Sony Honami passes through the FCC

by XB on 28th July 2013

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wpid-Honami-FCC-labelThe upcoming Sony Honami flagship has had various leaks up until now, despite the formal unveiling not expected to take place until 4 September at IFA.  We now have a good idea of what the phone looks like along with some of the new camera features. Well the handset has passed through the FCC,  with the documents showing the Honami codename littered throughout. There are no pictures of the device itself as a Sony confidentiality request applies until 30 September.  The documentation confirms Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0 support. See some images from the FCC documents below.





Via FCC.

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • som


  • cowface


  • dancress

    putting those ugly CE numbers and stuff on the SIM tray is clever.

  • faysal

    they done the same with xperia z ultra… keeps the phone clean and nice looking.

  • gt510

    but not with xperia z :( damn!

  • Ethan McLads

    Already excited…

  • Kenn Do

    Good that what i want (y)

  • SonyFan

    Fuck you SONY, this phone is fucking too long, it also longer than my dick, i’m so fucking sad now!

  • lovebmw

    The usual, no LTE 17, so I guessed right, we won’t see this in the USA before March. Again letting go of the most important market. USA

  • lovebmw

    You must be….. Not going to say it.

  • USA x.x

    USA isn’t important. ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo and Sony became successful without significant US presence.

  • dig bick

    dude, you’ve got a short dick i see. LOLOLOLOL

  • Tech Gospel next!!!! :D

  • Yoda

    Eat more Protein, you must.
    Dick grow longer than phone, you will.

  • ?

    Protein is for growing muscles though, not penises.

  • :)

    That means your dick is around 13-14 cm. That’s ok don’t listen to them.

  • P9

    awesome, looking forward to see the super nice quality camera & speaker(s)

  • P9

    not just a codename, It’s also great if the device actually named xperia honami, or another nice name.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Would like to see something like Nokia 5210, a consolidated Xperia that can fall without beeing scared for broking it all the time, or if you sit on it (it can happens in back pocket), etc. Of course dust and water proof too.

  • Red Salmon

    Dude, everything is longer than your dick. Calm down.

  • bimmersonygasm

    Yes but it sucks for us here in the us

  • x

    well played sony

  • dickless Salmon

    wow, your dick is even shorter than an eraser? COOL! GOOD TO KNOW~

  • fried_egg

    americans want to have it first, but they are not going to their networks and demanding it. until they do, it isnt getting a serious push.

  • jake

    Ur dick is not even 15cm ? you are below average .

  • spade

    LOL, the most ridiculous statement ever XD

    PS. This phone has nothing to do with your d!ck

  • xapple

    Thanks apple for that.

  • cowface

    Was your dick made by Sony? If not, then it has no relevance to the discussion.

  • cowface

    To a galaxy far, far away must you fuck off back to, Yoda!

  • cowface

    ‘Ur’ intelligence and wit is well below average, though (do you even have 15 brain cells??)…everyone has their deficiencies, Jake.

  • BLubb

    The Penis is a muscle.

  • Guest

    Am I missing something? Isn’t the FCC a US Agency. Also isn’t LTE 17 the same as LTE 1700 MHz?

  • Dr. Jekyll

    Penis is not a muscle but composed of tissue.

  • naru

    So we will see the Honami before 30/9/13! can’t wait Sony! Great job.

  • Schwupp

    WAIT! Where is the dedicated Camerabutton?!

  • Romain

    Well it’ll work just fine on T-Mobile’s LTE Band 4, and HSDPA otherwise. Go blame AT&T for their stupid phone choices instead. They turned down both the Xperia Z/ZL and Honami this year. In glad actually, then I can buy them unlocked rather than them being carrier exclusives like the TX, as I’ll never in my life give AT&T a single cent.

  • Ashraf Nabil

    when xperia will release walkman phone with great sound quality and 2 speakers as w995

  • JG

    Another samsung fan…

  • Ray

    And you should consume vitamin B, vitamin C, minerals calcium, magnesium and zinc for brain growth.

  • Billy de Fretes

    Well , as you can see, there’s no power button and volume button.. It’s only showing for FCC placing

  • Billy de Fretes

    Large sensor, bionz hardware, chip for sound, g lens, better power management… The best android smartphone

  • Bro Steve

    News of Gadget and technology (July 29, 2013) : goo .gl/HYZAby


  • GraphiteEdge

    Are you guys seriously having an argument about what penises are made of? Lol this is worse than tumblr. :P

  • josesl16

    “We now have a good idea of what the phone looks like….”
    Uhh… How? O.o

  • Barack

    WTF? How the hell can you compare these brands to Sony? So stupid man, ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo are from China, No wonder if chinese brand will be successful without US.

    Sorry but Just because you guys think like this that’s why Sony can’t even win Apple and Samsung.

  • Guest

    As an AT&T user with a ZL, I know I’m paying more than I probably should be, but damn am I happy with the user experience.

  • sid

    What about Motorola Mobility of USA who closed its business in Middle east, south & south-east Asia which is the biggest market (=4*USA market) in the world.

  • bimmersonygasm

    Are you getting AT&T LTE with the ZL?

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  • smartperson666

    Uhh, pictures of it leaked, that’s how. -_-

  • westdubcity

    OMG finally! Rogers had better pick this one up with all 3 LTE bands and 2 – 3G Bands. ohhohhhhh then tension and wait for a super sony phone (thats water proof) is finally comming to an end.

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  • InspectorGadget80

    HOW BOUT A RELEASE DATE PLEASE or at least a press conference

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