French operator SFR says Xperia S JB update landing in May

by XB on 16th April 2013

in Android, Firmware, Xperia S

MAJ-SFR-AVRILSFR, the French telecommunications operator, has published a timetable detailing when software upgrades for Android and Windows Phone handsets are expected to arrive. Interestingly, under the Sony segment, SFR says that the Xperia S Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean is expected in May 2013.

What we don’t know is whether SFR has any inside track on launch dates or whether it is making forecasts on publicly available information. However, given its status as a carrier, we would expect them to at least have an idea on when to expect it. In the same table, it says that the Xperia go JB update will land during April, whilst the Xperia T update is out now, as we all know already.


Thanks fay!

  • _l_ for u sony…. fuck!

  • ProWeirdo

    Great! It gave me a hope!

  • TheTruthSpeaker

    No way that can be true! That would mean that Sony would have to finish the update within 2 weeks which we all know is impossible…;)

  • Andrew D

    March and May are way too different things
    France on the other hand, could be talking for French companies.
    But then again, Sony should get their shit straight and put a straight answer on the table and stick with it.
    Changing timelines and making up excuses is not funny anymore

  • stop kidding ,,,

  • Nexuz

    What about xperia p?

  • Absolutely Sony wants to wait for the release of SP and L (in May) and at this moment the company encourages Xperia S owners to upgrade for Xperia Z because of the sale period. That’s why it does not roll out Jelly Bean until May. They are very greedy, and more greedy than Apple and Samsung! However, their strategy is totally wrong!

  • Yusuf

    Wow. I can’t believe this. Surely, this will be my last Sony phone!

  • newone

    HTC One is right way! HTC has 1 flagship per year and updates are without bugs, if yes its very nearly fixed, so goodbye Sony with your fucking fucking us :)

  • xxs

    Why would it be impossible? And why should we all know that? In December they promissed the update for April 2012.

  • reza

    sony…. fuck!

  • xperia

    xperia go get’s jellybean before the s?

  • Hmmmmn. I thought that Sony forgot that they had a flashgrip called the Xperia S!

  • Maex

    HTC One is the way! HTC has one flagship per year and updates are without bugs, if are there some, they very nearly fix it. Sony has very nice designed phones, but support is really bad. So goodbye Sony with your fuc*** fuc*** us :)

  • dime

    I can’t talk anymore about this stupid update everything here what we write is for nothing Sony don’t care about..

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Who cares about French launch, we need to know date for Global rolling out

  • Rocky

    Sony you are just messing up !! with this kinda strategy,you’re gonna loose !! and at the same time you are making us loose in front of those plastic pussies(samsung) !! idk whether you read these comments or not..all I can say is”SONY,come on and prove yourself !!” but deep down I know you’ll loose..
    If not sony,I’ll not have a smartphone at all (I’ll buy some cheap phone !!)

  • TheTruthSpeaker


  • Asanka From Sri lanka

    can we trust this blog?
    on the FB page they are not responding

  • emre


  • Xperia P…?

  • I don’t care anymore. :(

  • DrazenDodig

    3 Samsungs not updated either… 1 Sony… but yeah, everyone go buy Samsung.. .lol

  • Apple

    Everyone! Buy an iPhone now that you know android sucks :D :D :D

  • anonymous

    Look at all the despairs here, man I love the tears of you fuckers >:D

  • Sheikh Masud

    They haven’t started seeding update for Xperia P yet. They were suppose to roll-out JB for Xperia P first Q before Xperia S gets it. It’s April 16, no news at all for Xperia P.

  • Snoe II

    *April 2013

  • CaptainofJUSTICE

    We meet agin Mr.Troll!

  • Apple


  • Michael Chen

    All right.wait for another month

  • cloudie

    it’s not they haven finished it, it’s just their stupid marketing, giving way to their latest phones running jelly bean to sell better for a longer period

  • Ameer Zul

    Lol, Its Fuckin April already sony. it should be release, uhh. well, last week for fucksake. -.- LAST SONY PHONE FOR ME. Sony sucks. -.-

  • Hamid

    galaxy SII update 4.2.2
    Samsung gets ready for Android 5
    sony update 4.0.4:|:|::|:|:|:|:||:|:|:|:|::|

  • Hamid

    This will be my last Sony phone!

    Just Nexus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kirlifon

    probably in May 2014 :)

  • ehm guys… that is the Carrer timetable for BRANDED devices… not the sony timetable for free devices…

  • MevoX

    FOTA means update over the air? If this is true, than we should get JB before may. As far as I know, update comes to PC Companion and SUS and after that Over the air.

  • the update will come after the xperia SP availability probably

  • Nasty

    Hehe… Maybee in christmas!!!! Sony dont have respect!!!

  • Tush

    Are you fucking kidding me???
    there is no word for Xperia P….fuck you sony…

  • pazzz

    dude, seriously… do you know the word “irony”?

  • Brodylark

    I’m french and I use this operator. I think they say may because they expect JB before and then SFR put his stuff into JB and give it to all Xperia S which work with SFR. But Xperia which aren’t with it which are unlocked will be update before. I hope so

  • Guest

    4.2.2 for Galaxy s2? xaxaxaxaxaxa are you kidding ?

  • taz

    Fuck you! and god bye!

  • Golfakias

    4.2.2 for GS2? are you kidding ? hahahahaha

  • rus_media

    Sony will pay a day for that and for sure…

  • snd

    Think the same :/

  • rus_media

    It is now very important to kick out some of Sony heads. Then their strategy will be in line. They dumped Xperia NXT series for giving them a huge revenue

  • Some Moto/LG phones are still on GB. I don’t understand why people get so mad about this. Its okay to be mad but not “My next phone is not going to be Sony or Surely, this will be my last Sony phone” bullshit

  • rus_media

    Dude, I have canceled both Xperia Z and Xperia Tablet Z. You know why? Because I bought Arc S and got a wifi dropping problem. And then bought a S and got nothing new to update. And I know they will do the same for Z and Tab Z

  • You’re forgetting HTC First and the rumored Uno

  • But the this is, Sony doesn’t release their software at the same time, some region gets it like a week later, something like that

  • Good, i’ll remember your name. Hopefully not seeing you again

  • But the SamSung’s flagship already have it. Thats the point.

  • Ziich

    are you kidding me! on every single other post on this website the first thing i see is someone asking when the s will get the jelly bean update and now that you have an answer your still mad

  • rus_media

    Are you kidding with same reply?

  • Or 2 months later, for no reason…
    Firmware finished (after it has been delayed for several months), takes sony months to roll it out well done sony…

  • rus_media

    This is the problem of your brain, that you don’t understand. You should know they are Xperia S users. You know Xperia S? This was a flagship.

  • Mostly after it’s released, its not Sony’s fault that the software are late, its the country/region that’s receiving the update that made the update slow

  • I am a Xperia S user (was would be a better word) and I don’t even understand what the other Xperia S users are thinking

  • Disqus182

    Sony smartphones— we are never ever getting back together..

  • Yusuf


  • Yusuf

    I was supposed to buy an Xperia Tablet Z as well. Cancelled it though. I’m get a Nexus 10.

  • Disqus182

    You did the right thing…Don’t give your money to this Sony bitch… I bought their 2012 flagship XS and Sony treats XS users like a budget phone owner… Fuck you Sony ..Suck it …Hope HTC beats this bitch Sony in financial earnings ….Forget Sammy.. Sammy is in a whole new level..


  • TrixzD

    People just shut up about the S already and wait for the update. It is now getting annoying seeing things like ‘I hate you sony’ or ‘I will now sell my phone because sony don’t care about me’ Wake up no company cares about you they only care about the money in your pockets and once you have brought the phone they will not give a damn if you sell it so just shut up already and get some patience. They told you it would be out sometime in April and you were still moaning in march that it wasn’t out yet. If you really don’t like it go to the Sony blog and complain in your numbers there but here on Xperia Blog there is so much more to talk about than your Xperia S not having JB yet or get rid of your phone buy another brand like you keep threatening to and take your butt off this blog and stay off.

  • osin17

    I think Branded Sony S come in May, and no branded Sony come in late end April.

  • At least one guy optimistic… Hope you’re right

  • Rayx

    oh ok fuck you sony.. I will not buy Xperia Z or any new phone.

  • I just trust informations from DooMLoRD (one of the Cyanogenmod/FXP develoeprs) who said it will arrive end of this week… he is very Close with some sony developers

  • aligamz

    All of you guys complaining all the time about the Xperia S JB update are so funny. How old are you, 5??? Grow a pair, people, and if you’re gonna complain at least learn proper english.

    Sincerely, a happy and patient Xperia S user.

  • I don’t care anymore, I’ve unlocked my bootloader and my device is awesomely running P.A.C. ROM android 4.2 ;)

  • Beatriz Cruz

    This is terrible news.
    We all have waited and waited, and now we are told to wait even more. There is nothing much we can do, but for startes:

    1.- Never again buy a SONY phone.
    2.- Sign petiton for better service:

    I wonder… will this delayed updates will heppen in the next 8 months to the Flagship Xperia Z? Will there be a new flagship stelling all the atnetion and Z ussers will be as mad as we Xperia S users are now… Thats what SONY plans to?

  • Pontus

    Yeah, my carrier in Sweden (3) are SUUUUUPER slow with updates but we get it week 17!

  • zaid

    me too i hope DooMLoRD is right

  • Z

    Branded SXS will get in may & free SXS will get JB tomorrow..hahaha..anyway, doesn’t care at least, my SXS never give a single problem to me for everyday I already have SXZ

  • Dhruv

    Fed up of all d update news
    Really disappointed with sony
    Going for cm 10…. Final

  • Thumiah Roobesh

    i’m sure it’s another thing to make the XS owners wait..

  • Jerry Berglund

    Three Sweden says Week17

  • Ney

    It’s time to go cyanogenmod 10. GG,

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Z will be abandoned like S, It’s for sure

  • Carlo

    Waste of time.

    Sony has the best android interface, but unfortunately this monkey business of theirs has reached the limit. Tired of Sony, tired of android.

    Apple is better, maybe boring but they deliver what they promise. Even so, they deliver the best performance from a camera sensor made by none other than Sony, who are still struggling to get to the middle of the pack of the camera phones.

    My advice, shut your phone division, and start manufacturing CRTs, Walkmans, and all that ancient stuff. That’s where you strength is . . .

  • MoHiT

    Its The Carrier Base Update Thats Why They Will Give Update Late..But Most Probably Update Will Release In April ;-)

  • frostyNinja

    Amen to that.

  • bregovic

    Its a brand version idiots! Clear jb will be by the end of arpil max

  • Their more brands then one’s you just mentioned :)

  • Ak

    Make.people fool

  • ortega1

    It encourages me rather to bu Nexus 4, instead of SXZ. Or HTC One.

  • palio

    How do you know

  • portug2

    maybe it is a sony person 8)

  • Chigs

    he said flagship dipshit! Stop sucking sony’s cock, bitch.

  • Jonas Johansson

    Super slow? My XV gets the updates one-two days after sony releases it and i have the same carrier and live in the same country as you…… I would rather call them suuuuuper fast…… :)

  • mako

    U dont understand coz ur braindead “buying” flagships using daddy’s hard earned money. If you really worked for your phone then youll know that spending top dollar for your phone means expecting updates at least officially.

  • chibi`

    WRONG! They hasn’t JB for XP for the first Q! They said FROM THE END OF MARCH. Not AT THE END… You should read and not fantasize about anything.

  • raj

    xperia blog got this from a comment on this website through fan xperia blog do some work force sony to release jelly bean

  • Jonas Johansson

    To all you Xperia S users who complain against the slow updates.
    1:Why did you get a branded phone if updates are so important?
    2:Is your phone not working? Many software bugs?
    3:Stop whining at Sony just because you could not afford to get an unbranded device.
    4.I will soon be in the same boat as you cos i have a branded Xperia V, but i knew this before i got it so you wont here me complaining in a year.
    So for number 5: Start saving money and get a unbranded device next time if updates are the most important thing for you. Then you can unlock your phone and flash your brain out.

    Sorry for this post but just got tired of reading “WHAT ABOUT XPERIA S” in every post here.

  • Alex Selivanov

    You are goddam right mate, they think we’ve got all the money in the world to jump from one flagship to another!

  • Jonas Johansson

    Amen to that.

  • DonRox

    What if the reason they’re late is that the update will skip 4.1.2 and bring directly 4.2.2

    Well one can dream

  • Mac Tonight

    Thank you sir! While I agree that the update has taken too long I have to ask the question of all these guys waiting on the edge of their seat for the JB update. What has JB got that ICS does not – is it going to make your life that much better? If it is then you probably need a better quality life.

  • Anas


  • xperia go = xperia p

  • Xperia S ICS has many software bugs and performance issues. Users have been suffering with these problems for something like nine months with ZERO fixes from Sony. That’s why people are so angry and fed up with the company. They paid for the flagship device and got burned badly by Sony and they’re venting their anger on here.

    And don’t forget these customers had to wait MONTHS AND MONTHS for the ICS update they were promised on the retail packaging in the first place (“ICS upgradeable”).

    You won’t have to put up with these whining customers for too much longer. I’m sure when their existing contracts have expired, they’ll all be gone from xperiablog and using devices without the Sony logo. Sony has burned a lot of bridges here. And it’s not like there was a lot of bridges to burn in the first place.

  • fubhknk

    Sony israel also told me the update will be on may.

  • mustafa

    Htc one x htc one x+ htc sensation xl

  • SK

    So when u get JB on ur XS does that mean ur fone is going to a new level. Nope u get a couple of rarely usable feature like expandable status bar and google now. And having seen how pathetic the sammy JB updates have been! And did i tell how bad the JB update for my Note was! Lagy, battery hogging and just the same. And i was waiting for so long for that update. Sammy has been fast, but quality is like S#*t

  • zerocools

    Needs to be posted on every XS post, and Sony is definitely not the only OEM that takes forever but they at least allowed the easiness of flashing custom roms, except carrier branded devices, an update won’t make your phone the best so wait or complain to your frinds

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  • TrixzD

    Thats exactly what I think ICS is fine atm the only major difference is a jump from 4.0 to 4.1 and all these complainers seem to think if they dont get the update by whenever they want it that the world will end so out of frustration at seeing Xperia s update this and Xperia s update that I felt I had to post this comment.

  • fanboygotstuck

    Last time i check that “end of next week” was posted lastweek there are a lot of “by the end of this week” dude, this week will be the 2nd by the end of this week. Good thing i got rid of my ion and never experience this same old sony shit

  • farhad

    i have xperia SL ! sony smartphone no never ever again. how much time needed juat for an update sony nevermore!!!!

  • Mazin Hanna

    Good, finally, yes May but I think we all missed a point, is it May 2014 ?

  • Jonathan

    when sony released the xperia S/Ion/Acro, I knew that it will be a bad buy. Come on! a S3 SoC with HD resolution is C**p. You can’t expect too much. Maybe SFR will release the update in May, But Sony BEFORE for UNBRANDED PHONES

  • ?????

    ??? ?? ?? ??? ?? ??? ????? ?????? …:love

  • ???

    ?? ??? ????? ????? ???? ?? ?? ?? ?????

  • someone

    Fuck israel __1__

  • iman

    What about xperia ION???????

  • Devilakos

    Here take the explanation of this
    1) this is a carrier and probably says about the updated on its carrier branded phones
    2) this is tells about a fota update (over the air update ,which comes way after the pcc or sus)
    so be patient it will probably come in april
    (Fu sony for your behaviour on a flagship and on my 500euros that ive paid

  • TechGuyChris

    Sony should take notice on the Xperia blog comments. Ive been following Xperia blog for About a year. Last year all the followers and commenters (myself included) was all positive for sony . This Year it looks like they pissed all of the Xperia blog commenters off because these people trusted Sony and bought their first Sony PREMIUM branded Xperia device to show support only to see it neglected 7 months later. What a major “gotcha” tactic. I don’t blame them for continuously bringing up the jelly beam issue for Xperia s. It just show how many people supported them and are now voicing their dissatisfaction. Why waste money on a flagship xperia device that won’t b Supported after 7 months when I can get a mid rang Xperia device that supported longer and updated more??

  • iman

    When jellybean for Xperia ION jelly bean ?

  • alibababa

    Good for you!

  • Abdulrhman Khaled

    i cant trued in sony anymore :(

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  • The Chosen One

    Hm… I wonder if Acro S will get update with XS.

  • Lucian

    true, he was right many times.

  • rodrigo

    vas y chingas a tu reputisima madre sony!! ><

  • Carlo Lim

    I’m tired of these “what about Xperia S update blah blah”, well, let’s start a new One! WHAT ABOUT XPERIA ACRO S?! :l
    I really can’t blame Xperia S users, why? Because, XPERIA S is a Flagship phone! It should have the latest updates and must get it fast!(and SONY promised “end of March” or next subsequent weeks for Ion, Acro S and Go.) Why did they update Xperia J to jellybean first when it is as crappy as my xperia ray?

    I bought My xperia to be UNIQUE! Most people here have samsung devices and they love borrowing my xperia phones cause they said it is a very gorgeous phone! BUT I didn’t expect it to be abandoned by it’s creators!

  • las thursday he said “end of next week”… so end of THIS week

  • dime

    Really , tired of this xperia s there have been 2,3 or 4 monhts looking something about the update i don’t search it anymore like before … let them do what they want and when you buy next time a smartphone think twice … search forums to see what other manufacturers are doing (like i didn’t searched about xperia phones) , and also i’m sony ericsson user sience T100 but this xperia s really makes me nervous costumer..:)

  • dime

    Really , tired of this xperia s there have been 2,3 or 4 monhts looking something about the update i don’t search it anymore like before … let them do what they want and when you buy next time a smartphone think twice … search forums to see what other manufacturers are doing (like i didn’t searched about xperia phones) , and also i’m sony ericsson user sience T100 but this xperia s really makes me nervous costumer…. :)

  • Brain dead buying? I have a job, I don’t see how you come up with that. Maybe you have a shitty job, get a better one

  • Oh I’m sorry, did I offended you in anyway? Sorry that I suck sony’s cock since I used to work at their Ericsson branch and they paid me well that i can live my life

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  • rus_media

    They got some designers when they were separated from Ericsson. They thought to make a market they only need some good designs. They are totally wrong. If the design is everything then Samsung wouldn’t be the no.1

  • rus_media

    And he doesn’t get it

  • rus_media

    You are a rare Xperia S user :P

  • rus_media

    Why don’t you use windows phone? Or why don’t you use Windows 98 on you pc?? I think you understand now

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  • You stupid? Greedier than Apple? Highly unlikely!

  • Why are bitching on here? Is this Sony customer services??? Instead of wasting time on here chase Sony up direct about the update!

  • dime

    they could be no.1 if they make some progress to software updates, but they are doing something else…

  • Do you?

  • Check harder.

  • mountain

    Surprised that LG is actually on the list!

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  • Jonas Johansson

    “You won’t have to put up with these whining customers for too much longer.”
    Thank you…. Cos this is not “Sony customer services”.
    I can understand some sort of frustration but common, Xperia S was Sonys “must get a descent phone out fast”. And it IS a SonyEricsson phone even if it says Sony. So what phones would YOU prioritize if YOU decided Sonys fate? You update the phones that most people use and the newest phones. Be glad that a JB update will arrive. But don’t expect your phone to be superfast and buggfree just because it has JB… You will probably find something else to whine about after the update…

  • Viilentäjä

    I really don’t care anymore when the JB is due for Xperia S. I’m going to switch to Windows Phone since I am too tired of Sonys shit.

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  • Pritchett

    LOL – If this is true, then it’s unfortunate. I was thinking of getting the Xperia Z, but no, now i want to change the brand i’m using, Nexus 4 all the way.

  • Arne

    not Xperia P, Xperia S

  • N13153N

    Its weird to see that many “Update-whores” xD Even though we still have ICS on the XS, it still works well.. At least for me. No problems really (:

  • phantom_p

    I’m sorry but I have an unbranded phone I waited months to get the .45 (+1.5 months) and .55 (+3 months) updates since the first releases of those updates starting to roll out.

  • ccsvchost

    Being in Australia, I guess I’m going to get the update in June…

  • vision

    Talked to UK, US, FR support and all of them said that JB for SXS probably will rolledout in the end of June… no hopes on May…

  • Jonas Johansson

    But if your phone is unbranded then you can unlock it and flash whatever XS firmware you want. And i can guarantee that it has less bugs then the original firmware. I had the same issue with my Xperia X10. My daughter uses that now with JB and it has never been better. And that is a 2010 phone……

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  • what ????

  • Sony acting like a bitch, fck yeh!

  • Ameer Zul

    its stupid enough to wait for a update that should release on end of march or last week. If its just a marketing strategy to make us buy Z or newer sony phone. it ain’t working. Xperia S official ics is not even stable, its a pain to wait. So, Finally. i can say ‘FUCK SONYMOBILE’.

  • orpickaname

    I did it, nexus 4 and don’t fucking regret it when I think that in 1 month google will announce android 5.0 and one week after my nexi will get it

  • Ameer Zul

    Dude, if most of the people boycott sony mobile product. then, they will fuckin care and get it. that’s what im doing, we need to teach sony’s a lesson and what company abandoned their true fans that always support their devices eventhough, it uses an older processor? well in sony’s case, yes they are freakin terrible. Sony is the company that really support their customers. i know, Bravia,Playstation. all the other sony department are good at supporting their customers except SonyMobiles. This will my last phone from sony, they’re update is late, optimization on xperia is always laggy. i though sony did the right thing when they split with ericcson. They Don’t , They Are The Same. you should stop defending sony, -.-

  • signed_by_me

    I don’t get why people that “already bought” other devices come back to the forums and post “…already got my *insert device* and I don’t regret it, fuck sony etc etc…..” If you’re done with Sony, then why do you keep coming to this forum?

  • TrixzD

    My point is that most of you S users keep flooding this UNOFFICIAL blog with your moaning and others are getting sick of it. Sony aren’t going to listen to you just because your posting on here if you really are boycotting Sony then do it on their site not on here because now its getting boring. Yes we get it your pissed off with the way you have been treated and we understand but moaning on this site will not get you anywhere so either get rid of your phone like you keep saying and move on or just wait like everybody else.

  • Slow O N Y

  • why “not even stable”? i used it for a Long time and everything was fine… now my dad uses my Xperia S after i got the Z and he has absolutely no Problems with stock ICS…

  • Nazi


  • Alex Ruiz

    Sony es una empresa; no tiene mamá.

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  • SFR is always the last to do the updates in France…

  • rus_media

    Sony should go with there VITA OS. They are really weak with android. Poor Japanese took the power again and it is hard to understand English for them. How they can answer fans?

  • rus_media

    Your dad is not a good user. Give him a Nokia for make a call & receive

  • rus_media

    So, to complain about where you used your money, you have to learn proper English. Go to a mental hospital. Surely you need some cure. Sony doesn’t sell only to English people…


  • he uses Mail, Whatsapp, Calls, Some SMS, Browser, Music, Youtube and some Information apps like TV-Movie, Weather and also manages our movie database… i also never had issues with my S… the only reason i used a custom Rom during the last few months was XT and XZ xperience with some new Features…

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