IDC says Sony sold 9.8 million smartphones in Q4; now ranks in fourth place

by XB on 25th January 2013

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Research house IDC released its latest numbers for its Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker earlier today. According to their numbers, Huawei leap-frogged Sony to take third place in global smartphone shipments in calendar Q4 2012. IDC estimates that Sony Mobile sold 9.8 million smartphones in Q4, versus the 8.8 million smartphones it sold in the three months to September 2012.

Sony will formally be releasing its latest quarterly numbers on Thursday 7 February, so we’ll see exactly what shipment numbers they have achieved at that point. However, if the above IDC numbers are to be believed, it would mean Sony has sold 26 million smartphones in the nine months of FY13. This would put Sony well on track to hit its 34 million target for FY13. With some stellar Xperia handsets on the horizon, Sony has every chance to take back third spot later this year.


Thanks Aaron!

  • Xlash Andraid

    Xperia Z is the strongest card SONY has right now to scale positions. Xperia ZL will help a lot too. SONY shouldn’t release a bunch of entry-level phones that no one cares and it will have great results.

  • domiboy7

    Great news to hear, hopefully one day they will be #1 !!!

  • Aokde Gharra

    huawei????? wtf!!!!!

  • kurt hinds

    I’m hoping Sony makes a come back in 2013!

  • XperiaBlog

    Nope, FY13 (12 months to 31 March 2013).

  • Huawei is no surprising, they got a lot of cheap ass phones in a lot of carriers in NA. NA is the market that Sony is pretty much non existence.

  • Sudarshan Rai

    But they are in 3rd position in Indian Market and most of Asian markets

  • Xperia

    Sony>HTC,LG and Nokia

  • xperiancer

    Huawei’s market is mainly China. Just their population alone, China already has almost half the world’s market share, so I’m not surprised. If we look globally, Sony is doing better else where.

  • Alvin

    I hope Sony in the #1 Rank sometimes this year ( even if that’s imposible ) or next year…

  • Alvin

    But when you combine all FY ’12 number of units shipped, Sony can beat Huawei…

  • Inshallah Sony will be No 1

  • Cheng

    Great indeed. Sony is climbing up the ladders now. hope they will surpass Apple and Samsung one day. Sure it may take time but there is hope. Their design is already the BESt amongst smartphones. Now for the upcoming phones, keep releasing small quantity, but BIG quality with the newest specs and good software upgrade and support, with here and there some new functions ,and you will be the Top 3 in no time~~~

  • Sony is the best-selling brand in Iran according to the retailers. Samsung follows. I wish there were market analysts ranking the brands in each country individually.
    this way it would be easier to see which brand is at the top in how many countries.

  • @Xperiablog
    Why you never noticed about Xperia neo L or 2012 novathor phone…
    like neo L is the first to get certified by JB 4.2 and new fw for SXU and for others etc…. you are just busy in promoting SXZ :-!

  • Alireza

    Samsung outsells Sony phones in Iran by 2 to 1. No doubt Sony is doing wonderful job in Iran because in other parts of the world Samsung shares are more than 5 times more than Sony. The thing is Sony’s smartphones make their way to Iran often too late. Xperia U could have easily outsold Galaxy ace if it was released like 1 month earlier. Same goes for their TVs; I wanted to buy a Sony TV. I bought the best they had and it was a crap compared with Samsung TVs in the same price range. I searched the TV model online and found out that it was discontinued since 2008 and it was 2011.

  • afr

    Sony for life.

  • The same goes to Malaysia as well.

  • For me, Sony is nº1!!!!

  • shanefalco

    huawei have good ips display…sony have cheap tn display…huawei the best! sony learn by huawei!

  • APai

    so there are quite a few manufacturers who are profiting other than samsung – just that they happen to be the chinese manufacturers (huawei, zte) and sony of course. lg and htc did not get their act together so they suffered.

    apple/ wp fans routinely suggest samsung is the only one making money. so this one proves that you can make money with android.

  • APai

    Z is a terrific device, I do hope that they market it as quickly as they can to as many markets, if they are slow, then they will be caught in another samsung wave in april. so they have 2 months to do what they can.

  • APai

    so i guess it’s nokia/ samsung/ sony ? what’s the order ? I only wish nokia would wake up smell the beans and slap android on the 920 quickly. or else wp8 will drag them down.

  • monket

    Xperia Neo L won’t have Jelly Bean.

  • surath

    sony goo

  • surath

    sony good 1 st

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