Xperia S Jelly Bean firmware (6.2.B.0.200) certified

by XB on 7th May 2013

in Android, Firmware, Xperia acro S, Xperia S

Xperia S JBLooks like the countdown has begun to the official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware update for the Xperia S (LT26i). A new firmware version (6.2.B.0.200) has just been certified by the PTCRB, which is a slightly tweaked version of the leaked build that appeared at the end of April (6.2.B.0.197). Fingers crossed it will make an appearance by the end of this month.

Update: The Xperia acro S and Xperia SL Jelly Bean firmware has also been certified with the same firmware build (6.2.B.0.200).

Xperia S JB

Thanks Juha!

  • nanana

    yuhuuuuuuuu so its the time?

  • Darklauber

    Oh Yea Baby :)

  • Laurynas Legota

    Untill 11th we will get it :D

  • Ricky Rangire

    Excited :-D

  • ProWeirdo

    YEESS!!! I’ve been waiting for ages!

  • I dont know if I’m happy or pissed off. It took so long that when we start to use we’ll wish for the 5.0

  • Lucian

    YES!!! We are getting closer!! Can’t wait!!

  • asg


  • SiVa

    hoping that it will rollout by next week!!

  • Silas Arentsen

    Ion and Acro S also certified with JB firmware

  • There’s no 5.0 this year. Only 4.3.

  • Elixir

    It doesn’t make any sense until we get the update…

  • Aaron

    Finally all those people spamming the chat with “WHERE IS MY XPERIA S JB?!?”, can be satisfied and quieten down now.

  • I just try leak ROM from doomlord in xda sites, jelly bean look very good. Please you don’t make joke again if JB not release in end of may. I’m waiting for long time.

  • AA


  • AA

    So usually how long before they release it after certified?

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  • I just checked for Xperia Ion (both the LT28i and LT28h) and they haven’t gotten certified yet.

  • Lucian

    I rather wait longer and get really good update than early bad update with many bugs.

  • Lucian

    I rather wait longer and get really good update than early bad update with many bugs.

  • ion

    You’re right

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes they are released even before they are certified. Sometimes certified firmwares don’t get released at all.
    I’m not sure about the average case, but I’d GUESS it is about 2 days after certification.

  • mitch

    hopefully they release it as soon as possible :)

  • ion

    Guys I’m happy that you getting jelly bean by the end of month…. But I’m waiting for my ion also…. do you know when it’s releasing bcos it’s the same price of s/sl

  • Network certification has been certified, the S jb update is in the last stage for the first rollout release!

  • rus_media

    That means my ZL willn’t get 5 :-o

  • ion

    Do you know when it’s releasing for ion….
    It’s certificated or not??

  • SonyFan

    Whatttt the hellll!!!!
    i dont belive my eyes….

  • burrq

    how abt acro s?

  • Patience is a virtue! Hopefully all the idiots who have been trolling on here will be satisfied!
    Don’t expect Android 4.3 though!

  • So when we Acro S users Gonna get the JB?

  • Joe Merol

    Not really, it’s not out yet.
    And wtf is quieten?

  • That was only rumor. Recenty was “snatched” in Antutu benchmarks Motorola Phone running Android 5.0

  • Lucian

    If the rumors about 5.0 being made only for quad core, why not? I think that soon Sony will get on it’s feet and deliver updates as they should. Regarding their involvement in AOSP it will happen sooner or later.
    This year they had some misunderstanding’s between developer teams.

  • rfsdfsdfds

    Xperia Ion nothing ? Why :(

  • Lucian
  • FireMax

    Yes.. new bugs… =)

  • Joe Merol

    >Calling other people trolls
    >”Don’t expect Android 4.3 though!”

    Nope, not a hypocrite at all

  • Silas Arentsen

    my fault. Meant Xperia SL

  • behrooz

    we must expext android 4.3 becuz we bought a flagship fuckhead!!

  • crazychef

    ok now the time has come to start trolling on the xperia s users party! when are they going to release 4.3 for the xperia Z. I’m waiting very patiently and have had enough cant wait any longer.

    see thats what you xperia s users sounded like a few weeks ago

  • behrooz

    galaxy ace2 will get android 4.2.2 asshole!!!!

  • zerocools

    never expeXt anything because you’ll just overhype yourself

  • behrooz

    they just going to release the last years model just like they did with the xperia s and they relese xps with android 2.3 in 2012!! we are all idiot becuz we choose sony XPS over Galaxy s2 or htc one fooled us and this is the last time i choose a sony product even im not going to buy a playstation 4 and my next game consol will come from microsoft..sory for my en..

  • i hate sony

    they just going to release the last years model just like they did with
    the xperia s and they relese xps with android 2.3 in 2012!! we are all
    idiot becuz we choose sony XPS over Galaxy s2 or htc one fooled
    us and this is the last time i choose a sony product even im not going
    to buy a playstation 4 and my next game consol will come from
    microsoft..sory for my en..they have to update r xps to android 4.3 becuz ace 2 will get the android 4.2.2!! you have to update r phone to the latest softwar and this is your dutty..just like the other companis… mother fucking sony..

  • So why are you on here Prick??? Are you plain stupid? Go on the official Sony mobile page and whine and cry on there!

  • And? What about the other 20 Samsung handsets that won’t???

  • If you actually complained on the official Sony mobile page instead of ruining this site and threads with constant whinging and crying about the JB update!

  • behrooz

    this is r right to get the latest update!! its your right to so take the right side in this fight..may be you r a sony employee!?

  • Joe Merol

    Yes, because it’s just me that’s doing ALL the complaining in this place.
    You’re still a hypocrite either way, though.

  • aligamz


    We may get this update in a couple of days if we’re lucky enough. This was true for previous handsets, after all.

  • behrooz

    i have a sony xps but i belive samy doing beter than sony in this area..just look at the galaxy s2 and what can i say..shame on you sony..!

  • Kris

    I am also an owner of a Xperia S handset and to a certain degree I can understand the JB trolling which happens over and over again. With ICS all the older models from 2011 got the update before the actual flagship, and now they update all the newer models to JB so XS got it last once more. To make things worse, since September (or even longer if its not an unbranded one) there wasn’t even a bugfix update for ICS coming from Sony to make the waiting for JB less painful.

    However Xperia Z owners don’t need to troll as it seems that the update is already finished and Sony is only waiting until the remaining three handsets from 2012 have been updated to JB. So the 2 month waiting for 4.2 is a joke compared to 6 months for ICS or 9 months for JB for Xperia S ;-)

  • Do one!

  • Have you seen me complain and ruin threads that have nothing to do with Xperia S JB? I’ll complain to Sony direct if I got problem!

  • Go on the Sony OFFICIAL MOBILE PAGE IF YOU WANT TO COMPLAIN! Too many idiots ruined threads with constant trolling and claiming!

  • Joe Merol

    Trolling. Like you?

  • Mac

    Update: The Xperia acro S and Xperia SL Jelly Bean firmware has also been certified with the same firmware build (6.2.B.0.200).

    Yeah! Finally some good information about Acro S and SL :D

  • How about the ION?

  • Joe Merol

    Ok, 2 things,

    1, I have yet to complain about anything in here. Or, do enlighten me about all those articles I ruined by asking about JB for XS.

    2, you are trying to troll people by saying that XS won’t get 4.2 or any higher, all the while whining about others trolling.

    That makes you a textbook definition for a hypocrite, which you have yet to dispute being.

    So, instead of whinging about people trolling, maybe you should set an example and stop trolling yourself?

  • I know better

    You are a great lier…. one month earlier you said that you canceled your xperia z order cause you didnt want to have the same treatment that xperia s users(including you) got…

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  • Dipish

    I will have JB 4.2 via custom ROM by the time the official 4.1 update rolls out… always behind :(

  • Joe Merol

    Nothing on the PTCRB yet.

  • Nozomi_X

    We want Android 5!

  • Guest

    Quiten is an English word meaning to gradually go quiet. What is wtf?? That’s not a word. Not the fck part anyway.

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  • Emmanuel van den Brûle

    Can’t believe it… Wonderful

  • Finally

  • behrooz

    we’ve been waiting for a long time now!!! thats not enough!?

  • Lucian

    Of course it’s enough. I mean better this than early update end of 2012 or beginning 2013 full of bugs.

  • Joe Merol

    You’re right, it’s not a word, it’s a 3 letter acronym that corresponds to 3 words, even ‘fuck’ is a word, whether you like it or not.
    I have since looked it up and indeed, quieten down is a phrasal verb, not one I’d seen before though. So apologies for that, but my point still stands.

  • aboudard

    Yeah, my Xperia S still works allright, and I’m not sure the JB update will really change my life !

    kept my Xperia X10 for years and intend to do the same with my actual
    phone … no offense but I’m not sure people should “wait” for updates
    on their phones … is there anything else to wait for ?


  • Andrew D

    Won’t Believe It Till I See It

  • Arokhantos

    All rumours just wait for google i/o
    If not even read any news regarding 4.3 at all.

  • Arokhantos

    he probably just say’d that because he’s upset then realising the only alternatives are much worse, not considering samsung galaxy because hates samsung probably.
    I’m in this stage right now actualy makes me sad.

  • Jonathan

    Enjoy your New Update becasue Its gonna be the last Android version that you WILL get.


  • aww Sony come on! where is GB update for my Xperia x10 mini pro? I will never buy a Sony product in years lol jk hate vs like this hahaha

  • mohamed

    we hearing about this update since feb but no thing for now , sony now so bad comparitive with any company in the world

  • Dimos

    man, sony mobile section has nothing to do with the rest sony cant just not buy sony products cause sony mobile is not good with updates… its sony mobile’s schedule makers and developers fault for the updates not the playstation team or any other’s section team….
    sony rules in almost every section exept mobiles and i respect this company and its products..(even though i think sony mobile sucks big time)…

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  • There was Nexus 4 LTE running 4.3 confirmed by benchmark. Moto X phone with 5.0 maybe at the end of the year

  • Babylonbwoy

    u don’t have to install it if you don’t want

  • Jerry Berglund

    probably you should plug in your phone in the computer and try use SUS or PCcompanion. Or, maybe you are using a version from an operator that wont update. I mean its sometimes not always up too Sony to do that. The operators has to say, its ok.

  • sand

    Hopes it comes with stamina mode and HDR photo. :)

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  • aizen

    no stamina mode for xperia s i’m afraid

  • aizen

    oooh harsh while most of us are complaining about JB and u still dont have GB. dang throw that phone away you’re never getting that update..for shame

  • Xperia Ion always avoided by SONY… :(

  • AA

    I see. Thanks for answering! :)

  • michael

    None for ion?

  • Not buy PS4? fine but getting the next Xbox that will be always “online”? Now that’s dumb

  • Hope they fixes the camera purple tint/white balance issue in this build :)..and the rest too.

  • xperia’s user

    too bad, i’ve sold my xperia s. the more i wait, the more i pissed.

  • Teng How Lai

    Finally I got myself a very cheap Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Guess what, it can perform thousand times better than Xperia S! Oh my, Android 4.2 with zero lag, no annoying apps inside. I dare to say even Xperia Z is lag like hell compared to Galaxy Nexus, considering their hardware differences, what a shame.. I am not telling lie here, I have give it a try, nah… Next Nexus on my list. Yes!

  • Teng How Lai

    Quite unbelievable for Sony to give KLP to Xperia S

  • …Yes there is

  • Michael

    Shut the fuck up and get lost man. If you hate it just fuckin don’t visit this site… Such an asshole..

  • Michael

    Oh.. as if Sony takes our comments seriously… ur such a fuckin troll… Go get a life man.. And guys it seems this idiot was paid by Sony to
    troll XS users… Go fuck Sony employees…

  • ClioCreslind

    It’ll be riddled with new bugs because they rushed this update out the door.

    (Oh, I’m so mean to Xperia S victims… … Mwuhahahaha!!)

  • burrq

    i’ve rooted my acro s..can i update my phone without messing it?

  • djabag

    I don’t understand why Sony is updating this old phone. If I want a newer software I buy a new phone and not crying like a baby on this type of forums.

  • Nuwan

    yeah baby yeah…. :D

  • jjjkkk

    Some updates rolled out two days after the certification, some after more than a week, most of them after a few days.

  • Kima

    no stamina mode, but there is a extended battery mode and no HDR

  • dude

    And after hot debate…. This is how Wlliam blake was born….Gl it

  • Did anyone mention you by name??? I was referring to previous people who had ruined threads by going off topic and complaining constantly about XS JB update. As sson as the 4.1 update is out then XS owners will start the same trolling for 4.2 or 4.3!

  • Are you dumb? This isn’t Sony Mobile page! If you want Sony to read your opinion go on official Sony Mobile site!

  • You Gonna make me like eh???? If you fail to understand english is that my problem??? I’ve told XS owners stop trolling this site with complaints about JB update as this site has nothing to do with Sony Mobile!

  • CerealD

    even in the leaked fw there is a message to turn on stamina when dropping below 15%, even when stamina isn’t in it yet – but i’m sure will be, as the P also got stamina – but no HDR thats true…

  • surethom

    I got a tweet for SonyGB yesterday saying “It is planned towards the end of May however we don’t have any dates confirmed im afraid”

    Does not sound promising to me?

  • Rooted only?

    Then yes.

  • burrq

    only root without unlocking the bootloader

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  • which one’s pink?

    Obvious troll is obvious

  • el barto

    I Agree But I Don’t Get Why You’re Typing Like This

  • trnz

    what about xperia ion…….

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  • ton

    custom ROMs FTW.

  • ProWeirdo

    Second of all, according to leaks 5.0 will be for only one device; Motorola X Phone!

  • But we waited a LOT and we still got the ICS with a lot o bugs… Thats the point. lol

  • Guest

    They will change their question to WHERE IS XPS KLP?!?

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  • locked bootloader :'(

  • Paul

    Yes. The Xperia T/TL were among the first to be updated to JB…and those updates were full of bugs and lag. Even the most recent Xperia T/TL JB versions are still not bug-free…of course, most mobile OS’s have some bug-related issue…

  • “Looks like the countdown has begun to the official Android 4.1.2 Jelly”


    it’s always been a countdown for us , fuckers !!

  • oh !!….so what ? u wanna tell us that u have money in ur pocket !

    do u want some candy boy ?

    go troll some where else boy….let the grown up people do the talk here

  • with sony , hahaha

    it’s always sound promising !!

  • Chemiclus

    Really though :/

  • Chemiclus

    Confirmed by Microsoft about 2 days ago that it won’t be always online

  • Shyam

    jb for xperia p is not as good as expected!!(too bad)

  • +++++++1

  • don’t be so happy….

    you’ll be shocked late…

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  • Jerry Berglund

    Lots of crap here i hear.

  • dev29

    the only thing i want from this, is the 3.4 kernel release so fxp team can start the development of android 4.2.2 in xperia s :) i´ve lost all my faith in sony u_u so no more sony smartphone nor tablets for me.

  • share with us your experience….

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  • Then yes.
    You don’t have to worry.

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  • no love for xperia ion? hurrmmmm… :(

  • Goko

    Where update Xperia Ion!!!!!!!

  • Roma

    The last time, that I bought something from Sony

  • my sw version is the 3rd one 6.1.A.2.55 bt itz may nd i’ve nt yet recieved my update :/

  • burrq

    tq very much!

  • ProWeirdo

    I don’t expect a lot, all I want is Google Now and Project Butter. I would leave present ICS UI design.

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  • It’s not out yet :|

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  • Andrew D

    iS iT a pROBLEM ?


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  • ????

    ??? ???????? ???? ????????? :)

  • A quick update about the update:

    An update is planned towards the end of May outlining new dates for further updates about the update that may update Xperia S handsets later this year. We’ll post further updates about the updates here on our facebook page when we have new updates to update you about. We appreciate your patience, and we also sincerely hope you enjoy these updates.

  • ClioCreslind

    Thanks for keeping us up-to-date with these updates about the date of the next update on the impending update of the dated handset.

    Really looking forward to the JB firmware.
    We are firm we’ll get JB since last year, but we’ve been asking “Where?”.
    We firmly believed in you, but our patience is starting to wear.
    For a firm your size, this is no way to sell your wares.
    So for god’s sake would the dates be more firm, and you start pushing out the ‘ware?
    (We’ve already served our term, and we’re now getting stares…)

  • aligamz

    Tired of waiting, I found a nice custom ROM called Xperia Nexus (search for it on xda-developers) and flashed it. Performance wise, there’s a huge difference. No lags, no stutters, butter-smooth. Give it a try, I’m quite happy.
    After this, I don’t know if I want stock JB anymore.

  • guest

    i have the Z and i v got my 5 screens full of widgets with a live wallpaper and no lag at all… you love to hate sony xperia z because you can’t afford it and if it ain’t that then your just dumb as hell. maybe the xperia Z you tried had a lot of aptoide apps full of “malware” which would slow down any device. actually a friend has the s4 and it doesn’t feel smoother at all. the good points for it are the not messed up camera software and the screen and thats if your not a cold picture hater. samsung Ui feels a bit childish for me. And im not talking about the fake aluminium on the s4 wich was supposed to be real. samsung is disapointing with gadgets that dont even work properly. no phone is perfect but actually i know what im going for with sony, a quality crafted device for most ones, simple, mature and effective interface and great media apps ( album etc…) and slow updates but sony is not favorised by google like samsung so that’s something to expect. Anyway what you said is such nonsense that i ended up writing too much but before saying something that makes no sense at all think twice and dont come saying you did try an out of the box xperia z with no “malware”. Have a nice day. Im going out with my Z and that rainy day.

  • Teng How Lai

    Hey buddy, cool down. I don’t meant to let you feel bad on your Z, and no, I try this in Sony store, no malware whatsoever. Just one example on the software lag is Sony weather widget, try using it, and let me know if you really can have “ZERO” lag when you swipe to the widget page. Another example? Place few more widgets and now try to open apps tray… wow.. Z lags.. And before you said something bad about me, no, I bought too many Sony gadgets myself, not poor at all buddy.

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  • Any news about the update ???????????

  • WTF sony what are you doing till now ?????!!!

  • guest

    As i said my 5 screens are full of widgets and the weather one is there too and there’s no lag at all or maybe a small one when you put it on “fullscreen” but that’s because it checks the weather every time (even if maybe three times a day would be enough) but i barely use it that way i only use it do display the actual weather on the screen. the only widget i find a bit messed up is the socialife one wich doesnt update sometimes.
    Really you can’t criticize this phone saying it lags because no mather how hard i tried it didn’t. But you’v got the right to hate it but don’t compare the Z to that average nexus because the only thing he has against the Z are the updates but i feel(hope) that 2013 sony phones will have a better update support than last years ones. And again sony is the only one who makes waterproof flagships and i think that’s important. Even if you don’t like it, it will make other companies consider making such devices just because of that sales BOOM it made compared to other sony handsets. Maybe i said something i shouldn’t( that you can’t afford it) but the arguments you have are not valid at all.

  • SoulxRough

    Finally! Love for my Acro S! <3

  • el barto

    nO pRoBlEm mAn, lOL

  • Smash it

    Thx Sony….never buy it again…
    Ready to change my ION to Nexus 4

  • F*ck_Sony

    4.1.2? Sony does not know what «shame» means, right?

    Every respectable competitor has 4.2 since several months ago (damn, even the old Samsung Galaxy S II has Android 4.1.2 and in few days is gong to receive 4.2); Android 4.3 is going to be published infew weeks; version 5 of Android is a few months away, and those fraudsters at Sony don’t even have the decency to release a contemporary release, but trick us with an outdated one?

    Can’t talk for you, guys, but this has been my first and my last Sony phone.

  • Kunal

    When r dey gng to release jelly bean for xperia S

  • I’ll believe it when I see the message put on my phone that there a update Sony let us down in the past

  • stupid sony, this time when you update our phones make sure your IT team has reveiwed the inte-grity details so that there may not be any more lags when you play even a normal 3d app. For Heaven’s sake I have SL with a 1.7 Dual core and still i get lags worse than a normal Xperia Neo V with 2.3.2. I mean wtf Neo V is only 1Ghz with one core and Sl is 1.7 Dual.

  • foofighter

    Update update update update update update, update update update update update.

  • When is jellybean update for sony xperia s

  • Mr. confuse

    is it automatically update or I need to return it back to any near sony branches for them to update my acro s to jelly bean? I nid ur answer guys.. I don’t have any idea about this update on how and when.. tnx in advance

  • we wait, we still have hope but do we still believe in SONY??

  • mamad

    Samsung is Better in Software Update , Shame on you Sony ! shame on you …..
    after 1year

  • Amit Chopra

    Is there any progress / news further??

  • Elijah

    jb update for my build version suppose to be on march 18 2013? why havn’t i received it yet?? maybe end of month..

  • ggggg

    Nothing yet!

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  • Ashveen Ram

    I’ve just updated my Acro S with the new update but it SUX!! The camera
    doesnt focus correctly at all compared to the 4.0.4 version. How do I
    revert back!?

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