ever seen. the design is too unique and beautiful but because of your poor customer support or should I say, no customer support, Im giving you up for samy.. :(

  • themanspirit

    Hence the title of GSM Arena’s review of Xperia J is ‘Junior League’.
    If the Xperia Z or ZL can deliver those numbers, or better then I will happily buy it.
    As that’s what the SGS III and iP5 deliver now.
    Much as I adore the 720p NXT design, Xperia SL providing just 32h in GSM Arena’s Battery Test is the reason I won’t buy it.
    Sony need to balance their Style with Substance (battery endurance/standby and updates).

  • Alex Ruiz

    You know what would be extraordinary? JellyBean for 2012 Xperia devices.

  • Tobin mathew


  • APai

    today we have proof conclusive for you. the S4 pro is now yesterday’s hardware and qualcomm’s just announced the 2/4/6/800 series, and the 800 series will hit the retail stores in Q2. so if xperia Z arrives in stores by beginning of march – that gives them a headroom of 2 months. before the new processors which are 60% to double the speed of s4pro ALONG with energy efficiency.

    you were right all along. sony indeed produced the xperia Z as a competition to galaxy s3. (it’s just that they only have about 2 months to compete though. after that the new S4 will be around, along with a whole host of other competition running fast exynos/ qualcomm 800 series/ tegra4 etc)

  • powerofviva

    just a new show off !!!

    there is nothing new, we all know every thing about xperia z !!!!!

  • Sorry I’m late. but the camera is working :)

  • robert1965h8s


  • robert1965h8s

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