Honami’s camera UI leaked in live pic

by XB on 16th July 2013

in Imaging, Rumours, Xperia Z1

Honami Camera UIA new picture has surfaced which claims to show the new camera user interface from the Sony Honami flagship. A previous leak around a fortnight ago first suggested that Honami would sport a 20MP camera sensor and gave us a first look at the new camera icons. Then earlier today, another leak talked about some of the technology to be used in Honami including Sony’s G Lens and BIONZ image processing.

The picture below confirms the use of a 20MP camera sensor with several options listed for the resolution including 20MP at 5248 x 3936 (4:3) and 8MP in both 4:3 and 16:9 ratios. It also shows one of the new camera icons towards the bottom right (the M circle which denotes Manual control).

Some of the other icons appear to have moved around versus what we see on current Xperia devices. For example, along the top we now have (from left to right) the Settings button, Flash, Camera switch (front or back), another settings button which we assume will be for exposure and white balance and then the Scene Modes.

The first Settings button brings up options for Resolution, Self-timer, Smile Shutter, Focus, HDR and ISO. We also noticed that the highlighted section makes that bar transparent, so the 8MP resolution selected shows the ‘Touch focus’ underneath it. All looks very exciting, although we would expect this to be from an early prototype that would have no doubt moved on since this picture was taken.

Now to address the gorilla in the room, is the image photo-shopped? Yes. However, that doesn’t mean the camera UI section is fake. We understand that the image was purposely edited to remove certain identifying details of the device. We have been assured that the picture is indeed authentic. September 4th can’t come soon enough.

Honami Camera UI

Via Gadgety.co.il.

  • Raiden

    First !

  • JEp ?

    Congrates! Now what?

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    20 Mpx 4:3 ratio? I have 9 Mpx with 16:9 in Xperia S

  • JEp ?

    No 12 MP (4:3) ?

  • lovebmw

    it feels more of an updated Z rather than a new breed! whaever it is….. I LIKE IT :)

  • lovebmw

    guys its rumors so farrrr, those little details will only be clearer later on… right now we need to know the hardware, good job xperia blog bringing in the info so far. they secured my money at chipp 800 and 3000 MAH.

  • SINU

    where 12K VIDEO RECCC?????????????

  • SINU


  • SINU

    WE NEED MINIMUM 16MP FOR16:9………………………………

  • Samuel

    That is quite the bezel on the device. Nevertheless, looking forward to this device coming out.

    This could be the year when Sony finally has a proper roadmap and a convergence of their core technologies.

  • Tech Gospel

    Dude, just crop.

  • lovebmw

    i am sure an update will fix that… it’s too early. announce in sep 4 and release probably by octobor in erope and june 2014 on USA…

  • xperia z

    can i do unlock botloader with my xperia z

  • XperiaFan

    no 20 MP 16:9 ratio or 13 MP 16:9 ?! WTF oO !!!
    when i take a picture, i want to see to full screen on my PC, phone, TV… not 4:3 !

  • lovebmw

    12k? i just bought a 4k TV there is such thing?

  • JEp ?

    Hope so.
    Bigger battery mAh will be much better.

  • Xyor

    Probably September 2014….

  • banKempe

    More innovation plss ??

  • xperialover

    Well now the question is lens ->high quality lens. Pls Sony don’t f50% u%ck this up with cheap plastic lens and lack of optical zoom pls

  • XperiaFan

    Honestly i wait the official annoncement of Sony. ’cause this Xperia Honami don’t make me dream. no Xenon flash, design not so beautifull, the ratio’s picture are bad (not a good 16:9 ratio), … every day, he has something that disappoint with this Xperia :/


    +1 for you and add this
    well i am worried about optics so bionz will have good raw source

  • Jan

    Hey Sony,
    make tripod mounting and lens mounting on your xperia,
    would be great!

    Dont regret smallest bezels on the planet in other model

    And dont forget to develop new Playstation phone before 2014 ends.
    Make run PSM and i dont want be vulgar

  • Makiz

    Dat bezel!!!!!!

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  • spade

    3,000 mAh battery, that’s all i want .

  • David J Hilton

    Well, that’s my next phone then!

  • Samuel

    The 8MP (16:9) resolution of 3840×2160 in the given image precisely matches that of an ultra HD or a 4K television. So I reckon you’d be able to view images on your screen comfortably making the demand for a 20MP (16:9) moot.

    Furthermore, nearly all smartphone camera image sensors have an aspect ratio of 4:3. If you were to take full advantage of the sensor, the maximum possible resolution, in the example stated in the article, would be 20MP (4:3). Any other aspect ratio (like 16:9) are crops of the maximum resolution, hence the lower pixel count. You won’t be able to get a 20MP (16:9) image as the sensor does not support that configuration due to hardware limitation.

    There are real technical constraints involved in the manufacturing products and it would be really wise if a bit more rationality were involved in making demands of an organisation to include a ‘dream’ feature and to look into the viability of the asked feature.


  • Lyon

    oh thats a nice screen, deep blacks! also this phone would be useless as a camera if it didn’t have dedicated hardware shutter button

  • SomeBody

    Optical zoom and OIS are lame. OIS nearly doubles the camera-module’s size while optical zoom makes the module (the lens actually) ‘insert number here’ times bigger (for ‘insert the same number here’x optical zoom). If you want 5x optical zoom, it has to be 5 times bigger, if you want 10x zoom, it needs to be 10 times bigger. Just doesn’t worth it imao. Use a bigger sensor and lower that god damned MP count for f*ck’s sake. 1/1.6 inch sensor with 8MP (3840 x 2160) would make a decent camera-phone, but unfortunately this will never happen, coz people are buying numbers (MP, GHz, Cores blah blah blah).

  • Samuel

    That demand isn’t feasible as it is constrained by hardware limitation. You might want to take a look at an earlier comment I’d made.



  • nidou bossy

    i’m hungry for this Honami!

  • nidou bossy

    yes of course…

    follow the instructions carefully ;)


  • Babylonbwoy

    True that the bezel are fucked up! i’d rather get 1mm more of thickness than this space around the screen, especially on lateral side. (sorry if that’s not good english!)

  • yay

    I’m a honami-slut!

  • Herman

    Don’t worry, either it will be fixed in an update due to very high demand or there will be a simple mod for it.

  • nidou bossy

    loL :D

  • Umar Khan

    damn you horny chick

  • Umar Khan

    Guys guys guys…. this aint Honami , this is just the upgraded Xperia Z, just like S > SL , Arc Arc S

  • Dimos

    Why i think that if sony created only 5 phones on 2013 would conquer the smartphone market? think about it
    Flagships~600euro: 1)xperia W(for walkman) , 13mp camera with good quality photos, double speaker on the back side to create stereo sound,walkman optimized menu (eg. control your music from lockscreen),5.0 inch screen 1080×1920 , snapgadron 800 chipset,2gigs of ram,32gb internal sd card compitable
    2) xperia cybershot. 20mp camera with good zoom lens, 5.0 screen 1080×1920 snapgadron 800 2 gigs of ram ,64gb internal sd card compitable
    Mid range~400euro:
    xperia w mini: double speaker,walkman optimised,4.3 inch screen 720*1980,snapgadron s4 ,8mp camera
    1gig of ram
    xperia cybershot mini: 4.5 inch screen 720*1280 snapgadron s4 14mp camera with zoom lens,1 gig of ram
    Entry level~200euro
    5mp camera, 1core 1.5 ghz cpu 512mb ram ,sd card .3.5 inch
    i think that policy would make them more money than their honami-xperia z,zq,zx,zxvb etc,and of cource make customers happier….
    and also bring old times back ;)

  • so sexy

  • Billy de Fretes

    i never take picture using 13 MP in xperia Z since i don’t like 4:3 ratio .. i hope that’s not final UI for Honami ..

  • HardyHarHar

    And Z > ZL

  • HardyHarHar

    Hahaha! He just made your newly bought TV very outdated… Maybe he came from the future.

  • SonyFan

    i more prefer xperia acro s

  • Ashad Mamood

    3000mAh is big for a 5″ phone. Any bigger and the phone would have to be a lot thicker or bigger

  • Ashad Mamood

    This is only rumour? Also I’m sure there will be plenty more modes so stop panicking already!
    They just touching on some of the modes

  • Umar Khan

    i dont think so, z and zl were launched together plus they are different not an upgraded version of each other. Sony launches 2 flagships each year, one in the start of that year and the other at the end of the year

  • JEp ?

    Not so big though. Why don’t make phone with 10 mm thickness and bigger battery mAh rather than 8.0 mm and lower battery mAh?
    Bigger battery doesn’t make phone bigger, only thicker.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • jibreeish

    I too so more we how!

  • Drizzle

    Those bezels… Soooo thick!

  • Malachi

    Awesome, but bezel-tastic. Must be something to do with triluminous

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  • erggd

    agree! the xperia s was way thicker back then. it was oven more than 10mm. why are they so obsessed with very thin devices?

  • A

    Triluminos vs amoled vs ips

    http://www.ringhk.com/report2.php?id=6845 (in chinese though)

  • Meh

    Too optimistic, maybe 2015.

  • Mustafa

    Dimensions126 x 66
    great phone, and the phone is not preferred to carry very ideal for use as a handy problem-large in size (Honami’s 144mm x 73.9mm)

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  • True.. 8MP 16:9 is bullshit.. I take 16:9 pics with my xperia S in 9MP!!!
    Also why no OIS?? or is it there?

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  • Z

    I would like Honami will use body n design exactly as Z but with bumped spec etc snapdragon 800, adreno 330, 3gb of ram, 3000mah battery, 20mp camera+shutter button..what else?

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  • SmallerXperia

    Oh I would be angry!!! I want lets say your 1st phone BUT with 3.7 inch screen…

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  • sdfdsfsdf

    xda! xda! xda!

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  • tomas

    take a look on the screen exactly, this is fake, function keys in the wrong position

  • zaoan567


  • Andrew Tan

    You mean the navigation key? It is in correct position. Nothing wrong on it.

    I had install the leak Honami ROM, it is the same position.

    By the way, this navigation key position always is like that since in Xperia Z, nothing wrong about it.

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  • VERV

    Bad in almost everyway! what’s going on with you Sony?

  • VERV

    Lame strategy again?

  • Shojib Ashrafi Na Ashrafi

    There is some great advice here and all of the poses are easily achievable without looking forced or contrived. I particularly like pose 7 which can make a very dramatic bridal portrait shot in the right location and light. I’ll check out the app for more ideas.

  • tomas

    You’re right, my mistake

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