Honami pictures leak again – looks like the real deal

by XB on 23rd July 2013

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Honami_1The next Sony Xperia flagship will be codenamed ‘Honami’. Some have pointed to the phone being a refresh of the Xperia Z and judging by the leaked pictures below, you can see why. With a number of renders and fan-made concepts flying around the place, it can be tricky sorting out the genuine leaks. However, these new pictures look like the real deal.

They bear resemblance to the last set of photos we saw, but the aluminium frame has now been tinted black (much the same as the black version of the Xperia SP or Xperia Z Ultra). The huge speaker grill is at the bottom and there is a dedicated camera button, as per the previous leak. The placement of the camera lens and LED flash also match the ePrice leak from last week. We’ll bring you more news as we have it.

Sony Honami rumoured specifications

5-inch 1080p AH-IPS with “Triluminous”
1/2.3-inch 20.6MP Exmor RS BSI sensor
28mm equivalent Sony G lens
LED flash
16GB internal storage with microSD
Snapdragon 800 at 2.25GHz
3030mAh battery
~9mm thickness





Via Gadget Helpline.

Thanks Max!

  • Herman

    It looks amazing, if real!

    Though I’d be a bit more sceptical about it. Remember that “Xperia Nexus leak” from a while back?
    The glass in the last image looks extremely reflective in the bottom right corner. It looks odd.
    And the screen on the first image looks different from anything we’ve seen. As if it’s not really a screen.

    That, and the dust looks a little overdone in the last image. Why wouldn’t one just wipe the back before taking the image? All photos look as if the photographer has taken the time for them. The amount of dust on the front and back is extreme.

  • Carljn

    I think it’s a dummy. A sticker on the front and probably a plastic layer on the back that isn’t quite on in the corner. But it looks great nonetheless!

  • faysal

    idk what to think of this… just have to wait and see. probably get the z ultra.

  • MrWest

    Looks great, but i really wanted aluminium.

  • Herman

    Get the Z Ultra if you want a tablet experience and have wide pants.
    Get the Honami if you want a great camera experience.

  • Feanor

    More of a top shelf smartphone than a dedicated cameraphone and that is good so.

  • rggths

    Whats up with the right corner in the last pic?

  • John

    Hmm.. 22 of July. First picture.. What do you guys think? Final build going into the release of the 4th of September?

  • Xenon?

    Wasn’t it rumored to have Xenon flash as well?

  • joker_lol

    Obviously you’re biased towards Honami!

  • ceiling

    Reflection of ceiling light

  • Tangent Lin

    I still prefer the Xperia Z design.

  • faysal

    i want an tablet and a new phone.. but i also want an amazing sound phone and a great cam.. i mgiht just get both..

  • Oasis

    So disappointed, these concepts are much better!


    please let the bezel and size be identicle to the xperia z or z ultra i don’t want thicker

  • Oasis

    Xperia Walkman, just awesome!!!

  • Babylonbwoy

    Looking at the fingerprints we can say it’s really a sony mobile! When they going to do something about that ?! Strange that I’m not impressed by this photos, we have wait longtime and lots of hope in this devices but…

  • Oasis

    what a creative, different and smart.

  • Herman

    Tell me.
    How am I biased?

    They’re both great in their own way.

  • Herman

    Nope, it’s what we were hoping. No real rumours have ever mentioned a xenon flash.

  • are you guys DUMB or something? THIS IS A FAKE.

  • Herman

    Either get the Z Ultra and be happy with its camera (the only downside in my opinion) or I’d suggest you get the Honami and the new Nexus 7. Because that will be my combo.

    I love my Xperia S and 1st gen Nexus 7 already.

  • hans

    Well if it really comes with 3000mah battery, i really don’t mind about the bezel. Used to my Razr Maxx so such an excuse for large battery is acceptable in my book ;)

  • afzal

    The lens circle more bigger then current xperia z had. Looking fowards with the final units to see its performs in photography. Well no need a look like camera hump back to create illusion. :-)

  • zl user

    OMFG! 144mm? Holy shit! that too long.

  • daniel

    But sony also promising a new type of led flash that is 3x stronger

  • Michael Hofmann

    Apart from the aluminium band, this looks like a step back in design from Sony. Although this sets up the 2014 flagship nicely.

  • SonyFan

    THis looks amazin…small bezels…

  • SonyFan


  • SonyFan

    Xperia Ray 2 ?

  • Andre Candido

    Sony uses OmniBalance this year, it will not change the design so the Honami would not flee the design of Xperia Z.

  • cherry

    “with great power comes great telco carrier bill”

  • Aaron

    Again, that’s what she said. :D

  • W

    That screen doesn’t look like a Triluminos for one. The overall design looks better in these pics than those extacted from system dump files but this looks more sturdy/strong than beautiful. I am more excited about new the Walkdroid phone.

  • jgjjj

    wow xperia z looks mucchhhhhh muchhh muchh better
    what a ugly phone

  • cleverthansony

    I can do two 5 inc phone with this frame. No walkman chip and no xenon flash and meanless frame

  • Mac

    If it end up like this I will never buy it, the Z is 2 big! So why wasting another bad ass phone in that area? U want a big f**king phablet then stick 2 ur Z or buy the ZU, Honami must be like ZL or ZR in overall-size.

    Said it before and say it again, 4.6″ with thin bezels and not tall as fuck. or 5″ bezel less!

  • BJ

    Improvement for the heck of it. (Looks like). Disappointed.. Was expecting something remarkable from the Legendary portfolio of SONY.

  • cp2020

    Looks real actually, but that bezel at the bottom…shockingly huge. Is there a parachute hidden in there or what?

  • surethom

    Way to Large 4.6″ screen would make the phone much more usable.

  • Kenn Do

    What kind of design like this speaker is it? OMG so terrible =.=” I feel a little bit disappointed.

  • agree


  • danirl

    A same feedback when xperia sp leaked out. Never judge design when its still in demo units.

  • fried_egg

    looks like my next phone, however its going to get an october/november release, and so far from being ahead of the curve, with snapdragon 800 S4’s already rumoured to be on their way, it will actually be “old” by then. ramp it up sony, get it out in september.

  • atWidget

    Well, the Honami is just the famous XZ with S800….

  • EliasAlucard

    I say fake, since it seems to lack the Xenon flash. Good to have the
    camera button back though, if it’s real. I don’t understand why Sony
    omitted that in Xperia Z. Stupid decision. Oh and removable battery
    would be nice.

  • Sami Dawood

    HTC Butterfly S:
    144.5 x 70.5 x 10.6 mm

  • zl user


  • Sami Dawood

    Xperia Honami Rumor:

    144 x 73.9 x 8.3 mm

  • Ruan Rezende

    Huge borders…huge borders everywhere! =/
    Hope it’s fake, because I was expecting a more beautiful device coming from Sony!

  • zymo

    So Honami is not the camera smartphone we were waiting for, but just an updated Xperia Z with beefed-up SoC and camera. Okay, now where’s that damn real Xperia Cybershot with a monstrous sensor and Xenon flash?!

  • roeshak

    Those are some really thick bezels.
    Not liking this design at all. Think I’ll be waiting 2014 before I move from the Z.

  • Railwayman

    The Galaxy S 4 GT-i9506 is not a “Honami killer”. It is rather desperate by Samsung to make the fragmentation even worse: now there are THREE different CPUs in the S 4 and then at least SIX(!) incompatible versions (GT-i9500, GT-i9505, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon) now to be followed by Korean S 800 and then the i9506 – that is EIGHT(!!) different versions of the product – all incompatible. It is just a horrible implementation regardless of what CPU Samsung is using; it is just a mess for development.

    Honami on the other side is ONE product with some alterations of the radio (like the Xperia Z and ZU et al) that offer full ROM compatibility. So it doesn’t matter what Samsung is doing with the S 4, Honami is a better device with the S 800 since it is standardized and offer an attractive package (holistic viewpoint).

    I think the Honami on the pictures is an early prototype and that the basic design will be there. I can discern a Xenon flash to the right of the camera when looking closely so it seems to match the white version; it looks fugly though because of the prototype state. The dummy theory is plausible too.

    I expect it to look like the Xperia Z with aluminum sides since Sony is pushing that design hard over the whole product line.

    To me, it stands between the Honami or the Z Ultra. If the new Sony add-on camera is being introduced in September, it is possible that I will swing towards the Ultra. Another thing is that I really hope that Honami will get the same digitizer as the big brother in order to enable flexible stylus control. It would make it even more attractive.

    I can’t see any viable competitors to the Honami just yet. The S 4 is a failure because of fragmentation and a lot of carrier alterations. The LG G2 is subjected to locked bootloader (very probable) and carrier alterations (like the Optimus G). Honami on the other hand is a standardized device, which will receive great developer support (standardization etc is important for ROM development – especially AOSP and CM etc). I am using the PAC ROM on my Z today and is planning to use it on the Honami or Z Ultra too.

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  • zl user

    OMFG! Xperia Honami is uglier, FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!

  • Finally a Sony phone with a great battery.

  • Yasir Fawad

    will say it again its bumped up Xperia Z. the real flagship to debut in 2014.

  • Vp

    Wow with the speaker!

  • spade

    so,,its real, glass panel on the back…………disappointed though :/

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  • danielx

    Get a life dude….

  • Carl

    That’s Sony for you. Every flagship has to take something from the iPhone . . .

  • x-hunter

    Designing the look must following the hardware placement inside the device. Not just puting a small bazel small form factor for the exterior purpose only. Plus we never seen how big the chip for walkman chip, bionz image processor ( if its not a software ) , bettery sizes and others parts to create “hinomi” and pre-judging demo units looks so an epic failed. just waited for official release then we can judge.

  • afzal

    Iphone design inspired by sony design concept. So iphone also taking something from sony. ” the look”

  • Makiz

    And yes it will still carry the crappy Anti-Shatter film on both sides….. @#$^#@#

  • honami

    Its a disappointment if thats what it looks like!

  • disappointed

    The bezzel on the bottom is way too large! Maybe theres a buit-in airbag into it?

  • Sphyro

    the spec is perfect for me !! … for those who thinks about the thick bezel and design is dissapointed i suggest u guys to make ur own phone :) … its hard dude to arrange those SoC like we desire … every design phone that been create by their own designer is always the best choice and easy for the engineer to install those soc component :) btw they still manage to create a good exclusive design :)

    cant wait to see this beast on IFA wish there is metallic gun black aluminium body version O_O

  • sonya

    I prefer this one

  • jokensy

    People are hating on this phone because they’ve already bought the Xperia Z and when they found out that it’s actually a piece of crap and that this one has BETTER features,they are regretting they’ve spent so much money for nothing!

  • thepanttherlady

    I have the XZ but no hate here. I knew the Honami was coming and will be getting it when released. :)

  • Drizzle

    Bezels for days… lol.

  • Drizzle

    You lucky dog ;)

  • igel

    the camera-lens is so small – i bet that phone can´t make those photos you expect from a 20 MP phone!! but i like the dedicated camerabutton ;-)

  • Billy de Fretes

    yep.. still better than this leak

  • Billy de Fretes

    wow..if these concept are real, it will be the best sony xperia ’till today

  • Billy de Fretes

    you must be new born baby … steve jobs admit that apple design for iphone is from sony

  • Billy de Fretes


  • cleverthansony

    i dont think so. but i hope its fake. because so ugly!

  • Babylonbwoy

    What make you say that ? Explain, otherwise it’s just speculations again…

    It’s not because we don’t find it appealing that it’s a fake obligated

  • Babylonbwoy

    Here’s what the source article says about camera (always read the sources peoples!) :

    Our tipster wasn’t able to confirm whether the rear camera is indeed a 20 megapixel sensor, noting that the camera software is far from final and the resolution settings were missing!

    So the guys had it in his hands…

  • daviddang

    beautiful phone but the biggest problem is the freaking bezel size! >< why doesn't sony see that every large phone manufacturer is moving towards thin bezels

  • AA

    I really don’t like on-screen buttons.

  • AA

    I really don’t like on-screen buttons.

  • Andrew Tan

    Z is far better. This honami look horrible thick bezel and bulky.

    All elegance of Z is gone here.

  • Johny

    This is a good but very ugly phone … I’m no longer interested in Honami, go to GT-I9506 ….

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  • jokensy

    The design is the ONLY good thing about the Xperia Z. Other than that it’s just a crappy phone.

  • jokensy

    This speaker is going to put the Htc One and its ‘BOOM’ sound to shame!

  • Well that’s a huge upgrade in the looks department…..

  • maria

    Yup… Same goes to nxt line up, arc line up and now omnibalance. Sony always had attn to stick with one concept but expand on sizes and futures. IF honami come out with diff design it will be weird unless the same concept design apply in a few device. So they will be a new line up for 2014. Just like summer couture collection.

  • shayan gozarabadi

    i want this sooo bad…seems so perfect to me

  • Gabriel J. Santos

    This would be perfect.

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  • roeshak

    A very stupid thing to say

  • hash

    I was expecting a beautiful yet a little bit different design.. but nooo … gona follow the samsung line now… make every phone alike !!! disappointing looks!

  • désigne

    Sony Plz changer le désigne

  • yus

    so you think this concept is better than thier’s? you mad bro?

  • yus

    looks rubbish to me. sorry

  • yus

    this one ok than others. lol

  • osamaH Al-Amri

    It’s not ugly.. IT’s just that the space under the screen is too large!!

  • omniscient

    It’s not a fake, trust me.

  • paul4id

    To think that back in the day the competition couldn’t come close to Sony Ericsson designs. What has gone wrong? They need to look to the past for some inspiration.

  • SonyBoy

    Dream on.

  • Joe

    It’s the real thing, and it’s dead heavy.

  • [A]dri[A]n

    Dat bezel -.-

  • AA

    I think the same.

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  • feres13

    The GS4 is around 136mm tall, and the Xperia ZL is around 131mm, and looking at the almost bezelless LG G2 all i cas say is that i’m dissapointed, not to mention that the Honami is not only taller than these olther 5″ phones but also much wider!

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  • shnam

    But … But I wanted this one:

  • nidou bossy

    you’re going to the ugliest and Sony design is always the best!!!

  • nidou bossy

    something from ur ASS!

  • Finnt

    No. I understand about the bezels. A small bezel with great battery is currently a no-go.

  • mama

    Almost as ugly as the galaxy phones.

  • sfordesign

    yup, just like how sony’s 2012 phones with 12/13 megapixels taking absolutely crappy photos

  • sfordesign

    not ugly, but just boring and repeated design for a new flagship phone

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  • kazuki

    what happened to xenon flash?

  • honamifail

    de bezel at de bottom is jst pocket fr gals to keep dere makeup and guys to put der condoms….:D.

  • Nokianss

    News On July 24, 2013 : goo .gl/OSocqz


  • JG

    I would love this phone, if this is Honami.

  • duku

    I never believed that the honami concepts will be real by this year. Expecting these concepts to be real by 2014 with a new refreshing sony design.

  • Verrayne

    I love your picture :D

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  • Zaryab

    Wheres the Xenon Flash ??//
    Its not honami :/

  • Zaryab

    It seems Fake
    Honami is to come up with Xenon + Led flash ..
    The pictures tells that its 20 mp with LED flash :/
    Xenon is nowhere to be found in these pics

  • atb

    yes you rigth i saw it also its just rigth beside the camera lens man i like you comment

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  • naru

    Advanced High Performance IPS, its the newest gen of ips display. finally a newer display.

  • Babylonbwoy

    I have XT, XZ and XTZ, I’m happy with all and no regret (all with no contract and unlocked), also I was planning to get Honami but will wait for final product with professional official quality photos to make a decision…

  • Babylonbwoy
  • ffs

    FFS we’ve know it won’t have a xenon flash for a while now.

  • rigelt

    LOL, I thought the same. Seems like we need to dream on just another year…

  • I love yours too!

  • Mustafa

    Honami large phone display space is already a great following in the same way the top of a very large part of the expected wide left in the bottom of the phone hardware is not as good as what you should be fine Although additional aesthetic

  • Izamanaick

    Xperia TZ? What phone is that? Or do you mean Xperia TX?

  • ffs

    FFS we’ve know it won’t have a xenon flash for a while now.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Tablet Z, will be careful next time ;)

  • gfd

    I wanna cry man

  • Manningham

    Anyone with an xperia Z have a solution for keeping the glass clean? A spray coating or something to combat dust??

    The phone capabilities sound amazing, but I don’t think I can live with a phone that is grimy and gross..

  • thepanttherlady

    I have a phantomskinz body shield on mine. Just upgraded the screen protector to an oleophobic glass one from brando. Love it. Best investment I’ve made.

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  • jim

    whys the power button at the botom??

  • SonyFan

    why u asking me?

  • Bader Aljedei

    so no xenon flash and no walkman chip !

    well done stupid sony !

  • Nebu


  • Nebu

    This concept is Awesome !!!!!!

  • Jaafar

    What’s the point of having such camera without a god damn xenon flash?! that was the whole point of the Honami! I’m sorry Sony, I was looking forward to buy the phone (currently owning an Xperia T), but with no Xenon flash I’ll prebabely go with a Lumia 1020.

  • momoookkk

    this one is EPIC!!

  • momoookkk

    this one is EPIC!!

  • momoookk


  • momoookk


  • aaron

    Never go full retard

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