Xperia Z Ultra to launch in Taiwan by the end of July

by XB on 23rd July 2013

in Xperia Z Ultra

Xperia Z Ultra TaiwanThe 6.44-inch Sony Xperia Z Ultra is expected to land in Taiwan by the end of this month. The official launch event took place earlier today and Sony confirmed that the HSPA+ version will come with a RRP of NT$22,900 (£499, €581, $767). This is cheaper than how much it will go for in Hong Kong.

Only the black and white models will launch first, the purple SKU is expected in September. Pre-orders open on 24 July and there’s some great pre-order goodies including a magnetic charging dock and leather case. We have also seen some reports that the Xperia Z Ultra is heading to India by the end of the month, based on this listing by Saholic, if this is true, expect other retailers to announce their plans soon.

  • Sand

    Fix Jelly Bean bugs for Xperia S? Acro S? Ion?



  • SamsungFanBoy

    all we know xperia s is the crapiest phone Sony ever made, poor camera focus, photos and video, late in updates.. Buy a Samsung or an iPhone.. You will never get disapointed..
    Buy a Bravia, buy a Vaio, but never buy Sony phones man..

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Xperia S owners – please don’t post your frustration here, this is NOT official Sony website !!
    Try to understand.

  • SlenderrMan

    I Will never buy another sony phone again until them give us the fucking bug fixes for xperia s ;/

  • Jhonbert Magana

    Be happy with what you have, because if a bug fix is actually coming, we’re just going to havve another bug. Who knows if that’ll be worse than what we have now. #justsonythings :v

  • samsungshit

    and yeah, you spend time visiting xperiablog. hahahaha

  • Ray

    You just came out from cave.

  • Billy de Fretes

    i already have iphone since original iphone until iphone 4s .. to be honest, only sony can match iphone in terms of class and quality.. before iphone released i’ve been using sony ericsson. late updates? that’s old story because 2013 handset getting update fast. video? poor focus? even compare to iphone who cannot play lots of video format by default?

    the best thing from iphone is application from app store. others than that no..

    samsung? i love some of galaxy features but not with design and ui ..

    fyi, my current phone is xperia Z and i’m really proud with my choice leave my iphone

  • Billy de Fretes

    just go ask directly to not here.

  • Julio Spinoza

    I am more than happy with my xperia z, great phone, desing UI and to be honest, the part i dont like about it sometimes is the screen, but I am waiting for Honami. BTW finally Sony is getting up to date with the software updates

  • TimAhKin

    I have my Xperia T since october 2012. The phone is great. No problems so far whatsoever. I’ve got lots on updates since then, including JB update and many update fixes. My previous phone was Sony Ericsson w800i that lasted like 9 years.

    You based your argument on what?

    And it’s all YOU know not all we know. All you know it’s s$$t it seems.

  • daniel

    As long no s-bom attached. xperia s should be just fine now. How hard to accepted xperia s already a year+ device and most of it already being root and had fun modding it. I guess most complaining comes from a user bond with a telco contract i assume.

  • Cristi13

    The problem is that even on their official website they don’t fucking respond to us.

  • Cristi13

    Even there, they do not respond!!!

  • m sacha

    so what makes you think they’ll respond here douchbag

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Its Coming to India On 31st July !!!!

  • Cristi13

    First of all, you didn’t have to call me a douchebag. Second of all, no “xperia s owner” didn’t post his “frustration” before this guy posted his comment. You are becoming just like all these, going around saying “don’t post anything here bad about sony, gtfo” and calling people douchebags. Complaining about the complainers, inception too much?

  • Agu Lamon

    yeah I hate samsung but at least i agree with him, Sony’s smartphones have a magnificent design but just that. no wow factor, less creative features.

  • m sacha

    first of all, lol, if you can read i actually wasn’t complaining, i was merely asking you what you will get out of complaining here if sony themselves don’t listen to your pathetic whining, learn to read you illiterate fool

  • Tim Fook

    Hey, you could at least be nice to the guy and tell him to shut up.
    We all got our good days and bad days at work, we don’t have to make this site our outlet.

    oh look at that, I made a comment without resorting to name calling!

  • m sacha

    but im not a nice guy, so im not going to pretend being one….

  • Marshall

    I can’t wait till this monster hit the shelfs in España.

  • Jason Bailey

    Damn at least then it may get into the hands of reviewers and someone can do a proper review, especially concerning the battery life!!!

  • Now a days most of the thread I open, the first comment is for NOT to complaint about Xperia S.
    Let them complaint or not complaint .. what’s the problem.. do you end up reading more comments then you should for the day that doesn’t concern you??
    Free world, lets keep it like that!!

  • Nokianss

    News On July 24, 2013 : goo .gl/OSocqz

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