Facebook Home modded to work on Xperia and other Android devices

by XB on 13th April 2013

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Facebook Home XperiaFacebook Home officially went live in the Play Store yesterday, but it currently only supports a select number of Android handsets. Unfortunately, no Sony Xperia handsets are included in the initial support list. If you’re eager to see what the fuss is about, then you’ll be glad to hear that Facebook Home was modded within hours yesterday to support pretty much all Android phones.

The mod does not require you to have root or edit your build.prop. To install it, you have to uninstall all original Facebook apps, then download and extract the zip file from here. Then you need to install the modded apps one-by-one (Facebook app, Facebook Home, Facebook Messenger). Then simply enable Facebook Home under the Facebook app settings. A number of Sony Xperia owners have this working without any issue. Visit xda-developers for further details.

Thanks Long and pharix!

  • Nico

    That’s wrong. You need to be rooted in order to replace the pre-installed Facebook app. You can’t just uninstall it, because it’s treated as a system app (because it came pre-installed).

  • The Facebook app in some region is not baked into the OS =)

  • We do need a ROOT, didn’t you notice what they wrote in “Red Letters”….If you can’t un-install the stock Facebook apps then you do need a root to get them off which is an essential step.

  • yes u are right ,, but most of xperia come with pre-installed facebook to have that u need to root ur device

  • seb

    waste of time to port this garbage to other phones. Bad enough that the old facebook app is non removable bloatware on my phone. Modifying my loved android by this fuckbook crap goes too far.

  • Honestly it don’t even suprise me that this does’t work xperia devices :)
    I mean the android software on xperia devices is pretty awfull :)
    Anyway lemme just take this change to advertise petition here.
    Lemme also ask for those that want sony to take action to spread this petition because its best way to get more signatures.


  • Rayx

    I like the new fb messenger and the notifications but a launcher?? no thanks

  • well said. here take my like

  • NO
    I like how you think that some petition is going to make a company (that’s in Japan, number 1 for not caring about these petition in the first place) update faster.
    I’m with you on slow update but it’s not going to change anything

  • hussain

    its strange..i am using xperia Z, i got the uodate on friday. and its working great. i dont have any issues

  • KLal

    No you can uninstall pre installed apps from Play Store

  • chuchu

    Thanks a lot klal, it worked for me.. :-)

  • not with just 400 signatures but probably with 100.0000+

  • Naeem hoj

    i have xperia s 4.0.4 and i cant remove the FB app
    and i cant find enable facebook home in the new virsion of FB !!!!

  • First root the phone,then remove app..Without rooting u cant remove app because it is pre-installed in all xperias.

  • Amen. Anyway, u can remove that garbage with root or , extreamly, flash a new rom (if u dont want to unlock bootloader (break waranty) just flash a rom works with your stock kernel

  • Well, at this point, you might as well wait for JB update and THEN root (=wait xda find a way to root jb on xperia s) and then erase facebook garbage

  • Beatriz Cruz

    Has anyone noticed tat, te guy in the picture looks loke hes giving the finger?

  • Yawn


  • Sux to be you, since your in minority then anyway nearing 600 now.

  • do u have Root??back-up official Fb app using tb backup,uninstall and install modded version and enable home

  • lolhammer

    I fail to see how 600 out of the supposed 100k signs is considered majority. Oh and, nice avatar, ponyfag

  • Yawn

    Meh, still lame

  • feyemahi

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