Album update (6.3.A.0.10) allows you to hide pictures from grid and “Select all” added

by XB on 12th September 2014

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Album 6.3.A.0.10_3A new update to Sony’s Album application is currently rolling which brings a few small additions. First of all, you now have an option to hide pictures from the grid as well as the top ribbon. There is also now an option to “Select all”, a simple but important feature that has been missing up until now.

The other main addition is that within PlayMemories Online, favourites and rotation will also now work. The update has been released across a number of Sony Xperia devices, so check out the “Update Center” app. If you haven’t received it, you can download the APK below.

DOWNLOAD: Album (6.3.A.0.10) [Thanks Desean!]

Album 6.3.A.0.10_1 Album 6.3.A.0.10_2

Album 6.3.A.0.10_3

Album 6.3.A.0.10_4 Album 6.3.A.0.10_5

Thanks to all that sent this in!

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