Sony on JB updates: “Next Xperia handsets in final plan stages”

by XB on 28th March 2013

in Android, Firmware, Xperia go, Xperia P

sony_mobile_jelly_beanSony Mobile has just tweeted the following regarding its Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update schedule: the “next Xperia handsets (are) in final plan stages”. By this we assume the company is referring to the Xperia P and Xperia go now that the Xperia J, Xperia T, Xperia TX and Xperia V have all received JB.

Whilst Sony hasn’t intimated a release date for the Xperia P and Xperia go, the language suggests it should be here soon. Once the above handsets are updated, we expect them to move onto the Xperia S, Xperia SL, Xperia ion and Xperia acro S.

  • Abu

    They said JB for Xperia P by end of March.. Its already 28 march now..
    How many days we should wait more???
    We should wait couple of weeks more???

  • Ak

    Wt. Next couple of week for go and p… Then for xs.. 1month more.. :-(

  • XperiaBlog

    That was our guesswork, not anything related to Sony. We’ve reworded the post as we don’t want to speculate on timelines – it could just as easily arrive in the next few days. We’ll have to wait and see.

  • foxy

    calm down,they said jb for tx in Feb and we get it today

  • Quite unbelievable how Sony gave Xperia S ICS last (updating all the older phones first) and now Xperia S gets JB last (updating all the newer phones first). Definitely I’m going Nexus next time.

  • Froxie

    Well by the end usually means at the beginning next month, be patient it will be released one day. :D

  • mash

    When release XGo JB update?

  • Smiley

    I think it will release at the Easter like present, in some hand jelly beans looks like some sort of colorful egs. :)

  • Feanor

    Sounds like indirectly excusing themselves for another delay. And worst of all, the update will not include latest kernel. When Sony updated the arc without updating the kernel the pathetic excuse was that they didn’t want to delay the update (which anyway took some time). Now that the update is so late, what is the excuse? I really think that now that Sony Mobile has ceased being Sony Ericsson and they have access to greater resources, they really need to urgently hire a larger team of software developers.

  • xps

    What kind of announcement is that?

  • mash

    XGo get jellybean Rom this week or next week? Thanks…

  • ProWeirdo

    How about Xperia S?

  • Anonymous

    It looks like we Xperia P and GO users need to wait till around next week :(

  • Hidayet

    yeah :D and its not a fucking joke. still I cant update my tx. from azerbaijan

  • hans

    I tell you guys, even though my Razr Maxx is on JB, the lags of Android is still there so no rush needed. yeah the interface is renewed, but heck even Xperia Z is bashed because of the sometimes laggy home screen. JB isn’t the answer. It’s how you fill the phone with!

  • Frabby

    I hope the Jelly Bean update for the Xperia P is not the same as on the Xperia J…

  • hewhew

    pity my xs..gonna buy device from other sucks!!

  • Guest

    People who kept bitching about the S update need to keep things in perspective. The circumstances were just unfortunate. Back when the S was released during the first half of 2012, the promise was that Sony would release the ICS update in handset chronological order, so the likes of Arc/Arc S, Ray were updated first, then all the way up to the then-flagship S. So the feedback was “Sony, update your flagship first!”.

    Fast forward to the second half of 2012, the handset industry moves fast and the S is no longer the flagship, the T/TX was. Sony heard the cries about “we want update on the flag ship first”. So they switched to a handset reverse chronological order, which unfortunately for the S owners, they became the last batch of handsets to be updated.

    It is a combination of “beware what you wish for” and “a series of unfortunate events”. Nevertheless, I don’t think anyone wants Sony to slow down to have just one flagship per year, especially the competition is moving so fast and they are kind of trying to catch up?

  • I would be less troubled by waiting this long if they hadn’t done such a terrible job with the buggy ICS update for Xperia S.

  • rahul

    i have decided if sony don’t release android 4.2 within 2 month i won’t be looking for sony branded phone anymore unless they make nexus branded (hopefully)

  • rahul

    i am ditching sony forever unless they make nexus brand phone or they speed up the update process

  • troll

    dat make me MAAAAAAAAAAAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to throw my XS up to Sony’s CEO face, and piss in her mouth!!!


    I wish you guys wouldn’t bitch so much about Sony updates. Sure, they may be late. I was pissed as anyone when they didnt update Play to ICS. I moved to the XS and it is still a beast of a dual core phone when companies were fondling with quad, even beating them too. I got the XZ and loving the Sony UI. One thing you can count on Sony is that you can SEE the update, abeit a little behind time. I used Samsung’s S3 JB and it STILL FEELS like ICS; like a lack of change. So shut up and wait. You’re not the only one. If all you care about updates, then ditch the phone and use a Windows runned PC. They ALWAYS have updates.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well… despite that fact that T, V and Z now is the flagshop. S and acro S is also flagships, that should have gotten JB before P, u, Sola and so on. Non of them is flagships.

  • Jerry Berglund

    All phones with JB lags so its not just Sony Laucher who does that.

  • hkg

    Ithink jb for Xperia p will be in couple days maybe 303

  • Jerry Berglund

    According to Three Sweden the update for Xperia S will arrive in the end of april. And they even got a week that is 17. Three sweden is a good measurement when it comes to this because lately they have been releasing the update very close to the Global release. Sometimes they have released the same day, and sometimes just one or 2 days afterwards.

  • Kima

    omg :(

  • Dime

    I,m writing all the time this stupid Sony politic, I dont understand this at all … they didn’t get the point that a good voice for a phone will let them to buy their next new phone… How they want to make me buy their next new phone with this support(if it should be called support) really bad for the company future

  • rus_media

    I already canceled Xperia Z at the last moment. Cause I know after a new Xperia phone I will not get any support from that. And may be I also do not buy the Tablet Z. It will be hard hard to buy an Ipad4. Cause in my view its a little difficult to use softwares like android. But it runs large graphical games really great.

  • sgdhfcgku

    If Im lucky I’ll have JB on my Xperia S in May, LOL! Come on Sony! You can do better!

  • well that’s why Samsung is the best on android. fast updates and they update old handsets too. they already updated Galaxy S2 and now the Galaxy S advanced. and we just waiting to get update on a 2012 handset (xperia S). they do the same mistake as HTC so many phones and so bad support on them. they even release new phones with old versions (aka Xperia Z)

  • dimos

    sure but have you ever held an xperia go? its buggy as hell with ics! it was worse than my x10 mini!! i have xperia s with stock ics (relocked bootloader) and i can tell xperia s ics is good enough….everybody says : oh my ics is buggy and i want jelly bean…can you name me 3 major bugs with ics update ?? (exept settings menu lag but force gpu rendering does the trick)

  • dimos

    but i hate the fact that we ,the people who paid the premium price get our update last…

  • Guest

    The LED notification bug is pretty annoying, but not the end of the world. :)

  • Michal

    Exactly. Ok, I know JB is something new but I don’t understand people who want it SO much. My Xperia S with stock ICS is a great phone. No lags, everything works fast and really nice. It’s a very comfortable phone…

  • You were going to get it first, but then you complained like what the guy above said

  • It’s just business. If they keep updating their older phones with the same software as the new one, what’s the point of buying their new phones if the old one can do the same thing but wth older hw? it’s not that I agree with Sony about making us buying new phones but it’s just how Sony work. And also you don’t have to buy Sony phones. I don’t know about the support that you got, but I always get good support from Sony

  • Iram Ali

    So what about the other 50 handsets they released since 2011? Have they all been updated???

  • Sharath

    Nothing for Sola. :(

  • Cesar Schrega

    When u use JB you will understand. On my tablet moving from ICS to JB made such a HUGE performance impact on batery and interface that it didn’t even felt like the same product.

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    my ion!!

  • Daddy DoG

    I am truly agree with you mate at this point.

    Stock ICS on XPERIA S/SL works great. Not even a single lag and battery last about 1.5days with moderate use. I hate JB Update on Xperia as SONY has completely change the UI on JB.

    When you switch to JB you will definately going to miss the real floating effect like we use to see it on ICS.

    Please SONY don’t give xperia s/sl a JB Update. I like black background on ICS(messaging, contacts, logs) but on JB everything is in white which is really sucks..

    SONY Jelly Bean Update is a real time sucks in User Interface. :(

  • Xperia sola and u must get jelly bean from sony.

  • XperiaSuck

    Very very disappointed xperia s user. I just saw some chinese phone on ics and works better than xperia s ics.this phone looks ugly coz of the frequent lags and I even felt ashamed to compare it with the no name chinese phone due to the lags.eeeww Xperia S Sucks

  • Sandro225

    *Sony plans Xperia S firmware to end in april*

    I sell the phone today very sad but I don’t like high end phone with battery drain problems without support it more then 1 year wasting time.

    The phone totally drains about 11hours nothing to do! I read forums everybody have this battery drain problems come on Sony are you serious or don’t give a sh**?

    in the future I don’t but Sony phones beceause poor android intregration without support.
    Always remember telephone without good stable OS is nothing more then crap Apple!

    Enough is Enough Sony you kidding with serious High end users!

  • Carlo

    I won’t say anything bad about Sony, specially when it comes to the Xperia S as a lot has been said and will be said till the update comes out. It is disappointing to be kept waiting so long, and treated like you’ve been forgotten even after buying the first flagship from them.

    Maybe looking at this, could be why Google doesn’t want to commit a Nexus device to Sony . . . and trusted the 2 Korean Giants.

  • shanefalco

    xperia u and sola ??? never more sony!!! sony make.shame!!!

  • Leong chun kuen

    I dunno why SONY are so slow in updates… Can’t you improve it? Do better!

  • Agreed. But then why is P and GO getting JB before Xperia S?

  • GARY

    SONY You are son of a bitch?I fuck you?

  • fu*ck sony

    SONY IS goushi TMD fu*ck where is ion updata

  • phantom_p

    The difference here is, that Samsung releases their flagships with the latest Android versions, then keeps the flagships updated.

    Sony on the other hand releases flagships with one iteration behind, then releases another flagship in 6 months. Then you’re left in the dark when you’re going to get your next update. Once you know your Sony device isn’t the latest flagship anymore, you know your ex Sony flagship will keep dragging behind Samsungs update process even further.

    I’m not a Sony hater and I do prefer Sonys launcher over the touchwiz for example. But Samsung has made clear standards for their flagships and if you lash out 600€ for a Samsung flagship, you know what you’re going to get for years to come (aftersales included). Unfortunately the same can’t be said with Sony.

  • Guest

    My Rooted ICS Xperia S is still doing great. :)

  • My Rooted ICS Xperia S is still doing great :)

  • Xperia S Android 4.1.2 Jelly B

    Xperia S JB ????? today is 3/29 WTFWTF??????WHY?????????????SONY
    we want know updates times sony?
    i dont sony what are you doing WTF?
    SAMSUNG Galaxy S2 note is 4.1.2 To updates very long time

    WHY updates times on By the end of April early May We are very angry Under a SONY flagship phone will not pick so treat

    SAMSUNG or HTC is good

  • devil

    sony suck!

    disappoint for the update for lt26i. I will throw it out and appeal people to resist your fucking phones?

  • papa

    There are still loads of Xperia S users out there and am one of them, so we expect sony release JB update soonest as thy have promised the update will out end of march. Well we’ll wait and see!

  • I have Xperia ion and I ain’t bit hing or complaining about the update…just enjoy your phone fellas…the update will eventually come..

  • Kalk177

    Man, stop crying like a 12-year child. Install PAC 4.22 (version 22) and you’ll have pure or themed JB version. Or just wait. Begging doesn’t help.

  • EMRE

    And Xperia S gets the Jelly Bean last. OMG ! No more Sony again.

  • Bruno

    You must be f’ing joking right!? Must be! Do you even know what JB brings to a phone in terms of performance!? Get real! Seriously!!!

  • Pravz

    Wake up Sony…! Xperia S is your first ever flagship…! The first Sony only smartphone…!It was the last to recieve ICS and again last to recieve JB…! Hope this is not the case with 4.2.2… It seems Xperia S owners are unloved at the moment… :(

  • Kima

    if we ever get 4.2…

  • f**** sony

    f*** you sony never in my hall life bay any f***** sony product

  • Oh please do leave sony and take the nexus! They have great updates and lame interface amazing bugs! And by all means the only bug i have seen in sony ICS is the notification led. And the XS has been amazing in the ICS. If u found a bad ICS then blame the carrier that u hav subscribed to. Both the XS and Arc have been great till date! and Thank you for leaving

  • Have you even seen how cheap JB looks in Samsung! Yes Samsung is fast with updates but as far as Sammy’s JB is concerned its just the same old stuff! The JB update that came on the Note 1 was a disaster. Nothing much changed same UI and a few dumb tricks and finally a laggy ROM with a even pathetic touch interface.

  • Oh please! I saw what a disaster the JB was for note 1! Same interface, laggy OS, poor touch response and what more, batter drains in just 10 hrs. I had to recharge the fone thrice a day since JB update. Samsung has updated only the top 4 phones of its lineup and then what it is still awful!

  • I dont know what u mean by lag. In the last 1 yr of XS i havent seen the fone even crash or reboot! No stuttering no lag and its premium fast. I just saw a real time comparison of XS with my frnz note 2 and I didnt see any thing magical about the note! It was just the same. If it sucks then u for sure have messed it up with junk apps! Having close to 200 apps in the fone and still she is a breeze!

  • obiki

    2011 phones,max ICS
    2012 phones max JB(4.1)
    2013 phones probably 4.2 all,and flagship maybe 5.0

  • Kima

    r u sure about that? I read that there is a good chance for xperia s to get 5.0 klp. I think we r all guessing… :) It’s early to talk about that…

  • joyvi divina

    hope that jelly bean upgrade will fix GPS issue of XPERIA GO…pity to all xperia go users..

  • rickiking

    I totally agree with you. It is not as simple as updating OS for Nexus… Sony is integrating a lot of propriety software like the album, walkman, playstation, camera, which really has a big difference with the original andoid UI. It’s worth the wait.

  • Pravz

    How do u know?

  • as

    Its funny how sony forgets their last flagship. cruel…

  • Okazuma

    No more Sony ‘s smartphones in my life!!!!!!
    I spent 350 Euros in October for a flagship (Xperia S) to have issues with the camera, lag everywhere, battery drain (100% -1% in 14 hours with only Whatssup and facebook in background).

    Updates delay of months and do not get the latest version (4.2.2 IS THE LAST, NOT 4.1.2).

    Surely we do not receive Android 5.0 and certainly I don’t ever buy a Sony smartphone again.

  • Kima

    “Sony plans Xperia S firmware to end in april” … where did u read this?

  • jj

    please let xperia u upgrade jb!!~

  • TrixzD

    Cant wait for the Go to be updated :D Might not be best specs out of the Xperia range but still a great phone. Oh and imo people need to stop complaining about the Xperia S and how sony has ruined their life because they have to wait till April for JB and just wait. JB is great and all but ICS isnt doing any harm to your phone so just be patient. PS this site isnt a sony site so telling Xperia blog how pissed off you are isnt going to help you. If you really must complain go to Sony.

  • p-47

    The best rom for xs custom jb

  • soniac

    I think xs got the last update is good! Why I said that? Cos when your phone first to get update, it’s bugging!! Give sometimes for the teams to fix bug first then giving us the performance os, it’s worth to wait

  • Tush

    Coz they r newer than s…

  • RememberX10

    Not first flagship dude. Get your facts right.

  • Meganeman

    Hi im from Portugal. i Bought Xperia go with carrier TMN, April 21st 2013 and i installed 4.0.4 ICS central europe stock rom and i have to say its very laggy and freezes a lot all the time but guess what April 24th 2013 i got update 4.1.2 Jelly bean and i tell you GREAT PHONE now my xperia go no a single lagg not a single freezing!! waiting for this jellhy bean did worth a lot dont complain sony its doing a good job, try a xperia go with 4.1.2 jelly bean and you will understand what im saying and my entusiasm. 4.0.4 Ics has been the worst shit google did! But as usual we should wait for improvements and believe me 4.1 Jelly bean its a BIG CHANGE. Congratulations Google and Sony for great update so i say if for my xperia go its fast you can imagine for a xperia s will be FAST FAST twice more then a xperia go

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