Three Sweden pegs Xperia S Jelly Bean update for next week

by XB on 18th April 2013

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Tre SwedenA few days ago we reported that French mobile operator SFR was targeting a May release for the Sony Xperia S Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update. This masks the fact that carrier updates almost always arrive later than the generic updates for unbranded/sim-free handsets.

Well Three Sweden has much more positive news, citing a release date for Week 17 i.e. next week (w/c 22 April). As this is once again a carrier update, there is a good chance that the unbranded Xperia S Jelly Bean release could land sooner. All of this remains speculation for now, but in the absence of any firm news from Sony Mobile, we’ll take what we can get.

Tre Xperia S JB update

Via Three Sweden.

Thanks amar0!

  • Alex

    The whole Xperia S JB situation is a farce. I am on O2 UK. I contacted them about 2 months ago, where they replied that they are testing the ROM for the best user experience. I contacted them last week and they said the same thing. What exactly do the network have to check, other than the fact that the phone can make and receive calls, send and receive texts and go online?! What more can there be? This makes me think that O2 are just bullshitting. Besides, I got my phone through a high street store (so it’s not branded to O2) so why the hell do I still have to wait? Like I said, a joke of a situation.

  • Yusuf

    Alas! Hurry up please!!

  • Lucian

    I knew DoomLord’s information is the most reliable. He said end of this week and it will arrive end of this week.

  • don

    Let hope, There some positive news, I own Xperia go glad to see some hope about update in April at least from carries but as article said, Sony has to confirm it. waiting from Sony to provide date or some kind of confirmation.

  • yuskhanzab

    Finally.. XS users will be glad to hear this. :-)

  • first world problems

    Oh boy! I can’t wait any longer, my life is totally empty and meaningless without this update for my phone! And then I hope it will be buggy as ***** so I can act like a spoiled children and complain on the internet some more about trivial things!

  • first world problems

    Oh boy! I can’t wait any longer, my life is totally empty and meaningless without this update for my phone! And then I hope it will be buggy as ***** so I can act like a spoiled children and complain on the internet some more about trivial things!

  • Let’s hope that’s its true :)
    Also, what’s V means? v.15-16, v18-19?

  • Alan

    Carriers usually (not always) have their own apps and services that need to be ported to new firmwares and such, so perhaps that’s what they’re referring to. IMO, they could just skip that part of the process since all they do is fill your phone with junk

  • Need also globally for Xs and acro S

  • DennisDD

    Do you really think that it will bring a lot of changes in your life ?

  • dean


  • Abdulrhman Khaled

    who can i trust u..?! :(

  • FixMax

    XSL too! :P

  • kurtdean

    I heard from someone that Xperia Z will get 4.2.2 after they update 2012 xperia to jellybean

  • KiritoX9

    what about the libyan devices LT26i

  • And ion…. U left that :D

  • Chris

    6.1.A.2.45 is listed in “current firmware” tab

  • Pipo

    week, so wk15-16, wk18-19.

  • Andrew D

    I still don’t believe it till I receive it

  • It says v on the picture though, not wk. Only S said wk17, the rest are v

  • Hope I can see the post with the title like “Xperia S Jelly Bean rolls out” one day. However, seems it is still far away from us … although there are more than a source claiming the update is around these two weeks.

  • Okazuma

    S-P-GO in the same day…. I want to believe….

  • CO2

    Yes for some people; developers and enthusiasits even normal users will benefit from an official release with source code opened

  • /sign :)

  • Still late but hope its true or better yet hope it comes out sooner.
    Anyway people will be demanding jelly bean 4.2 next and android 5.0.
    Petition against the slow updates and fixes.

  • utsav shah

    any news for Ion?

  • French carrier SFR brought a crappy NEWS for Xperia S

  • aravinth sm

    Sony is the worst company i have ever seen, not able to keep its promise, always missing the schedule and more than that, not even giving a reason for the delay, surely xperia p will be my last mobile from sony.

  • aravinth sm

    dream on guy, it will land only in the month of june, surely not early before the next update( key lime pie) from google.

  • christere14

    “a spoiled children” ? Try to act like someone who can write.

  • Good, go.

  • FixMax

    Ups , it’s because of my egoism :D

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well, 3 Sweden have been quite good on having a week. Since 2011 3 Sweden has changde that plan once, and then it was just belated with one week. So To be honest the date 3 Sweden has, have in since been quite right for the actual release for the global version.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Actually they haven missed the schedule. They said a quarter, not a date. Xperia is what I know the only phone at the moment that seems to be after schedule. The other release has been according to plan. So thats not even true. But it has seen to be the case that Nova-Thor havent been so good with ICS or what it seems JB. Or, Sony understood, that Xperia S and those phones actually are more important, because they are Premium phones. P and U arent.

  • Juanfran

    That it’s true, i work as TI developer and release an update not as simple at it seems, and is a fact that a carrier sometimes put more attention to other things and not what we would like… i have a Xperia S and im waiting for the update too but come on sony is relatively new in handling the entire line of smartphones so.. have a little patience

    btw, im from latin america so sorry if my english is not the best

  • jag

    I really hope this update will come to the xperia S users. I really want to see them happy so they won’t go whining over and over again in this blog.

  • jag

    These guys think that they can make the process faster if they say such things in this blog.

  • I agree. Sony has so many customers using their smartphones they can afford to shed a few ten thousand customers here and there. It won’t hurt them at all.

  • You’d probably be whining too if your phone suffered from some of the more common problems the Xperia S has since the last ICS update nine months ago.

  • This update will make the life of all the Xperia S owners so much better now! Hopefully they’ll stop whinging on here and contact Sony direct in future.

  • Don’t you get it? He is so spoilt he doesn’t know how to write. :P On a serious note, XS is getting the JB by the end of this week.

  • still im done with sony…..

    no more sony BS !

  • George

    Xperia Acro S too :)

  • ProWeirdo

    Don’t you read also other blogs? According to leaks, Key Lime Pie will be reserved only for Motorla “X Phone”. Second of all, When Xperia A’s gonna be out, Sony won’t care about older phones, just like now. MAYBE 4.1 will arrive on Xperia S, but no other versions.

  • Anibal

    Guys, do u really think the xperia S will be updated to jelly bean in april or may?? haha i’m sure the update will be rolling out in the first of june.. Xperia go was supposed to get jelly bean before the S? did he get it ??

  • Im Afraid that because of the pressure put into Sony… the software comes with lots of bugs…

  • totss

    all mad rite.. hope on dis bcom true!!!

  • Raymond

    Love this blog, huge thumbs up for the owners of this blog, would be lost without it :) keep up the good work.

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  • deepak

    don’t know why sony is so pissed off against xperia s and sl users. even xperia s tablet got the update which was declared as the last jellybeans update less then a month back.this was my first and last sony phone

  • Laceehkah

    what about xperia ion? When will the update come?

  • jag

    I know what you feel… But whining here and there won’t really do that much. As for me, I really don’t whine that much and fyi my previous phone is a Xperia Play and you should know also that they did not even update the os version to ics because they know that it is not going to be that stable. And for that, i did whine over it. Because i know that it is for the best.

  • ShinChven

    what about Xperia SL? will they release the jb update for Xperia SL at the same time with Xperia S or do i have to wait for another thousand years?

  • Somebody please tell me when is the jellybeen update for Xperia ion……..

  • aravinth sm

    its only according to third parties, but google didn’t said anything officially. more over android is open source hence KLP will be for everyone.

  • there won’t be android 5.0. for dual core devices…or at least that’s what i heard !

  • Sony

    ?hose will jelly bean on 2014 because of the weather

  • ? ?

    unfortunately its fake

  • ? ?

    hey lets just go to buy a new phone ok? i cant trust sony any longer…………….and i wont buy XZ. for prevent from waiting for android 5.0 this time next year!

  • i hope their will be cous i am planning to buy xperia SP perhaps.
    Maybe i just buy xperia Z instead tough.
    Hope xperia tablet s least get 5.0 if they stop after that well hope they don’t but probably buy new tablet by then, because their will be more alternatives.

  • Martin Hallberg

    New launch date from 3 sweden :
    Xperia S
    6.1.A.2.45-v. 22-23
    Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)

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