Sony’s IFA 2013 press event taking place 4 September; Honami unveiling expected

by XB on 11th July 2013

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Sony IFA 2013Sony has confirmed details of its IFA 2013 press event, which will take place on Wednesday 4 September at 16.15 to 17.00 (CET). The IFA tradeshow is hosted in Berlin every year and is one of the largest of its kind. Whilst there is no official confirmation on the invite of what will be announced, the ‘Experience Flow’ graphic taken from Xperia wallpapers suggests new smartphones are pretty much a given.

Whilst Sony’s H2 flagship codenamed Honami is most likely to make an appearance, don’t expect this to be the only new phone to be announced. After all, let’s not forgot IFA 2012 where Sony announced four new handsets (Xperia J, Xperia T, Xperia TX, Xperia V) as well as the Xperia Tablet S. So mark the date in your diaries, just under two months to go.

Sony IFA 2013

Thanks Jason and Ramchand!


    that long :(

  • howard

    my guess: honami and a entry level phone between xperia E and xperia M

  • cp2020

    Honami come to mummy…

  • Kazuo Sat?

    Honami! to wait till September or get a ZR soon?
    I’ll try and hold out……..

  • Mohammed Khired

    Lumia 1020? came out today :)

    easy on me fan-boys :(

  • Guest
  • Mohammed Khired

    u already did :)

  • Kazuo Sat?


  • atsa

    honami will beat the crap out of lumia and haters will hate ..

  • faysal

    waiting to see how good the hanami will be.. if im not happy with it, xperia z ultra will be MINE!!!

  • the_black_dragon

    Hehehe and I’ll be there… touching it, petting it, trying it :D

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  • Gitarooman

    lets home that its announced and release a week later, not a month.

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  • (C):stem

    LOL I was checking the specs of the Lumia 1020, the processor is exactly the same as Xperia T, wich was introduced a year ago. Guess that the boys in Redmond need an updated calendar.

  • Muse

    1)Honami 2) New Walkman Phone 3) A flagship phone with a smaller footprint (This was the first rumor before honami took over the whole mill)

  • Jhonbert Magana

    And another two to three months to release? Or reach my country at least. -_-

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  • zero

    Doesn’t matter if the OS is optimized, we don’t need quad cores in phones.

  • (C):stem

    …Of course we don’t need them, I never said that. But check the real power of the processor. Xperia SP (wich I consider is a nice rival for Lumia 1020) also has a dual core processor but running at 1.7GHz and 320 of adreno graphics, I rather to have that, more speed at graphics renderization.

  • nidou bossy

    i want to bang Honami and use all kamasutra positions!

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Xperia Camera Add-Ons FTW!

  • Turki Saadi

    I would name it “tsonami”. Coz ithink it’ll be a big prob to other comps

  • jag

    Konami konami konami… It’s like the song in dance dance revolution.. Hehe

  • chris

    The thing about the 1020 is that it comes with six amazing zeiss lenses.

  • rey

    Xperia SP is still better than 1020 beside the camera..

  • HardyHarHar

    And stealing it and making an indepth review for us and returning it back :)

  • DragonClaw

    Yeah, This time there are chances that it will. Sony has shown some aggressiveness this time, which should reap them benefits. Also, we can hope that this phone will it the market pretty soon, contrary to what happened in the earlier years.

  • [A]dri[A]n

    Let’s just hope the Honami doesn’t over price itself out of competition.

  • Kathryn

    At least use the latest chipset. Using an old chipset that will turn out 2 years old in a few more months is pathethic. Nokia and Microsoft are pathetic.

  • JG

    Nice! I’m sooo excited!!!

  • P9

    experience the best of Sony in a cyber-shot smart phone.

    <3 xD

  • P9

    yep, new walkman phone will be successor of my xperia lww. :) just wait to see. <3

  • Tim

    Have been badly burnt twice by Sony (Ericsson). First the X10i and then the “flagship” Xperia S, that had me waiting for six month for an upgrade that screwed my phone big time.

    Sony can create a cure for world deseases. I would sure as hell don’t touch it.

  • Sadab Khan

    I wonder why sony is not following the same rule it followed about xperia z……beat others to the market…. Sony should announce xperia honami right away and start shipping it ASAP

  • boosook

    because the consequence is that the xperia Z has been released with a one year old chipset while the others launched with the newest chipset on the market, and sony only gained one month…

  • Nokia is WAY too comfortable with Microsoft and WP8, and that is not going to help them in the long run.

  • What the… Wait that sounds like a great idea!

  • The Lumia is probably going to lose out in gaming, and the pricing. Nothing beats a cheap and fast dual core with Adreno 320.

    Still, those who buy Lumia 1020 will probably be taking pictures more often than not. Why else will they buy a Windows Phone with a huge camera sensor and a tiny number of apps?

    PS Trying to keep this a balanced argument.

  • Orbis

    Hopefully the Honami will comes with Walkman audio chip as well.

  • 321

    LOLzzz Be real stupid

  • My guesses:
    1. You have reading difficulties.
    2. You are a troll.
    3. You upvoted your own comment.

    Xperia Blog is NOT for you. Get out of here before disaster strikes!

  • Nokia has some awesome cameras, as for software well… it runs Windows. Damn!

  • surethom

    Lets hope Sony finally uses a LARGE battery 3000 or greater, with LARGE camera sensor & a xenon flash is a must, then this might be my next phone (dislike my Xperia S with a passion)

    Cybershot phone Yes Please

  • surethom

    Its sony I bet they will over price it but hope not, I want a true Android Camera phone WITH Xenon flash

  • surethom

    Front facing speakers please, speaker on the back is a very bad design.

  • razec

    Those are a combination of glass elements , not lens. it’s frustrating that the tech mass media is too ignorant for these differences =_=

  • the_black_dragon

    *dreamin* :D

  • nidou bossy

    hahaa, you couldn’t agree more :D

  • wick

    its honami lol!

  • wick

    Honami will make lumia look like a trash

  • faysal

    thanks.. didnt even see that :)

  • Herman

    That’s like saying:
    “My car is faster than your airplane without its engines”.

  • (C):stem

    lol wut? Keeping a balanced argument? I don’t know what you mean. If you see my posts, I never said a quad core (or even eight core) processor was needed it, as zero suggested. I only criticized the speed of the processor since the begining of the discussion. If I mentioned that the guys at Redmond need an updated calendar is because I can’t understand how they put a 41 Megapixels camera with a dual core processor with a nice speed but 225 of adreno graphics, when SONY did that with the Xperia T since a year ago. My point then is that SONY has a one year advantage. OK, the Xperia T has a great performance but the specs. are a year old, that wouldn’t be a problem for me but there are people who demand a new and powerful hardware on their handsets. Fine, we don’t need a quadcore processor, but, once again, a dual core processor with 320 of adreno graphics (like the XSP) would be so great (even the rumored Moto X Phone is told to have that processor) and also would catch the attention of people seriously. Yeah, we can argument “this phone is mainly for people who pretend to be…. ehem, who are photographers, so is perfect for them” but this is NOT a camera for professional photographing, and soon or later you’ll use it also for other tasks. How much optimized is Windows Phone to handle all the demands of people? apps, messaging, gaming, social networks, taking pictures, listening to music…

    In my country, for example, I don’t see people using the Nokia Lumia flagships, instead of that, I’ve seen people using their entry level phones. People here prefer to get a horrible samsung flagship, Xperia phones (in all classes) or LG phones.

  • roeshak

    What a lot of the people dissing the lumia 1020 don’t understand is that processing specs don’t sell phones. If they did, HTC wouldn’t be in the position of terminal decline that there are in.
    We really don’t need quad-core chips in smartphones. Games run better on the iPhone than they do on any android device.
    What Nokia has done with the 1020 is give buyers a phone they’ll enjoy using. Photography in our present day, has become the past time if many. The only thing that’ll stop the 1020 being a runaway success is its OS. If I was to be critical of anything of its hardware, it’ll be the absence of a full hd display and smallish battery but then I remind myself that to keep its price competitive, they couldn’t overload it.
    I really hope honami’s camera can at least hold its own against the 1020. I don’t expect it to bea. It, just stay in touching distance.
    I also thought honami might be that tsunami that sweeps everything in its path but Nokia have killed that off now.
    It looks like the main battle for smartphone supremacy is now contested in H2. H1 phones look like a lower category of devices in comparison. It’s going to be a very crowded space with Nokia, Sony, Apple, Samsung, HTC and LG all launching this September.
    Don’t forget the moto x and nexus 5.
    Lets remove the HTC butterfly S from that list. I really don’t thing a 5 inch htc one with the same 4mp camera could compete in that crowd. I think HTC is approaching a time of great upheaval. They can’t survive much longer if things carry on as they are.

  • The thing about the 1020 is that it runs Windows Phone 8. If only it ran Android…

  • Read my comments again. I own the Xperia SP and Iove the Adreno 320. Just saying…

  • Games DO NOT run better on the iPhone than Android devices. Sure launchers might have a little bit of lag but games run SMOOTHLY with BETTER GRAPHICS on HIGHER RESOLUTIONS. I have devices running both iOS and Android far longer than you do, eg. iPod Touch 2G and Nexus One

    Honami is probably not competing against the 1020 or S4 Zoom. It is more of a multi-purpose device with a better than normal camera.

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  • Bader Aljedei

    sony never put to much in their devices, they will just add more “MP” with this honami to get more money,
    as they did with their camcorders line (CX700 AND CX760) they just`d added an extra 8 MP to the software and asking for $1500 !

    that what sony cares about, just see PS3 AND PS4 differences !

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  • Red Salmon

    What are you talking about?
    Firstly, I do not think that it’s him who has the reading difficulties, but you. Secondly, you’re an idiot. Thirdly, you cannot decide whether Xperia Blog isn’t for him. Only he has the power to do so. Fourthly, he was guessing what he thought was going to be unveiled at IFA 2013, nothing else.

  • Replies don’t get anymore intelligent than this.

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