Anyone excited for Facebook Home?

by XB on 4th April 2013

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Facebook Home XperiaFacebook has just unveiledFacebook Home’, effectively a new launcher that the company hopes will “turn your Android phone into a great, living, social phone”. It includes features such as Cover Feed, which replaces the lock screen and home screen to see what’s happening with your friends. Another highlight is ‘chat heads’, allowing you to message your friends (incl SMS) if you are using other apps.

It offers a deep Facebook experience for the die-hard users out there. The company also sees it as the “next version of Facebook”. Facebook Home will be available to download on 12 April for select HTC and Samsung devices. Sony Xperia users aren’t invited to the initial party, but wider availability is expected in the coming months (Sony has signed up to the Facebook Home Program).

Despite all of the fanfare regarding this announcement, we were wondering just how many people are excited by this? A long time back, Sony realised the growing importance of Facebook integration into its phones resulting in ‘Facebook inside Xperia’ or ‘Xperia with Facebook’ as it’s now called.

Is this enough for most people or is a deeper integration craved by many? Whilst there’s no doubt Facebook Home is targeted mostly to teenagers, we are curious as to who else would be willing to sacrifice the look of their Android experience for Facebook? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

  • Pffff NOPE

  • Carlo Lim

    I think it’s cool (if it doesn’t need internet connection, otherwise it’s useless).

  • Alex

    No thanks!

  • blurb8

    No thanks.
    Edit: I hate it that I cant delete the facebook app from my xperia

  • Not at all.

  • jmcomms

    I quite like the idea of the alternative Launcher built around services you use heavily, but don’t see why anyone needed to make a phone with this presumably fixed as the standard launcher. I would still like the choice at the end of the day.

    I am also confused as to why the list of supported devices for Facebook Home is so limited, and not far off how Sky limited Sky Go early on. It puts the app out of the reach of many, including Sony owners for the time being.. I wonder why Sony will be late to the party?

    While Facebook can obviously support, develop and update its own launcher more often than a third party, I do think I’d rather have a launcher like this that can also pull in stuff from other services I use, like Twitter and LinkedIn. I don’t solely live on Facebook, but I suppose some people do and they may well buy into this – and there are enough FB users out there to probably secure a pretty decent market.

    What this definitely does do, unless Apple really reinvents itself with iOS 7, is show just how limiting iOS now is and how Facebook (and Instagram, which boasted recently that half its active users are now via Android) is now going to be working more on Android development than anything else.

  • dime

    Sony’s home launcher is the best and I don’t use facebook that much

  • NikAek

    No way

  • I’d like to see how good it is before I bash it but its only available on 8 devices. 4 HTC and 4 Samsung mobiles. No mention of when it’ll be available on xperia devices

  • I hate Facebook

  • lovebmw


  • xperiaZlover

    Me too so much

  • Don

    While facebook is interesting to use but having it as a launcher is no doubt opening a backdoor for all user information and activities, whether the user thinks they have control over it or not.

    Personally I don’t even use the facebook app, just go to the web interface.

  • Alex Ruiz

    What is Facebook?

  • Quark Gluon

    You can delete it if you have root access. If you don’t, you can still disable it.

  • iliketowritearticles

    facebook is dead

  • Raiden

    Facebook ? NO THANKS !

  • Pff nope either.

  • I successfully deleted it… :/

  • Hannad Ahmed

    weird i can easily delete it – witout root

  • Chris Brown

    meh..i’m facebook’d out.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Too many privacy concerns with this company.

  • scw

    HELL NO!

  • burrq

    lets installing more spywares!

  • yuskhanzab

    exited? are you f***ing kidding me?

  • Thiago


  • “A facebook phone?! How cool!” – 2009

  • made my day lol.

  • Quark Gluon

    Maybe it’s your distributor policy not to include Facebook in the ROM. That’s cool!

  • No. Why should I use a service that spy on me?

  • Samuel Serafim

    No. I want Android 5.

  • suraj

    xperia s update needed JB

  • ctmray


  • ctmray

    Nice more bloatware to remove..

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  • Dr. Strangelove

    Kill it with fire.

    Or even better, with a blender. Until there’s nothing left but ash and smoke.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Thinking about your comment just blew my head

  • Carlo Lim

    Well, I didn’t say Im excited. I’m not a fan of facebook, but Ive seen the demo of the launcher and its pretty good. (you know, a new UI for android phone)Still, useless if it needs an internet connection.

  • chigusa

    of course it does use internet connection when pulling up updates of our friend’s non-sense posts, it does that in the background. it does stop pulling updates when you’re offline but you can still use the basic phone applications even without connection, dialer, sms, camera.

  • taki

    Meh… the current level of facebook integration is quite enough for my needs (which don’t usually exceed messaging/chatting).

  • chigusa

    and if i remember it correctly it’s also priced $499 off contract. isn’t it better just to get the xperia SP which is priced lower than this one and has a better SOC, this htc first uses snapdragon 400. shitty soc that’s below snapdragon s3 i believe.

  • seb

    i cant stand the old facebook app. If the new one is not only non removable bloatware but also starting to modify my loved android, its a good reason for me not to buy such a phone

  • Go to sleep Carlo, you’re drunk.

  • ven

    Full comedy…..nope….

  • Andre Candido

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaa……nope!!! I’m Excited for Jelly Bean for Xperia P!!!!

  • surethom


  • Ricochet

    Me too. and this facebook phone is the dumbest idea

  • Well

    A website for people who stalk their ex’s i think

  • fabiocci

    Nope. Just want jellybean on my xperia s

  • Norio24


  • More intrested on JB @ Xperia S

  • GOD

    yes I gree but i hope sony will make a new awesome UI/UX

  • Next week you will get it.Have some patience

  • Venator

    There UI is awesome, just need some small changes here and there + a new app drawer.
    (My opinion)

  • NO

  • Sabi

    No. We want Vita OS.

  • Lunkz



  • ???

    Nice answerXD

  • James Earley

    Not even slightly.

  • jj

    if it helps my stock then I like it!!! But won’t use it : )

  • Rayx

    facebook wants to rule the world

  • Not really for me. I can see how it might entice hardcore users, but those who do not use Facebook so often will be put off.

  • rickiking

    No, I’m not.

  • SeriousFace

    It’d better be…

  • Samuel Serafim

    Sony have no conditions to offer a new OS today. Really no conditions. And i never heard about this new os.

  • Samuel Serafim

    You can disable, not delete.

  • Carlo

    Like the concept, but too bad that its Facebook. If the phone OS were to be built around this, it would be nice . . .

  • It’s the one used in PS Vita! -_-

  • XcDcS

    I’d rather cut my penis of then see more of this facebook crap -.-

  • xperia s jb comments hater

    STFU :O

  • hs

    Sorry,not interested.

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  • fe5258285299

    would gladly break your cranium to pieces.

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