Firmware version 9.1.A.1.140 also hitting Xperia T (LT30p) devices

by XB on 10th April 2013

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Xperia T firmwareThe new Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware (9.1.A.1.140) that landed on the Xperia V (LT25i) yesterday is now rolling out to Xperia T (LT30p) handsets too. We don’t know all of the changes this firmware brings, but users are at least reporting that it resolves the Walkman bug issue that people were suffering from. If you’ve noticed any other changes please let us know in the comments below.

Xperia T firmware

Via xda-developers.

Thanks Supersonic!

  • Nathan Spears

    Is anyone getting Random Reboots on their Xperia T? I’m suffering Random Reboots on my TX with firmware .411

  • maxiobor

    Where is updare for Xperia p that shouldve roll out and for Xperia S… :(

  • will xperia s receive the JB update or not?

  • sfordesign

    i really don’t understand why sony never release changelogs for their updates. typing a few words is that hard?

  • SxperiaS

    I think many of you will find this interesting!

    “heard something interesting… the JB update for the Xperia S may be releasing by end of NEXT week… and the Xperia P & GO will get JB after the S…

    closing thread to avoid spamming of this thread ” – by Doomloard at XDA

  • Nilesh

    me too waiting for xperia p….

  • updatemaxperias


  • when is ion’s update?

  • grrrrrrrrrr

    Sony is a motherf****r. I’m really frustrated now, too much wait for an update. Damm I’ve always regretted buying the Xperia S.

  • I was really pissed off by all These “where is JB for S/P” Postings…
    but now i think it is really time to finally release it especially they promised end of march für P and mid April for S…

  • bboy

    Sony really sucks big time, still no update for the xperia p.:(

  • Norio24

    Sony always behinde by one year in everything and that’s they will never have the chance to compete with Samsung

  • tush

    Instead of releasing updates for older phones xp n xs, they are f****g us by updating this phones( v n t)

  • On my xperia T I lose 1% for every 2mins that goes by since updating to JB don’t know if any T users experiencing this. Pls look onto it Sony

  • Giuliano

    Breaking news from Sony: support for Xperia s will be discontinued and no updates will be available for the next three months.
    This because the developer working on it committed suicide for being too pissed off by the idiots requesting it.

  • updatemyfuckingXperiaS

    This update fixed the walkman issue On my X10. Thanks sony!!

  • Xperia

    I love my Xperia T

  • pavel

    i have 411 on my TX,no issues at all!)

  • ToTo

    where is JB for my X10 ?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ironique)

  • Paul

    The lockscreen PIN security bug as well as the Walkman bug are fixed. The launcher is also smoother with faster animation when swiping between homescreens. The occasional hiccup when opening the app tray seems to be gone too. This is when compared to version .489.

  • Dean

    Can i said “f**k” ?

  • Trainer

    Have enquired about Jelly Bean update for Xperia S at a local Sony Centre and what I heard from them was that they are trying to fix all issues in the present Jelly Bean system and release a bug-free Upgrade for the phones which are yet to get the JB update…

  • try to turn off force GPU rendering in developer option and lower your screen brightness.

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  • still waiting for Xperia Ion LT28h JB Update… :(

  • Pollarized

    I know it is over a year old now, but the Xperia S seems to have been completely forgotten about for months now! 10th Sony/Sony Ericsson phone, but genuinely considering moving to a different manufacturer for my next handset, in the flesh the new HTC (front anyway) looks slicker than the Z

  • Carlo

    Wow! Nice job Sony, it just shows how much you choose to ignore the previous flagship and its users who chose the Xperia S over the rival units. A lesson to all, with regards to the operating procedure of this company that promotes new units, and chooses to ignore the older ones.

    2 units, from the last release get 2 updates for JB, while Xperia S which awaits its update, still has no idea . . .

  • suraj

    Where is updare for Xperia S… Noob Xperia Team

  • Ray

    Where’s JB for my Xperia S?? T.T

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  • Angry Bird

    Yeah, my brother (Xperia T) told me about some walkman issue that is stops playing after one song with earphones. Sony works on software so fucking slowly, and they relase stupid phones like tipo and e … which have no opportunity to have sony goodies. Now show me this 6.4″ and why music unlimited, video unlimited, playstation mobile is not aviaible in so many countries?! why the fuck i ask?! im user of psn with psplus and i fucking want play better games on smartphone! some dumb-ass finally comed to idea that sony playstation controller should play with sony smartphones! this should work fine and connect wirelessly on relase of xperia S along with psmobile world-wide!

  • heinrich

    My Xperia t reboots after a 100% charge everytime

  • Jobe83

    Since SE became Sony, I tried the Xperia S ( still a SE phone probably ) but as “the first phone” by respective brand the Xperia X10 and Xperia S reaaaaally disappoints in the way the updates are handled.

    Now I’ve got myself a Lumia 920 to get the feel of WP 8. (mixed feelings). But really want JB for my Xperia S since I’m not gonna buy any more phones this year and probably want to move back to the Android platform.

  • zaid

    duuuuude thanks

    this gave me my hope back

  • SEPI

    plz fix wi-fi problem on next tx jb update

  • hahaha made my day :D
    but to be honest… i begin to understand These People… also my dad as a total Tech-Noob asks me for the update every 2 days because of some Performance Problems and the battery drain sometimes :-/

  • Giuliano

    Oh go on, all these people crying under each and every article “I want the updates” are just making this blog’s comments impossible to be read.
    Usually there is an article and then the comments on that topic help the reader in better understanding what is going on.
    This is impossible here because of this bunch of children crying everywhere.
    I’m not saying that they don’t deserve their updates, I’d only like them to ask for it in the proper places.
    But they look like they don’t understand.

  • rus_media

    Cause Sony stated that, “Xperia S will be the first to get Jelly Bean”.

    And XS was the flagship which made a record for Sony flagships. Thank you

  • so xperia S movie to be under samsung logo ? … the s2 is better ?

  • yepp totally agree!

  • rus_media

    Will you survive till 2014?

  • My screen is always on auto, and I only sync when I get home, when I’m out and about everything is switched off. When I was on ICS I never had that but since JB things just changed.

  • So True yet these people will complain on here but can’t be arsed going on Sony’s page to air their complaints

  • still they won’t release JB

  • maxiobor

    Well, I had your attitude to this too, but XP update is late for a longer time and I am sure your device is updated already, so you dont know how it feels like and XS was the best selling sony phone in 2012 and first flagship so it should have been updated already… Also I have some lags here so I hope jb update will fix that…

  • Giuliano

    OK, my Sony tv is not working.
    So what should I do?
    Come over here and complain?
    I should write to Sony through the official channels or on the appropriate forums.
    Writing here and everywhere for the Xperia S and P’s updates is just wrong, unpolite, stupid and annoying, because this discussion is about Xperia T update. I
    f you wnat to discuss on how the Xperia T works after the update this is the right place.
    Else, go find another place for your frustrations.
    I hope it’s clear enough.

  • stebenwulf


  • aligamz

    I’m sorry, can you tell me where and when exactly Sony said Xperia S would be the first to get the update? Xperia S update was scheduled after the Xperia P, which was, in turn, scheduled for late March. Sure, Xperia P is a bit late already, but the S is still on time. So shut up.

  • Reza

    I have the exact same problem.

  • Paul

    Give it about 4-5 days to stabilized. Mine did that too when updating from ICS to JB and it’s a known behavior on all Android devices. After it stabilizes the battery life will go back to normal. If you go to Settings –> Battery throughout the day, you’ll even see the graph moving upward occasionally after the phone’s been in sleep for a time. Also, turning on Extended Standby Mode helps me regardless of what the Battery screen shows.

  • Paul Coates

    UK Sony Mobile site confirms the latest version but my PC Companion says that my Xperia T version (9.1.A.0.489) is up to date. Hopefully it recognise the new version soon.

  • feelasleep

    sony is so booring …………………………………..

  • I updated my T to JB in February and off course extended battery mode always on and it’s done a great job, I just wish Sony could release a firmware update fixing it. Hopefully more people have noticed the issue.

  • Andrew D

    Looks like Xperia S users are still waiting,…..for a miracle!

  • Paul

    I see. I know what you mean and agree.

  • rus_media

    Do you know about google AOSP? Please google it. And shut up before telling something you don’t know. You are concerned about JB not more then me. Try to read more after telling someone to shut up.

  • rus_media

    Within a few months, KLP will be released. Sony is still struggling with JB

  • metaldaryl

    Some people are fuc*ing retarded…they’ll never understand this article is for Xperia t/tl only..thanks a lot for posting that funny sh#t !!!

  • James

    Same here

  • maxiobor

    Well you cant even complain here bcs this is mobile forum not tv… And always when somebody complain they give him more accurate information about the update availability date.. . *flies away*

  • aligamz

    Seems like you have to do the reading, my friend. I do know what is AOSP At one point the Xperia S became a part of this project, but it was abandoned back in November, but of course you didn’t know that. Besides, we are talking about stock firmware here, a whole lot different story.

    Get your sources right, kiddo, you don’t even know what you’re talking about, and read this blog once in a while before ranting. So yeah, shut up.

  • ???????, ? ???????? ??????????:
    -???????? ??????????? ???????????.
    ?? ? ???? 0.489,?? ??????????? ?? 1.140 ????? ??????? ??? ??????? ?????? ? ??????? ?????? walkman :(

  • Evan

    the update hit my phone yet! =.= ~netherlands

  • Malaysia, same here

  • Paul Coates

    I contacted @ThreeUKSupport on Twitter and they weren’t even aware that this update exists.

    @mr_coates We’ve had no info on this, when we hear anything from Sony we’ll tweet.— ThreeUKSupport (@ThreeUKSupport) April 17, 2013

  • daktana

    Make sure you don´t want tethering, blocked on 4.1.2

  • Purushotham

    update the camera settings in superior auto mode it show only 12MP only please update

  • To people who are crying about their Xperia s keep in mind that it’s now 3 generations old device and the priority go to the new devices. Plus having more time means more bugs fixed.

  • Paul Coates

    I’m still waiting on this update (UK, 3 Network).
    I’ve contacted Three again via their Twitter account (@ThreeUKSupport) to find out what’s going on.
    It’s been over a month now and the Walkman bug is doing my head in!

  • Karl

    No sign of the most recent two updates for my Xperia T. (141 & 142). 140 is giving me random reboots a lot, otherwise it was a big improvement on the previous versions.

  • emilio

    en mi xperia p antes tenia 16 gigas de memoria interna y al instalar esta ultima versión 4.1.2 me ha quedado en 9 gigas¿ alguien sabe el porque ?

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