The back of the HTC One looks awfully familiar to us

by XB on 20th February 2013

in Xperia P

When the HTC One was announced it was rightfully lauded for its aluminium unibody design. However, whilst checking out pictures of the handset rear, we were reminded of another handset we know well – the Xperia P. The Xperia P was arguably the sexiest handset launched by Sony in 2012. The aluminium-clad beauty sat in between the Xperia S and Xperia U in terms of specs and hence was a great all-rounder with a premium feel.

We have put both handsets side-by-side below and there appears to be more than just a close resemblance between handsets. Both feature a tapered design and sectioned in a very familiar fashion. The main difference between the two (apart from the transparent bar of the Xperia P) is the LED flash placement and a boxier design for the Xperia P versus the rounded corners of the HTC One. Could HTC have used the Xperia P as inspiration for the rear design of the HTC One? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

HTC One against the Sony Xperia P

  • SomeBody

    Design: Xperia P
    Camera: Oversampling (Nokia 808)
    Sound: Separate audio chip (Galaxy S, Galaxy S3)
    UI: Microsoft Windows 8

    Nice try HTC

  • Team6

    i mean take the back of XPERIA P , than take the shape of IPHONE 5 with diamond shaped coners , take the BACKBERRY Z10 look from the front and there you have it = HTC ONE

  • SonyFan

    its a mix of Xperia S and Xperia Ion and xperia P

  • Evita

    put one more with Xperia ion, I believe it more close with that awfully copy you guys will see it.

  • Separate audio chip has almost every smartphone with price >$400

  • Damon

    mix baby from z10 xperia p and ip5 :D

  • ???
  • boosook

    No, that’s not true… the P is much better! ;)

  • Saying it looks like z10, I’d agree, but nothing like the xperia designs.

  • lovebmw

    Every one admit it, SONY makes sexy phones, Even Steve Jobs admitted that and said they looked at Sony prototypes before making the Iphone.

  • Oh I just got this. Sony really awesome… Love! :) iPhone f***

  • HTC One is windows and not android? well my 0.01% chance of getting the HTC instead of Xperia Z just dropped to 0%.

  • Well, you are right.

    Xperia P Mated IPhone 5 to give birth to this Design… I encourage you to also put IPhone 5 Picture.

  • lol HTC one!!!! :/ @@

  • Moisis XperiakiasT
  • Moisis XperiakiasT

    this is it!

  • ProWeirdo

    Wow, HTC was copying Apple’s design before, now they got too scared, so they copy most peaceful Android company = Sony.

  • M Usman

    Htc one is on android. He meant the sense ui on there resembles windows 8. A quick Google search would have told you that

  • testor

    antenna in the aluminum casing (which they called their innovation) is from apple.

  • Whatever they will made , Sony is the best :)

  • Mak Arc


  • I dont care about HTC any way, I am waiting my Xperia Z

  • every smartphone has its similarities on other smartphone designs,,without an intent to copy,.but this one is really obvious.

  • Mak Arc

    Well, HTC should have named it as “HTC All In One” :P lolzz

  • xps

    Goodd to try HTC.. Hahaha

  • Information

    It’s most likely due to the NFC antenna. Xperia P, Ion and TL have this type too. It’s not a “Sony” specific design. It’s Murata-related (antenna supplier).

  • SomeBody

    HTC One X had no audio chip (despite the integrated one in Tegra 3). Everyone blamed HTC for its ridiculous sound quality while praising the Galaxy for its Wolfson DAC. I like HTC’s innovations:
    -Let’s put high quality DACs and amplifiers in smartphones.
    -Let’s use live tiles instead of boring static icons.
    -Let’s make the most bad-ass camera ever with oversampling, multi-layer sensor (no it wasn’t first used in Sigma products) and hey! We use OIS for videos!!!

    HTC stands for High Trained Copiers.

  • paul_cus

    Also reminded me of the Xperia ion.

  • numi


    It’s funny when you see it but if you think about it, it just is the obvious way to build a smartphone if you want to use an aluminium unibody.

    You need a part at the top and the button for your antennas which is not covered by the aluminium to ensure good signal quality (see iPhone signal problems if you don’t do it that way) so it is nothing special to have the backside divided in three parts.

    So if you leave out this obvious step in building the phone, the similarities aren’t that many. The buttons are very different, logo in different places, camera flash at the side instead of at the top, more round design instead of sharper edges and of course the HTC doesn’t have the transparent bar.

    So Sony, please don’t be Apple!

  • Feanor

    You forgot to mention the front face taken from the Blackberry Z10 and the diamond cut from the iPhone 5. It’s a super sexy phone but highly unoriginal both in hardware and software design. It’s a sign of a panicked company trying to find some ground.

  • No! Not blackberry. Chinese JiaYu G3 had this design before blackberry.

  • Guest

    Will the One inherit the death grip issue then?

  • what is the use of tiles, if we have widgets?

  • Choaib Kanouni

    Just and only Sony make own design, from X10,Arc,XS,XZ no one look like other =) and alot… from SE

  • Feanor

    Yes, you are right. Anyway, of course they couldn’t have copied the Z10, they are chronologically too close. They probably just copied the iPhone and/or this JiaYu and Blackberry did the same.

  • myname

    It s joke? All phones looks very similar.
    BTW Xperia Z it is next uber Sony phone with washed display. Chers sony fanbois ;)

  • NikAek

    Its not new ,lots have copied Sony’s design since 2-3 decades ,its like like Alfa Romeo ,just premium

  • similar but also uglier, they should stick to One X, it was nice and unique

  • HardyHarHar

    Name: HTC One

    Codename: HTC Chimera

    Woot! :D

  • weeeeooo


  • Kevin

    I was about to say that looks similar to my XS

  • King

    aaaah!! I knew it!! Screw u htc

  • do someone remember the nokia 5530? looks similar as one’s front

  • + put the best smartphone processor that it is around the world, 2gb ram, 1080p screen, 32GB/64GB storage so i think iphone + P + Z10 is all together is not as good as HTC One

  • Mr.Man

    No! the design took it from XPERIA SX

  • ankith

    go home htc one designer you’re drunk :P 3:)

  • MyLive

    Yes.. Indeed :)
    On P the vertical line on the upper center connecting lens and flash looks match.. something symetrical.. Not the one on ONE.. and somehow rounded corner and bottom strip just remind me of a xperia SX

  • Guest

    Looks like an upgrade of the HTC legend design. For all those of you new to the android scene.

  • LuckyStar

    i actually feel HTC has merged the design of the Iphone5, XperiaP and Xperia Ion….

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    Looks like xperia ion too!

  • owl

    Gosh you’re right! I was scratching my head wondering why the camera module looked so familiar…

  • AlexBurnout

    LOL dude shame on HTC

  • AlexBurnout

    Ive noticed this too…

  • Cheng

    told u~ looked like Xperia P (silver version) unibody aluminium haha~~

  • DragonClaw


  • Evita

    intentionally blind, any small detail familiar with Legend!

  • htcCHINAphone

    HTC “queitly copier”

  • Quark Gluon

    Maybe widgets are too mainstream on android. LOL

  • Quark Gluon

    When I first heard about it, I thought it was just a bad naming. And it turned out to be worse.

  • kk

    Sony has cool design that everyone want to copy

  • PVV

    I always knew that was some misspelled prophecy from JRRT:

    “HTC One to rule them all, HTC One to find them,
    HTC One to bring them all and in the darkness bind them” ))

  • anongurl

    HTC looks more like iPhone 5 to me…

  • Luis

    We dont have to look too far guys. Sonny opted for a flat glass design like LG and Apple. Past se/sonny designs were more unique and original like their transparent bar design ( nxt ) / arc design.

  • pongnamu

    That is why I hate HTC.

  • Geeno Ramos

    That is so true. The pictures above are just exactly similar to what I was thinking.

  • jekyll919

    You’re incorrect. The antenna IS the aluminum casing.

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  • Joses Lemmuela

    Even if that’s true, it’s still better than the HTC One in that it (arguably) looks better than the other 2, where as Xperia P or even the iPhone still has the better design compared to the One :p

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