Xperia Z and Xperia ZL sample photos and videos

by XB on 13th January 2013

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The Sony Xperia Z (C660X) and Xperia ZL (C650X) come with a brand new 13MP Exmor RS CMOS imaging sensor, capable of both HDR videos and photos. We’ve been waiting to see what kind of results these new handsets are capable of. If these initial indications are anything to go by, it looks quite promising.

We’ve attached some outdoor sample photos and videos from the Xperia Z (C6603) courtesy of BestBoyZ as well as some indoor CES samples of the Xperia ZL (C6503) courtesy of reader Uli. Noise levels on the images appear to be lower than that seen on last year’s Xperia flagships, such as the Xperia S/Xperia T. However, there seem to be sharpness issues at full resolution, although this is a prototype device so it will most likely be improved on release. Have a look yourself below to see how the cameras fare so far.

Xperia Z (C6603) sample photos

[Click to enlarge]

Xperia Z (C6603) sample HDR video

Xperia ZL (C6503) sample photos

[Click to enlarge]

Xperia ZL (C6503) sample video

Xperia Z samples from BestBoyZ [Thanks kurtdean & todaerika!]
Thanks to Uli for the Xperia ZL samples!

  • ahm

    High quality pics.
    Let not forget that they will look even better on the device due to BE2.

  • I’m impressed! Sony has always had great camera sensors and software. Still, this seems like a step up from last generation. And this may not even be finalized software!

  • Feanor

    Well, they should look also good in full res on a PC screen. However I cannot complain. I think the improvement in comparison with last year’s models is obvious I think. There doesn’t seem to be such strong over-compression problem which blurs the outlines, as it was the case with the S and the T. Considering the average lighting conditions, I think this seems to be a camera that performs well. Right at the top maybe together with Lumia 920.

  • Jenna Tolls

    Did anyone notice the face on the picture with the black car?

  • Hallon

    Finally Sony! At 100% it’s even at great quality without as much noise as the previous phone camera’s. Could be the overload of sunlight in Vegas too though. Waiting for low light pics.

  • saif

    desperation increasing post by post

  • Samuel Serafim

    Maybe this is the frist phone from Sony with meh camera. Rank 8. Sansumg galaxy 3 still better. Rank 9.

  • Honestly, they already have great cameras, it’s the autofocus issue that needs to addressed. My Ion takes amazing pictures but only when it focuses!

  • Castiel

    I read in a forum taught how to take good pictures with xperia phone.It’s said that all the noise is because sony set image stabilization as default,it makes the camera shoot faster,but it increase the iso because of the low Exposure Value .So turn off image stabilization and you get photos without noise and you can get better photso with manual Exposure Value

  • meh comment –_ — “

  • zephyron

    While the medium to close-up images are nice, the camera seems to have issues with soft edges and contrast with objects focused at infinity

    All-in-all, not a bad performer for a PnS camera when the images are downsized

  • APai

    I wonder if its the software that is problematic with the 2012 range – if yes, how about correcting those flagship phones at least ?

  • Come on Sony, release the phone now!

  • Samuel Serafim

    meh joke

  • Herman

    On the Xperia Z they will look awesome, but once you zoom in you will STILL see colored noise. It’s such a shame Sony still hasn’t fixed this. If only their sensors wouldn’t show colored noise, if only it were grayscale, Sony’s camera would be honestly epic.

    Now it’s just ‘a bit better than most others’

  • zephyron

    Noise is not a problem that you can fix on phone sized camera sensors with high megapixel count, the pixel bucket surface area is far too small for it and as a result ends up in an image that suffers from a lot of noise, low ISO value or otherwise

    The issue with Sony phones is the image denoiser algorithm, which is a tad too aggressive, which makes images look blotchy, like an impressionist painting on the edges (evident when you compare the Oppo Find5 and the Xperia Z photoes in their full MP count when pixel peeping)

    Even PnS cameras with 1/2.3″ sensors suffer from noise when their MP count is lower (e.g Canon Powershot series)

    The solution to this would be increasing the sensor size and/or lowering the megapixel count, which would be bad for marketing, but good for true image quality

  • razec

    Am I the only one unimpressed with these pictures? seriously those pics are blurry, and there’s hardly any details in the leaf foilages, which means Sony is emplying heavy noise reduction we used to see in C905, even Satio’s pixel noise ratio is better than the Z. while I agree that Sony is listening to its customers who want noise free pics, It seems like they’re overdoing it.

  • Angel Morales

    Samsung is a horrible company making crap…. Galaxy phones are no good!

  • Angel Morales

    Once again SONY you’ve done it. WOW!!!

  • Angel Morales

    Samsung is a joke!

  • Herman

    I’m not asking for ‘no noise at all’, I know that’d be nearly impossible to get.
    But, when I look at photos taken from a high-end smartphone from Samsung, like the Galaxy Note, I don’t see any colored noise. I do see noise as in any smartphone photograph, but it’s not as visible as with Sony’s cameras.
    The iPhone 4S and up doesn’t feature this, why would Sony’s own devices be worse?

    Of course, the image quality overall from my Xperia S is indeed better than from the Galaxy Note, but because of the color noise the Note isn’t too far behind.

  • surethom

    I have the xperia s & do love the phone, but the iphone uses Sony’s camera sensors but seem to get better pictures, not sure if sony over compresses the photos or what ?

  • Zephyron

    I’m not too certain, but I’d imagine it’s due to their choice of oil based plastic lenses and their image processing algorithm software (which Sony has not been very good at at all IMO, save on some of their high end cameras)

    While Sony provides the sensors for other manufacturers, one should bring to attention that the lens assembly doesn’t always necessarily translate to Sony’s own, and I believe the optics on the Samsung and Apple phones, and even the Oppo Find 5 differ and offer superior performance overall compared to Sony’s own phones housing their own exact sensor (That, the default Snapdragon image processing isn’t really any good IMO, the Novathors provided better overall IQ, evident in the 8MP Xperia phones with the Xperia P shining above the rest)

  • Hamza Salau

    i agree hopefully this is corrected before launch

  • all i see is a guy doing push-ups

  • fap…fap…fap

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