Xperia Z caught in the wild at CES

by XB on 7th January 2013

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With less than 24 hours to go before Sony starts its CES 2013 press conference, some people have managed to get close to the Xperia Z. Engadget received a picture of the Xperia Z from a tipster on the show floor and if there was any doubt about its name, you need to wonder no more. Another close-up picture was also found from @briantong. Check them out below.

Via Engadget and @briantong!

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • ok until now i’m still falling in love with this phone but i’m still holding myself back !!

  • ToxiD

    Want it!

  • +1

  • Cheng

    Looking great. Im even more curious how ZL will look like in real. Especially the light stripe below. (Yeah, Im a Xperia S user and a NXT lover lol^^”)

  • MoHiT

    Awesome :-)

  • Why it is in size of elephant?

  • Is the wallpaper live or static?

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Looks good but it’s huge. ZL will be a more likely replacement candidate for Xperia S users/lovers like me :)

  • Salem

    so is it really 5″? the phone looks big in this picture.

  • naru

    Can someone confirm that it has dragontail glass!

  • YAY!

  • Static

  • its been a month i have bought xperia ion.. soon gonna regret :/

  • AlexBurnout

    Thank you Sony for making it with a Slim, Smart Edge. That’s exactly what I want. Also those awesome on-screen buttons were really the best choise. Best phone, guys! Sony rocks!

  • +2

  • The new launcher is ugly as hell, I prefer so much the old one.

  • paul_cus

    Earpiece looks just like the ion.

  • kurtdean

    It’s smaller than droid dna anyway

  • paul_cus

    I want that wallpaper.

  • Anyone notice the playstation mobile icon? Looks like something big is on the way then

  • jack

    what is the meaning of

    caught in the wild here ?

  • Amazing! Can’t wait for the official announcement!

  • Alvin

    I don’t know why people saying DragonTrail glass ” DragonTail “, the name is DragonTrail, not DragonTail

  • Alvin

    But, I guess it is giraffe

  • Alvin


  • ShinOrochiX

    Yep, I agree.

  • Because they couldn’t fit 1080p is a smaller case and marketing badly needs 1080p displays. You know so people can have a reason to upgrade from their current gen 720p devices and kids can say “look I have a FullHD phone!”. If this trend of bigger getting phones keeps on, my next device will probably not be a high-end device, but a “small” 4,5″ midrange one.

  • Where is Odin? We always see pics of Yuga, but wasn’t Odin also supposed to be displayed at CES?

  • It is big! Even my Nexus 4 with it’s 4,7″ display is quite unhandy to use.

  • So you will need to stay with old xperia model and never ugrade its software… If you don’t want to use this ugly launcher. Good luck.

  • Eugen Hannibal


  • Klye

    Too big …too long, this new xperia phone isn’t beautiful at all.

  • Nakata

    I secoud that, the new ui looks shit n’ cheap.

  • S. Erik


  • I have the same icon my Tablet S, it’s the new Playstation Store icon


    The new UI looks great. go get yourselfs a samsung UI. just ugly

  • AsadMulla


  • iHuman

    Lol elephant + giraffe …Ogoshhh! I agree with u guys.

  • Cheng

    lol too long? have you seen the real iphone 5 yet? now THATS long. this is both longer and wider…unlike ugly iphone 5 -.-…

  • +7

  • Cheng

    new UI is great indeed, I mean look carefull those PSM and walkman logo’s. all is still the same Sony’s style in a bitdifferent way.~~

  • Cheng

    thats confirmed weeeeeks ago -.-“

  • Cheng

    I just know it now… lol.. well dragontail sounds cooler ^^” “strong like a tail of a dragon lol~~

  • roeshak

    Well’ll it’s looking like we won’t see thethe ZL until MWC. Too bad because I’m not even remotely interested in the Z.
    I’m not enamoured by it’s design. It’s specs are’re fairly standard for 2013. Dated OS with poor support surely to follow.
    Let’s hope HTC showcase thee M7 oror else it’s going toto be aa very dull event.

  • just saying

    The design seems not good as 2012 model..

  • Arnel K.

    Please, can you explain your sentiment? =)

  • Alvin

    yeah, but, It will be cool if the name was DragonTail, haha

  • Norio24

    This is gonna cost us a fortune !! lol

  • Engineer

    In fact people will not mind a 5-inch phone as long as it thins and of course “no bezel”

  • XperiaS Jelly Bean

    XperiaS Jelly Bean ???? Everyone to attend CES trouble to ask SONY official why have slow when it will come?

  • Evita

    Eh… what did you mention anything about High Tech Clash!

  • Someone


  • Sami Dawood

    Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnooooooootttt Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiit > *__*

  • haseeb


  • HAHAHA! good point, the new iphone is like a tower!

  • tymodmyt


  • basri


  • The Truth Must Be Said

    old leaked picture!!!!, You should have your own sources

    And if you don’t have, then you should quit writing and you should close the blog

    If you take news from other competitor websites about Sony phones, then you don’t deserve to be

    Sony fans and should close the blog

  • gregosor78

    Old leaked picture :-p
    January, 6th on the screen… very old bro…

  • i-ffel tower?

  • Is this jelly bean? Not so good I think. They should make a new clock at least

  • weeeeooo

    calm down.

  • My pocket will mind

  • Nothing new in design. I think they forgot to use designers :P

  • After one year, yuga will be also thrown from sony software support

  • arcwindz

    Too big? yes, but this phone is beautiful nonetheless.
    We got a lot of leaks for Z but almost none for ZL lol, I’m so waiting for it

  • pawfyd

    iPhone 5 has the same screen proportions as this and every other Xperia… The iPhone looks way better than the new Xperia. I miss Sony Ericsson from their old days of W800i or T650i. They knew how to make amazing looking phones.

  • Maged

    can anyone tell if Z & ZL will have ” Miracast ” technology in it ??

  • weeeeooo


  • Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful

  • I love how no one thinks that the person that got the pictures might have small hands

  • pawfyd

    Sorry to hear mate. Wish you more success next time.

  • Fraulein

    Oh no, it’s from yesterday! Hell is freezing over

    Here’s a truth you can tell: You’re an idiot

  • Fraulein


  • I second that!

  • Linh hai

    it’s the same a tablet, but i like Sony specialy Xperia P :D

  • Ney

    Does it come with a backpack? :D

  • Farhad K


  • Farhad K


  • Farhad K

    I love it
    even more than any other lovely Xperia

  • Arnel K.

    Apple walk along the track =) Selling design over the year :D

  • Norio24

    Bigger is better

  • Xlash Andraid

    I want the arc series back.

  • Akh™


  • Hemanth kollam

    Hai guys thats buttons not physical display part videos and other use you can maximize screen
    I love full hd xperia z

  • Jan

    Maybe not this time..?

    BTW i hope something about games for Xperia, Playstation support.

  • no but it comes with 50GB of box cloud storage for life …

  • naru

    Oh wow now im really impressed ! Could u tell me if its CPU is going to clocked at 2gigahertz?

  • naru

    Oh man. Just can’t wait to get this phone. I’ve always wanted to take a call in the shower! :)

  • Where can i find it?

  • Did@

    it should be nice smart if price will be not crazy

  • Arnel K.

    OMG…why do sony mask the socket for the ear phone ? the SD and SIM slot could be better design- like opening with a bolt.

  • Cheng

    even though, whenever I look at the BACK of iphone 5, I have feel like just eating a lemon. Looking like a zebra coloured back…is just ugly IMO. IOS and Apple might have been the pioneer for smartphones. But that age was already over. Samsung won Apple, and soon will Sony. This year’s strategy is and will be much better than 2012. They now know that they should releases less phones and better quality, hence the specs we know now. With Dragontrail glass quality has been upped so much~~~ Ericsson is no more, its Sony Mobile and their awesome Xperia.

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    The design is divine. it makes my ion looks way uglier. Still in love with my ion tho. ^^

  • Metallica

    please release it as soon as possible .. and you will earn a lot of money! if Sony releases this phone before my march it will be my next phone!!!

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