Sony France says Xperia V landing in March – should it still bother?

by XB on 12th February 2013

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Back in early November, Sony Mobile France revealed that it would be launching the Xperia V (LT25i) in January 2013 for €529. Well, as you might have noticed, January has come and gone and there’s still no sign of the handset.

Sony Mobile France recently confirmed that the handset is still planned to launch but the date has slipped to March. It appears that the Xperia V will be on sale exclusively through Sony Mobile’s official webstore, suggesting a limited launch. This is hardly surprising considering that the Xperia Z (C6603) will launch in France towards the end of February.

We do wonder why Sony would bother releasing the Xperia V now, given it is so late. However, the handset does have its merits – it has arguably better ergonomics than the Xperia Z given its smaller display size (4.3-inches versus the 5-inch Xperia Z), it also may come at a cheaper price point than the €529 originally stated (this compares to a sim-free Xperia Z price in France of €649).

There is no doubt that the Xperia V is an excellent phone, but the phone was released in other European markets in early December. We do question whether it is really worth Sony’s effort in releasing the phone three months later, especially given that the new flagship is around the corner. However, as with anything, much of this will depend on pricing. Judging by pricing in other European markets such as Germany, it probably won’t be any cheaper than €499.

  • roeshak

    They better be offering this at midrange prices. Anything else would be ridiculous. The last of the SE devices eh! Thank God too.

  • just_being_real

    lol @sony france

  • “We do wonder why Sony would bother releasing the Xperia V now, given it is so late.” -> Lot of request from France Sony customers..!
    For those who hate 4.5″+ screen size, it’ll be the best compromise.. Even if it comes 3 month later.

    I’ve wait for this XpV, but finally will test XpZ in March ;)

  • metalhead

    Sad thing is the Xperia V never made it to the united kingdom and tbh the V is the phone I want compared to that of the Z simply because the V has a smaller screen then the Z

  • Lets not forget the xperia v has a removable battery as well as a pretty nice design too, i have to admit the 5 inch screen size makes me feel like i should keep my xperia s and get the xperia z tablet instead of the phone but ill see. If the V comes down to the price of about 490 i think they would sell out in no time.

  • Marten

    That would be an awesome mid-ranger if its price is less than 450 euros.

  • Xperia V launched in The Netherlands today, prices start at €450 (still to expensive IMO)

    I will consider it if the price has dropped to about €350.

  • DrazenDodig

    good… it will end up being priced very well then.

  • yeah. exactly… lol @sony france… in estonia it’s already on sale for like 3 or 4 weeks

  • Feanor

    The price difference with the Z is so big that adding the V in the lineup would actually make sense if it wasn’t for the coming SP. I think the V and the SP will be more comparable. If Sony is planning to release the SP in the next 3 months or so, then the V makes almost no sense. If the SP is delayed, then the V will full up the gap nicely.

  • The V is a true Sony (maybe except for the design because it’s the arc design but that’s all). There’s no more SE globe to be found on the Xperia V.

  • You forget that it´s as tall as the Xperia T and as wide as the Xperia S )which isn´t a very compact handset’.

  • No

  • AsadMulla

    I have had an Xperia S since launch but I also just last week bought a Xperia U because I need it as a work phone. So even though its late sometimes it can suit people like me. But its not so good for Sony.

  • Guest

    This means the similarly spec’ed C530X is not coming out any time soon?

  • Lunkz

    To slow Sony, to slow…

  • Maybe for the unresolved bug that freezes randomly the device?

  • von

    me too i want the tablet more than the phone bec I’m still inlove with my S. And the tablet having obviously a bigger screen and an sd card would definitely make it the ultimate media player. :3

  • Tom Zenk

    Height isn’t as much as a dealbreaker for me personally. I find width to be more of a obstacle to pocketability. Especially when you’re comparing 65mm to 71mm. Its a big difference. The Z is still back pocket friendly :)

  • Riyal

    It won’t change it’s price. Xperia V came here also in the Philippines just this January and it was launched for 26k PHP or should I say the same as €5**+ if converted.

  • Sad

    But it doesnt have the powerbutton like that of xperia z so im sad :(

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  • Carl

    The marketing, at Sony is terrible. They have decided to scrap the lower models, when there are markets like India which have a market for growth. Samsung low-ends are terrible, no ICS. If Sony want growth, keep the a couple of low-ends, with colour options, ensure timely releases, unlike the mess they have with the unit called the Xperia V. Also, work on R&D, keep your existing customers happy so that they would help spread the word. Don’t blow it like you guys have done with the release for JB on the Xperia S.

    If Sony want to redeem themselves, pull off something they had done with another one of their products, the PlayStation 3. You guys can’t afford to sell that unit anywhere close to the price of the Xperia Z. Price the unit below Xperia T, lanch it in a country like India, where the T won’t see the light of day legally. Position it as a replacement to the Xperia P. That way, you would be pulling the would be S3 customers.

  • matt

    i wonder Sony already fix the “SOD”bug thing in V..

  • afzal

    Xperia v do share most of xperia z spec into a smaller display and size. Its depend on the user itself which suited their need and budget.

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  • skipper

    Don’t buy Xperia V.Because SOD problem still continue to happen after jelly bean update :((

  • jerry

    429 € – official eshop sonymobile france

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