Xperia A announced by NTT DoCoMo; launches on 17 May

by XB on 15th May 2013

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design_im_03The Sony Xperia A (SO-04E) has been unveiled by NTT DoCoMo in Japan this morning. The handset is basically the DoCoMo equivalent of the Xperia ZR announced for western markets earlier this week. However, it does come with some extras including One-Seg TV tuner, infra-red and 32GB internal storage (versus 8GB for the Xperia ZR).

Elsewhere the handset is broadly the same, adopting a similar design and comes with IP55/IP58 certification for dust and water resistance. It has a 4.6-inch 720p display and uses a quad-core Snapdragon Pro chipset, 2GB RAM and 13MP Exmor RS. The Xperia A will launch on DoCoMo on 17 May in four colours (black, white, mint and pink).

Via Sony.

  • Vga Front Cam.. :(

  • yclept xperia z

    Camera sucks

  • Aokde Gharra

    you suck.

  • Arokhantos

    fanboy’s suck even more, just go with the best xperia z if thats what you consider the best.

  • Aokde Gharra

    i’m not a fanboy. i didn’t say the camera doesn’t suck, because i did not see any sample pictures. you can’t judge the photo quality from the screen on the phone shown in a VIDEO!!
    that’s why, yclept xperia z sucks.

  • tenerife capital islas canaria

    me encanta sony!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • von

    I used to seriously be excited when a Sony docomo phone is announced but for the past year its just so current nothing futuristic and innovative anymore.

  • Arokhantos

    let them have their own opinion then, their always gonna be some one not being happy with quality.
    they might be waiting for honami

  • Mac

    So why don’t we get 32gb internal and infra red?

  • Because the Japs hates us… lul They always get something better than us or what we want, SX for example

  • omg

    Why are all the new phones so damn big??????

  • FlowXT

    Same case with Xperia V. 8GB of storage instead of of 16GB for the Docomo version. Back in the day, Panasonic also cut storage for European release of the Eluga (16GB -> 8GB), so this isn’t a Sony specific practice.

  • FlowXT

    On the upside, we’re finally receiving all colors of the release. In the past, Sony release 4 color choices in Japan, but only 3 internationally, typically omitting blue or turquoise. This time the ‘mint’ escaped the axe!

  • ProWeirdo

    Blame Shitsung Note/Galaxy for this new fashion.

  • FlowXT

    Huh? It’s almost the same size as Xperia V.
    Size comparison –

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  • Isaak Ozimov

    Yeah! such a stupid idea. But if sony still love to make a fuckin big phone, i think the best they could do, is make the bezel as thin as possible.

    Btw, the 4.3 inch is the best size for phone and 14 inch for tablet.

  • Xyor

    I want to know if ZR will be release in US?

  • G-star

    I know. At least give us different options with sizes.

  • Mac

    That’s just a shame, I mean even my Acro s got 16Gb and it’s way cheaper than this one is going to be.
    Also my Acro S is missing the IR unlike the Acro HD in Japan.

  • Mac

    I see what you mean about the colours the Acro HD is available in blue.

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  • om

    too thick

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