User records Xperia Z video at retail store to counter inferior display claims

by XB on 15th February 2013

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A number of Sony Xperia Z reviews have started to pop up over the last few days and more are expected over the coming week. Some reviews have criticised the handset’s display for its lack of viewing angles as well as poor contrast and colour saturation when compared to other handsets. Despite other reviews describing no such issue, the concerns have been enough to make some people question ordering the handset, especially considering the price.

This led one concerned user to visit a Sony Centre store in Poznan, Poland and record a video of the Xperia Z’s display. The video looks at the handsets viewing angles as well as showing off some pictures to get an idea on colour reproduction. The brightness is also altered as it can affect contrast levels if too bright. It shows that for those questioning the Xperia Z display, it’s best to check it out yourself before writing the handset off. The results look pretty good to our eyes. How about you?

  • Sasa

    Very good!

  • Looks good, why is nova launcher installed on the handset though

  • Seb–index/index/id/900/

    The Xperia Z is on the first place on one of the most important german smartphone review side

  • Niels Vleeming

    Because the default launcher makes the screen look pale. Not very handy when you’re trying to show off the screen’s capabilities.

  • Hristo

    Because this is the best Launcher. I’ll install ot this device too.

  • Critic

    The same scenario is repeating
    Xperia Arc S got powned by Galaxy S2 and hTC Rezound
    Xperia S got powned by Galaxy S3 and hTC One X
    Xperia Z is gonna be powned by Galaxy IV and hTC ONE with THIS POOR TFT SCREEN

    (The Truth Must Be Said previously)

  • nice love it i hate the phonearena reviewers always has a complaint about sony displays which is wrong by them

  • Keon Fraites

    Xperia S had inferior display too S3? I have alot of friend who have the S3 and still prefer my XS screen too theirs, and also did tests with persons who don’t have either and asked them to see which is better and they concluded the XS is better.

  • Saman Aziz

    The problem is whenever that see a flawless phone from Sony, they try to make these ridiculous comments like poor viewing angle or whatever else.
    I love Xperia Z and it will my next phone for sure so please shut the hell up

  • DrazenDodig

    buhaha, S4 is going to be 2 months late.

  • FlowXT have posted a very in depth analysis of Xperia Z’s display:

    They have measured a contrast ratio of just 570:1 on the Japan Display Inc. panel of the Z compared to a Sharp sourced panel of the Droid DNA with a contrast of 1153:1. They have also found less accurate white balance, smaller color gamut and other technical weaknesses with the Z’s panel. It’s not a bad display by any means, actually it’s very good, just not perfect.

    I’m still going to buy the Z because of the overall package, but I’m not deluding myself for a second that I’m getting the best display on the market. Sony still has some catching to do with Sharp, but until then, having the second best display is not a deal breaker to me, since the rest of the device is so impressive.

  • Critic

    That because they are Sony fanatics and 100% they are biased to Sony

  • Critic

    Because Samsung managed to make us trust it and its products. WE BELIEVE THAT GS IV WILL BEAT Xpera Z. NO DOUBTS AT ALL

  • just_being_real

    just to be real.. you’re a terrible critic!

  • Critic

    Myabe. but at least I don’t lie to myself like those Sony fanatics.

    And I just said the truth that history proved it twice and the truth must be said.

  • FlowXT

    And 12th on the Japanese user review site, in display quality ranking (based on opinions of 104 buyers).

  • Rene

    This is a great launcher for the Xperia Tablet S and it is coming to my XPS and XZ (hopefully as soon as I can get my hands on one) in two weeks

  • Rene
  • Anonymous

    Yes. Like how you are biased on sammy. Some critic you are.

  • android user

    it’s always the same with xperia displays. other phones use their over saturated/contrasted oled screens. I mean most of the time you use your in front of your eyes, why would you need such viewing angles? when using a notebook you dont give a shit about it, neither, and its even worse.. if it’s too big, well that’s something different..

  • daniel

    Funny.. you surely confident that sammy n htc will beat xpz even it was not even official. Just like a rumors about s3 where sammy fans keep troll mentioning it will come with 16mp sensor but at the end it just 8mp sensor. S3 provide quad core same as sony xpz. But why s3 spec just decent compare to xpz. And now sammy releasing to soon s4. Seem like desperate action fear other already making a good product and quality eat up their jewel. :-)

  • Michael Hofmann

    I think many of the Xperia Z’s negative viewing angle reviews came from CES, which were pre-production handsets and the CES showfloor lights certainly wouldn’t Have helped.I expect many reviews done in full will change their tone, long live Xperia Z!

  • arenaflour

    i find the excuse of being pre-prod units silly. if you’re introducing your product why would you do that with an imperfect prototype? the display certainly does not look as bad as the CES one but i was hoping it could be the best. sony says it’s the best of sony in a smartphone. does that mean their TVs also have the awful limitations displayed by the xz?

  • Arie

    Sony never be the best when it comes to display quality, that’s my only concern…..
    Other than that Sony is the best!!

  • Anon

  • Simão Lúcio

    show them with an angle, then tell us something

  • Simão Lúcio

    I love everything in sony’s mobile: the design, the UI, the functionalities

    minus the TFT screen.

    I’m not talking about the pixel density but about the colors

    for 650€ you should have a better screen from the one of the tv international leaders

    Sorry, but an IPS or an amoled would make this device just perfect

  • because most of the people can’t accept that xperia Z crush they favorite quad core phone in terms of performance with big margin

  • PVV

    I will completly confirm this. Last year then i was looking for my new phone, I was choosing between S3 and XS. I had no preferences for specific brand, so I ve been making a decision only based on my impressions. While there is no doubt S3 had better perfomance, better battery and card slot, its display was way inferior than on XS. It had a completly acidic eye-hurting colors, not to mention the terrible Pentile which made all the small fonts look “fluffy”. And the handset itself was pretty ugly too btw, compared to Xperia. So I bought Sony and had many problems with it, but I still dont regret my decision in that moment.

  • testor

    please remember what sony said about xz. it is a device introduced to compete with the s3 and ip5. that means they have a different device to compete with the upcoming sammy, apple, and htc flagships.

  • pavel

    GUYS,help me please!)Who know where i can get apk. files for messaging and phone from android 4.0 for TX or T??Thank you!)

  • i’m not sony fanatics… i have iphone 4, galaxy tab 8.9, ipad and nokia n9. and i do really loves Z.. talk about performances Z beat SGS3 with big margin… talk about view angle, i don’t care because i don’t want others to see content of my phone .. well if you think SGS4 will win against Z than that’s natural since SGS4 will be different generation and in the end sony will launch new series of high end xperia and beat SGS4 :) yeah truth must be said :))

  • jag

    yeah right. self righteous.

  • jag

    i really dont know why people want their messages to be read by others. it’s so confusing. @.@

  • hans

    Actually the most obvious thing with xperia’s tft from the 2011 display to this day, is that you don’t have to use the maximum brightness to get the best display/outside visibility, just 50% and it’s all good. Might be inconsistent with how usually the reviewers do the review(not all screen to be treated the same way) And the viewing angle is still workable, its not like a bad display at all, just you and your showing off habits that tells you naahh.. My conclusion is its not something you should avoid because it is workable, and if you do, i tell you, you’re missing a whole lot quality inside

  • Why these reviewer very stupid.. if they look at the screen in any angle .. Z screen washout.. which mean when you use the phone.. someone behind you cant see what are you doing with your phone … the bravia engine 1/2 only can be see with straight view to the phone … These viewer very stupid ….

  • Cheng

    I still dont get it why people get so frustrated about perfect 180 degrees viewing angles…
    Like many of us agree, I dont like people watching my messaging or playing my games on the way. Especially kids -.-” might be fun if they watch it for 10 seconds how “awesome” I perform but thats all. The ONLY time when I might, really might need a good viewing angle is playing games like Temple Run 2 where gravity and tilting the device is a must. Moving the left and right during those games is where I need the so called ‘viewing angle’; the most. Not that I cannot see it. I doubt I even notice a difference using a different phone with so called “good viewing angles”.
    Anyways, I have looked into many different diplayes including iphone, galaxies, notes, htc’s and more. I totally dislike the Samsung Amoled the most, cause the colors turn to be unrealistic and dark to me… Using Xperia S for almost one year I still get amazed how crisp my screen is with natural true colours which others cant beat. I know Z is even better with Bravia 2 so, Sony all the way for me ~~~

  • Beng

    Those people are perfectionist. Si bei sian ah..

  • nazira

    Dear xperiablog, why you are not making any own video? kindly post your own video and give the feedback.. instead of depending on others..

  • One thing I need to know from those people who complain about the poor viewing angles… Are you going to grab the device from the sides and start working??!

  • mode893

    Oh yeah Xperia Z has a really bad display. Very irritating that I can’t see anything at 0 deg angle. Instead of nitpicking, best they get a life.

  • mode893

    It’s a blog, not a reviewer website.

  • mode893

    They don’t care if the display looks amazing, they just care if it’s using the latest technology. TFTs aren’t exactly groundbreaking that’s all. It’s not about practicality, the fact that you always view your phone at 90 deg, or how it helps with privacy to have a smaller viewing angle clarity. It’s about the cheap technology that they are nitpicking on. They don’t care how good it really looks, and of course Sammy fanboys just found THE sweet spot to attack.

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    check xda developer.

  • Quark Gluon

    Are you sure it’s JDI screen? Last time I heard about it, JDI was developing IPS with WhiteMagic.

  • i hav also heard many sites are complaining of camera quality as well. they say camera gives some less sharp as well as less details shots against the competition. please xperiablog, post something for that. i m confuced buying it now !!!!!

  • afzal

    Even my 5year old son watching his fav spongebob thru my xpv by looking it direct not sideways or 180 viewing angel ° lol.. i guess most of the reviewer complaint about viewing angel really ran out of ideas to wrote the article.. :-)

  • EnglandFlick

    So true, and they based their judgement on what they saw on their footage not on what they’ve seen on their eyes, its called reality display that needs real eye to enjoy not on camera footage.

  • 111


  • Killer

    You have to love the loyalty for Xperia phones though : ) I am on my 10th Sony/Sony Ericsson handset and this will be my 11th. I hope this does not hurt it, though I do like having a phone that not everybody else does, Sony could do with this being a hit I think.

  • EnglandFlick

    If you are interested on the phone and the quality of the screen and your rich you wouldn’t have to complain about viewing angles and stuff, if I want good viewing I can watch my gorgeous HX925 with Xperia Z one touch, poor just complain and all

  • Cheng

    yeah indeed. I mean if you wanna share you screen with people. buy a tablet or ipad! the phone is for private usage not sharing with people… even if u show video and photos. we all look straight to it. if you sit with 5 people on your sofa, just plug in your HDMI cable into the TV and there you go! why bother looking with 10 eyes into the 5inch screen?… Angles are not that important as you think…you have to think on a daily usage….and user, which is YOU, yourself only looking and using on the screen straight.

  • Cheng

    dude you have to use VPN or SSH to see them if you are in China.. it’s youtube… u know-.-

  • Ah thanks for the explanation

  • exactly.., only an idiot would do that.. LOL

  • Not this time mate! Samsung are no 1 but HTC will be owned by Sony! Things are changing. Sony 4th Android manufacturer with average handsets but now watch when Sony release top handsets they will be no 2. You go buy your plastic craps!

  • The only thing I concluded is your an idiot! Plastic sheep

  • ProWeirdo

    New Xperia Home app sux a lot. The new animation and stuff looks nice, but it disables me to scroll faster between screens. I have to use Nova Launcher.

  • Goodbye then! Troll on plastic forum

  • Try handset at a retail location! Some of these reviewers are biased and some are paid by the competition to write bad things. Don’t believe the bullish..

  • pavel


  • SONY is messed again i got the see the phone today and its ridicilous. screen looks washed. i really dont get why the hell they just dony use their screen which is jdi whitemagic ips instead using cheap tn panel no wonder they cant compete they made georgous phone with idiotic screen

  • FlowXT

    That’s what the source claims.

    JDI is an alliance of Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi and Japan Innovation Network for small and medium sized display and has R&D and production facilities in multiple locations in Japan, I’m sure these don’t just lay idle at 0% when they aren’t pumping out those elusive FHD Whitemagic panels, but of course there’s always the possibility that the source is wrong and the panels are sourced from elsewhere.

    The source also claims that the panel of the Z uses a variation of VA TFT.

  • reptile64
  • Critic

    I don’t own a samsungian phone, so you caannot say I am biased to Samsung. I just say what I believe is truth

  • Critic

    you are comparing a phone from 2013 with a phone from 2012 hahha hahhahaha hahahhahahaha how pathetic lol

    Ant btw, you are wrong. Xperia Z is Sony’s flagship for first half of 2013, so it’s the competitor of Samsung’s flagship aka “GS IV”

    and the 2nd Sony’s flagship of 2013 will competes Samsung’s 2nd flagship aka “Galaxy Note III”

  • FlowXT

    The display on the Z is a transition period component until Sony and JDI manage to finally bring a 5″ FHD Whitemagic panel into wide scale production and a Sony Xperia handset.

    The FHD Whitemagic panel will have up to twice the brightness, twice the contrast and half the power consumption of the Z’s panel as well as support for stylus input.

    It was never ready for a H1 flagship, but could make its way into a H2 flagship.

    And then people like you will be the first to complain about the Z’s display in comparison because you got the device with unrealistic expectations of “flawlessness”, just like H1 2012 people did about their devices (Xperia S) when Sony rolled out its H2 lineup with far ahead devices like the GX/TX or the V.

  • Just you know that, Sony gonna launch a phone way better than GS IV in half 2.. Thats how fast SONY is making a phone not like Sammy..

  • FlowXT

    Simple – it simply wasn’t ready for wide scale production in time for the Z or any other H1 device, although we might be seeing it in a H2 flagship.

  • Noname

    I heard somebody said that for Opticontrast panel Sony set brightness maximum for outside purpose then viewing angle should be decrease. Then if somebody can verify this by contrast XZ with brightness set at 75% and other phone at 100% for in house condition and 100% to 100% for outdoor condition. Thanks!

  • Critic

    I’m just honest and I don’t want people to go stray
    SO The Truth Must Be Said

  • Critic

    As I said, I’m just honest and I don’t want people to go stray
    SO The Truth Must Be Said

  • Where’s that tw.. Who was saying the display was rubbish and gets washed out? Looked perfectly fine to me on the video!
    Haters just trying to slow the momentum of the Sony uprising!
    Get a life prick.

  • Critic

    If Sony said so. then Sony admitted that ti’s a retarded company comparing to others

  • You must be blind or stupid! I saw the screen just now at retailers and its perfectly fine. All screens lose something at extreme angles!

  • roeshak

    Look nobody has ever said the Z’s display is poor apart from that idiot at phonearena who’s a well know Samsung fanboy. You can even see from the comments on his review that he didn’t fool anybody with his idotic review about the phone.

    People comment on the poor viewing angles because it’s an irritation. Why is it an irritation do I hear you ask? Well because it’s a problem not found in any other high end or even mid range smartphone from any other manufacturer.

    Not only that, viewing angles matter. I often, whenever I want to show my girlfriend stuff on my phone or anyone else for that matter, find myself having to pass my S to them because they can’t see what’s on the screed properly from the sides. Also when I’m in the office and don’t want anyone to know I’m using my device, it’s a very unpleasant experience using it on the desk as the screen just washes out so so badly.

    Fanboys will always be fanboys, when the sony devices lagged behind on software, it’s oh software doesn’t matter, when it was hardware as with the case with the xperia arc, it was dual core didn’t matter, last year it was quad core didn’t matter.

    I didn’t hear any of your criticising Sony last year for implementing dual core technology that didn’t matter and this year using quad core tech that’s overkill as I heard you all cry out loudly last year.

    Basil, formerly of Clove has also done a review for knowyourmobile in which he was full of praise for the phone but he too commented on the poor viewing angles but said it wasn’t a deal breaker and quite rightly too. Basil’s reviews have always been very favourable to Sony and it was after watching his review on the S that I ultimately chose to buy it. Nobody should dare accuse him of being a hater because he most certainly isn’t.

    More worrying than the poor viewing angles as Basil confirmed in his review is the camera performance. He said it was fine in general but not as good as the competition. I’m starting to worry that the Z like other devices before will have the headline specs but not the results to match up on the camera front. He did say though that camera was better than the s3’s but only really beacuse of the wide variety of options and shooting modes.

    Sony smartphones have always had very noisy pictures and as a result don’t produce the sharpest images especially when you zoom in. I have conducted many tests myself with the S and the iPhone 4,4s & 5 and although the S’s pics look more vibrant and colourful, they don’t hold as much detail as that of the iPhones. There’s definitely something Sony’s doing wrong there which they haven’t been able to resolve.

    All you fanboys who want to go on a shooting rampage at the sight of any criticism should just grow up. No phone is faultless and so stop behaving like idiots the minute you hear any of the Z’s faults being pointed out.

    The Z is overall a great phone and will sit right up there with the very best this year.

    Will it be voted best smartphone of 2013, most probably not as the competition are, if the rumours turn out to be true, coming with higher speced devices. I was hoping though that it would win best camera phone but that’s looking unlikely as things stand so that leaves the best design category still up for grabs.

    The choice for me has always been between Sony and HTC because I look at Samsung devices and just don’t want to own it. Not so much because of the plastic, I could live with that but it’s just touchwizz and the general childish presentation that puts me off.

    Having said that Samsungs software support is only beaten by google and that is indeed worthy of much praise. I mean they have just announced a JB update for the GS2 which is just impressive and to be wholly commended. GS2 owners might not be getting any new features from samsung but they can enjoy project butter, google now and all the google goodness of JB.

    Sony fanboys need to stop behaving like the apple crowd and stop all this mindless nonesense. This type of brand loyalty only shows you guys up to be the lowest of the low. Lemmings who are ready to jump off the cliff the moment their masters blow the whistle. Grow up!

  • Critic

    You don’t get it, do you ?
    The phone that Sony is making for the half 2 will competes Samsung’s 2nd flagship for this year (( Galaxy Note III )) and not GS IV

  • Critic


  • whoisthisreally

    Hi FlowXT,

    Thank you for the colorimetry link. It is exactly what I am looking for.

    600:1, mediocre characteristics and MVA behaviour is how I described the display in the previous photo compilation article. I am glad to see my eye is not off.

    Tell me, do you know how the HTC model is so well linearized?

  • Apple’s smartphones have outsold the platic crap Samsung produce. You get the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and 5 and they wipe the floor with Galaxy S range and Note range! Sony will take massive sales from Samshit!

  • arena

    clueless critic. the siv is is already for the 2nd quarter almost running into the half part of the year since the likely mass release/actual sales will happen by may.

    given sony’s history of arc then arc s … xs then xs and multiple variants with the xt coming in at the last part of the year …

    it is highly likely for sony to release another device to compete with the htc one, ip5s, and siv.

  • testor

    well show us a photo of your newly bought device if you actually have one. we would really appreciate seeing a photo of how washed out it is. you may be able to discourage some of those who are planning to buy the device.

  • Keon Fraites

    Where I can say everyones opinions are their own and I have no arguement in whether you feel that S3 has better screen quality than XS due too it’s you’re opinion but in actual fact the XS has the better screen due to its White – black ratio color depths’ and realistic color blends, than too Samsungs Organic screens with over saturated colors and black clippings. Where you’re belief will be respected, the fact of the matter is that XS is still the better screen plus it has had (and I think still currently have) the highest pixel density to phone screen size making the display he sharpest display ever when looking at pixels.

  • i never said i have got it i said i got to c the device. never said anything for viewing angles too i said contrast and cheap tn panel it would be better if they used sonys own superior screen jdi whitemagic

  • mate im not bling it must be you screen isnt superior wasnt tslking at angles was talking contrast

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    when they cant find fault with xperia Z,they lie…….

  • TheLoyalist

    I have an Xperia ZL in my hand just as we speak, if someone says this screen is bad, they just look for issues like not the best viewing angle and so on. When you look at it like you normally do, it’s absolutely amazing.

    Just for the record:

  • b0bbit

    U people r my entertainment… late at night, when the usual good things bore me but I have 2 say, if u like Sony then buy a Sony and vice-versa, I’m pretty sure youse r gonna do it neway. Guess what?… No matter what phone u side with, there r people that always think they know better. I’m a Sony man, so I’ll buy Sony, I don’t give a shit if I have to hand my phone to another person to look at something because they can’t see it from a slight angle. I mean, if we want to whinge about angles then lets take the next step that Sony has introduced for the whiners and complain about the person that’s swimming next to me

  • roeshak

    You guys need to stop ganging on Critc. He hasn’t said anything that is false so doesn’t deserve the fury.
    Critic, you are obviously a Samsung fanboy but I agree that the Z in the final analysis will be compared to other 2013 flagships from other manufacturers and not the gs3 or iPhone 5.
    It’s a phone launched almost a year after the GS3 so how can it be a competitor to that. The Z is obviously much much better in almost every respect.
    The Z is a 2013 flagship and should be compared to other 2013 flagships. The Sony fanboys who say otherwise don’t even realize how stupid their argument is. That’s exactly what I mean by mindless stupidity.
    Don’t you fools realize that you’re are making Samsung look even better by saying that it has taken Sony almost a year to challenge what Samsung produced. That’s wrong and Sony, despite their many mistakes in the past are better than that.
    The Z is in a different class to the GS3 in just about every way. I blame Sony for unveiling it’s phones too early which is why these comparisons with older tech get made. I hope next year they wait until MWC to announce so people look forwards with their devices and not backwards comparing them to much older devices.

  • ze_raketes

    Can you make a video and show the viewing angles please?

  • shanefalco

    worst display in the world…i prefer IPS display (samsung, lg. huawei. oppofind, meizu, htc and other). Sony use TN display because it’s cheap display for take more money! If you are a sony fanboy dont read this!

  • roeshak

    A completely legitimate position to take. I too is in a similar position. I’m fully aware of the Z’s faults but there’s nothing in there that’s a deal breaker. I haven’t made up my mind completely. I always wait to see the HTC flagship before deciding which way to go.

    I guess I’ll be making my decision next week. I don’t expect to see the sort of changes from Samsung that would sway me to that so I’m not particularly interested in it from a purchasing point of view. I am though as a tech lover keen to see what it brings to the table.

    The review by hi-tech mail says the camera performance is much improved and the problem of noise mostly resolved. Basil at knowyourmobile seemed to claim the very opposite.

    These hi-tech mail jokers seem like they’ve really put the hardware to test in great detail so I hope they are right on that and Basil might have been commenting on pics poorly taken by himself because I know he’s no Sony hater and wouldn’t bash the phone deliberately.

    That’s what I hoped to get if I picked the Z. A solid cameraphone with good performance and a very elegant design and UI. Do I expect it to be the fastest phone? No and I don’t need it to be but I do expect silky smooth operation. If the Z failed to deliver that, then it would be HTC but so far so good, I haven’t heard of any issues in performance terms.

    I’m looking forward to HTC at MWC because I just want to see the M7 or HTC One or whatever it’s ultimately called so I can make my decision and be done with it.

    That HTC would probably win out on raw specs (JB4.2,IPS panel, 1.7ghz S4 Pro e.t.c) but let’s see how that plays out in performance terms, Sony has won already in design and UI. Can’t see how HTC can beat the Z on that front. All that’s left is which has the better camera. That for me is the tie breaker.

  • hhahahahaha… you’re the idiot here…2013???? so you new in internet huh? Xperia Z already running in the wild since 2012 with code name Yuga… uh… you know google right? it means Z already on production since 2012..
    oh btw, Xperia Z launch on January first week .. and sony ceo gives statement that this device will compete with SGS3 and iphone 5 not SGS4 einstein.. see.. you’re the idiot here..

  • so you don’t own samsung Phones and yet saying that Samsung is the best… what an IDIOT!!

  • bkh

    Looks fine to me – viewing angles look fine too. The bottom line is that sony, samsung, htc will all release phones in 2013 with great looking full hd displays and more than enough processing power than most will ever need – these areas are a given. It’s the other features (battery life, build quality, durability, software enhancements) which will set the various flagships apart and this is where the Z has really laid down the challenge for the others.

  • Have you tried the Sony Z or ZL first hand? I’ve tried the Z today and the image was simply superb. Probably the best display I’ve used. I have Iphone 5 and Xperia T. My wife has Samshit S3 and I’ve used my friends Note 2 as well. I tilted the screen about 50 degrees and the image was fine. Obviously if u go extreme then the display washes out a bit. So all this angles is bullshit as at about 50degrees tilt image was absolutely fine.

  • u must be coming from samsung’s radioactive amoleds :P

  • roeshak

    Sorry but from my experience and from what I’ve seen from so many video and written reviews of the Z, I can say with almost 100% certainty that it’s viewing angles are poor.

    I don’t need to see it live to work that one out. I too have done the rounds on you tube and whenever I see people criticising the display, I always tell them not to judge it from the videos because the viewing angles are poor and so the true quality of the display cannot be seen.

    The Z’s display looks inferior in video reviews because of the poor viewing angles. The viewing angles don’t seem poorer because you’re looking at it from a video. They are the problem.

    Viewing the display head on, it probably will be one of the best if not the best display to look at. That too is certain.

    But sorry viewing angles do matter. Even from a marketing perspective. There are many people who buy these devices from reviews alone and the poor viewing angles stop them from fully appreciating the display quality. The display just feels and looks cheaper which isn’t a place any manufacturer should willingly place themselves.

    Sony can make that device which will blow all comers away but the Z isn’t quite there yet. It’s a great device that’ll be very successful but it won’t knock the GS4 off it’s lofty perch.

    Sony are slowing facing up to the fact that they can’t cheap out on hardware without failure following. TFT will be gone eventually from Sony devices, hopefully by next year. A Sony IPS display would be a truly stunning and remarkable bit of kit and I don’t think that’s far off.

    SonyEricsson might have been happy to stay in a bubble and ignore what the market wanted but Sony seem more willing to bend even if it means narrower profit margins and that’s encouraging.

    Also the rumours that they are already testing a device with 4.2 is very encouraging too. This means there won’t be a long wait for that upgrade to come to the Z. Another sign that Sony is slowly but surely understanding what it must to to bring us that truly special device.

    Even though I wanted something else, I really don’t think it was realistic to expect to see a resolution to all the issues I’ve had with Sony phones in the past. The Z addresses a lot of these issues but some still linger. Hopefully the 2014 flagship will complete the job that the Z started and then we may see the Galaxy S line finally toppled. Can’t come soon enough in my opinion.

    I’m not a Samsung hater so if there are any Samsung fanboys reading this, don’t go off on one. But touchwizz man. Geez!!!! The cartoon network everyday in my pocket. Nah!!! No thanks. I appreciate though that their devices are great performers and were silky smooth even before JB and respect them for it but I can’t just bring myself to own one. Maybe they too will change the way they present their devices like HTC is doing with sense 5.0. Maybe then but as they are now. Not rerally for me.

  • Raphael

    Pointless post.

  • I agree with what you saying. Samsung is king of Android but I hate the build quality and touch crap. They have very good specs but Sony are catching up. They can be no 2 by the end of 2013. Z is a big deal for Sony and will do well. I again implore you to try the Z. Before you make up your mind you will be pleasantly surprised!

  • roeshak

    I am already 70% certain that I will get the Z. I’m just waiting to see what HTC have to offer before taking the plunge. That’s what I always do. I’m in no rush to have it. Getting it in March is no problem. Viewing angles can never make me not buy a phone or the reverse as the case may be. They are just an irritant that leave a sour taste behind.

    It all depends on how light sense 5.0 is and how well it’s camera performs against the Z but I still feel that the butterfly with the M7 specs would have been the better phone.

    All in all 2013 is looking like a comeback year for many. Even RIM…sorry Blackberry have revamped their product. The Z10 isn’t half bad.

    Looks like it’s just Apple and Nokia left who are still reluctant to change. Well good luck to them. Having said that Samsung are still insistent on plastic so they too can join that list.

  • Michael Duncan

    YOU ARE VERY STUPID. I Don’t care about the contrast ratio! I have saw Side by Side pictures with HTC Droid DNA & Sony Xperia Z and Sony Xperia Z is BRIGHTER by long way. if anything on Pictures Xperia Z is actually washed out it’s that bright. and cause it’s so bright on some pictures HTC Droid DNA looks sharper. but HTC One X display is brighter than Xperia Z display. bad move from Sony cause the display only goes bright when watching Videos & Looking at pictures. so when your in Apps like Facebook & YouTube the whites won’t be bright Which I am very sad about which means the “Super Bright Display” on Goes SUPER BRIGHT WHEN Watching Videos or Looking at pictures. it doesn’t go Super Bright when in Normal Apps with white back round. and yeah it will sound stupid saying HTC One X display Super LCD 2 display is brighter than HTC Droid DNA Super LCD 3 display…thats cause HTC Didn’t put the colour’s as bright on the Droid DNA especially the whites. so stop talking like you know it all. cause the fact you said is alot of shit.

  • To be honest with you I will buy the ZL as I prefer its more compact size even though it’s not waterproof. My close friend who has had both Z and ZL in his hands tells me the viewing angles on ZL are better. Why I don’t know but did a thorough test with the little time he had! Make of that what you will!

  • Are you that bored?

  • What’s wrong with the contrast? You’ve seen too much of over-saturated/contrast sammy’s screen.

  • Have you seen it IRL? No. I’ve seen it IRL, the screen looks much better than it does in videos

  • STFU already with the viewing angles. Do you use your phone sideways?

  • arena

    igzo technology is better. igzo + white magic would be the best for a gorgeous display and lower power consumption. i wish jdi/sony does igzo+white magic to come up with something nearly faultless.

  • arena

    definitely looks fine but not the best. i really want the best since sony says it’s the best of sony in a smartphone. i’m a fan of sony so i don’t want anything that degrades the sony brand on the market.

    please let’s not be blind fans. if we see something that can still be improved, we should point that out. that’s one way of making sony improve. if we accept everything as they are, sony will think nothing’s wrong that needs rectifying.

  • Cheng

    hmm well I have seen the Z twice in real at two Sony style stores in Shanghai. The screen look good to me, even better than my S. I have seen many galaxy’s (my wife has note I) but I just cant accept the colours of amoled screens of Sammy’s…I prefer the more natural and crisp colours of Sony.

  • jag

    Watever… >.<

  • Jonny Love

    I seen the handset yesterday in phones4u uk and spend good 30 mins with it. Even with the shop lights I didn’t have to many complaints with angles, each to there own I suppose. Was so impressed with the handset ordered it on the spot. Get 14th Match. Roll on that date!! My Arc is on its last legs. Oh and got free earphones Bonus

  • ze_raketes

    IPS display samsung? Yeah you realy know what you’re talking about…

  • ze_raketes

    No and it’s not the most important thing in the world! But sometimes I see content on my phone with my girlfriend or a friend…an I don’t what to see all washed out so they don’t see it that way… :/


    your comments are truly ridiculous. So when do you think the GS4 and HTC m7 were developed? Do you seriously think Samsung and HTC just cobbled them up in Jan and Feb.

    The simple reality is that phones launched in 2013 were for the most part developed in 2012.

    Critic is entirely right, the Z is a 2013 flagship which will be compared with other 2013 flagship. The GS3 was developed in 2011 and released in 2012. How can that be compared to the Z

  • roeshak

    You my friend are just a fool. Ok you’re rich, we’ve got that point already from your previous comments. Isn’t there anything else in that pea brain of yours to add to the conversation or is your mind just totally vacant.
    Well I suppose like they say…”a fool and his money are soon parted” so enjoy. Fucking idiot.

  • roeshak

    Yeah Brandon at Pocketnow said exactly the same thing. Its the same with the S and the T. The S has the better display for my money. I’ve compared them both myself. The T’s display just looks washed out. Period, and that’s even without tilting or anything else.

    I don’t think the Z suffers from the same problem. I think the Z uses a similar panel to the S while the ZL has the better one used in the Ion.

    Unfortunately for us here in the UK, no ZL. Waterproofing isn’t one of the things that lures me to the Z. Having said that, as someone who has to live with the lovely English weather, I’m pleased that it can be used in the rain.

    This is were were the problem of having more than one flagship device comes into play. The Z has some top features while the ZL has the rest when ideally we should have one flagship with all the features available.

    Having said that, lets not knock Sony for developing the Z because it’s an experimental device just as the acro s was last year.

    Sony I believe wants to see how consumers react to the new design language because going forward, as the screens get bigger, the manufactures have to find a way to ensure the devices don’t grow to ridiculous proportions.

  • goldenblls

    I can’t believe all this shit is going on about viewing angles. Has the world gone raving mad? It’s the most annoying boring thing to go on about FFS. How can someone write off a phone because it has slightly worse viewing angles. Ridiculous!

  • roeshak

    What are you talking about, the GS4 will be going on sale just one month after the Z does. They are phones of the same period released about the same time.

    Stop talking nonsense! The fact that Sony leaked info and more about the phone before CES is down to marketing tactics.

    Samsung behave like Apple and for them secrecy is King. They want and allow rumour and speculation to build to a fever pitch so they can have their massive unpacked nonsensical events. The Galaxy S3 wasn’t head and shoulders above the rest. Samsung just marketed the damn thing with so much hype.

    The phone that really propelled Samsung to the top was the GS2 because it stood head and shoulders above the HTC Sensation and it simply towered above SonyEricsson’s pathetic offering the Xperia Arc. Can’t tell just how much I hated that phone. A real low point for the company which consequently triggered the Sony takeover.

  • roeshak

    No one has written the phone off for having poor viewing angles. They are just pointing out a flaw they don’t expect to see on such an expensive flagship device.

    I think it is you who is going overboard with your reaction to what is, in truth a very valid and obvious critique of the display tech used in the phone.

  • Saman Aziz

    According to my experience with SE & Sony if the battery life, durability and software enhancement are not better than htc & Samsung they r not worse than them

  • i dont like oled but id prefer screen contrast superior than or at least one x or iphone 5 its a TN screen

  • Rob C

    The viewing angles are FINE for almost everyone and every purpose; lets put THAT complaint to rest.


    Lets worry about the really bad rolling shutter, the noisy performance in the dark when using HDR and the “Software Problems” (like only counts to 999 Photos and ‘Burst Resolution Menu’ is mis-ordered).

    Every Phone will have a few shortcomings OR cost twice as much as the others.

    Some of these things MAY be fixed and there MAY be new problems WHEN it is released in North America; so many People should hang on a bit before commenting on something that is not available to them.


    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again:

    “The TRUE Techno-Geek MUST wait until MID-2013, the rest of the People CAN buy a ‘Phone’ NOW (or 6 months ago)”.


    I’ll be waiting to see: what Nokia comes up with, what the Octa-Core does for batteries, how HTC beats itself, how the prices drop, Bugs/Flaws AND what is even better than what we will have in a month or two. Spend your $1000 wisely !

  • Gamesarefun83

    Hi all! I am planning to get an Xperia Z as soon as it launches, but after seeing one myself yesterday I can’t help but feel somewhat disappointed. The screen contrast is barely better than my Xperia Play from 2 years ago, and basically looks weak and ‘greyed out’ on all of the menus.

    This poor contrast issue has been seen by reviewers of the phone from various websites, but this issue has actually only recently been mentioned (during this week), since the European Xperia Z has started being tested. Since earlier previews/hands on with the device had no mention of this issue, and we’re actually extremely positive about the screen in general, I have become suspicious that something has been changed in the phone’s ‘final’ hardware/software (models releasing at the end of February in Europe) from what was shown previously.

    I would like to suggest two possible explanations for this mysterious issue with screen contrast, although both will probably be way off the mark, but here goes…

    Firstly, perhaps Sony have deliberately reduced/restricted the contrast ratios from the pre-production handsets in order too subtly help the phone conserve battery power. Unfortunately this change has not gone unnoticed by users who instead of getting a bright, vibrant display like they expected, have ended up with a far duller display with opinion dividingly poor contrast ratios.

    My second theory is that some reviewers/users have set the phone’s brightness to it’s maximum setting (why not!?) and for some reason the screen just ‘appears’ to have a poorer contrast while at this level of brightness. I don’t know exactly why this would be the case, although I have noticed this effect before on my television where as the brightness setting increases the contrast setting becomes less noticeable, even if set to maximum. But, when the brightness level is reduced again (to about 65%-75%) the contrast and colour saturation becomes quite obvious once more.

    Whatever the reason for this issue, it is a REAL problem that would be best dealt with by people firstly acknowledging it, and then requesting an appropriate solution from Sony. A lot of people seem to be denying that there really is any problem at all (and perhaps with the Xperia Zs shown off at CES last month there actually wasn’t). But unfortunately there is a problem with these more recent handsets. So please, Sony, sort it out quick!!

    Sent from my R800i

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  • Cheng

    well at least try to have a look at the phone first.. I have seen the real thing twice (different Sony style stores) but to me the angles are ok. I dont use it at extreme 90 degrees btw…..

  • shanefalco

    see the video in this website: xperia z display (tn) is worst than iphone5 (ips) and note2 (amoled)…good vision sony fanboy!

  • I used an Xperia Z at Phones4U for about 30 mins. I tested all this nonsense and didn’t notice anything like the rubbish being written. I will go back tomorrow and make a video!

  • Good point! Go to retail store and try it out first hand!

  • FlowXT


    Not sure if it answers your question, but the panel is based on Sharp’s and SEL’s CG-Silicon technology. I don’t believe the display’s advantages have to do with any software optimizations on HTC’s behalf since the panel is also used on Oppo Find 5 and Sharp SH930U with equally impressive linearization.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    The argumentative post really made my day.

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