Nokia Lumia 1020 announced with 41MP sensor, OIS – can Honami compete?

by XB on 11th July 2013

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Nokia Lumia 1020_2Nokia has just unveiled the Lumia 1020 Windows Phone 8 smartphone. The Lumia 1020 is the first Nokia WP8 device to get the ‘proper’ PureView treatment, which originally started with the Symbian-powered Nokia 808 – probably the best camera phone on the market. The Nokia Lumia 1020 has a 41MP camera sensor and uses oversampling to create even sharper and more detailed photos.

The Lumia 1020 features optical image stabilisation (OIS), both a xenon and LED flash, six Carl Zeiss lenses, Rich Recording and a 1.2MP front camera. As well as great hardware, Nokia has some super software on board such as the Pro Camera app with swipe-able dials to manually control pretty much all parts of your shot. Another feature is dual capture, allowing you to capture a full resolution (34MP and 38MP) image and 5MP over-sampled image at the same time.

Some camera-centric accessories include a camera grip for the handset and Nokia even plans to release the SDK to give developers deep access to the camera settings API. Away from the camera, the rest of the phone isn’t bad either. It has a 4.5-inch AMOLED (768 x 1280) display with Corning Gorilla 3 Glass, 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, 2000mAh battery, Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC.

We know that Sony Mobile is planning its own imaging heavyweight camera smartphone in the form of the ‘Honami’. Whilst the camera sensor is unlikely to sport anything as big as Nokia has here (20MP is rumoured), Sony is planning on bringing a number of new camera features as disclosed by a number of leaks recently. This includes 4K video recording, Steadyshot (we don’t know if this will be hardware or software based), Timeshift burst as well as Sony introducing its own camera API.

Given what Nokia has announced today, do you think the Sony Honami will be able to compete? Are you lured by Nokia’s WP8 imaging monster? Would you like to see a similar sized CMOS sensor in an Xperia handset with bump in tow – or does the design come first? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020


    as much as i love sony no i don’t think so they want a thin small phone nokia didn’t really hold off on the giant camera

  • pol

    any news about new Motorola?

  • sony fan

    I had all SE and Sony phones,, xperia arc s, sola, xperia s… and believe me, NO MORE sony… its lumia 720 (because of battery) or 1020…

  • hadolin

    #uknowuratrue Sony fan wen u hate Samsung, but respect Nokia. Superb tech. wish Sony will hav something of d kind in i1 Honami


  • Joh Kevin Manabat

    Same sensor size, let’s see who gets better hardware tech and software. But I believe in Sony. :D

  • lovebmw

    I think Sony has come a long way after SE.However, that is a very powerful phone to compete with. the good news is that it’s not android… and frankly not all of us are crazy about the camera only.

    I think Honami will have a good chance competing for a first place in over all position… mind you this is the first time Sony is going for a first place attack, usually there phones automatically ranked 3rd or 4th before they even come out…. Xperia Z was a good confidence boost for Sony, tweaks, beautiful designs, battery life, and timely updates should be the strategy.

    Yes, they have a good tool to compete against the nokia, and for the first time it will be in the hands of the judges this time rather than an automatic disqualification. for that i say GOOD JOB SONY.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    What’s the edge of Honami over all cameraphones out there? The dev-friendly new camera API.

    Devs can make some camera mini apps without sacrificing system memory.

    What we can expect:
    – dual shot
    -long exposure shot
    – time lapse
    – stop motion
    – superimposed shots (drama shot as they market)
    – *put here what you think we can add up to*

    If you like all, download all. If you like some, just download some. It’s not like you’re getting 16 GB phone with empty 9 GB of memory.

  • Ritwick

    Nokia did a very wonderful job in Nokia lumia 1020 hats off! They created a wonderful piece of hardware with imaging technology!
    As i am a sony fan i know sony guys are somewhere watching all these news amd they will surely do something about surely honami wont have a bump on the back or anything but with 20mp cybershot tech and combination of xenon and led flash they will surely do their magic ! With 4k recording time burst features and many other i believe sony honami will overshadow this phone in upcoming time plus with combined power of android and latest snapdragon 800 processor it will be something very tough to beat! still waiting for sony to release the beast and overtake the smartphone market!

  • E7

    Moto X features “Clear Pixel” camera for better low-light performance, device casing leaked

  • Clarence Alvarado

    This will be known as “Xperia Camera Add Ons” FYI

  • thunderbird

    Dual core 1.5? 2000 mhl battery? No sd card? No full hd screen? No android? No sd 800? No adreno 330? Same old boring design for 10 times? Hehehehe it’s not even a mid range phone in this time flagship standards!! It’s less features than Sony sp!! But better camera, how we can even compare it to the amazing honami? I will never buy a smart phone for camera only! Nokia is only producing cameras nothing more! Carp phone it’s not even metal and glass water proof like honami, it’s bad phone in all aspects except camera, good bye nokia

  • P9

    I do prefer sony all the way. :)

  • Tangent Lin

    We have to trust Sony! This year is a Sony year! But for me, I always prefer design than the camera. I know Sony camera won’t disappointed us.

  • Dr. WHO?

    If Nokia Lumia 1020 comes with Android OS… there’s no way SONY can win.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Yes… But I believe Sony is Lagging behind some very Xtraordinary software technology(not only Algorithms), like 1020 has Manual Focus which is found in DSLR’s (imp functin for ME)…. Some nyc Camera filters and feature which are fun to work with…. HONAMI needs to show Some tough work to compete this beauty or else it vl ruin it CAMERA crown….. I am a Sony Fan and I need Sony to kick this piece hard…. Lets hope Sony to Deliver and it vl make us BELIEVE :)

  • Gitarooman

    read up the spec, everything is pathetic beside the huge ass sensor. And it can’t even shoot 4k video. Honami won’t have to worry about this.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Manual Focus as well !!! Its the best feature in 1020…

  • Folk Hellfang

    I’m sorry, but peeps who would care about a 41mp camera probably have a dedicated camera. The rest of the world gets by just fine with everything else. The phone is not sexy and seems like little more than a corporate bragging right.

    I feel like our host posted this because of the middling reviews in the US blogosphere for the Xperia Z. I still think the Z is beautiful and amazing, as well as everything I want a phone to be… Until I saw the Z Ultra. Misplaced as this might be, I want to buy an Ultra so long as the unlocked price is sub $900. However, if that doesn’t work out I am getting a purple Z so hard! Wow, that sounds strange but you get the point.

  • Kurt Kobaine

    It has the same sensor size as honami and it’s a good news for honami!

  • Osama Bin Masood

    I’d buy Sony because its android.Nokia is for just old folks.

  • xperialover

    well i don’t care about benchmark much but 41 mpix in any meaning full way even with oversampling need cpu processor this pictures will be huge to process – and time consuming unless nokia put any form of image processor there other then that 30 second per picture
    well it have similar performace to xperia s

  • Mario

    Well Sony already said at the launch of nokia 808 that oversampling technology isn’t new and that they have been using it in cybershot cameras.. now with a roumored 20MP camera they will probably use it in a smartphone because of its popularity in Nokia phones. I guess that they will go for 2 pixels to 1 (a 10MP image) but without a hump.. a good compromise.

    Steady shot is software enabled, the OIS has a different term in sony cameras (Balanced Optical SteadyShot) so I guess no OIS.. which I think isn’t the best solution..

    Now that I think about it.. Sony is still playing catch and not inventing new things. I guess Honami won’t quite be the unflourished flower from Sony that I hoped it would be.

  • Mario

    Flourished :) ignore the un :)

  • Kurt Kobaine

    Stop speculating. Wait for honami to be release first

  • Gitarooman

    you should check out the new software algorithms someone ported from Honami to Z. Even though its not using the same sensor, massive improvement. Honami camera functions is actually being handle by Sony cybershot department.

  • Karel

    Because MP determine the picture quality… No.

  • braz

    i have a QUAD CORE android yet still lagging. and oh “no android” to lumias? please spare that rotten malware-ridden OS to lumias. LMFAO

  • nokiafanboy

    i was expecting snapdragon at least 600 and 2.5 gb of ram and 330 adreno cpu, M$ does not support obviously. Nokia Rest in Piece. Amen. I miss you, I been nokia fanboy for years but now.

    BTW I am using xperia z.

  • braz

    To Sony Honami, Galaxy S4 Zoom, HTC One, iPhone 5: THIS IS HOW YOU CREATE A CAMERA PHONE

  • Jhonbert Magana

    I was just thinking “Will Xperiablog post an article about this? Na, it’s Xperiablog not Nokia”. And then came here to see this. :D

    Does the camera grip accessory come with a battery??

  • braz

    please spare that rotten malware-ridden OS to lumias. LMFAO

  • lovebmw

    windows phone is boring… for real

  • acey_zero

    41MP, no SD slot…

  • Jaya Sankar Yakkala

    complete;y agree with u. quad core is uttershit on that android. Lumias running like bolt on dual cores and even single core. @d9735fd57f8d58fa4d81e4bf1b9b60a4:disqus WP8 is still in its 2nd phase. keep watching, it is gonna overtake innovation in next 2yrs. Android is #1 sold OS only bcoz of cheap shit phones.

  • Lunkz

    I have the Z. And I see nothing lagging.

  • Jhonbert Magana
  • Mister G

    Well, how about 36 months of updates for phones with Windows Phone 8? Not like barely one year for Xperia S with updates that are 3–5 months late and you still get a system that still lags, drains a sh*tload of battery and records choppy 1080p video with poor stabilization because of poor optimization so you still have to end up with Cyanogenmod. And don’t get me started on what Sony can (not) do with their cameras. Even Apple can do more with the same Sony sensors.

    You said amazing Honami? Has it already been anounced or reviewed somewhere yet? I don’t see any advantage in having a glass or a metal phone. Glass breaks easily and metal is heavier than good quality plastic.

    Yes I would equip it with some newer gen. CPU or keep the current one and make it cheaper, because the new dual cores can run anything well anyway. Even Android if it doesn’t have any OEM crap on top of it. The Lumia has a dedicated chip to process the photos anyway. Yes I would put some bigger battery in it and yes the design is getting a bit boring. That I agree on. No need for SD card for me with 32 GB and 1280×768 is more than fine on 4.5″ display.

    I’d love switch to Windows Phone immediately if it had the apps that I need, until then I’m stuck with Android for now. I’m getting sick of the time I have to spend on XDA creeping through all the ROMs there.

  • Aokde Gharra

    let me guess, it starts with a samsung?

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    I hav Z too…. No lags at all and if minimal lags found, I can sacrifice for better operation system and better apps support… But NO LAGs I say :) anyways Njoy ur LUMIA….

  • Guest

    Lolzzz Bt comment yet…. :P @braz- Does it ? :O

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Lolzz… Best Comment yet :P @braz- Does it ?? :O

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Hmmm… Hope it come to my Z soon :( waiting

  • r0

    Lumias 820, 920 etc will be supported till the July 2016 – this is official Microsoft statement. Including new functions, not only bugfixes. Now look at your Xperia Arc, Xperia S etc. and think for a while ;) Same story will be with Honami – I can guarantee You.

  • Feanor

    In the camera department the Lumia 1020 will be probably unbeatable. For the rest Honami all the way. Smartphones are not just cameras. Btw, I hope Honami will be more of a direct replacement for the Z rather than a dedicated cameraphone like the Nokia. I would be satisfied if the Honami achieved similar photographic qualities with a Galaxy S4 and come with a reaonably thin and sexy body. The Lumia 1020 may be very usable, it’s not that thick after all, but still rather unattracticely designed.

  • XperiaFAN

    In Megapixels no, but in others specs, features and technology YEAH!

  • Gitarooman

    heres a sample of it on the Z

  • m sacha

    i actually agree with you, i had a HTC Titan a few years ago, the most boring operating system ever. I had a personal trainer at the time, for what its worth, he said it looked cheap, haha

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Can you send me the link of that page ?

  • Gitarooman

    I don’t think its very hard…….. unless Sony somehow drop the ball on marketing the i1, or the phone just turn out to be a complete disaster. i1 will do a lot better.

  • Ulyss

    Sorry dumbass but the Nokia Lumia 1020 WINS, Its processors aren’t outdated and Windows Phone is truly stable, much faster, can run smoothly on dual core(it’s still very smoother than 8 core android devices) and doesn’t need quad core to help and waste the battery life BUT yes! your Fatdroid OS sucks, and still experience lags EVEN with an eight core cpu. Hehehehehehehe

  • Gitarooman


    a few comparison too, mind you that the Z is still using an inferior sensor to i1, I think its all good sign

  • Aznev

    This is nothing compared to Honami. You’ll see.

  • braz

    thats 3 years from now! and i will bet you will have a new phone by then (or even next year). the last time i checked way back july 2010, most phones were outdated by now.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Lets hope for the best of Sony is yet to come….

  • ryq24

    This is a great looking phone but the problem is the lack of micro sd card slot and it run on windows! I would get the Honami over this phone anytime!

  • lovebmw

    this should boost the sales of Nokia

    who is laughing now?

  • Yasser Syed

    HONAMI Will nuke this :D

  • Makiz

    Sorry but I think that it will be better than honami, Sony wants to sell digital cameras too, that’s why they don’t put all their efforts on smartphones… sooner or later they will make. it I .believe!

  • Makiz


  • thunderbird

    I have Son. Z quad core it never lag! Maybe u use it phone in bad way! And it doesn’t mean that Nokia should sell u old specs with expensive prices and fool u that dual core is enough! U r such a fool, many games need quad core so stay with Nokia and enjoy taking photos kid! Nokia Will never compete with such features, and if honami features as mentioned by websites it w’ll be from other world, go sleep Nokia boy

  • thunderbird

    Hahahaha u made me laugh so much! Enjoy ur windog but we r talking about Nokia features not os, u will cry when honami come while u hold it ugly Nokia, by the way Sony designs only is much better than all Nokia company

  • ProWeirdo

    Mega Pixels are not everything. Second of all, it’ll have to be bigger and fatter for sure!

  • StR

    Nokia’s Camera is 1000000% times better than Sony’s

  • AA

    I highly doubt that any other competitors can compete with Nokia’s camera phones. So no. As much as I want to support Sony, I can’t lie to myself that Xperia takes better pictures than Lumia.

  • thunderbird

    Hey junky!! we r talking about smart phones, do u heared about them before? it should be so poerful for daily use and applications, but u r talking about cameras!! go cameras websites and shout..

  • hocestquisumus

    2000 mAh? happy chargin’ every four hours. i hope this is a mistake since i really love android but as a european, i want nokia to succeed. also, competition is good for us consumers. three’s better than two who don’t do much any more than copy from the other.

  • shayan gozarabadi

    if you just consider the camera..yes nokia will win..
    but it’s a smartphone not a camera..i rather to have a smartphone with a good camera than a camera that is a phone too!!

  • Herman

    You, sir, are the most narrow-minded person I’ve ever seen on the interwebz.

  • Herman

    I honestly hope the Honami will feature manual focus or manual shutter speeds.
    Even better, both. This would instantly turn the Honami’s camera into one that stands apart from the others.

  • Herman

    Take the 1020 in that case.
    The 720 isn’t much of an improvement over the Xperia S.

  • Herman

    Yes it does.

    The grip comes with a 1020mAh (yes, really) battery extension, as well as a shutter button and tripod screw holder

  • Herman

    They do when you oversample 7 pixels into 1. That makes sure the image won’t have as much noise and colours are very accurate.

    That, and it’s used for zooming while shooting video. Man, even the Nokia N8 did that pretty well.

  • Mohammed Khired

    can Honami compete?

    yes , if it’s about every thing but the camera ….

    no , if it’s about the camera only

  • Mohammed Khired

    yup , indeed :)

  • Nemanja Raškovi?

    Befor 2 – 3 Years SONY/ Sony Ericsson phones has better cameras than nokia? Why thet dont want to creat extreme camera phone to crush Nokia, like before they do that? Come Sony Bring the deaths to others companys with your best camera phones!

  • Anukul

    Practically speaking, nokia has done an amazing job with pureview tech. To beat pureview sony has to go all guns blazing, but sony can!

  • Billy de Fretes

    since sony ericsson era .. Nokia is the most prestigious phone maker. even SE create cybershot phone to fight against nokia camera phone.

    it seems nokia main focus is in the camera. the only advantages for sony is running android, so lots of apps can be used to share photos and video.

    after watching 1020 videos, i must admit that 1020 is an amazing camera phone. 100x better than S4 Zoo ups sorry i mean S4 Zoom..

    when honami release, i believe 1020 will win, but i still want to replace my xperia Z to honami :D

    and if all honami leaks is true, honami clearly win the best android camera phone (of course win against iphone)

  • Jhonbert Magana

    Then, RIP galaxy Zoom.

  • sfordesign

    because sony figured out lagdroid fans only want numerical specs, so they put more cores and more megapixels. that way lagdroid fans will think those are awesome phones without knowing how little those phones can achieve even with that much hardware. sony is definitely getting smarter. or, maybe customers are getting more and more ignorant.

  • sfordesign

    happy chargin’ every four hours? please.. don’t use lagdroid standard to compare with windows phone

  • sfordesign

    mega pixels are definitely not everything, but nokia’s mega pixels says alot, unlike sony’s 12 megapixel bullshits for their 2012 phones.

  • sfordesign

    i think you just said the opposite lol

  • sfordesign

    i am very glad it isn’t on android. i am so tired finding a custom rom to replace the laggy sony one

  • sfordesign

    1. dual core 1.5 on windows phone >= a million core 2.0 on lagdroid
    2. 2000 mhl battery on windows phone >= 3000 mhl battery on lagdroid
    3. no sd card? ok, that could be a miss
    4. no full hd screen? your eyes are that good?
    5. no android? you should be glad it wouldn’t be laggy; apps are growing, just like when lagdroid era started
    6. no sd 800? no need, really. still faster than lagdroid running sd 10000000
    7. no adreno 330? still faster than lagdroid
    8. same old boring design for 10 times? that tells how legendary nokia n9 is, though i do think they should change the design :)

  • thunderbird

    Im Sure u never use Android before, especially with sony customization, i dont know why u r so defensive about windows but we all know Android better than windows in all aspects, 700k apps against 100K apps, u will say most of them junk because u r windog fanboy! but they r useful in general, windog is a boring metro station full of small funny colored and kidish windows, i hate how it look and don’t know why user cant change it as he want!! while android customizable and very easy to make it look as u want, plus u can add some roms from other sources to enjoy different things.. finally its matter of taste but Android sales show that most of people in the world enjoy it most.. and jelly bean edition is so stable and not laggy as u r saying from morning, and if u use sony latest models u will know that.. Android is ahead of windog all the way and every body know it, last word again: Nokia has no right to make old hardware and let us pay more, then try to fool us that its enough for windows, they r saving money by using those old specs, u got it? its up to u to buy what u like but all of us can buy something so powerful like honami, with same price of the mid range Lumia 1020..

  • HardyHarHar

    Sony won’t likely beat nokia on the camera side. If they do they would probably be killing their camera department because people would just buy the phone instead of a point and shoot camera. Also nokia is focused on phones only so they don’t have any other departments to worry about if they push a feature to it’s limits.

    Sony needs to balance things up to keep all their businesses alive and not devouring each other.

  • ray

    Lumia 1020 is a camera centric phone while honami is more all around phone so i still choose honami.

  • HardyHarHar

    Man I would have to say +1 to this if only nokia stick their asses with symbian or maemo/meego… But windows phone? Mehhhh……………..

  • sfordesign

    have an nokia n9, which has “ancient” hardware (according to most lagdroid fans), still runs faster and stabler than almost all dual core android. very sad that nokia’s retarded microsoft spy aka Elop went for windows phone os..

  • Ethan

    I have to agree on some parts of your statements. I bought the Sony Z only for the matters of the build quality and form design. If only I could install a WP8 on the sony Z. For others, please don’t get me wrong, Android is a very powerful OS. Nevertheless, WP has a more fluid, stable and smoother OS compared with others. I had the WP7 with an HTC device before rarely I reboot this once or never in a month. no lags, no fuss, no hassles..

    p.s. you don’t have to utter much with some d*mb**$%

  • metcarded

    Battery test have consistently shown that Nokia flagship Phones have poor battery performance compared to higher spec’d Android phones. The Lunia 920 is no better with battery performance than an Xperia X10.

  • sfordesign

    used xperia ion, xperia x10, galaxy nexus, etc. gotta say i am so damn tired trying to find better roms on xda just to try to get rid of the lags and get more battery life on those devices, but the faster, the more unstable. don’t ask me to try better or more high end android devices. if an OS needs that much more hardware and power to run as fast as other OSs, that simply tells how rubbish (inefficient) that OS is. yes you can customize more on android, but that’s it. I don’t dare to use my android a bit more, otherwise it can’t even last more than 7 hours!

  • Ethan

    Agree. I believe honami will come with its set of camera armaments but not as good as a real cybershot… let’s hope not.

  • Ethan

    hahaha. made me laugh this morning.

  • sfordesign

    you are comparing with a low end android here. but yeah it’s nokia’s fault for this one, lumia 920 does have some battery issue, but amber update which should fix that is coming soon.

  • Faisal Armand

    Honami’s competitors in terms of camera performance are S4 zoom and Nokia 1020. But as far as camera performance goes, honami will most likely land in second place.

    But lemme tell ya, honami has all the amazing features such as powerful snapdragon 800 processor, 1080p triluminous screen, 4k video recording, liquid magnetic speakers for great audio quality, ip 58 waterproof design, and so on. Those are features that nokia 1020 and s4 zoom doesn’t have.

    Nokia 1020 will probably has the best camera but the screen is only 768p, the processor is still using s4 dual core, and it has windows os which is nokia’s biggest mistake

    The s4 zoom has ugly slipper like design, mid class 540p screen and dual core processor.

    So the conclusion is, honami will be the best all around performer

  • Kevin

    So you have seen Xperia honami and test its camera wow. Could you show how honami is?…..
    Honami hasnt been announced and you already say “THIS IS HOW YOU CREATE A CAMERA PHOME”

  • kevin

    So you have seen honami also like other people that already talk about honami as if they have seen it…
    PS: dont talk about honami as if it have been announced

  • jangaleon

    the xperia x10 was a flagship since way back when.

  • Faisal Armand

    Oh yeah, i’m terribly sad about the camera performance of xperia z (i own it)

    Because the camera performance of xperia z is only slightly better than the best 8MP shooters such as iphone 5 and galaxy S3 and it doesn’t have the quality of 13MP camera.

    When I zoom in at my camera shots, purple fringes and smeared details are everywhere

    And even on android 4.2.2 the camera of xperia z still can’t beat the camera of galaxy s4

    I don’t like galaxy s4, but I must admit that its camera performance is outstanding and it uses THE SAME SENSOR AS XPERIA Z! And even the camera performance of galaxy s4 is on par with that of 16MP galaxy s4 zoom (it has been proven)

    I wish SONY would do something about this

  • blackhats

    i dont know why,but when Xperiablog post something about Lumias,there are many “outsiders” flock onto it,this is blog about Xperias and Android,if you dont like them,why do you bother to visit??what an attention whore..

  • ProWeirdo

    Wtf are you talking about? “the rest of the phone is not bad either. It has a 4.5-inch AMOLED (768 x 1280) display with Corning Gorilla 3 Glass, 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, 2000mAh battery, Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC.”

  • Hasnain Maec Abbas

    nokia is still being stupid.. we dont need a fucking pro camera on our phone… same old specs with a better camera… ..still lagging behind the competition…

  • Thanh

    Nokia 1020’s idea is much better than SS Galaxy Zoom’s
    Camera is very important fuction now, but for me it may be second in priority.

  • afzal

    One thing i like this lumia is a shutter speed control…. But will wait for honami 2month away from now :-)

  • Amsakanna

    “samsung is being stupid. we don’t need a fucking big screen on our phones”
    now it is a trend.
    The same camera if it comes with a slim design, you might accept it. That is how a technology develops. Any technology/design in its initial phase will look crap. Later it will become mandatory.

    P.S.: personally still I don’t like any screen bigger than 3.7 (sola) or otherwise 4 (negligible bezels)

  • ProWeirdo

    Bullshits? Come on, higher resolution like 40MP makes sense only when people really share and display photos on bigger screens. Sony adds almost the best cameras to Xperias and it tries to keep other things good. 20MP is (at least for me) enough (of course if the size would stay the same, I’d like higher resolution, but it would take more memory per every photo).

  • Richard Paul Francisco

    I previously own an n82 then n8 I promised that nokia produced some of the best out there. In terms of wp and android I think it’s unfair to compare wp to android why? because even on single core dual core wp never lags unlike android matter how much core it has it will lag. not a fanboy but my brothers have samsung and I have xperia s widgets I think are the sole cause of lag on android. Wp is optimized for lesser hardware. I think that in terms of cameraphone sony always has the best design but in terms of features they are always holding back unlike samsung even though they lack quality they have blink detection, 3x optical zoom etc just to make them competitive. in terms of quality only nokia and sony are the companies I trust. Sony can never compete with nokia because they are always holding back because of they’re imaging division may loose sales if they put all the great features on their phone.

  • Maulana Yusuf

    Macro mode is always amazing by all xperia camera. I am using one of xperia phone but to compete with Nokia, sony needs to put camera option and other fixings

  • Frank

    This is a big lie , please people do you believe that any phone in the world has more than 13 mp?! It’s not possible at all, because at least you need a thickness of 20 mm at least, cause the lense is too large. This a big commercial lie from Nokia to sell there phones that don’t deserve any buck. And also to play with people brains. But the only people who knows about hardware knows that. GO HOME NOKIA YOU ARE DRUNK !!

  • jmcomms

    To answer the page question; Does Honami actually NEED to compete?

    The camera on the Lumia 1020 is awesome (although I base that purely on what a colleague said that was at the NYC event yesterday, who also said that everyone flocked around the yellow ones and ignored the black and white models). Taking a picture now, then zooming, is a great idea too.

    But i think for most people, the camera is too advanced and actually too good – and I am not sure Sony wants or needs to go this far (but maybe in 2014 it can, perhaps by an innovative accessory like the grip, or a phone with a different form factor – more camera than phone, like the Galaxy Zoom).

    Those 38MP images will be huge and slow to upload and consume all your data, if you’re not on an unlimited plan. And all these different camera modes and apps will probably confuse many punters, who will end up just taking simple shots in auto mode like most people do with cameraphones – heck, even many DSLR users now stick to auto (and, to be fair, auto is usually pretty good).

    That supports, perhaps, my view that Nokia has perhaps gone a little too far for most consumers. Most people want good pictures to share online, so huge resolutions aren’t vital. The HTC One took another approach and seems to have done quite well. Personally, I love the photos from my Xperia Z (with the recent tweaks, but not the Honami settings) and appreciate the extra detail when zoomed in, but most people just want something to chuck on Facebook or Twitter. If they’re viewing the images on their screen, or even a monitor or HD TV, they’re only seeing around 2-megapixels anyway.

    I’d like to see how the 1020 sells, and if people decide to stick with a 925/928 instead to keep the size/weight down. The problem is that, thanks to it running Windows Phone, we’ll never really get to see what sales could have been like had this been on an Android device, where Nokia would have probably sold shed loads.

  • Daniel O. Barga

    Yes, Honami can! WP8 has not gained a market share and the $800 price is ridiculous!

  • roeshak

    Nokia I feel has won the camera battle with this 1020. I doubt picture quality, although much better than everything else, could match this phone.
    If this had android running on it, I’d definitely consider it. It’s a very mainstream device. A mid range smartphone with a supreme camera.
    What’s most impressive is that Nokia used hardware to address a lot of the issues that blight smartphone cameras. Issues most other manufacturers try to resolve with software. The 1020’s lens is mounted on springs for crying out loud!!!! Awesome stuff indeed!!!!
    It’s basically a dslr quality shooter on a smartphone. If Nokia doesn’t make a breakthrough with Windows mobile with this phone then they should just give on Microsoft and embrace Google.
    This truly is an impressive feat of engineering that deserves to be successful.

  • josesl16

    It extends all the way to WP? (too lazy to click link)

  • josesl16

    There are some people who use their phone for years you know. And who knows, maybe WP will still be optimized for old hardwares in a few years?

  • josesl16

    You can always shoot 5 MP pics.

  • josesl16

    Nokia uses oversampling with it’s 5MP settings, so you can just use the 5MP settings and get nearly the same quality as when you use the 40MP setting, CMIIW.

  • YourDad

    Oh gosh! Android fucking sucks.

  • “Why do I need an Adreno 330 when I only play Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja?”
    – Windows Phone 8 user

  • Random

    While people are arguing here, I’m going to start to saving up to buy this and Honami… muahahaha!!

  • franklin

    sony can and will :)

  • Ivars Neiders

    Not that I want to be involved in this juvenile flame about whose OS or phone is better (please, guys, get a life, as this is really boring), but I have recently switched from Android (Xperia Sola) to WP. To be frank I lost almost all respect to the android as a result and I am quite confused, why such a big and rich company (google) with truly remarkable engineers in Sony cannot manger to produce decent lag and crash free experience that almost every WP user can enjy on rather decent hardware. Phone with quadcore is ridiculous. It is like wanting a car with a truck’s engine. Why would you need such a power to run a smarthone? Well, because of android. Of course, in the end everybody makes his or her own choice. Let’s respect that at least.

  • Ivars Neiders

    What’s wrong with WP?

  • Ivars Neiders

    Who are you, who know all these things? There are some respects where android is better, but it is very hard to deny that WP8 is much more efficient, lag free and faster and less demanding in the terms of hardware. Yes, you can customize android and there are more apps, but if the damd device fails to do what you need it to do, then I don’t care about the number of apps as soon as WP has those that I need (and for now it has them). Everything else is a matter of taste.

  • Ethan Hayden McLads

    i believe this is also part of a marketing strategy of this site. i read an article here in xperia blog that most xperia z users in the UK, roughly 38% were samsung users, might as well nokia users. and of course, once the outsiders from other brands comment or visit here, they might consider the xperia line-up could be a possible replacement for their current brands. just an opinion here tho.

  • J?nis Bebr?tis

    right right .. you don’t want to get involved in OS fights ..

    i understand Latvian too and nearly every comment of yours, is a fight for WP.

  • Ivars Neiders

    If one presumes that every post saying that WP is not as bad as many biased folks think it to be, the let it be so. I couldn’t care less. I on my part fail to see any point in your remark.

  • APai

    “Well, how about 36 months of updates for phones with Windows Phone 8?”
    well, windows 7/ 7.5 dint have any such luxuries! not a stellar record just one version before!

    “Even Apple can do more with the same Sony sensors”
    agreed, both samsung and apple are doing a better job with the same damn sensor

    “the new dual cores can run anything well anyway”
    well, I used to be a big nokia fan, and i hope this does not happen. although i agree on the premise of the current gen computing power is plenty, if there’s improvement in hardware and prices going down for old gen HW, why not get the latest ? the cpu/ gpu power on the cellphones are doubling every year, and nokia seems to be content with their old game of giving less for more. the 920/ 928/ 1020 are all the same hardware essentially. they used to sing the same tune earlier – symbian is frugal, now they say windows phone is frugal. so why do they charge an arm and a leg for an outdated cpu/ gpu ?

    for all the warts that you have listed on the android side of things, it will not be just the apps that will be “a” wart on the windows phone side of things. i don’t think there’s any single ecosystem out there which doesn’t have its fair share of warts.

  • Hasnain Maec Abbas

    well since u put it that way i kind of agree with u… i got myself a z ultra and i do miss the awsome photography i could to with my xperia Z in low light thanks the to flash… but still for me camera isnt always a deciding factor.. i mean HTC one had a crappy crap and still people bought it…

  • Pingback: Xperia Z1 goes head-to-head against the Lumia 1020 | MOBILE361()


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