New leak for Honami flagship: G Lens and BIONZ image processing on the cards?

by XB on 16th July 2013

in Imaging, Rumours, Xperia Z1

Honami renderePrice has leaked what it says is the first press image of the upcoming Sony flagship, codenamed Honami. The image shows the back of a white handset with camera lens and LED flash sitting towards the top left. Adjacent to this, sits an infra-red sensor. The render appears to show ‘G Lens’ branding next to the lens.

G Lens is Sony’s own glass brand for its cameras with a heritage going back to Konica Minolta and since developed by Sony. ePrice says the Honami will also sport the BIONZ image processing engine. Typically this is a separate processor used to employ powerful algorithms, however we’re not sure if “BIONZ for mobile” is hardware or software based. We would guess that it is the latter and will be similar to Sony Mobile’s Bravia Engine for mobiles.

ePrice says that Honami will come with a 20.7MP Exmor RS camera sensor (1/2.3-inch) along with a dedicated camera button. Other features from the render show exposed pins for dock charging (similar to the Xperia Z Ultra) and a couple of port flaps for USB charging and micro SIM.

In terms of the spec-sheet, ePrice says the Honami will come with a 5-inch Full HD Triluminos Display with X-Reality for mobile. It will be armed with the Snapdragon 800 chipset (2.2GHz quad-core), 2GB RAM, 16GB storage and a stunning 3000mAh battery capacity. As with other high-end flagships, Honami will be water resistant and have an IP55/IP57 rating.

Honami render

Sony ‘Honami’ rumoured specifications

Snapdragon 800 (MSM8974) chipset with 2.2GHz quad-core processor and Adreno 330 graphics
16GB internal storage with microSD memory card support
5-inch Full HD display with Sensor on Lens technology
Triluminos Display with X-Reality for mobile
20.7MP Exmor RS CMOS sensor (1/2.3-inch)
Sony G Lens
BIONZ image processing engine
2MP Exmor R front facing camera
3000mAH embedded battery
144 x 73.9 x 8.3mm
Wi-Fi Miracast

Via ePrice.

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • Loken

    Amazing! I want this phone now!!

  • Lee Yang

    not 32GB internal anymore?

  • evolutionx1

    1/2.3? Pathetic LOL

  • a

    No xenon.

  • Nokia-TheEnd

    Better than the bulky, ugly lumia.

  • Tobias Johnson

    I miss the xenon

  • Marco Sobrevilla

    I was hoping it would be 32GB. That would’ve made it a must-buy.

  • xMelBurNx

    dual speaker i miss that too :( anyway its a good phone and it has a dedicated camera button for make photos into the water.thing that the xperia z cant do becasue the screen doesent respond on water exposed.COOL phone !!!!!

  • Jan

    interesting news

  • Martin Ambre

    is Sony concerned of the Bugs for the Xperia S Users

    – Acro S

  • alaa

    Why no 32 or 64 GB ?
    Fuck sony

  • jumbo3220

    i personally feel ok with the thicker bezel as the 3000mAh battery should fix in.. good if internal memory is atleast 32GB. heard there is 4k video recording as well..need more space!! and sad for no Xenon flasher..

  • jem

    carl zeiss lens ?

  • 1/2.3-inch

    come on sony not again :/ why you can’t release a perfect phone in every department at least for once as a flagship,not to mention the 16gb(around 10-11gb will be user accessible I guess) internal memory.Arc S 512mb ram & single core processor,Xperia S no memory card support,Xperia Z average display and mediocre camera.I really hope this rumor about camera lense is false otherwise there won’t be much competition between this and lumia 1020 :/

  • Ethan Hayden McLads

    even if it did not make it to the much anticipated sensor or xenon, this is a great step and improvements from the Z. i have the Z and still loving it. IF these specs are official, I will still go and buy this honami. I always keep the balance between style, build and design when it comes to smartphones excluding the bells and gimmicky whistles. Even if the images it will produce is on par with the Nokia 1020, i would still go for the honami for some personal preferences. But i know it won’t be released soon as probably this will be on shelves early next year. I’m still torn with the Z Ultra tho which is ready for release Q3.


    i wanted front facing stereo speakers so badly :(

  • XperiaFan

    carl zeiss is with Nokia for the phone !

  • evolutionx1

    Ah, I see a butthurt Sony fanboy. Even if it’s bulky, it’ll beat the crap out of Honami in terms of imaging.

  • Mac

    Carl zeiss lens?
    Walkman audio chip?
    Best mobile camera?
    IR blaster?
    Size smaler than the Z plz!

  • Killian Khoo

    this xperia blog not ur Lumia blog , if u talk something like this go to ur lumia blog dont come here ~

  • evolutionx1

    I wasn’t the one to talk about Lumia devices first. You guys can’t hear bad things about a Sony phone eh? Like seriously. I pity you guys.
    The sensor is bad and 20mp G Sensor would be nothing but marketing terms..

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  • asskicker

    Then buy htc one you moron!!! Who needs front facing speaker anyway!!! Theres no perfect phone thats y there is what we called INNOVATION. its a continous process of improving what has been created before.. thats how technology works!!

  • ron3000

    wow stay cool no need to call him a moron…. damn u act like u got sand in your vagina

  • Cristi13

    I think nowadays people don’t understand the meaning of the word innovation. Innovation doesn’t mean improving something that was before, that’s evolution, innovation means creating something never seen before(or hard to make before) that will have a major impact.

  • kakooli

    Bionz is hardware processing just like in their cameras. Expect better quality images. Let’s hope optical zoom or ois is present

  • Cristi13

    If you screw up again Sony, I’ll buy a ticket to Japan and…..

  • Calypso

    We finally get gorilla glass or still a plastic sheet on glass? I am waiting for first sony phone having real glass on display.

  • ki-hyun kim

    sony honami leak picture

  • Kerby Cortez

    xperia go got mineral glass

  • AsadMulla


  • Js

    There is something you people forgotten. Is a h2 phone you can’t expect sony pouring out everything they have. They still need to show off something new in next year.

  • Jess

    thick bezels make it ugly, so disappointed.

  • amt

    …and again a bit bigger… I love Sony but not the way the size goes. I don’t mind thickness, just not again a bit longer and a bit wider

  • Alg djf

    Why is that a problem when you can shove a memory card in there?

  • Silas Arentsen

    139 x 71 x 7,9 is Xperia Z specs

    144 x 73,9 x 8,3 is Honami (what eprice says)

    So 5mm longer and 2,9mm wider and 0,4mm thicker while it is still 5 inch.

    So bigger borders if it still is 5 inch

  • xperialover

    waiting for march! honami is crap i got much bigger expectation . I dont see much improvement !!! Benchmark is not every thing
    especially I got xperia z already

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    display is better

  • P9

    my xperia lww got 2 speakes! stereo. <3 :)

  • Doraemonboi

    oh… btw is G Lens and not G Sensor.

  • Doraemonboi

    Xperia Z uses glass… and the plastic sheet on top of it is a anti shatter film.

  • evolutionx1

    My bad. Thanks.

  • Knightpt

    Hopefuly it won’t have the extremely bad shatter sheet plastic on front of the glass display. Even tough i love Sont xperia 2013 line, i won’t touch it unless they lose the realy retarded plastic they put in front of a otherwise great scratch resistant glass. The phones lose all its apeal and touch perfection.

    I rather buy a plastic phone like samsung with a gorilla glass pure display than buy an xperia phone with plastic on top. I know we can remove it but losing the logo like in xperia Z it’s a no-go to me aswell.

    Please sony reconsider this ugly retarted shatter-proof plastic cover that is not scratch resistant on your phones’ displays!!!!! It does more harm than good.

  • xperiablog

    Dont worry.I will stick with sony. I just wait for flagship. Wait for 4k recording and proper software for Bionz chip. Sony always fuck up the software side of thing at the begining. So the march release will be main hope full they fix the big bugs until then. For now xperia z does fullfil my requirement

  • Coollead

    Not to be a dick, but how are you so automagically sure the sensor (which doesn’t even officially exist at this point) is “bad”?

    You’re treating a rumor as fact and then proceeding to call it terrible with zero actual experience. Pathetic.

  • W

    I wonder what makes this phone to have larger bezels compared to Z. Is it the new display, waterproofing, camera or the batterry? Or maybe a combination of these?

  • Spider-Man

    Yeah Man!
    and WTF Sony? please! please! please! listen to your goddamn costumers bitch.


    seems like all sony fans are obsessed with their products i have seen this way too many times

    i am too a fan of sonys phones due to their shape but i don’t insult people who makes small suggestion on them

    you are a great example of what a fan shouldn’t be

  • LumiaLover

    Feel pity for #Sonyfanboys
    So, #Lumia1020 wins! Hehehehe

  • Samuel

    And? Aw, c’mon, the suspense is killing me. :D

  • Babylonbwoy

    Don’t know why people compare Lumia and Xperia ?! Come on, one is windows and the other android, it’s like comparing bananas and … potatoes! Even if it has 100 Mpx camera it still doesn’t interest me, I use android and that’s it.
    Windows 8 UI on my PC already bored me…

  • Helder Rodrigues Lucas

    I’m lovin’ it!!! It seems that the good old Sony Ericsson days are back, now you can feel the british premium jointed with japanese tech! Just love this Honami project!!

  • saadddd

    plzzzzzzzzzzzz plz can any one give me emma flash tool login username and password i forget mine n can make new one plzzz any one help…… its my id

  • Babylonbwoy

    Do you think we are that dumb to believe that ?! Ask Sony!

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  • SJ DJ

    I hate its dimensions, Honami looks too tall with 5″ size, not beautiful in all senses.

  • Babylonbwoy

    You can’t move big apps/games (gameloft are 2Go big!) to external sd or you have to unlock BL, partition it, use a third party app and all…

  • Silas Arentsen

    still 3000mah would be awesome! a bit bigger ok then, but still to se the official specs

  • paul_cus

    I’ll be waiting for 2014 as well.


    honami was my dream phone but if it’s talled than the z then i don’t know even thicker bezels? meh i might go with z ultra why couldn’t they shrink z ultra to the size of note 2 would be the perfect absolute perfect phone

  • paul_cus

    Doesn’t stop me from buying their phones, but I totally agree with you.

  • so saad

    can any one give me his or her id paswrd.plz

  • Mac

    Ericsson is Swedish, just sayin’

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  • badkid

    awhe! it looks crap

    Now i’m very proud of my Xperia Z

  • Herman

    Shoo, troll!

    You won’t be loved with that username complaining about Sony on a Sony fanblog.

  • Since when did British stuff become premium?

  • P9

    honami is sony based cyber-shot smartphone, so must have cyber-shot label on it, and this….
    not so true! :/

  • Herman

    Really, if that ‘thing’ next to the camera isn’t a xenon flash, I’d be very disappointed.

    Finally I thought an Android would be equipped with one. I couldn’t care less about the megapixel count, I care about bright images without noise. Up until now Sony hasn’t really been able to put ‘noiseless’ cameras in smartphones. And I was hoping this would change with the Honami.

  • cleverthansony

    xenon flash????? no sony not again. at least put double led flash. and walkman chip

  • Helder Rodrigues Lucas

    Okay, I’m leaving head down, always thinked about Ericsson as british!! Sorry to offend you guys!

    I always felt british stuff very premium, the cars, the clothes, the watches, thats why I said that but once again, sorry my ignorance!!

  • aaa

    Enjoy your vast array of 15 apps

  • aaa

    You can still move app data to sdcard, which means about 1.9gb of that will be moved

  • cleverthansony

    144 mm? is it tv controller? not gonna buy it. s4 136 mm

  • The Loyalist

    Buy S4 then

  • RL

    Do all the Sony phones still have this? I know my Xperia P has it, and it is one of the most annoying things about it. My screen is all scratched up now, and I’m still deciding if I want to risk taking it off.

    I’m guessing at least the Z Ultra doesn’t have this problem, since you are supposed to be able to use pencils on the screen. I bet that would scratch up the shatter-proof layer like crazy.

  • lovebmw

    its more like an updated Z (which is impressive) but not a new phone (those specs would be a little disappointing)

  • Lumia 1020 still uses old tech, don’t forget that. 720p display, dual core S4 and not to forget it’s still a Windows Phone. Not a lot of apps in the market place. This will be in a much smaller package and waterproof.
    1/2.3 is still a disappointment though, if it is true.

  • daniel

    I had 77 apps running inside my xpz with hd games and had 4.37gb left storage for internal storage.

  • Yehaa Afandy

    btw it’s leaked info , we waiting original info

  • Yehaa Afandy

    what about this ?

  • Guest

    Can anyone tell me what 1/2.3-inch stands for ! and y you ppl disappointed for this

  • lolsomany

    and meet with mr Kaz, complaining about honami didn’t satisfied customer experience

  • Cristi13

    Well i’ll visit Japan, do you think i’ll waste my time with Sony. Maybe I’ll take a photo with the CEO with the lumia 1020 :P

  • Sanoj

    who going to win the battle? Lumia 1020 or sony honami.

  • Billy de Fretes

    specs is good but camera seems not so good.. i really love my xperia z and if honami comes with 1/1.6″ sensor .. it will be great and i’ll gladly replace my xperia z.. but, if it’s not.. lumia win .. maybe lumia lost in terms of number of apps or spec, but imaging clearly nokia still better

  • nidou bossy

    sexy design from sony like always!

  • Aznev

    I hope the front is also completely white. That will define if I buy it.

  • amt

    this actually looks like an updated XZ, corrected all flaws and complaints that XZ got from users and from tests… that’s good for a start

  • kitsVA

    Frankly all these z series phones and tablet are so uncomfortable to hold with sharp edges. I wish Sony rounds the edges like lumia.

  • Andrew Tan

    If this the final result. Honami is fail product. I rather pick Z Ultra. At least it is slimmer and something cool on touch capability.


    i would hate sony truly hate them if they rounded their phones

    the xperia z ultra has curved edges without ruining it’s design reason i became a xperia fan is that they make their phones square with build quality

  • banjo

    I think the only problem is that the phone is really long @144

  • Xyor

    Where is my S-M..I really want to have some kind of hardware wise Walkman technology

  • kitsVA

    Z ultra seems to have slightly rounded edges unlike Z tablet. That should be good. Also, the power button seems recessed into round edge which should feel better on thumb.

  • Rizky Maulana

    no xenon :v

  • Bora

    Exactly my thoughts.

  • Kokoro wa soba ni iru

    The camera is good enough for me. But those bezels!! D:

    It’s even thicker and bigger than the Z. Here’s to hoping it at least has capacitive buttons so they wont take part of the screen and all this bezel will have some use.

  • Mac

    No hard feelings, but u know, we got some quality here in Sweden as well ;)

  • m sacha

    Just wondering why the infrared sensor would be in that location? Doesn’t seem very user friendly? Could it be xenon??

  • KnightPT

    Yes all Xperia Phones have that plastic shatter proof nonsense on top of scratch resistant glass, even xperia Z. I know a couple people that returned their Xperias because the plastic scratched in day #1 (ofc because its not scratch resistant…).

    The only xperia i know that doesnt have the shatter proof plastic nonsense is the Xperia J (my wife has one) and its pure delight just having the gorilla glass “naked” with no plastic on top, it’s a night and day diference to the xperia Z touchscreen in a phone that is 5 times the price, realy a stupid move from Sony.

  • Folk Hellfang

    Hey, just let us get back to our discussions of unmitigated style over superfluous substance while we teach our Aibos to play soccer, football for my non-American Sony buddies.
    I don’t care how many mega pixies the new, lumosity? Phone has. I would never buy one because it’s ugly, Nokia isn’t as cool as Sony, and because it has fans like EVo.

    Now come on Spot! You’re my power forward! Let me just cue up the ’82 World Cup tape I have on Betamax and listen to Satriani’s Summer Song on my MiniDisc Player! Wooooo!

  • Lunkz

    Don’t forget the 10 Band Eq. not that creepy stock 5 Band Eq. better Bass support too.
    I paid for Poweramp to use it with the Z because his better Eq. and the CM Configured DSP Audio-Out settings are really creepy, my old Arc sounds better with CM. Using a Shure SE315 and no, the bass is not pushed to the end, the In-Ears needs more output to get a better sound.

  • Ashley Otu

    But how would it be a failed product with the latest technology? Until you to get hands on or hear reviews about the product, I suggest if you have nothing nice to say at all, then keep your mouth shut!

  • Ashley Otu

    Is this a good thing or bad thing? if its a updated xperia Z then this means this phones cost would be similar to the Xperia Z right? and plus this is only the start of the One Sony policy and this phone is the first under the unified Sony. :)!

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  • penubag

    Xenon Flash does have a disadvantage though: No flashlight mode for when you’re in the dark!

  • Loc

    Like Pewdiepie?

  • Duh

    “why you can’t release a perfect phone in every department at least for once as a flagship”

    Because there can’t be no perfect smartphone. Duh.

  • Ew

    I remember a leaker saying Honami is even more beautiful than the Z. WTF was he talking about?

  • Ex_SE

    why are Lumia fanboys here? Last time I checked, WP is a dying breed. You guys beat Blackberry? barely.. i expected samsung fanboys here..but lumia? seriously? Lumia? come back when WP owns 1/3 of the market..wait I’ll cut you some slack..1/4.


    i think my dream phone was a dissapointment :( i was buying this but now i don’t know they touched the design and thats where i lose it

    longer than the xperia z which was already perfect in design infact the x ultra was perfect in design just HUGE
    no frontfacing stereo speakers

    thats all i wanted on this phone that they didn’t touch the design the z and z ultra were perfect is that too much to ask :(

    the z was so perfect but the hardware was well not that great apart from that it was the best phone i have ever had the z ultra looks like a perfected z but it’s BIGGER than HUGE and it has no flash why couldn’t they have it a size of the note 2 with a pen included

    they always do this they release something perfect but it’s ALWAYS missing something :( i thought the honami would be it but it’s not it’s longer and thats where i lose my interest

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  • Babylonbwoy

    And the price would be exaggerated, they have to think about that too. Price is determined by how much customers would pay for a particular item and they know nobody would spend much than 700€, I won’t pay 1000€ for a smartphone!

  • Babylonbwoy

    He’ll loose sleep for sure!

  • Izamanaick

    Doesn’t the Xperia Z have Gorilla Glass?

  • Daniel Rosca

    And if SONY think that other company will wait until 2014 when the phone will hit the market… they are rong…!

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  • Herman

    As you can see in the leaked images the Honami definitely has an LED light.
    And even if it weren’t the case, I’d rather have xenon than LED.

    Try to take a picture at a bar. It won’t come out very well unless you’ve got a xenon flash.
    Looking for something in the dark? You could also just take a picture with the xenon flash and zoom in to find what you’re looking for.

  • Red Salmon

    Sorry to break it to you, but its not an Xperia.

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  • roeshak

    The sensor size is very disappointing and so is the internal memory.
    Clearly Nokia has won the camera battle convincingly.
    The honami camera is increasingly looking like just more of the same. We just have to wait for sample pics to know just how well it performs. One thing’s certain, it won’t compete with the 1020.
    Three phone’s looking more and more, with every leak, just the Z refresh. It’ll still be a top device, just not the spectacle we were expecting.
    Don’t be too hard on Sony, it’s a lot better than the upcoming butterfly S.

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  • Helder Rodrigues Lucas

    No Loc, like Volvo, Koenigsegg, the Krussel auto cure film on your phone, Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell, Steve Angello, Avicci, Dolph Lundgreen, that’s some quality stuff…sorry Mac, I owe it to you since my big mistake…

  • Helder Rodrigues Lucas

    Since they got smart and start doing it right instead of being insolent…

  • Thunderbird

    guys Stop crying about bezzles around the screen, i looked so close to the image, the extra mm in size up and down, plus in width, is only for adding the new metal frame!! which is amazing addition, would any one say no to same Xperia Z quality plus new metal frame like Z ultra? its just heaven! i like it and im sure the bezzles will be same size of Xperia Z, the extra size of frame will not affect the design, i also dont care for Sensor size, im sure its more than enough, smaller is better in technology as i know! so why we want same size of Nokia rubbish sensor? i just want very good camera on this beast, and i dont care for numbers, im sure with all G lens and other additions it will be great! its not even competition about cameras, smart phones is much than just a camera, nokia 1020 is super fail with its old weak processor, boring design from many years, old screen specs and small battery, what i will do with the big camera if the phone it self is crap? windows phone? r u all serious to like it? im so excited about Honami and i trust sony design, after i see Z ultra i know that sony is from other world, we will all cry when we see the final version so please take it easy and wait the best of sony ever, relaxxxx sony fans and please never mention the med range old spec Nokia 1020 any more, it doesnt worth it to put it next to the best.. even samsung cant beat honami how the dead nokia will do? ohhhh u made me mad… SONY FOR EVER

  • HardyHarHar

    They could be trying a night vision infrared camera on Honami… After all they want a camera centric phone… It must have another IR Sensor somewhere on the sides as an infrared on the back of a device seems awkward for a remote when it comes to handling.

  • HardyHarHar

    Ditch xenon… This is a camera phone not a “camera”. Xenon would just add bulk and reduce functionality. Let’s admit it… average users use the camera flash as flashlight more than as a camera flash.

  • HardyHarHar

    1/2.3 is a fraction… if you convert it to percentage it will give you 43%. Which means 43% of 1 inch. Or should we say in simple terms the size of the sensor is 1.0922 centimeters or 0.43 inch

  • HardyHarHar

    His password is saadddd14344

  • HardyHarHar

    Bananas is more delicious than potatoes… Potatoes are just…. Despicable :D

  • bazzidazzle

    This would be great if we could also so RAW in processing from the phone as well to get the best possible image out of it.

  • HardyHarHar

    They use old tech because they find it not necessary to upgrade to new tech. Simple as that. Android is a VM hence it’s resource intensive unlike windows which is running natively hence it’s not resource intensive. Only thing windows mobile should upgrade in hardware is their GPU. But issue is Mobile SoC integrates GPU in the processor so upgrading GPU means upgrade Processor also. So only thing left for windows mobile is either prioritize GPU or cost.

    I’m still a windows hater though… I only like their desktop OS but not on mobile… Still waiting for honami :)

  • Ashad Mamood

    Can you state me the perfect phones that any manufacturer has released? There is no perfect phone. This sounds like a very good and powerful device. Judge when its out and not 3 months before

  • HardyHarHar

    So you’re saying that crippling 2 good features with 1 enhancement is a good deal?
    Basically you’re sacrificing flashlight feature on a phone & video lighting for just a better photo on a night mode?

    lol! Good luck taking videos on your Xenon flash…

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  • damn that’s harsh man.lolz

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  • jag

    why is everyone complaining about this leaked info?? relax guys! you are looking into a not final version photo. reserve your complains when you see or held the final product.

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  • JG

    Pretty disappointing… why can’t Sony bring out the best of everything on a flagship phone? 2gb RAM and the competition will bring out 3gb RAM. I would like to go with the Z Ultra but it doesn’t have a flash. I’ve been expecting more out of the Honami, but to my dismay. It feels like the HOnami is an upgraded Xeria Z with better display and camera only. :(

  • Herman

    I’m a hobby photographer, not a hobby video producer.
    I’m sorry, but my comment was to elaborate on how I personally feel about it.

    Again personally, I don’t use a flashlight to look for stuff in the dark. I’ll just turn the lights on then. And I don’t shoot video nearly as much, even if I did I wouldn’t use the LED light. I never shoot video in the dark, even with an LED light it would come out poorly.

  • Ryan

    I think you guys are missing the point by Herman at the moment. Good technology is welcome, Sony stuff is even more welcome. But if you look back, you could see phones can have both Xenon and LED without sacrificing anything.

    So why the Honami, which is supposed to be superior in terms of photography, is letting go of the Xenon flash and still will charge people a hell lot of money!

  • Herman

    Thank you for understanding!

    – A previous SE K800i and Satio owner

  • Ashley Otu

    So what about hardware wise then, the latest processors and also the Walkman audio chip, and plus the Z had a audio chip, but people didn’t know much about that, and also better display and high water and dust proof compared to original Z, so if I was you how about you wait to Honami comes out and then decide which to go for, rather then criticize a product that not even released yet and also other than LG which other manufacturer has made a phone 3gb and yet other aspects it Doesn’t seem to be good, think about it, Samsung s4 came with octa core, and yet looked how that flopped, heating problems and battery problems, even to the point that they are not using their own chips any more, and they still loose out in benchmarks!

  • Ashley Otu

    Finally someone that seems to understand that actually the Honami is a one sony phone, and also I think its a a smartphone, not necessarily camera theme just improving their camera and all the flaws the original Z had, including the display and audio and waterproof and dust proof and plus if this is a Z refresh then the cost should not be any high or expensive once this phone is released :)!

  • Mac

    Yeah, but don’t forget SAAB, Zlatan, Peter Forsberg, Mats Sundin, the Sedin broders, Henrik Lundqvist, Nicklas Lidström, Marcus Näslund, Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Zara Larsson, ABBA, IKEA, Agnes Carlsson and Meatballs just 2 mention a bit more. ;)

  • josesl16

    But it’s already 5 inches, it’ll be bigger and thicker than the Z, based on the bezels alone(via ePrice, that is). And as for camera sensor, smaller is not better AFAIK. And 1020’s sensor is no rubbish. It has both quality, and numbers(oversampling~). I agree that smartphones is not all about camera, but who wouldn’t want an ‘awesomely-almost-DSLR-quality’ sensor in their phones? But I also agree, the 1020’s camera is bulging out too much, and the grip just made it uglier. Otherwise, Windows Phone doesn’t need a processor as fast as ones in Android, and it can compensate for the battery life because it’s screen is smaller(mind you, 4.5″ is around the sweet-spot of many people) and the resolution is lower anyway, so it arguably doesn’t have any useless improvements. But in the end, of course Honami will win, we’re all just hoping it will live up to the hype!

  • josesl16

    bomb Sony Mobile’s headquarters.(Or well, you know, throw rocks.)

  • josesl16

    But then it would be covered by when you’re holding it landscape, and that’s pretty annoying(at least for me). :|

  • josesl16

    Nope, just take it off dude, it’s just a pre-installed screen protector. Stick a new one, aand tada, a brand-new shining screen! Anyway, the shatter-proof plastic is just there to hold the glasses piece together in case they shattered, so it’s just a Z(and some phones?) thing.

  • Jin Liang

    Sam here, very sad about honami but interested in XZ Ultra now.

  • Izamanaick

    Is it just me or does that groove at the top of the back part of the phone look like a place to put your fingernail in and take the back cover off? BTW The headphone slot is at the top :D

  • Geoff

    more likely a Xenon flash with led for video – seems like the perfect phone to me, Z for sale anyone :)

  • Knightpt

    Don’t spread misinformation. That is NOT a screen protector, its a shatter proof plastic. It is NOT scratch resistant and it’s not a pre-installed screen protector at all, its just a laminated shatter proof piece of plastic that holds the glass together in case of a fall. Again, it’s NOT a pre-installed screen protector and you can’t just replace it. It’s not just an “xperia Z thing”, nearly all Xperia 2012, 2013 phones have it, and its NOT a screen protector. In case of Xperia Z if you remove that plastic you will even lose the SONY logo, it’s NOT a pre-installed screen protector.

  • Mac

    White screen when of 2? ;-)

  • Herman

    Trust me, the xenon flash is not likely anymore.
    We would’ve heard it in the leaked specsheet if it was available.
    The only time we heard about a xenon flash was when we were guessing what a cameraphone might offer.

  • YourDad

    The most narrow minded person and such a stupidest sony fanboy i’ve even seen.

  • Herman

    Thick bezels make it easier and more comfortable to hold.
    These aren’t too bad really.

  • mr trantastic

    Yeah, I’m sorely dissappointed with the the sensor size. Any camera with that small of a sensor size could only produce muddy noisefilled 20mp images. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the earlier rumor of 1/1.65 sensor.

  • Andrew Tan

    Stupid fans, you think it is great does not means everyone must follow your thought.

    Kind of silly you reply everyone that said this phone is not as great as it suppose base on current leak information.

    Wake up and be a normal life.

  • P9

    it’s really including in 2011 xperia family, u may new here. :/

  • atb

    If all specifications are true and it really dosnt matter if the Honami has a xenon flash a good flashligth is moore then good enough camera isnt everything but iam sure if sony show this phone on the ifa in Berlin and i hope they will then honami will wipe flour and all other android high end phones will be behind it in terms of camera and sound quality and ifen if the nokia luma 1020 have a better camera which is not proven yet the honami will anyway be the better phone in all other categories and i will by honami as they relaese it

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