Sony Canada: Xperia Z coming “this summer” [Update]

by XB on 19th March 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Xperia Z Summer CanadaSony is preparing to launch the Xperia ZL (C6506) in Canada during April, but judging by a tweet from the Sony Canada team, there is a chance that the Xperia Z is also on the horizon. When asked the question, Sony Canada responded that the handset will be arriving “this summer!”

This may not be hard confirmation, but there have been rumours for a while that the Xperia Z may see a North American launch during the summer. As of now, we haven’t seen evidence of a C6606 variant of the Xperia Z which would have the compatible North American LTE bands, apart from a PlayStation Mobile listing. If anything comes of this, we’ll be the first to let you know.

Update: Sony Canada has got in touch to confirm that they were referring to the Xperia Tablet Z instead of the Xperia Z. They also mentioned that the “timing for Xperia Z smartphone has not been announced at this time“.

Thanks @garyassis!

  • lovebmw

    Sony USA/ Canada management needs to be changed! now with the news of HTC having shortages the Z would have been a perfect subtitude! but because of a stupid short visioned thinking sony wasted another entry to the american market! if att is difficult why not go for T-mobile?

    March is almost over and until today they can not confirm if the Z is coming or not to Canada or USA….. Pathetic

  • Rodrags

    Agree… by the time they launch the XZ if they do, a better phone will be announced. I am a sony fan for every product they made but I hate the wait

  • PK

    Seems like Sony has had very bad experience in the past two years in North America that it is focusing on Europe and Asia and ignoring the US

  • Rest

    Yeah maybe.

  • Cold FXJuice

    Sony Z what? Z phone? Z tablet? Z-series TV?

    Don’t get my hopes up. I’ll probably snap one up when it’s available on the Sony US website.

  • MIM

    Today the xperia Z was launched in Israel ! :]

  • Abdullah Kakooli

    Israel is not a country

  • Cold FXJuice

    The Xperia Z has been on the US Sony site for a while now but not on the Canadian site. I can only assume that means it’s confirmed for the US but not Canada.

  • lovebmw

    i think its the other way around!, if they change there mgmt in north america, which they have not in a while! i believe you will get to see Sony more popular again! the phone that could have gotten sony to catch the train was the Z! and they can’t even say a word on the release YET.

    what i never understood is the obsession with at&t, if you are tiny in the U.S. (Xperia line) why go for a company that has all the big players? why not go for T-mobile, verizon, sprint, virgin!

    The North american Sony Mgmt has us convinced it’s not their fault its the market and the demand! no shit, especially when you release one puny phone a year! i on the other hand blame them for not stepping up their game! its hopeless to see any changes with the mgmt, they need to change them to see a chance in the U.S. who happened to be number 1 standing alone market by it self!

    Release the phones in timely matters!, wotk with other companies!, go to businesses, have them install your system… get to work

  • Peter Griffin

    More country than Canada, it now appears. Canadians will be getting the Z 6-7 month later than some 4th-world countries.

  • MIM

    that’s bicause canada it’s a shitty country…and just for your knowlage Israel is one of the most technological countrys in the world so…

  • MIM

    At least i have a home

  • bigshynepo

    Sony has always had a massive presence in Europe. Every soccer game is littered with Sony adverts, the PlayStation outsells the Xbox by a wide margin in Europe and Europe has always benefited from the previous “Sony Ericsson” partnership in the way of almost double the available handsets to market.
    Sony seems to be doing a GREAT job in USA compared to previous years, with timely and competitive hardware releases and firmware updates that don’t take 9 months to arrive.
    Great news about the Z coming to Canada, keep up the great work Sony.

  • gunboat_d

    the only difference between Isreal and, say, Jordan is 3 billion a year in military aid. why we send so much money to your little flyspeck is beyond me.

  • SonyCanada

    To clarify, Sony Canada announced on Twitter that the Xperia TABLET Z will be launching in Canada in summer 2013. Launch timing for the Xperia Z smartphone has not been announced at this time.

  • At least you have a home? I don’t know how you people live in peace at “home” whilst destroying others lives. Must be very peaceful huh

  • Iram Ali

    Some very good points and I agree this is a missed opportunity for Sony. They should have both the Z and ZL available in Canada and USA. TheZ eespecially because of water and dust resistance. They should advertise these features which maKebabish it standout from the crowd!

  • SonyCanada

    To clarify, we were referring to the Xperia TABLET Z which will be coming to Canada this summer. Sorry for the confusion.

  • SonyCanada

    To clarify, we were referring to the Xperia TABLET Z which will be coming to Canada this summer. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Xyor

    Since it’s taking forever for the z to come to the usa. I already ordered the hspa+ version on ebay

  • Exactly, why wait.

  • penubag

    link please :)

  • Gary Assis

    My bad!

  • Which ebay user did you go through? When do you expect yours to arrive?

  • Peter Griffin

    To clarify – you can shove your ZL up your..

  • Xyor

    Just search Sony C6602…there’s only one seller selling I think.. Mine would be arrived before Mar 22

  • Xyor

    Just simply search Sony c6602

  • Xyor

    Can’t trust that website after they use Z’s profile selling ZL HSPA+…I done it with the 749

  • Lol Mr griffin way to go. I have the z and the Americans are most definitely missing out on a great device

  • Fair. I’ll probably go for the HSPA+ version too, but wait a little bit to see if price drops a little.

  • Xyor

    Well…the seller who I placed the order from actually increase 20USD today…but I think the price will eventually drop down….I just can’t wait another day….it’s hard to be a Sony Die hard in here the States

  • penubag

    Holy shit $750~$800. As much as I realllllly want this phone, my part time minimum wage job can’t justify getting this. SO SAD :( If only it was around $500~$600

  • Xyor

    You could get the ZL…me too are working for slightly better than minimum, saving since announcement

  • hmmm

    How come you missed their top class VAIO Z Notebood? I’m sad they recently discontinued it.

  • InspectorGadget80

    So this means we won’t see it til May or June :( thought they say they will release it in 2nd qt

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  • Abdullah Kakooli

    i have a home too u idiot, i live in the Middle East, not Palestine

  • Abdullah Kakooli

    a better home too…

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  • Kevin

    In Mexico Xperia ZL went out to pre-order today for 11,200 pesos with the speaker included and that is around $900USD

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  • Cold FXJuice

    Is it discontinued? I skipped it because I haven’t heard much about another Z notebok and figured they haven’t refreshed it yet. My main laptop is a Z1290. I love that notebook!

  • afzal

    Only the user will xperiance the power of the hardware.. But 100 people eyes will looking this sexiest built from sony.. I had xperia v and enjoying capture picture in the pool where other just capturing their kids playing with water 1meter away from pools… I pass the border to xperiance more in photo capturing using sony device.

  • thepanttherlady

    Did you buy the C6602 or C6603? What carrier are you using it with and how are the data speeds, please?

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