Sony responds to Xperia SP display problem

by XB on 17th June 2013

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Xperia SP PressAround a month ago, we reported on a problem that was affecting select Sony Xperia SP (C530X) users. The issue surrounded the display which stopped registering touch commands when the handset was placed horizontally on a surface. Sony has now responded to people’s concerns on its support forums and says the following:

This have now been investigated and if you experience this problem I advise you to contact your local support team to have your phone calibrated at a repair center.

This seems to suggest it is a hardware problem rather than anything related to software, which could have been fixed in a future update. If you have been affected by this problem, let us know if you’ve had any success in getting it fixed.

Xperia SP display reply

  • nidou bossy

    I hope they fix that soon!

  • acroman

    My phone is xperia acro s
    i have faced this problem a few times while playing fruit ninja and also
    i am facing a problem with the volume roker up button… the button responds when i press it in the button testing hidden menue but it doesnt work(it doesnt increase the volume). all these started to happen after the update.

  • Yash Paranjpay

    it seems the phone doesnt even respond to hard reboot (by pressing buttons for 10 – 15 secs) method when it gets stuck…. i rebboted the phone by re inserting the sim card….. the phone reboots automatically after the sim card is removed! That is a quick fix for the current prob :P

  • ravi

    which type of fix they give to us ????

  • dsf

    so is it going to cost me money or sony, to fix it?

  • lolsomany

    how about u guys enable glove mode

  • Jaywalker

    Like I said before, many many problems with these Xperias. It won’t take long until the customers will find out about these problems and stop buying Sony. Too many issues for this kind of company. Maybe they just don’t test the phones before sell them.

  • hamboy

    Mine does respond, you have to press the button quite firmly.

  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    I too having a Xperia Acro S. 1080p video recording lagging and no 2G internet connectivity

  • ali

    I was going to buy this model, but after reading about this exact problems bought Xperia v.

  • val

    I just got my Sony Xperia SP last eveing.. a lil disappointed with the touch screen .. it has nothing to do with horizontal/vertical/charging/not charging … my screen just freezes :( and another concern the camera.. itz supposed to be 8mp …. the max resolution it lets me is 7mp in the settingd… doesnt look like 8mp at allllll – no clarity… no idea if itz coz of low batt or what.. any info will be helpful … thnx… as i just got it yday do i have to send it to sony repair centre or use my warranty to get a new handset ?????

  • Guest

    Im having display problem with my newly bought xperia l, the display quality seemed like cheap china phones, and there are problems in producing black color, the black color is accompanied by white lines.
    Please tell me what to do!
    N sorry for blurry pic..attached

  • val

    Tried Glove mode.. doesnt help… :(

  • val

    It responds at times.. it doesnt at times… sooo while most of the times i just waited for 10 – 15 secs lock/unlock screen itz fine… but tdy i had to reinsert the sim twice… and my phone is just 3 days old :(

  • kamlesh_nsk

    Boss im having the same screen problem, and other thing is there’s a poor wifi and 2g connectivity. Rather than everythng is fine. Games, camera, video quality is good.

  • pongnamu

    And reboot

  • Sabin Nep

    and what are you going to do about its poor wifi reception problem??? this problem has been a headache for me and quite a lot of XPERIA SP users

  • rist

    set your camera to normal mode, no HDR, no superior auto

  • keshav

    I agree with you brother,samsung and nokia rules the chart in making phones,sony should consider taking classes from them for how to creat a proper working device,i mean common man are they actually that stupid or r det jus pretending 2 b,if I ever had a brand like that I would have left no stones unturned and would have come out with a superior device with hard 2 find a tiny defect

  • Arief Djati

    Hallo! I’ve just bought Xperia SP — about three weeks ago! But, now, after it suddenly dead! Don’t know how to fix it. Sony Service center handling it now, but I am disappointed with Sony quality. Suddenly dead without warning etc.

  • Helena

    I have bought an xperia sp and found that it had screen flickers and unresponsive at times. I sent my phone back with a replacement and 3 replacements later they have all had the same issue. What to do now, I am unsure. Any ideas?

  • aks

    Hi I just bought Sony Xperia sp n I having touch issues when I connect it to a charger only but if I hold it touching the sliver sides it works.. Is it something serious? I updated my software so let’s see if it solves the issue.. I love the phone and I hope this issue is fixed.

  • mj

    i plan to buy this xperia sp..but after the issue about wifi problem and touch problem .. i change my mind.. i liked the phone but i don’t like to deal that serious kind of problem…

  • Murali

    Did it fix the issue? I’m having the same problem. :( I bought it only yesterday.

  • andrew

    Yes i had the same prob before. But after i turned on the gloves mode, i have no problem at all

  • Disillusioned Sony User

    Disgusting touch sensitivity problems with a phone this extensive !! Would not recommend this phone to anyone ..

  • KP

    I am using xperia SP from 3 months today while updating mobile got dead suddenly
    nw whenever I start device it shows sony on screen and after five mins it turned off automatically
    need help

  • Shujah

    The same has happened with iPhone having signal reception problem .. so Sony is no exception

  • aslamb0160

    I m haveing a display problem itz not like other but a totally. different one. I didnt even drop my set not even a single scrach but around 1inch of my display near the notification bar is not working. at all not in a single app nor in home screen not even in app drawer menu
    I am totally confused waht to do
    Itz only a 45days set and have to face such a bull shit problem even after handling the handset with so care
    can any one suggest me what to do

  • Same problem here, it occurs about once a month. I found a workaround,
    which works sometimes (but not always) – I use the camera button, which makes touch screen to response.

    I have had to do HW reset few times. It seems to get worse over last few weeks.

  • nvd

    I had same problem of touch pad not functioning immediately after giving updates…. it should be minimum 50% of battery level for updates…. I charged for30% to 90% also but not retified…finally I removed SIM Card…the phone restarted……

  • Gede Agustapa

    I bought Xperia SP 2 months ago. And now I am having problem with this phone. The Screen is not responding. I cannot unlock my phone. I don’t know how to restart it, since the battery cannot be opened. Seems Sony start selling garbage. My another problem with Xperia Sp is very difficult to connect to a Wifi network, especially when the signal is not that strong. Very Not recommended.

  • Gede Agustapa

    the same with my problem

  • robin075

    If they are not fixing these bugs.. we better to go for consumer rights act

  • Tariq

    I am facing exactly the same problem.

  • Tariq

    I was having same problem in my xperia sp then I removed sim card and sd card and suddenly touch screen started working. Good Luck!!

  • Reed

    open the back case, push reset button, and the phone will restart

  • omg

    I am having the exact same issue. Restarting , taking out my SIM, start in safe mode…. Tried everything I could but to no avail. If anyone has a way around it, please help.
    My old Sony phone worked fine and I am surprised at the shitty quality of SP. What a great disappointment.

  • DD12

    i have no problems displaying black, i just searched google for a 1920×1080 solid black image, set as wallpaper and crop as big as it will allow, looks perfect

  • AdZ.raz0r

    for those who are facing touch problems in xperia sp when the phone is
    placed on a horizontal surface, just turn the GLOVE MODE on B)

  • vasudevan

    Hey guys,
    I purchased Sony Xperia SP 4 months ago. I’m having a problem with my smartphone, which hangs frequently whenever any app is running. It hangs atleast 5 Times a day, removing the back cover and restarting each and every time makes me uncomfortable. Please suggest me a solution for this problem. I’m disgusted.

  • buyother

    me too ,xperia Go, touch screen and home button no longer working after 1 year!

  • poop

    You are lying, xperia SP is reseted using the power and volume rocker buttons, it does not have a removeable battery. Nice try degrading sony asshole.

  • Davorin

    Guys read my post thise is a fix for the top screen problem!

  • Davorin
  • Davorin
  • Davorin

    Thise is my fix, this works only for phones that have problems with the top side of the screen.

  • Haroon Rashid

    I think he is referring to the hard reset button marked OFF. It’s only visible after removing the back cover.

  • Junie

    Why does my volume display turn into a grey strip when i press the volume rocker, it annoys me

  • Junie

    Btw its a xperia sp

  • Vedika Shakya

    my xperia Sp heats up when i use for around 3o minutes continuously.. it has crashed twice .. a day before i left it with around 20% battery. next morning i found my phone dead. it does not respond to the switch on bottom nor to up+power bottom>> i tried my charger for an hour , still it does not respond.. it is completely dead.. need help

  • nidin kumar

    am also having the same problem with my xperia sp when placed horizontally and also while kept for charging. the touch screen does not take any command. help to fix it please

  • stu

    iv had my sp for nearly a year now, its kept in a silicone and leather flip case so nice and safe. ever since i got the update its been suffering from the screen fade issue. come on sony sort this quick please! im trying to run a business….

  • Pam

    Top part of my screen stopped working. It was sent back to Sony who had for two weeks, returned it with all latest updates included. Within two days it was freezing intermittently and has now frozen completely again…..

  • guest

    hi, my sony xperia ray is not working. its touch is not working, only right side of the screen is working but i am not able to pick the phn and even when i have to unlock my phn, even then its not working. actually i just drop the phn but there is no crack on it….can anybody help me??..what should i do now…and at what cost i can replace its touch or screen?

  • ratily

    hi… i am using a new xperia sp… my fone suddenly had a black screen. i texted sumone before goin out nd on the way wen i tried to see his reply, i couldn’t. the screen goes all black but i can feel the vibrations wen i touch. the volume up or down button+power button doesn’t work for me either. Help plx!

  • shadd

    my xperia sp c5303 , its top screen is not working please tell me how to fix it, or it is a hardware problem,

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