New firmware (10.1.1.A.1.253) rolling out for Xperia Z

by XB on 14th May 2013

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Xperia Z pressA new firmware update is currently rolling out for the Xperia Z (C6603). New firmware version 10.1.1.A.1.253 is still based on Android 4.1.2, but is said to bring a number of improvements including performance enhancements, white balance display calibration, soft keys and nav bar changed to black (instead of grey) as well as an option to disable the notification light amongst other things. If you’ve downloaded it, let us know what changes you’ve noticed in the comments below.

Xperia Z firmware

Thanks for the pic pmhoang88!

  • Ceal89

    Currently downloading. Hope it’s worth it! :-) BTW I’m from the Philippines :-D

  • ok after downloading some screenshots :D

  • Arokhantos

    If does’t include fixes for stamina mode that was reported broken then fail sony fail.

  • Keon Fraites

    Searching for the update no. :)

  • judgey

    No update for me ( UK )

  • Keon Fraites

    None for me Caribbean

  • Prabhu

    Nothing there…… India

  • reptile64

    I hope for improved camera -_-

  • Updating mine as well! bought it open line from the Sony store here in the Philippines. It doesn’t show up when you search for updates on the phone, but it does through PC companion. Another thing is that you don’t have to backup your data, nothing will be deleted!

  • Currently downloading _ frm India

  • Currently Updating
    From India :D

  • Keon Fraites

    Actually would really like that way to soft images barely any sharpness

  • SonyFan

    Lol…i just rooted my phone and made black softkey and navbar…:P
    so can i just update the software with pc companion? and i will lose root? yes or not?

  • No update on Spain.

  • AsadMulla

    Installed white balance from XDA and its fantastic.
    Like the fact you can disable led. I mentioned it on an earlier post.

  • please upload video via youtube for us and send your comments, please !

  • jeroen luts

    downloading and installing via PC companion right now, !Netherlands!

  • Moki

    Philippines, France & Singapore have it so far.

    Haven’t checked the branded ones though
    Will upload flashtool french/philippine/singapore firmware if wanted.

  • jeroen luts

    probably you will loose root yes! I installed screen software and wifi fix today after rooting, same story :P

  • Ylli

    Still nothing from Sweden :(

  • CLB

    Sounds nice! Can’t wait for my Xperia ZL-update (black buttons)

  • Derailed

    Here i come :)

  • SonyFan

    okey thx…another question…
    i have the screen calibration app installed…so there wont be any conflicts while installing?

  • Hanh Tran

    i can not find this update via setting on my Xperia Z, but when i connect it to my Macbook, Sony Bridge software asked me to update this :)

  • Lukke

    No update Czech Republic

  • jeroen luts

    mine is already at 70% updating Phone, no problems yet. it just overwrites things so there won’t be any trouble :-)

  • Hanh Tran

    I’m from Vietnam

  • Prabhu

    how you are downloading? OTA or PC?

  • jeroen luts

    at startup it shows, optimizing 216 apps.. there are a lot of changes I guess?

  • dvxz

    just checked now and its available in the Philippines. Waiting for user reviews before I update. :)

  • jeroen luts

    and includes NFC Firmware update!

  • and tell us wat about camera..wifi problems…battery drainage
    thx in advance :D

  • SonyFan

    yeah…i also thought that it will just overwrite these files…so thank you…hope there will be now an easy root…so that i can make them smaller

  • hocestquisumus

    Nothing yet in Austria (NORDIC debranded)

  • Seem to include white balance and black UI bar for the update. No significant changes so far.

  • Krishna


  • wat about C6602???
    will it have update also or not?

  • Silas Arentsen

    this is because it resets the Dalvik Cache. this needs to be rebuild

  • I live in Russia and I can’t update now…

  • lander

    black buttons? what are you referring to?

  • jeroen luts

    also a few widgets updated/added I see, as google now widget, fastcontrols widget is updated, the great topcontacts app is back in Z style, a new worldclock.. status and navigationbar black, Screencalibration app & notification light on/off switch both in screensettings menu smoother usage in a lot of moves on the Z.. going to look for more changes :-)

  • Silas Arentsen

    the on screen buttons are grey now

  • jeroen luts

    yes ofcourse, that’s why it was optimizing apps. There are made a few changes though :-)

  • SonyFan

    i also didn’t get the update yet…unbranded(mediamrkt)

  • Steven

    I don’t see anything yet, unbranded austria

  • WOW WOW WOW finally SONY is hearing us !!! amazing SONY !!! this sony that we really know from ages :D

  • James

    No update for UK xperia z with and unlocked phone but hoping it’s this week

  • Is there any development about Screen ?

  • rickzmond

    indonesia C6602 get it :D

  • dan87

    Whts old firmware unmbers thanx

  • SonySon

    Damn it. I flashed UK unbranded C6603 over indonesia C6602 firmware.
    And now I have to wait for the update. =(

  • ylept z

    How is it now

  • Stephen Raharja

    Still no update here in China

  • Jameson76

    No update for me ( Italy )

  • dan

    Whts old firmware

  • xperiax10.awesome
  • Can u please upload video via youtube ?

  • SonySon

    it’s 2 am in Singapore now. I thought you said you are going to sleep? Lol

  • xperiax10.awesome

    in my bed only ;-)
    just checked – files uploading half complete 47%

  • jeroen luts

    I have posted my noticed changes there too :-)

  • nfs2010

    There is an update available for my ZL (C6506). PC companion summary:

    1.Enhanced user experience

    2.Improved batter life (hopefully, it fixes the mediaserver battery drain)

    3.Software performance enhancements

    Downloading now :D

  • ++-the update quite satisfying i said.. now the colors are more eye friendly.. i like it..
    ++ i like the black colors after this update before the black seems like gray and it make my eyes
    – the camera still slow..
    — and if you changing theme rapidly you will see some issues..
    when you clicking the themes option too fast it will create a screen bug like random rainbow
    colors and then it change normal to the themes you selecting? its funny a quad core phone
    like sluggish like that. and the hardware have great GPU
    = haven’t tried the heat issues.. if still disturbingly hold as before or not when using it 15
    – the white balance on camera seems blueish.. (not quite sure)
    + i like the screen keyboard when texting.. seems smoother and i like the colors

    thats all i feel, i see, i like and dislike thx.. :)

  • PS.sorry bad english.. not very good at it.. but i hope you understand.. thx..

  • dehan

    No update for Turkey

  • Ylli

    Can someone check if this firmwire brings support for Ps3 Dualshock controller like the Xperia SP?

  • Haziq Hasnol

    There seems to be a change in icon for the small apps.. Is it just me, or is this a part of the update?

  • Haziq Hasnol

    Couldn’t see it in Xperia section in the settings menu..

  • Ylli

    damn! ok thanks for the reply hopefully we will get in future updates.

  • Jason

    Anyone got a blob_fs or ftf file? Thanks

  • SonySon

    it’s up on xda

  • Will c6602 get it?

  • Tien Trung Nguyen

    Dung Firmware cua nuoc, vung` nao vay ban?

  • Alaa

    We need more screenshot for this update, Place !

  • gotenash

    to have this update you have to use sony pc companion (France downloading in progress) ^^

  • SonySon


  • Region Info:
    Generic released in France, Singapore and Philippines. No other generic yet… just some Branded Firmwares are released for Germany (Telekom) and some other countries but haven’t checked all.

  • Jason

    Thank you but not yet found :(

  • soney

    they have redesigned some of their widget too! as well as adding a ”Edit name tag” function in the Album app..i love this update!

  • Krali Marko

    Is this for ZL also?

  • blablabla_sony

    yes the colours are greater now…and i have noticed the bug when you changed the theme rapidly…the ”rainbow-flash’…LOL
    but overall this update was good…it has bunch of improvements and new things..

  • scubyti

    1. small apps icon changed.
    2. edit name tag in gallery
    3. white balance
    4. world time clock widget
    5. tool widget redesigned
    6. black task bar
    7. camera launch slightly faster compare to my wife on the previous version
    8. pulse notification light
    9. stamina mode led fix with explaination of stamina mode
    10. international keyboard look different as well

  • Keon Fraites

    Also looking haven’t found it as yet :<

  • thx a lot for writing this :)

  • No its not. Not yet anyway. The guy that was uploading it said he would share the link in the morning

  • sonyfuckyou

    it good to see sony fixing some of the problem for xperia z or this year flagship device. woulld be nice if they release stable android 4.1 for xperia s user along with better camera optimization . if sony does’t fix this issues after the update im surelly never buying any phone from sony.

  • Bad English? Your joking right. I understood every word you said :)

  • Justin

    C6602 is updating too!

  • downloaded in 4 minutes. ok probably shouldn’t have posted the link before i downloaded it lol but it was quick nevertheless. 757mb. Singaporean unbranded fw. enjoy :)

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  • Keon Fraites

    Thanks usman!

  • Keon Fraites

    Oh man :< thats for unlocked bootloader though isn't there a stock uploaded as yet, because I've tried already but kept disconnecting.

  • its not for unlocked bootloaders… who told you that? mines is locked. i’ve never unlocked my z bootloader. this is stock. singaporean stock.. you’ve tried what? downloading it or flashing it. I flashed using the latest flashtool. flashed fine. made sure unknown sources was ticked and usb debugging. i am having 2 issues though. phone is really hot! and can’t find 3g network. only 2g and lte. i’m wondering if it has anything to do with flashing this rom…

  • anyone else facing phone overheating issues without use after update and network issues. unable to find a 3g network…2g is fine and lte..

  • Keon Fraites

    Oh right derp. I forgot to tick usb debugging going to attempt it again thanks alot mate.

  • im not able to update coz of the volume down plug in procedure , someone help me out! i tried it like 100 times now :/

  • Zellimi

    Do you have a Sony Xperia Z? I know from experience that Stamina Mode worked just now how your deluded mind thought. Well now go away and go get paid by Samsung. You annoying bug.

  • Keon Fraites

    Hmmm not sure as too why it’s not working for me…. Connects device in flash mode and it just Disconnects itself and bootup. :/

  • adi

    updating now :)

  • themonyo

    updated mine an hour ago, but I received the 10.1.A.1.434 instead of the one given above. I’ll flash the FTF manually later.

  • numbertwo

    We all were waiting for this:

    Burst Quality in automatic modes! Provided by the last official Sony Update :D

    Normal mode:


    Burst mode:


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  • Eventhough I didn’t get my phone in China but since I am currently in this country, I guess I need to wait for it’s release. :( Still no new software.

  • Xyor

    Also, the Movie app have the portrait mode, will no longer switch to landscape mode for video automatically.

  • Xyor

    The color has been improved tremendously

  • Xyor

    And there’s a bug in the new “world clock” widgets. The time is correct; however the date will match the current time zone instead of the chosen one. For instant, my time zone’s date is May 14th right now and I set a widget that targeting the GMT+8(Beijing), the time is correct but the date is showed as May 14 instead of 15th.

  • Xyor

    Here’s some pics..and I am so not satisfy about the cities that they choose.

  • SamsungPayTroll

    how much samsung pay you for leave this comment

  • lander

    oh I see. Thanks Silas.

  • Keon Fraites

    Hmmm, beta6 doesn’t work for me had to get beta4 :D

  • afzal

    Nice and good update. The black hue seems to be an even better now. Plus the response between transaction panel more faste.

  • Finally! Thank you!!!
    soft keys and nav bar changed to black instead of grey is a step back in the right direction,
    at least someone in Sony is listening to us.
    The grey just made the screen look cheap, nice to see they came to their senses :)

  • blitz

    australia anyone?? mine not yet.

  • Geferson Gonzales

    …no updates in my xz..btw from philippines…

  • Yes, C6602 in Indonesia region get it.. :)

  • C6602 in Indonesia region get it. But for my case, i have to download it from PC companion and not from direct download via smartphone..

  • He doesn’t have one

  • Hanh Tran

    Sorry dev team, this pict belongs to me :)

  • masa sih? gw cek blm ada … T_T

  • Something that I think would look cool is when you touch the on-screen buttons, the color when you touch it, is the same as the theme and not just white

  • my phone is c6602 it receiving the update
    i think they update all devices
    and the difference between c6602 and c6603 is only HSPA+ & LTE

  • of course indonesia region get it
    they got best seller in indonesia

  • its safer and faster via PC
    unless our electricity industry need a slap
    when suddenly our electricity went out while updating because of them

  • rus_media

    Nothing for C6502 yet

  • yeah its a quite nice idea.. hope sony devs team research and read your opinion. i vote it up so they can read it.

  • oh gitu, pantes ga ada di update center.. thank you :)

  • Zyril ZA

    Any WiFi issues resolved in the new update?

  • xperiax10.awesome
  • xperiax10.awesome
  • king831

    happy that sony is doing its best to update its flagship phone,keep it up

  • Really? I think Samsung Galaxy sells better in Indonesia, it’s quite suprising that Xperia Z also sells so good in Indonesia..

  • Zhyriel ZA

    Did the new update resolved any previous WiFi Issues? TQVM

  • Anonymous

    How’s about Xperial ZL???

  • Geferson Gonzales

    hi did you download it? my current xz firmware is 10.1…434..ive already connect it thrupc new updates as stated above??btw from philippines also..thanks

  • Ben Solomon

    No update yet for my Hong Kong unbranded Xperia Z .

  • FTF please…

  • Steen Bo Jørgensen

    Thanks for the tip…

  • Xyor

    Also, the Movie App has the portrait mode instead of changing into landscape every time you watch a video. There is a new section in Album app called “Face” that brings back the long miss function from X10 – the face recognition.

  • Kenny-Tetsuya

    some HK version owners said that the update is still 434

  • compare to Z, S4 sells better in indonesia. but now i can see lot of people have xperia Z.

  • updated my xperia z, i’m from the philippines. weird update process though. after hitting “finish” in PC Companion the phone took 1 to 2 minutes to power up. thought twas dead. all is good now. home screen is looking crisp.

  • Shiva

    I’m updating right now :) what about the sudden death issues guys? 253 it’s gonna rectify them?

  • Ben Solomon

    My HK version is still 434. I am taking that to mean it has not rolled out to hk yet . Am I correct?

  • Geferson Gonzales

    hi did you update it?i use pc companion but no new firmware updates for current firmware is 10.1…434..from philppines also..thanks

  • ANBU J

    I didn’t get any updates.. my build is 10.1.A.1.434.. any ideas?

  • Les

    the sudden death issue should been fixed in the previous 434. build.

  • Les

    downloading now via Pc Companion :D
    – Malaysia

  • Alex mage

    I’m in vn. No update for me

  • Yes please

  • jimjim

    As long as i recall (i had xperia U, P, S and Z) OTA update from update center always come very late or never at all.

    It is safer to download the updates using pc companion.

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  • mukesh rana

    Yeh got it in india happi i m

  • Sony Xperia Z C6602 10.1.1.A.1.253 India Unbranded FTF (773.90MB)!fEMXhYxL!RDDkRBYs63hRBnFjkusVAFh1wh0kFsRYf6-F-fLIsxo



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  • worapol

    It’s available now in Thailand, but I’m not sure about how to root after update, will waiit until it can be rooted.

  • Geferson Gonzales

    hi there…how did you update your xz? i already connect thru pc companion but no new current build no is 10.1…434.???thanks

  • ninja-T

    How about app rejection when using Thai language in some apps?

  • jag

    that is only normal. and the pc companion also mentioned that the first reboot will take longer after the update.

  • jag

    why it is .253?? the numbers are counting backwards from .434??

  • wait

  • nlf


  • Arokhantos

    Go insert kaktus inside your anus you fucking retard.
    i’m boycotting samsung for life.

  • gavin1492

    my dad brought xperia z c6602 carrier free from china will this FTF work with it…I stay in india…I m new to sony mobile

  • jag

    i see now… it made me research too. hehe!

    btw.. it is a great update! loving the new blackness of my black Z! ^^
    for the 4.2 version, i think they will add a lot of settings, revisions of UI and apps like they always do. hooray for Sony!! ^^

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  • Qassim AL-Janabi

    Iraq … Updating C6602 :D

  • yclept xperia z

    Post the homescreen screenshot

  • yclept xperia z

    Post the screenshot of the new changes

  • rabytofu11

    I’m from Singapore and i cant download it! tried PC companion and it says I have the latest software! nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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  • Ben Solomon

    Me too in Hong Kong

  • use pc companion or wait for your region

  • Mark

    No special tricks for this update. Just connect it via PC Companion, the update should show up.

  • i just update my C6602, before update, i remove Z simcard to my modem so i can update. after updating and done some configuration and inserting simcard, my Z reboot like usual but cannot be used. it sill in some i don’t know to say but i think in maintenance. it’s already taking 20 minutes and nothing happened. need help here T_T

  • Tien Trung Nguyen

    no update so far here in Austria

  • Luxsaan06

    I still haven’t got the update… I tried from the pc companion and it said I have the latest version
    can anyone let me know when it’s available in the UK pls

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  • SonySon

    Lol. Clearcut reply. thumbs up XP

  • Italy, no update yet

  • Richard McKenna

    Yeah, I’ve not got it in the UK yet either. Guess we’ll just have to wait :(

  • TheDudeLasse

    I just updated to the new firmware from my PC. After the update, I tried turning on my Xperia Z but it is not working.. :help:

  • SonySon

    Calm down. Take a deep breath, let it rest for a while 1 minute or 2 and try turning it on again. See if that works

  • TheDudeLasse

    I just updated to the new firmware from my PC. After the update, I tried turning on my Xperia Z but it is not working.. :help:

  • kjmok

    is it only me or not, i see the colours after the update as more….purplish or pink-ish? don’t really like the colours after the update. anybody?

  • Kenny-Tetsuya

    Mine is HK version too.Haven’t got the update

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  • Gazza

    Nothing for the UK yet :(

  • hans

    GSMArena has tested the camera and the end result is a lot better!

  • Adam Iskandar Soh

    GOOOOD SONY. Small steps. Keep doing this and you’ll do great!

  • Checked Sony xperia france website and that firmware number isn´t a officiall one.. It Think it´s wierd btw.. And i´ve also talked with sony in sweden and they have no idea what i was talking about.

  • hmmm i dunno how.. is your device won’t turn on? how about connect it to the PC. is it charging or at least your PC detecting your phone? if your phone cannot turn on completely its really a bad news you should go to sony service center. if it still on maybe you can ask some experienced user at forum..
    me myself is new in sony devices. except playstation x and 2.
    hope your phone ic power not damaged..

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  • sidney

    Just got the update through PC Companion. Didn’t show up on OTA though. C6603 from Malaysia. Cheers!

  • shiva

    nice work man i’m taking this as a reference to check the upgrades :)

  • shiva

    that is why sony is the king <3

  • SonySon

    Should work well with that.

  • workOnS4

    GSMArena didnt test it,… it was someone on XDA who provided the images (read properly!)
    anyways, GSMA will criticize sony sooner or later …

  • No update for me ( RU )

  • FTF is here Xperia Z 10.1.1.A.1.253 C6303

  • 4shared FTF Xperia Z C6603 GLOBAL LTE 10.1.1.A.1.253 UPDATE

  • Update available RIGHT NOW in Italy (unbranded) via PC companion

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  • Aldo, controlla ora via OC companion: io lo sto (lentamente) scaricando

  • James

    I’m also from the UK with an unbranded and SIM free xperia z but no update yet

  • nikkon

    I wait this to be delivered in Orange Romania network too…hope it will be soon.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    The update includes the White Balance Calibration settings.
    Try looking at the settings.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    It should come out since the the firmware is almost identical.

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  • this update brings lot of bug Fix and Bring great headset experience but one disappointment Sony didn’t fix the camera this time also but either way Sony did a great job

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  • jag

    No rainbow bug on my device when i change themes

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  • kjmok

    i don’t know how white balance calibration works :( i put all of the settings at the 0.0, yet still kinda purplish and pinkish

  • Finally LED notification working on my XZ. Great update.

  • Sony Fanss

    Can I know your xperia z battery life can last how long? On stamina mode or off stamina mode?
    Same region…

  • najiy91

    hi, malaysia got the update. honestly,i remove all provided apps(foursquare,linkedin and others), and i end process all unwanted apps.battery drains too fast before and after.still draining fast when i typed this comment. someone please reply.

  • hans

    oops my bad :) but still, the improvement is there..

  • derek

    Really?? How come I’m still didn’t get the update..sigh

  • najiy91

    malaysia update-honestly,battery drains fast,try use normal 3g and normal surfing.touch and feel top screen. too hot! dissapointed…

  • dereknobuyuki

    Xperia Tablet Z new firmware just released. (2nd update for me so far)

    Android 4.1.2 Build 10.1.C.0.344 to
    Android 4.1.2 Build 10.1.C.0.353

  • nothing happen from Vietnam

  • dan

    Went for uk

  • psychok9

    Amazing, there is any chance we can get the same fix for other top version like Xperia T, S or SP? Old firmware photos are a total mess!


  • Babylonbwoy

    Too much comments to read them all, is rooting method (the one with display exploit) still working for this new fw ?

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  • Babylonbwoy

    tyry to reboot by pressing power button and volume + for 10 second > 1 vibration (15sec to turn it off, three vibration)

  • still not available in China here !!! :(

  • did no fancy tricks, i just connect it to PC Companion via USB then the update showed up.

  • Worapol

    with old rom 434, I can root it to install some modified and it’s no app bouncing anymore.

  • jag

    mine doesnt get hot now. 2months+ with my Z.
    one thing i noticed this morning when i used my nfc speaker is that my Z got hot again. maybe its the new update of the nfc drive?.. anyone experienced this?

  • i already did that, but still not working. and then i try to search in , some people have same problem. so i try to connect using SUS, downloading again :( and restore as new android since i never backup my phone. it’s working now :)

  • Great, it improve camera quality… :D

  • Geferson Gonzales

    id already do it several times. install my usb fort to the laptop and automatically launch the pc conpanion, but still no new update..i bought this phone thru widgetcity for almost 3 months due to the late release by sony xperia center.. i though that this is the difference from buying it with other store.

  • hmm try to switching theme or background option faster rapidly.. you will see a rainbow flash transition between the changes..
    its not normal and before the update its not occuring..
    and if you lucky you can see a wallpaper from xperia s that blue wave things.

  • Kenny-Tetsuya

    still no update for HK version

  • najiy91

    Please email me

  • jag

    still no rainbow bug here even though i change it fast between different themes. really?? there is a wallpaper like that? im hoping they will make a live wallpaper out of the new themes.

  • Ewan Co Say Yu is applicable also for ZL..

  • Zhyriel ZA

    then you have to update it via SEUS. I experience it, by using PC companion and success but later once i off the phone and on it back but it wont boot got to solve it by using SEUS and success.

  • Zhyriel ZA

    go for SEUS…you will get it….

  • aksbat

    still no update for IND version.

  • Steven

    I think Sammy pays GSMA to never write the bad things about S4 and keep writing shit about the other brands but luckily google and XDA always telling the truth. From screen smearing, hot device, wifi bug, battery drop so fast XD

  • goodboy

    you did tried on ZL?

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  • Les

    hmm i never really off my stamina mode but battery can last really long just on standby mode, if normal use=whatsapp,browsing,listening to music,minor gaming, can last 1 day+ on stamina mode :D im pretty satisfied,2 times better battery than my xperia ray before i can say.

  • Les

    you mean like continuously drainage? that would be abnormal.. all i know is, usually it drain a lil faster from 99-90, after that, it slow up alot. I noticed no significant changes on battery after update so far. and i would not recommend to use 3rd party task manager to end processes cause some apps creates data in background, if you end them,they will be restarted and have to start over in processing the data again, hence, it will drain battery more. There are real sources for this, you can google it. Not recommended to use task manager/killer.

  • Les

    umm.. im from malaysia too. Is your Z ori or AP unit? and is it unlocked version?
    Because i have not experience such issues above after updated my Z.No big changes in battery, but i feel slightly improvement. Heating is normal as well. Only gets hot hot when playing hd games. Camera start up abit faster ,better colors too i noticed. I got my Z from directd, original midland set. :)

  • Ciao Maurizio, ancora nulla :-(, sono con wind.. bohhh..arrivera’ :-)

  • JZaw

    It finally fix my notifications, since from the time I bough I never ha dado my notifications shown in the led, and now finally I can see it lit up

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  • so this firmware is out for C6603 (LTE), has this also been available for UAE users? Can anyone confirm this.

    Also, I’m an early adopter of the Xperia Z (C6602, AKA Non-LTE), would this firmware update be available for my XperiaZ model? Would appreciate someone with good knowledge for this update to clarify this matter.

    @SonyXperiaME are horrible PR’s… 0 knowledge of such updates, nothing but ad spams & RTing compliments. I’m still waiting for their reply, but they would just ignore as they have done in past interactions.

  • rickiking

    2 days later and still nothing here in UAE. :( Anyway we are always late over here.

  • SNE

    Xperia ZL Indonesia get this Update

  • Where are you from? I just used PC companion, My Z I bought it from the Sony store unlocked. Hmmm..

  • Xperia Z

    I have not yet updated but before I start, I wonder how long does it take to update Xperia Z to new firmware?

  • afxal

    Just reset the white balance setting and it will be at normal saturate n hue again.

  • Xperia Z

    How long does it take to update Xperia Z to new firmware? Thanks

  • Haziq Hasnol

    Only took about 30 minutes.. Depends on your internet speed also..

  • Sony Fanss

    If I play 30minutes gameloft game then battery life will drop 30%.that is normal?
    How about your camera? When I shooting picture or video record at night indoor,that colour will suddenly yellow or blue tint,do you have this problem?
    This is the video record that I capture (

  • Sony Fanss

    If I play 30minutes gameloft game then battery life will drop 30%.that is normal?
    How about your camera? When I shooting picture or video record at night indoor,that colour will suddenly yellow or blue tint,do you have this problem?
    This is the video record that I capture (

  • hans

    Try to reset the phone. Might be a conflict in contact data that’s causing a sync issue which load the CPU.

  • Kenny-Tetsuya

    Did anyone in HongKong receive the update?

  • Sony Fanss

    If I play 30minutes gameloft game then battery life will drop 30%.that is normal?
    How about your camera? When I shooting picture or video record at night indoor,that colour will suddenly yellow or blue tint,do you have this problem?
    This is the video record that I capture (

  • sonyfan

    i think the phone run smoother after this update and the colour gets better..
    its give better in viewing angel too..
    from malaysia.

  • sonyfan


  • Soon

    After updated, the stamina mode still not function well. With 63% of battery, the stamina mode estimated the phone can standby 1 days.

  • Les


  • Les

    dont you know that stamina mode is learning all the time from your real usage?

    Say , you finish your battery less than a day during heavy use, then the stamina mode will learn from that and provide accurate time left from your usage.

    I say, its actually smart. If you continuously drain your battery finish less than a day , do you still expect to see it put, 2-3 days left in full charge? then its not clever anymore..

  • Les

    yeah.. i can view pretty angels now after this update…….

  • SonySon

    I thought it’s available since yesterday? O.o

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  • update fix camera, wi-fi tooo :)

  • aksbat

    ya doing it right now :)

  • Rodrigo Alves

    Hum so here’s my situation. I imported this phone because I was most decidedly going to own one and Sony didn’t launch it in Brazil. I used it for barely one day then I had to seal it up because I work at an oil rig and they won’t let you use your cell here – some bs secutiry protocol – and now there’s an update out there already…

    I am DYING over here!!!!! I wanna use my phoneeeeeeeee :( 1 Week to go on still.. :(

  • Rodrigo Alves

    Hum so here’s my situation. I imported this phone because I was most decidedly going to own one and Sony didn’t launch it in Brazil. I used it for barely one day then I had to seal it up because I work at an oil rig and they won’t let you use your cell here – some bs secutiry protocol – and now there’s an update out there already…

    I am DYING over here!!!!! I wanna use my phoneeeeeeeee :( 1 Week to go on still.. :(

  • No, still waiting.

  • Rammstone

    Got it today in Norway. Sweet shit

  • What about Singapore version? Anyone receive the updates?

  • Yes I got it now !!! Thanks

  • BTW it is only via PC Companion. No FOTA available. My SW is of Singapore version.

  • atb

    I got that update for some hours ago her in Norway and i must say sony did a very good job with that update the screen is a lot better camera as well and the sound is excellent when listen to music after this update i must say the Xperia Z bits the crap out of htc one

  • rus_media

    You this update upgrades your display hardware? (which helped the viewing agle :D)

  • Nard

    Can confirm update is available in Australia, updated via Sony Bridge for Mac with a unbranded stock 434 AU rom

  • rus_media

    I’m getting an update for ZL(C6502) now. May be my set is a Singapore version.

  • rus_media


  • SonySon

    Hey “agle”, that’s why you’ll be AMAZED by this update.

  • mo

    damn it! tried pc companion and it hasn’t appeared for me yet :( mine is also unbranded stock 434 AU rom :(

  • Geferson Gonzales

    from philippines also…i bought my xz in widget city due to its late release in sony xperia center, and i think that this is the difference from buying it with other store..

  • lix

    im from malaysia too..but im dont get any noticed about this new firmware..trying via update pc companion also,ermmm..something wrong??

  • Les

    if your XZ is from digi/maxis/celcom contract plan, then maybe the update will come late.. Mine is unlocked version,ori midland set. But im not 100% sure about this so i think you should contact the service provider that you bought it from. But it you got it without any contract, you should be able to update.. Perhaps try again connecting pc companion and refresh.. Alternatively, you can do it manually, using flashtool to flash the update(no need rooted phone) im not so sure how is the procedure but you can try google it. Try the XDA forum..

  • Nard

    Weird… I was using a unbranded AU stock rom that I downloaded from xda, and I used the Mac version of PC Companion (since I don’t have a pc) and it just popped up saying a new version was available…

    Whereas my girlfriend’s Z still hasn’t been flashed and has the Stock Optus Rom, untouched and she can’t get the update. So weird!

  • rus_media

    Its really tough for me to reply from a mobile :P

  • rus_media

    What exactly it is? My ZL makes too much compression. I found my S was more clearer picture than the ZL

  • leo-swe

    I’ve got the uppdate today, swedish phone in Singapore.

  • It’s really amazing update , thank you Sony

  • sam

    mine also don’t get it yet…

  • Dan Wilson

    Pros, black nav bar, would be nicer if it was smaller so it doesn’t rob our screen real estate
    USB interface seems a lot faster

    More snappy operation.

    Faster phone launch, and better image quality than previous

    Cons, WIFI is still terrible, so far since the upgrade I have have to reset my router each time I want to connect the Xperia Z to it, this problem has plagued this phone since the beginning, I miss root to permanently fix the issues.

    Baseband seems as bad if not worse for signal drop outs or connection drop even with good coverage, sick of having to click retry

  • Les

    Weird. that people complaining about the wifi. My wifi connects all the time and work well,whenever im back home, it would auto connect wifi immediately..even tho when phone is in sleep mode, the stamina mode would turn off the wifi and once i use it, it will connect flawlessly. This is no difference between before and after update. So i have no issue with wifi at all.

  • pongnamu

    Nice job SONY

  • limo

    Use the Sony Update Service (formerly SEUS), can update since 15 May in Singapore

  • limo

    Updated 4 phones that day using the Update program (can Download from Sony Mobile UK, 36Mb). 1 phone had problem after switching Off and On, stop at the flow-screen and kept on restarting. Could not reset even with hard reset (power and Vol-up, 3 vibrations). Finally used the same program to reset.
    I understand from another user that there is still a same bug that turns on loudspeaker when noise suppression is enabled.

  • hater

    I use SUS too! But germany no updates! ;(

  • Ben Solomon

    Still waiting. Hopefully soon.

  • limo

    Read a lot of posts that their countries do not have it, that was why I posted how I did the update. Just today someone in Singapore had the update notice nut download was mot successful, but was ok when using the Update Service program.

  • limo

    Outcome of update. All happy with it. In fact the factory reset phone has the best power management result, 3 days 13hrs for 70% battery remaining. Think many apps still sapping away power, for those doing just the firmware update. I loved the Black colour improvement best, so easy on the eyes, narrowly lost out to oled, I would say

  • Kenny-Tetsuya

    i dont know what the hell with HK server though… LOL

  • Ney

    The gradients look terrible (not as blurred as it used to be). Sony in fact boosted contrast (to make the white and black colors look better) without giving the user an option to do it manually.

    Visually it’s a terrible update.

  • There are already Live Xperia wallpapers available on the Z? (UK here)

  • kjmok

    not really. i got mine from digi, and i updated on the same day this post was up. use Sony PC Companion. it detects updates for you immediately.

  • None for me yet either Caribbean (Netherlands Antilles, Curacao – Willemstad)

  • jag

    Weh??.. Any proof? >.<

  • jag

    i think your wifi router is the one that is causing the problem. try to change your wifi or maybe try to change your provider. it seems you have a bad coverage of signal in your place because as Les mentioned above, there are no problems regarding wifi or LTE signal. location based wifi is also a good option because it automatically on/ off the wifi when you leave or enter the premises of the wifi range/ location.

  • jag

    weh?? any proof?/ >.<

  • I cant root because this update

  • Geferson Gonzales

    ive already do that several times..plug the usb port ang automatically lunch the pc new updates…thats why im thinking about the difference from buying it with other store..i bough my xz almost 3 months at widget..due to the late release by sony xperia philippines.

  • kendra

    is the 10.1.a.1.253 later than 350? because i have the 350 version and the pc conpanion is asking me to update it to 253 version????

  • rus_media

    I have a problem. Downloaded at least 750+ mb of the update. I thought it has been finished. But after this PC companion turned off my ZL and then want to update again. The problem is I use 3g and my ZL as a hotspot to connect to the internet. When my ZL turned off its not restarted and the update process halted. What to do?

    Btw, I already cut my internet service providers line because of continuous line drop. So I don’t have any other options.

  • Luxsaan06

    I still haven’t received my update(UK EE) i have tried through PC Companion, Over the Air and Sony Update Service. can anyone help or tell me when it will come to the UK (EE)

  • limo

    The latest 14 May update is 10.1.1.A.1.253.

  • lovexperiaz

    Just updated to 253 i love it. From P.I.

  • Les

    love this update. Battery improved alot, draining slower than before :D

  • stann tan

    Hi I’m from Malaysia, I got an update notification from PC companion. After I download the update file which size about 700mb+, it seems that the update progress was stuck when installing the SEMC Flash Device. The screen just freeze and I have to restart my PC to start over again. After a few attemp the result remain the same, I have no idea whats the source of problem. Anyone facing th similar problem here? I’ve tried different PC but still the same… But they all are Windows XP SP3, wondering is the Windows version cause the problem?

  • rus_media

    Can you try from Win7?

  • Les

    if you updated sony phone before on your comp, i dont see why it cant. From malaysia here too, first update and completed successfuly even though it took like an hour cause my internet speed only 1mb. Other than that, it was fine. Using Win7 .
    Btw, why are you still using XP? If cost is a problem for upgrading your windows, I know a local seller who sell genuine window7(any editions) activation key for only RM34. I got the ultimate one ofc :)

  • Ben Solomon

    Still waiting – unbranded Hong Kong

  • Ben Solomon

    That’s great

  • Ohhh_sony

    still confused: Germany alle with branding get the update! All with unbranded wait still now!
    Sony, I bought unbranned, because you get normally as first the update and today you show me as first producer a other way! Worst decission ever Sony

  • Raymond

    EE has to be the worst network ever highly overpriced, you should come to Three UK, I get download speeds of over 20mbps and much cheaper, also if can’t get a signal with Three ask for Three home signal.

  • James

    I’m in the Uk with an unlocked and unbranded xperia z and I’m yet to get the New firmware but yet it seems some people who are in the UK have already got the update

  • avinash yadav

    Its very nice now as the screen colours are looking more dark and nice. The home task bar n home button are matching the black glass at front……. great update loving it.

  • daniel

    I record a video ,a battle Sony xperia z whit the new firmware and the htc one:

  • rickiking

    5 days later, still nothing here in UAE. :(

  • stann tan

    Mind to share where can get this great stuff? Appreciate that :)

  • stann tan

    I will try the Win7 on my friend’s PC :)

  • Seige11

    I’m from the philippines as well,why is it my xperia z has still no update?thanks

  • Les

    You may contact 0129382599 via sms/whatsapp and ask him about which edition u want. Btw, its RM69 for the activation code,sorry mixed up with antivirus which he sell rm34. But still very cheap for a genuine window :)

  • damn

    my phone system hang in new update xperia z…

  • zer0rec0rd

    I Want A WiFi And WiFi-Direct Fix !

    Hope They Release A New One Soon :)

    Thx For The Change-Log!

  • zer0rec0rd

    Hey Guys Please Let Me Know If U Found Any WiFi Improvement !!!!

    So Far, Thx Sony For This Update

  • Khalidb86

    Same here …. still haven’t any update till now , neither from PC Companion or over the air or Sony update service .

    i have Xperia z C6603 UK unbranded

  • stann tan

    Thanks mate :)

  • Luxsaan06

    I have a Xperia Z C6603 UK unbranded but i’m on Orange.

  • Luxsaan06

    Yeah that’s right my brother has the Xperia Z C6603 on Vodafone and he has the update

  • Luxsaan06

    it’s only the Xperia Z C6603 on Vodafone and Three who has got the update in UK, they got the update on Friday(17May13), there is still no words on Unbranded, EE(Orange and T-Mobile) and 02.

    I think the update will roll out to the Unbranded, EE(Orange and T-Mobile) and 02 Xperia Z C6603 on Monday or that week

  • gohellsony

    Still no update for unbranded in Germany!
    All with Branding has it! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

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  • andrew

    no update for cyprus

  • tchalikias

    Will this update also be released in OTA form? Still nothing here via PCC in Greece…

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  • Geferson Gonzales

    hi there…same as my problem too..regarding updates..btw, where did you buy your xperia z?mine have bough it thru widget city.due to late release in sony xperia center…Maybe that is the reason why we dont have update yet..

  • Pingback: Refresh Roundup: week of May 13th, 2013 | Orange Claymore Red Slime()

  • Seige11

    I bought mine too @ widget city! Hehe
    I can’t wait for the update,i hope we can have it by this week., *sigh*

  • Ben Solomon

    I just tried PC companion 2.1 and the sony update service and they both say i have the latest version on my Hong Kong unbranded Xperia Z. Anyone else in Hong Kong not receiving the update?

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  • Geferson Gonzales too. i cant wait for the update, but others xz buy from sony center have already received with the new firmware..i was so excited with the new display..Currently, xz screen have washed colors..

  • Abhi123097

    Vibration intensity option not available

  • Zhyriel ZA

    Don’t ever use PC Companion when you want to update since it will get you a bugs such as can’t turn it on once switch off & on. Better you use SEUS (Sony Update Services) but remember to back up all your phone content because it will flash your phone like new. Cheers!

  • ffff

    Still unbrandend Germany and UK no update! Norway, Swiss, Sweden, Denmark all have updates and so on! Tried with VPN SUS and PCC in the country and no chance! Damn that in ROM stay which country was it sold!

  • Seige11

    Just let me know if u got the update,so that i can start upgrading mine., you can add me on facebook for easy way of communicating.,

  • Ashwin V

    updated to 10.1.1.A.1.253.. screen is vivid.. but battery sucks.. before the update it was fine.. now when i turn the screen on battery gets low 1%.. need lots of improvement in battery.. in camera i could find slight difference.. camera was better before the update.. expect Sony to fix the battery issue.. happy to inform WIFI drop issue has been solved through this update

  • kunal

    Its really worth it
    Zero game lag now
    d now.definitely we can say, best of sony in a smartphone :)

  • First of all thanks to Sonymobile for this brand new update for the Xperia Z. I actually like the update with new features especially grays are gone and black came also I noticed that looking from different angles to the device now is better than before if I am wrong please correct me guys :) . I am very unhappy while saying this but the device is still overheating :((( . I don’t know is it possible to fixing it with software update but I really hope Sonymobile will fix it soon. If they fix it I will have no more problems with the device except official 4.2.2 Jelly Bean :)

  • ankish

    Sony has done a great job this time. Don’t know how, but they have boosted the colour’s and viewing angles to a new level and I am just loving it. Colour’s are very vibrant now. But still camera lags while starting up and quality has been degraded .What are your opinions?

  • abc

    Still no UK unbranded update! Wsts goin on Sony

  • Luxsaan06

    On the official Sony Mobile WebStie it says
    Android version: Google Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
    Latest available software: 10.1.1.A.1.253
    Release date: 2013-05-17
    and its the 21st today and i still haven’t received any update…can anyone help mee

    I have a Xperia Z C6603 Unbranded with a Orange Sim

  • vasoline

    why mine always stuck in 350 10.1.1.A.1.350???im from malaysia too..being tired using via PC Companion.there’s no detect an update?so suck!!!

  • Kenny-Tetsuya

    no,still waiting.don’t know what the hell with sony

  • Ben Solomon

    Still waiting in Hong Kong (unbranded). This is my 1st Sony smartphone and I love it, but i am very impatient. Unbranded phones should get the updates 1st.

  • Try connect your phone to PC Companion instead of waiting for OTA

  • it may take about 1 hour to complete the upgrade. please be patient.

  • Kenny-Tetsuya

    you’ve received the update? i’ve just connected to pc.didn’t come out the update

  • weskernation

    nothing for me peru

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  • Grammer Nazi


  • Alex Mage

    Still Waiting.

    Hong Kong version in Vietnam

  • Hi Kenny.. Yes I have. My SW is Singapore version but currently work in China.

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  • Kenny-Tetsuya


  • Noell

    Im from Indonesia, just updated from pc companion.. My screen looks like brand new sony phone.. Great work sony !!!
    Did not feel the difference in battery life though

  • lakshit

    video thumbnails not getting generated in album app any solutions?? updated to latest firmware.

  • Raghav Verma

    Steven, u r so damn right. i also think sammy pays these websites(not only gsmarena) to make biased reviews of other brands. u will see dat reviews for even cheap samsung phones come up within a week of their release, but for other devices, mainly sony, they take ages to make a review.( remember how long they took for xperia ZL). Read galaxy s4’s review. u will see they wrote, for display, ” one can tone down color saturation to have the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS” i so much wanted to kick dat reviewe’s a** dat tym… they PRAISE sammy’s display( IMO, they boast abt their displays). and all other websites start following gsmarena. i have stopped ‘wasting my tym on gsmarena’ now. i only read owner’s reviews. they are a better.

  • Still nothing in Italy even though I got some mates here that received the update. I’m with WIND.. so frustrating..but hey if these were the problems in life..It would be an awesome world.

  • Ben Solomon

    Come on Sony. I keep reading how great this update is. What’s the hold up for the unbranded phones. These should be the first ones updated.

  • Les

    After updated my Z, heheh

  • Les

    also NFC and wifi are on all the time.

  • James

    has anyone in the uk even received the new firmware update .253 for unbranded xperia z phones yet or are sony making unbranded phones in the uk wait for it

  • 111

    Got tired of waiting for unbranded update in the UK so flashed my phone to the latest update :D, new update is amazing screen looks so much better, great update sony shame u couldnt get it out quick enough!

  • nini

    do i need to do a reset after update cause my doesnt work

  • Kenny-Tetsuya

    Couple days ago Sony Mobile HK’s facebook stated that they’re at the final testing stage of the new firmware.

  • aml

    the notes app also gets changed

  • Ben Solomon

    Thanks. I have been waiting for some news on when hk will get .253.

  • anmol

    pinch ur home screen and goto wallpaper>live wallpaper…

  • jag

    Im referring to the xperia s live wallpaper. because mine doesn’t have those

  • Chris from Sweden

    From Sweden. Battery drains fast, but overall a very nice update. Hoping they fix the battery issue. I have no apps or sync issues, but. Is still draining. Specially when I’m on a Wi-Fi connection. :/

  • Quentin Fagan

    Are you looking for something like this?

  • Kenny-Tetsuya

    I’ve received the update!

  • jag

    Yep! Thanks a lot! I already forgot that we can use this apk to install it manually. Hehe

  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Hey dude, could you update the c6602 to the latest version? Or it is just for the c6603 one? I’m kind of dissapointed ’cause I just got mine uptdated to the 10.1.A.1.434 version, and the battery is working terribly bad..!

  • JunielLover

    I still haven’t receive this update! I need the color calibration settings! Why is it taking so long here in Australia? I bought from Mobicity though… :/ Its C6603 and I think its from UK…TAKING TOO LONG SONY!! THE WEBSITE STATES THE NEW SOFTWARE BUT I STILL CAN’T FIND IT!! some one have any advice?

  • James

    If you’re xperia z is from the UK then you’ll have to till it’s been released in the uk

  • yep, i already update. try using Sony Update Services . it works for me. don’t forget to backup :)

  • Vikram Revankar

    Once the mobile is restarted then the network searching takes a lot of time after the update ..

  • jag


    Edit: wtf!! I cant attach the freakin screenshot! Haha

  • Ben Solomon

    Unbranded Hong Kong version is downloading now. I will let you all know the results soon.

  • JunielLover

    From PC companion?

  • rahul

    I updated it yesterday morning… at night i switched it off….after that when i switched it on .some unusual setting sign appeared then it kept on restarting again an again…….so i pressed volume up + power button….hard reset ….no use still the same am repairing it using pc companion……

  • Nasser Alqallaf

    Where can i download it

  • Tim Lias

    Since update I can’t seem to find a way to successfully turn off, text to speech (which is highly irritating when looking at emails etc…) I never released this was even a feature on the XZ let alone one I’d want to turn on!!

    Anyone got an ideas?

  • Jenge Engelbrecht

    Settings, scroll to Accessibility turn on talkback and back off

  • Jenge Engelbrecht

    South-Africa update now available. On PC notification only

  • John

    I recently updated my C6603 three or four days ago, and the main noticeable difference for me was the battery was being absolutely chewed through not even lasting until mid afternoon, with no software changes before or after the upgrade. Then I plugged in to charge tonight, and now it just keeps restarting, and cannot boot (it crashes or pauses on the second pass of the colourful graphics, and then reboots). I cannot restart or reset it at all, so it’ll be going back tomorrow. Not what I expected to be honest… a big Sony fan here, but this is just a little annoying…

  • Thanks!! :)

  • Itik Serati

    my xperia z cannot turn on after the update.why?

  • Itik Serati

    plis someone help me.mine is ori version

  • Tim Lias

    Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately that didnt work either (and I restarted phone afterwards aswell).

  • rahul

    Dude same problem vid me….but I repaired it using pc companion….now workz smoothly….

  • rahul

    Firts switch it off….by pressing power+up arrow it will vibrate three times then connect it to pc…pressing volume up key

  • know about Xperia Z here…@

  • Gayan Abeysinghe

    i updated to this version few days back , and seems like battery drains faster , and the bug which everyone complained about in the stamina mode is still there … not impressed waiting for another update …

  • Jens

    Update for Xperia Z unbranded now available in Germany

  • Jens

    @ Sony PC Compansion via w-lan

  • My XZ still says that I have the latest software, no update yet.Ughhhhhhh

  • Ady5449

    Im from malaysia too, my xperia z is ori from midland, I don’t know when the updates come so I got it late. I just update new firmware via build in app Update Centre through wifi.. work fine then and there is better improvement than before.

  • You are not alone.. still nothing for me here in Italy (I have WIND).. Though I know that others have already received the update..I’m gutted!

  • Saahil Cuccria

    after updating to

    10.1.1.A.1.253, my phone installed the update correctly and the phone was working, but there was no network..

    i rebooted it, then a settings type icon along with a blue bar appeared.. and my phone is now in boot loop( it wont stop rebooting after the colour wave)… plz help me wht to do. i cant use SUS as it will factory reset my phone and i dont have any backup

  • eddie

    UK unbranded, still dont have it… :-( wheres 4.2.2??? You broke my heart SONY, you broke my heart…

  • Alex13

    Hello, i try since a few days to upgrading my Z but the phone don’t find the new firmware!! I tried with companion and sony updtate service and on my phone but the same result nothing!! My question is why my phone didn’t find this firmware ??

    thank you

  • JD

    Please enable the high-speed 1080p video capture on Xperia Z. Its sensor is capable of doing that as it can take HDR video. So why not give it a feature to take high-speed video at 60-90 fps. This will be an awesome awesome feature to have on a smart phone! and will make it more attractive for future customers!

    will wait for this feature. Oppo FInd 5 has the same sensor from Sony and it provide a 480p video capture on 120fps. Come on sony you can do better!!! so please do it in a future update!

    have an Xperia Z and love it!

  • Raveendra N

    Don’t update firmware, battery discharge very fast.. Im charging mobile thrice a day…

  • Edward Richmond

    UK unbranded, still nothing… Tried OTA and PC. :-( On June the 1st, Ill flash it…

  • This discussion thread is around the Z phone and it’s firmware and as such I was speaking about the Z and no other male or model.

  • Danny

    Mine was working fine after the upgrade, however after my juice run out, when I tried to charge it, it’s showing a triangle icon with setup tools and does not boot up. Been charging it for an hour now but a hard reset (power + vol) is not getting me anywhere, it jumps back at the same screen. Please help…

  • Dalila

    i am from malaysia..recently i’ve got the notification to upgrade latest version of my z..then i downloaded and installed it..when i turned on the phone after i turned off, the phone stucked and jammed..why? is that the version has’nt come to malaysia yet? help me :'(

  • dazza

    Since updating my phone WiFi does not work. It will connect but no data. Mobile data works fine.

  • bharat

    India update have some audio problem, audio not working properly, low nd baffled sound, not able to hear it properly.
    I have done hard reset.
    help!!!!! Please

  • Geferson Gonzales have the new update??mine does not have update till now..i dont know what wrong with stock with 10.1…434 and there is a new firmware again..

  • FrancisR

    After I updated my Xperia Z, the battery drains faster (stamina mode ON). I hope that this issue will be solved in the next software update. And also the camera could be A LOT better. Sony can I count on you? Hope I can…

  • i need a fix for the overheating when playing games, burning my fingers on the screen. Wtf? is it the qualcomm processor or the adreno?

  • PSManiac90

    Every changes is exactly like how everybody here says but i would like to add an issue to this update, i’ve noticed that my battery drains faster after the update. I hope Sony will attend to this problem soon, and kudos to Sony for the great improvements!

  • jen

    already had an update guys.. go to update center on your device and click refresh button there.. you can have the notification update via intrnet connection. u need to update using PCC

  • Edward Richmond

    Well, after reading all posts here, somehow, Im not so excited about the update anymore… :-( Maybe they’ll fix it in 4.2.2 next year :-)(I doubt…) but anyway, this is the best phone Ive ever had, so far… Thank You SONY! Your loyal customer, I promise, Ill buy TV as well. lol btw uk unbranded not rolling yet

  • Geferson Gonzales

    ..ive already do that an hour ago..still no new update..

  • Mauro Duran

    Hi. I need help, i live in Venezuela, i got an Xperia Z (C6602) and i can´t update my firmware to 10.1.1.A.1.253 and i really want to update, since the 10.1.A.1.434 firmware version has a lot of bugs (led, white balance, wi-fi…etc) and i can’t do it over the air nor via PC Companion or Bridge for mac, i’ve tried even proxies to see if it works and nothing, is there any way to do this manually? I’ve switched from iOS and really the way that Android updates its software is really annoying. Any help will be appreciated.

  • Zhyriel ZA

    i already install the new firmware. If you got stuck…so you got no choice to use SEUS (Sony Update Services) then all will be OK….its easy as ABC!

  • xperia owner

    and you can watch movies and videos in portrait mode now

  • Mustang Toggy

    i found one too

    when you go into album> share, the options now appear in grey window with new icons vs white window in previous version

  • Geferson Gonzales

    ..16 days when they post the new firmware update on their website..till now no new update in my xz..tired of connecting it thru pcc and sus..dont know what the hell is wrong with sony…

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  • khalidb86

    Same Here … C6603 Unbranded UK :(

  • Yasir Fawad

    what is unbranded UK?

  • Gilberto Rossi

    Is there anyone using xperia Z in Brazil, sao Paulo City? How is the experience?

  • Mohammad Saleem

    UK unbranded means that the phone is from UK and not working for specific carrier (i.e Vodafone .. etc)

  • Paul

    Hallo all. Any O2 UK user have his update as yet?

  • Geferson Gonzales

    …no update till now on my xz..19 days from the first day they post in their website..dont know what wrong with sony…their said that they have a new firmware again… build no stock at 10…434.

  • Geferson Gonzales

    do got an update???mine doesnt have till now..

  • lost

    Battery dies a lot quicker. Wish I didn’t update.

  • khalidb86

    unfortunately no .. no updates :(

  • Geferson Gonzales

    shame on sony..i already flash the 253 firmware no need to unlock boot loader..i updates 2 days ago. cant wait for it.. the update was amazing..screen is vivid. no lag on games, pulse notification light is now working, camera is improved also, i can say that this is the best of sony on a smartphone.

  • Georgie2494

    I guess you could say I’ve noticed some changes. The fact that my phone is no longer working being the biggest. Ever since updating the software my phone has not been able to turn on. Gets halfway through the loading screen (colorful swirls across the screen) and it glitches. Continually turns itself back off and tries again until battery runs flat. Tried taking out sim and sd card etc. help?!

  • g peters

    Anyone else having problems with the video on the z.had three that all do the same network error when trying to record.New software and still the same.

  • khalidb86

    thanks Geferson …..did you flash the global version of 253?

  • Geferson Gonzales

    yup..just visit…register for free to download..Download the flashtool and the latest firmware,, Follow the instruction xz has the new global firmware 307.screen has more fantastic and has the vividly colors.

  • Zhyriel ZA

    go repair it by using SUS (sony update services). It should be OK.

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  • paulshaw69

    Any idea when this is coming out in UK? (I am on Orange/EE network and cant cope with the phone for much longer – the camera is simply awful and need this update to hopefully improve before i throw the phone in the bin!!!)

  • Katherine

    My red eye fix has disappeared very disappointed used that a lot! :( Is there a way to get it back?

  • brans

    I’m now unable to screen shot.

  • Devesh

    screenshot is gone and also unable to connect usb through usb to micro USB connector

  • Faraz

    I had my update done a couple weeks back, today my notification light kept pulsing erratically and not a steady blink that it used to. Is that a change/fix to what it is supposed to do?? It never happened before with/without the update on my phone. I have C6602.

  • vigneswaran

    Could anyone help me to uninstall media server in my Sony tipo dual

  • annoyed

    how do you prevent thumbnail data from constantly appearing in dcim it is bugging me alot

  • Shermaida Sarahadil

    i suddenly disconnected my xperia during the update process.. and now it doesn’t turn on. what will i do?

  • affi

    Wen a new msg arrives the text in it shows on the task bar…it’s like no privacy in my own phone…is there a way to fix this??

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  • johnno

    Can`t add Dubai to my world clock xperia z.

  • Derek Wright

    Just updated my girlfriends phone which is the Xperia Z but I updated it to Lollipop. Works great. Runs smooth.

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