New “fully working” Xperia S Jelly Bean build leaks (6.2.B.0.197)

by XB on 27th April 2013

in Android, Firmware, Xperia S

Xperia S JB_1We first saw an Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware leak for the Xperia S (LT26i) over two months ago. That particular build was running firmware version 6.2.B.0.68. Well DooMLoRD from xda-developers has just leaked a newer build (version number 6.2.B.0.197) which he claims is “fully working”.

Once again, this firmware was meant for developer (brown) handsets, but DooMLoRD has managed to boot it onto consumer (red) devices. He says this new firmware was built just two days ago and highlights that Sony’s dev team are hard at work trying to get this firmware out of the door.

Apparently, pretty much everything tested works so far, which may encourage a number of you to use it as a daily driver. If you want to download this you’ll need to have an Xperia S with an unlocked bootloader running the latest stock ROM (6.1.A.2.55). Further information can be found at xda. You can check out some screenshots of this new build below.

Xperia S Jelly Bean leak

Xperia S Jelly Bean leak

Xperia S Jelly Bean leak

Xperia S Jelly Bean leak

Xperia S Jelly Bean leak

Xperia S Jelly Bean leak

Xperia S Jelly Bean leak

Xperia S Jelly Bean leak

Thanks DooMLoRD and all others that sent this in!

  • Now Xperia S can shut up and stop complaining abt jellybean for Xperia S!

  • Rishi Rathod

    I’ll better wait till end of May.

  • I was excited til I read the words unlocked bootloader LOL

  • Rayx

    It’s nice to hear that the devs work on this update. It’s like they read what we write here and care about :’)

  • It’s much better than JB for Xperia P.
    It has SmallApps and new camera app.
    Xperia P users have a new reason to cry :D

  • Is it an official release? I don’t think so. And it will be late for ever

  • Better than nothing bro…

  • Small apps is too small for Xperia p and go users

  • ProWeirdo

    Nope. Some of them (like me) do not like to ‘play’ with bootloaders. Second of all, not all handsets’ bootloaders can be unlocked.

  • ProWeirdo

    Better than nothing? Sony should have done this job, not DoomLord. Even if, I should thank him, not these lazy nerds from Sony.

  • my custom JB rom is better than this official one!

  • hashimi

    xperia s , it will be the last phone i take it from sony ,,, i see alot of options in market { Samsung , LG , Htc } Sony really I don’t care if you working on JB of Xperia S ,, I hate what are you doing for old customers . thank you for past and Good Bye .

  • LzMaX

    guys I update my xperia go and let me tell u the bug is fix and everything change and feels great except for camera.i know that sony having delay for update but sony put their best in it to make them right so please have sony’s back

  • Shouldn’t all 2012 Xperias have their bootloader unlockable?

  • I was really mad about the update but now I can test this leak version and hope to get the final version in a weak

  • Ambroos

    Sigh. You do realize that it is Sony who made this update, right? DooMLord just made a development firmware boot on retail devices.

  • Just unlock it man, nothing to be afraid just some line of codes and you’re done

  • DoomLord just leaked it, he didn’t do anything other than that

  • Goodbye! I personally don’t like LG that much (with the exception of Nexus 4), HTC and Samsung are okay, I’ve never use Android HTC though, only WP 8x.
    I’ve used S2, S3, Note II from my friends before, they’re good but I can’t bring myself to like them.

  • If this is ready, I see no reason why its “At the end of May” at all, today would be great. And like DL said, they built the ROM just two days ago, they must be reading our feedback since that post.

  • Lucian


    Sony announces on 24.04.2013 that Jelly Bean for XS will arrive end of May.

    Then, on 26.04.2013 DooMLoRD uploads screenshots from JB and claims that everything works.

    Today, 27.04.2013 DooMLoRD uploaded leaked version with everything working, he can’t find any bugs. He claims that this version is made from 25.04.2013 and by the looks of it, JB should arrive soon.

    ROM is available, people who installed it are saying that it is perfect, really everything works.

    So what this means? Will we get JB next week? Maybe Sony missed the date and meant end of April? :S

  • aamwng

    Most people forgets about carrier testing for locked versions, that will take time

  • still the available ram is less than 700mb….. other smartphones have above 800mb….
    I’m just looking for someone to buy my XS, n now I’ll shift to samsung or htc :-)

  • Lucian

    Well yes, but unlocked phones will still get it sooner.

  • is there any improvement in camera?
    i mean the image quality?

  • Just in time for JB 4.3 to be released

  • Still 685 MB of RAM :/ WTF increase RAM atleast upto 750MB like samsung did.

  • I did and then relocked it as had to send phone off for repair. My s is with my cousin. he’s taken it to Tunisia. Should have it back tmrw

  • Avery Navas

    Wow…really amazing work… finally! DoomLord provides better updates than sony themselves… shame on them…

  • yeah I envy the new camera app which is absent in P. Dont care the small apps though.

  • megane198

    Well, bootloaders of sim locked phones from a carrier cannot be unlocked.

  • I just got the JB update for my XP. Very happy with it. Don’t miss SmallApps, nor was I expecting it with the smaller screen. Not crying.

  • Yusuf


  • Ibiki

    I got SmallApps on ICS(mod) and…i sometimes only used stoper
    But i would want a new camera app and 3.4 kernel ;_;
    After root(when it will came out) i will qot new camera,but kernel…

  • Maybe who can make lesson how to install this rom?:)

  • boki

    When will Serbia JB ????

  • boki

    When will Serbia JB ???

  • boki

    When will Serbia JB for GO ???

  • Herman

    Still makes me wonder why Sony will only release the official version by the end of May. That’s more than a month from now.

  • Sony should hire DM. He is faster to bring the latest updates to Xperia phones than Sony it self

  • I don’t know why people are loving Samsung with their design. :|

  • Okazuma

    This update it’s the Sony’s Official one…..

  • SIN


    9MP– 3.5-4MB…….THIS RATIO……….XXXXX

  • Okazuma

    Sony have to make “tests”…so end of May could be the right date.

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    who cares…when sony jb is fantastic

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    they included small apps…what can be better than that..GOOD JOB Sony!!
    they included all xperia z features

    now xperia s users can have the same feeling of holding flagship once again..

  • jag

    SXS users should be happy now! This is a totally new experience for them like using a new phone. so just be patient and be grateful for Sony’s effort

  • Hans Kurniawan Ghozalli

    Well at least you know there’s a JB ROM fully working, so no more when. If you’re impatient, just do it. It’s your choice ;)

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  • Okazuma

    Yes I’m happy but not grateful to Sony, I paid for it and this is the minimum support we should expect

  • Hahaha, ‘not crying’ lmao XD

  • Yes, it’s a great update. Doesn’t change the fact that it’s late. And to think we still have to wait one month.

  • trainer

    How does it matter to you when all u’r apps run buttery smooth.. Ram size matters only for the purpose of specifications…

  • Beyond

    Does Mobile Bravia Engine work this time with unlocked bootloader?

  • Lucian

    This IS Sony’s update.. He just got it and made it available for others to enjoy. But still this is developers version so not everything is included or everything is working.

  • And no one in the world ‘should’ have cancer.
    If it were up to Sony, that would be the case, but carriers asked them to restrict that.

  • And nothing of value was lost.

  • Hai Long Hoang

    Because: “my Galaxy’s CPU is …. cores” LOL

  • ProWeirdo

    He leaked it. Sony didn’t. Doesn’t matter that he didn’t do most important roles in this firmware, he did something Sony would do in a month.

  • ProWeirdo

    At least he did it. Sony’s waiting till end of May. It’s like cooking porkchop and not giving it to your consumers.

  • I don’t see ”Superior+” mode in the camera!!
    im glad im having it in my custom JB ROM!

  • I don’t see ”Superior+” mode in the camera!!
    im glad im having it in my custom JB ROM!

  • King

    They will being rollout “At the end of May” so all SXS will probably get it at the end of June. That’s 2 months away. lol Bye Sony lol

  • Xyor

    Maybe they’re trying to get the HDR enhanced Superior mode work. Since the camera app in this ver. has only the scenes reorganization

  • Xyor

    Good Qualcomm…Kernel is always depended on the SoC manufacturer. Gt 10.1 is running 2.6 on ICS…same reason for XP having 3.0

  • Xyor

    The small app is useful

  • Armin van Buuren! ^^,

  • frostyNinja

    Read the instructions? If text is too hard to comprehend for you, there are hundreds upon thousands of video tutorials on YouTube.

  • you guys are being pretty hard on the Sony devs… Well to be honest the Sony devs are doing a great job… this internal testing firmware is really good… I had to do minimal “hacking” to get it to work on retail devices…

  • dont worry… memory management in JB is much better… also u can get more RAM but then important features of the Sony ROM will stop to work…

  • finally someone noticed!

  • if all goes well it could come in earlier ;)

  • Mumbira

    Yea but it’s like gaining + -50% … The camera is worse than in .55 (for example)

  • anti_troll

    you are such a looser!
    one of those guys who run behind the specs rather than performance :/

    next you’d say “I want S4 coz it has 8 core CPU, it will give me 8x 0rgasms”

  • Babylonbwoy

    Sony gave it to him to be leaked over XDA to calm down disapointed user…

  • Babylonbwoy

    Sony care about those who buy unlocked phone the majority of them are tech addict and loyal customers. And it’s better than nothing, other brand doesn’t do this. Look at the members of Team Hacksung they got tired about Samsung and develop for Xperia now and they say they are positively surprised.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Sometimes they can’t leak themselves I think so they choose a trusted dev to do it for them. I don’t think he is the kind of guy who will leak without a kind of authorization by Sony.
    That said I can be wrong of course…

  • Need jelly bean for Xperia S

    If everything works, then why not release within next week?

    What’s the logic?
    Why late?

  • ? ?

    i think its the best jb ever. i test it by real racing 3, and i never fell so smooth.

  • azzido

    DooMLoRD, maybe preety hard, ut it is because it took Sony a YEAR after google released jelly bean to port it to Xperia S while every other manufacturer already released it last year… even Galaxy S2 received it waaay faster than Xperia S (and Galaxy S2 is older device)…
    Could you please explain why any other devs can “cook” it faster and Sony not??? What’s the point?

    And the horrible policy… Xperia S was treated preety hard by Sony, not devs… It received ICS as last, and now will receive 4.1 as last, even crap like xperia j or e get it faster, what’s the point?

  • Yav

    Just trying it. Everything working nice and smooth so far :-)

  • Arokhantos

    This probably not the final update that gonna roll out, would’t xperia s get newer kernel ?

  • Arokhantos

    When your releasing products with masive bugs like random shutdowns 3G bug and other insanely anoying issues your just asking for trouble, sony let everyone wait way to long for fixes, it would been more acceptable if they did quick update in between with or without jelly bean.
    The reason their so far behind tough i’m guessing very poor communication inside sony, and to many bugs, while underestimating anything for years.
    hope they woke up least known that bugs have to be taken serious now.

  • Arokhantos

    Hooray 3 cheers for that, and 3 boo’s for sony not having bug fixes ready while the wait least.

  • Lucian

    Well that’s always nice to hear :)

  • True dat

  • GS2 JB is almost a direct port of GS3 JB but with no optimization and stripped of apps. There are also bugs like OTA update for some users failed, it doesn’t boot, mail doesn’t sync, MASSIVE battery drain that they didn’t fix since 4.0.3 according to the users, and random reboot.
    XS JB is going to be a direct port of XZ JB. It’s taking long because of the hardware of XZ, its not the same as XS (notice the superior auto is not there) also, they have to optimize it to match the hardware of XS

  • George

    I assume this doesn’t work on Acro S ! :( any JB roms for my phone??

  • They will. I’m using the leaked version on XS and it is fantabulous. Smoothness at its best. Everything working perfectly no stutter in songs, multitasking more efficient. Low RAM issue pretty much over with. Superb battery life. What else can you ask for! :D

  • In the previous build there was superior auto mode! Do expect it in the final release. And also the stamina mode. It should be there cause when the battery reaches 15% it asks you to switch on the stamina mode. Should be an epic release.

  • Installed and it seems smooth.. But still got issues with camera while balance tho

  • Gt?

  • It’s a stripped down version as far as i can see. Not saying that’s bad or anything but just letting you know! :P

  • I used cm10.1 for XS for two months. I don’t see any point in upgrading from 4.1 to 4.2. After a while you are not even going to use the lockscreen widgets in cm10.1 and they will just be a placebo for you. So whether it’s 4.2 or 4.1 i don’t give a rat’s ass about it. ;)

  • Seriously hashimi, just FO now.

  • He just leaked it. He did not make it. It is the guys at Sony who did that.

  • So why rant about it in the previous post.

  • This is how the jellybean on Xperia S looks like

  • sfordesign

    looking at all these sony fan boys’ comments is just pure funny. how come they no longer remember for how damn long sony not fixing the already existing bugs… *facepalm*

  • Yusuf

    Galaxy Tab!

  • Trainer

    I’m using it too and I agree with u for all u’r above statements… One thing that I noticed in this build is that tough there are some features added in this kernel, the camera on this is pretty bad compared to that on .55 .. Pictures are more noisy and 3D panorama’s missing..Also, when using some apps, it get’s more heated up…

  • Asraful Miah

    Have they improved the wifi connectivity issues?

  • Quicker update that’s one :D

  • KinG

    guys i already install this rom one word ”WOW” nice~~but i got a small problem i my contact number got image but same person on SMS dint have the photo image com out?anyone one have this problem?

  • It’s OK for Xperia P. They are really useful

  • Enzo S

    Can’t restore apps…..

  • Rocky

    Works like charm !! waiting for the final release. . .

  • waddapminaam

    Important Question! Will this JB update will be rootable with bin4rys method? run bat and so easy way?

  • That its in the previous build doesnt mean that its going to be in the final release, in fact it would be more likely that the superior auto mode isnt going to be there, as this is a later release and this feature has been removed :p

  • Silver Scythe

    You can flash the Cybershot Camera mod onto your Xperia P. Try doing that.

  • Angery.XS.User

    There is no better explanation than this one. Explains the whole story;

    ” That Sony doesn’t wanna release the update offically because they want the SP and Z(x) to be sold just before the update, so that also the XS users give up the update and buy one of these two ! ” MOTHER FCUKER SONY !

  • dsgfb

    This is just frustrating so see for the guys with locked bootloaders…xD

  • Angery.XS.User

    There is no better explanation than this one. Explains the whole story;

    ” That Sony doesn’t wanna release the update offically because they
    want the SP and Z(x) to be sold just before the update, so that also the
    XS users give up the update and buy one of these two ! ”


  • pRaVz

    No HDR for xperia s?

  • Yeap.. Locked bootloader..

  • surethom

    Will we have option to record video & take photos at the same time ? Looks like last photo. I do hope so nice

  • ProWeirdo

    Doesn’t matter how small hacking you did. It’s Sony’s programists’ job. I know they have a pretty hard job, but they chose that. I was a big Sony fan untill another (JB) issue. I do not like ToutchWiz for how it is, but why Samsungs got already latest Android versions?

  • Sounds about right to me too. He’s also been defending Sony over there, closing negative threads while continuing to spin positive news. Sony will only start to feel the pain when they launch their new flagship next year and XS owners contracts have expired. We won’t be buying your new phone Sony!

  • fuck you sony!

    They will force us to buy Xperia Z and SP, so they don’t release update Xperia S.

    Fuck u Sony, we won’t buy them. Don’t think that we’re dumb.

  • zaid

    Thanks developers
    Downloading and testing
    I feel sorry for locked boot loaders
    Nothing personal oil :)

  • It can be either way. And anyways doesn’t matter much. Flash and stay happy.

  • It can be either way. And anyways doesn’t matter much. Flash and stay happy.

  • It’s already rooted.

  • CerealD

    because everything works in this case just means, that the radio is working and that there are no FCs… its not the final FW. Stamina mode is missing, 3D Cam is missing, Superior Auto mode is missing and so on… there is a message when you reach 15% that you should activate Stamina, and clicking it brings you to the Sound Settings but they are named energysettings in that case…

    and even when the fw is finished, it has to be internally tested so there are no complains.

  • CerealD

    give it up DoomLoRD, people complaining about the ram will do so in the future ‘cuz they didn’t understand how android and ram is working … probably they won’t read this too… they just complain ^^

    they were misleaded by samsung and others with the more is better philosophy – there has to be a reason Samsung puts 1mio GB Ram into it’s SGS5 ^^

  • CerealD

    he already stated, that he didn’t get this from sony, but from some devs/colleagues/whatever

  • CerealD

    nobody said there will be hdr… furthermore the sxs got an exmor r… not exmor rs, so hdr isn’t possible hardware wise… only with the 3-shots-hdr apps

  • CerealD

    and a trillion gigs of ram ^^ … samsung fans are just spec-nerds ^^

  • CerealD

    8 laggy orgasms, as samsung got the specs, but no optimization ;)

  • CerealD

    when will boki stop spamming ????

  • CerealD

    no, and probably never will as i guess it’s not intended by sony. otherwise it would be portable to different devices and sony is losing 1 of its standalone features

  • CerealD

    yeah, but not very useful… guess you can make better screenshots of the video itself

  • Yav

    you’re mixing me with someone else. I never ranted!?

  • Yes i am also facing this problem. Not able to sort it out :/

  • What bug? DL just got it to boot on retail devices. That counts as a bug to you?

  • Yeah, just like when a chef cooked food but he’s not the biggest role since the waitress deliver the food and the chef didn’t…

  • Shyboy

    Boki, ti si retardiran.

  • I was delighted about this until I read locked bootloader :'(
    at least there’s a chance the update might be released early…..

  • filzo

    lastly, here come the jellybean for the SONY xperia S
    hope with no bug at all, …

  • I’m sure it’s useful but not having it isn’t any reason for me to cry. I’m not 6.

  • Naeem H

    For those who have tried the ROM, could you tell me that Wi-Fi connectivity/signal strength has gotten better?

  • yeaaah it’s comfortable nw
    now not anywhere posting jelly bean for s jelly bean for s

  • u know all sony xperia z including me wanna make compression ratio haigher
    cuz it affect the resolution of photo :D

  • i think after all sony maked better than all xperia s want in the new update

    it’s really like sony xperia z in everything

    u got awarded for your patience

    and believe wat everything will change in sony this year there will be care for udpates

  • fidasek

    Sony had stated somewhere (I think it was on FB or talk forum) that Xperia S won’t get HDR ’cause they want to “provide just the best” and are using just hardware-based HDR which is supported from Exmor RS up, so they won’t give us HDR.

  • Xyor

    HDR is a totally software based function, it might not be provided directly, like in the Z, but possibly inside the Superior mode(back light mode). If they really want to take off it, the reason should be the slower pocessor

  • Xyor

    Maybe there’s a bug or sth, be positive~!

  • fidasek
  • There isn’t a bug, they simple remove it :p, at final stage of development it has to be less bugs that an earlier preview, this one seems to me has a Final Release candidate, its probably that at this stage we arent to see much changes in the public release

  • Arokhantos

    by now you should understand what software bugs are especialy if you own sony android device.

  • Well, I don’t have any. Really I don’t, the only bug so far is the phone froze completely, had to power + vol down (or up), but i did that intentionally

  • Arokhantos

    Most anoying bugs are those that can’t avoid at times or forces you to abonden something.
    Anyway i can make my tablet choke purposly if i want using skydrive.

    This bug i found today probably very rare or tablet being faulty suspect its touchscreen bug aka hardware being warm causing interfearence tough could’t confirm right away.

    Next time i will tough lol.

    Actualy bugs i have piss me off so much i use tablet lot less then i would i’m sure if i would use it more like normal person i would find more bugs :P

    Btw the random shutdowns where so predictable and easy to reproduce took me only 30 mins to trigger would probably trigger just as fast during normal use also.

  • ????

    ????????, ?????. ????? ???????. ????? ????.. ?? ????? ????????? ???? ??? ?????. ????? ?????? ????????? ?? ???????? ? ???. ? ???????.

  • KinG

    after install is leaks ROM then i install the app illumination bar notification but it dint work?does anyone also like this?how to slove it?

  • Mac

    I really hope that the official release of JB to my Acro S will solve the annoying reload of home screen after using the Internet browser.. 69mb free, I mean c’mon!

  • Looks like the wait will be worth it! Hopefully all the people crying about it will be satisfied?
    Notice to Xperia S owners!
    I very much doubt Sony will upgrade the firmware past this so get it in your heads now rather than spamming every other day about the 4.2 or 4.3 update!

  • I think that the UPDATE worth the Wait

  • What about the integration with ps3 controller? It is available?

  • Ann Hiro

    He’s said multiple times he didn’t get it from Sony.

  • Michael Salib

    WOW its amazing…I’ve been using it on my XS for 2 days…this Leak is the best thing ever happened to Xperia S since its release….Made me love the phone once again…Super Fast…no lags till now fixed almost all ICS bugs with so many improvements & extras. Really love it…u should all give it a try…screw locked bootloader & enjooooy?

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  • noobie

    will this work on xperia acro s?

  • Arokhantos

    What you think ? probably not i would’t try unless your 100% sure either.

  • Sry for asking. But I kinda never rooted an android phone. Do I need to root the phone? Anyone can share step by step what to do? Please!

  • If this is update 6.2.B.0.197, what about the 6.1.G.0.0 ?

  • Is there superior auto mode?auto focus fixed or I ask too much? And how much noise it has? At the moment my lumia 620 git way better photos and with way more details than my Xperia s. 55!!!

  • nopeavi

    it’s actually not a 8-core cpu. they’re 2 4-core cpu. basicly the phone uses one of them for regular usage and the other one for energy saving, but it never uses both of them.

  • nopeavi

    if you want to install the jelly bean leak – yes, you need to.
    if you want to install the official update – no, you don’t

  • xperiaS_lame

    Mobile Bravia engine still works on my phone after flashing this ROM.really great job to whoever made this possible

  • tendo

    is that new update available ald ?

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    hey guys! jelly bean update is best that could happen to SXS! really.. I unlocked my BL just to test it and was really impressed!

  • aaditya

    what about xperia sL? any update for it?

  • Vishal Katke

    I found Battery backup was a bit poor in leaked Jelly Bean update.. so returned back to ICS
    other than that i didn’t find any problem anywhere.. They might be working on battery issue. thats why they are taking time to release.

    other than that its an Excellent update.

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  • nidou bossy

    i know, that’s true, but it lacks of some features that i have in my custom roms that was ported from xperia z!


    i just hope they’d bring up these cool features in the next updates after we get that holy 4.1.2 built

  • Moldova

    after update.. my videocamera becomed very laggy// very smooth

  • sooraj srm

    Anyone please help me with the issue: I owned xperia s which have 6.1.A.2.55 build number, as i referred many websites it is showing that sony has released the 4.1.2(jelly bean) update long ago. when i search for any updates on my phone, it is showing that you already have latest update i.e ics which sony released it in jun 2012. please sort my prob. out

  • onar

    i’m using xperia j, why my phone run so slow???

  • Marco

    How can i change the volume on youtube’s videos? The physical button can’t do.

  • Angel

    I know this has been asked before however I cannot find it :-( After the update my SMS stopped working, can someone please tell me how to fix it? Thank you

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