New Xperia S update coming in the form of 6.2.B.1.XX

by XB on 1st August 2013

in Firmware, Xperia S

Xperia SBack in June, we reported of a new Sony Xperia S (LT26i) firmware update that was rumoured to arrive in early July. Well obviously that did not come to pass, but apparently a new update is still on the agenda for Xperia S/SL owners. Sony pretty much confirmed as much on the official support forums, saying that it will have build version number 6.2.B.1.XX. There’s no ETA for the update, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

Xperia S update

Thanks Volkan!

  • eyhujk

    Hope it fixes the 1080 recording lag :)

  • Colby Leong

    REJOICE XPERIA S OWNERS!!!! Your phones are almost there

  • Diogo Simões


  • help less here:-(

    I have xperia z c6602 i m still on 4.1.2 ,,, 253 version.i use all things sus,pc bt when i conect my phone with emma its show my phone locked .can i use sony flash tool too update any one help me plzzzzzzzz

  • cachanilla86

    Just use the Flashtool

  • Lucian

    Damn, I got notification of your tweet and saw only “new Xperia s update” and thought its already out…

  • help less here:-(

    Is it offically update?? Or root my phone .even emma shows my phone locked

  • MrWest

    Praise the Lord!

  • Christian Maiwald

    Too late Sony. Gave it back to my provider and had a casback. :D
    There is no place for a Sony smartphone in my house….

  • george

    u don’t need to be rooted, it’s just a stock rom, u can flash it.. even if your bootloader is locked

  • Aokde Gharra

    if there’s no place for a sony smartphone in your house, and this blog deals mainly with sony smartphones’ news, why would you bother and enter this website? hell, why would you bother read the article and even make a comment? sometimes people amaze me.

  • Christian Maiwald

    Cuz i had SXS and came often on this site and I’d like to share my thoughts ;)

    Additinally i have malicious pleasure by seeing all those ppl. crying about their sony phone and their missing updates. :D

  • Aokde Gharra


  • Sand

    Dont forget volume up bug, focus issues, battery and lot of others… :)

  • Christian Maiwald

    Alright xD

  • Christian Maiwald

    And btw guys it is ur own fault for buying phones with a bad update service. Just my opinion. Maybe u shouldn’t support companies with this kind of attitude.

  • Sand

    Congratulations dude! (y)

  • Christian Maiwald

    focus issues were already a problem under Gingerbread… I don’t think that they will fix it.

  • lzmax

    we are ok with sony if you don’t like it then don’t buy it.

  • Christian Maiwald

    You are welcome ;)

  • SeaTHX

    You would be amazed of how far Sony come since the release of Xperia Z…alot of updates

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Well, I never had any problems with it…

  • Christian Maiwald

    With “we” you mean “all of you”, am i right? There is no way that I would believe you. ;)

  • SonySux

    kkkk you are kidding me guy? Just make a video recording, if it dont lose the focus at least one time then you dont own a xps xD

  • Christian Maiwald

    I believe you the XZ is a cool phone, but what i read on xda was a bit terrifying. First: Some bricks after an update and second, the smartphone was not in all cases waterproven and the owners had no
    deferred asset of guaranty :(

  • Christian Maiwald

    I had alway problems with it when there was just low light

  • Asad Ahmed

    i’m too satisfy with current update program now it is fast enough

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Oh, on video… It loses focus, but I only lost it when I was shaking constantly, and a lot… Except for that, pretty good for me… When steady, it takes a few seconds to focus, but after that, smooth.

  • yuskhayru

    whow is the lord?

  • Christian Maiwald

    This announcement made my little heart dancing :D

  • honami

    who cares about S – give us honami

  • Beniamin Florin Copoiu

    Astepta mult si bine :-J

  • Dávid Hack Turcmanovi?

    Hope sony add stamina mode

  • ???????

    720 too

  • Sand

    Hope Sony give us Cybershot (just a dream) hahaha

  • Semo Koda

    i really hope they don’t forget the Acro S phone for software update … fixing the wifi bug and video lagging :((((

  • cachanilla86

    Emma is only for unlocked bootloaders…basically useless because Flashtool does more things, It’s like a swiss army knife for Sony phones

  • Gauti

    Only USB problem is tthere in my Xperia S can any one help me

  • [A]dri[A]n

    It’s a good time to have a 2013 Xperia model :) Can’t keep up with the updates. The ZL has had 4 updates since it’s been released. If the isn’t improvement, I don’t know what is. Also, can’t forget that Sony is the first OEM to update any non Nexus device to 4.2 that didn’t come with 4.2 out of the box :)

  • Kazuo Sat?

    I wasn’t expecting that, nice surprise from Sony.
    Good to know they haven’t forgotten about us XS users.
    Glad to see they finally listened to us and are releasing updates faster.
    They announced 4.3 for all Z range and SP blisteringly fast, I’m pretty sure it will be released soon enough.
    Here’s hoping this update will be well polished with as few bugs as possible.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Pfff, we already know it for about a month now, no news, no info

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Surprise? They must fix JB:
    2G data error
    Volume Up button bug
    recording HD lag

  • whatAJoke

    Gave it back for a cashback? Really wow… Out a cash? Lol….

  • Helder Rodrigues Lucas

    At least, our prays were heard, ALELUIA brothers and sisters!!! This post just made my day! Thank you Sony, now, MAKE YOUR MAGIC and make it perfect! It’s all up to you now…

  • issuu

    U also,hav same issu,e fuck suck and tired with it

  • issuu

    My system frequently restarting since I updated to jb

  • Deki

    Great news! Can’t wait to see the new update roll out and fix the bugs.

    I never doubted in Sony! So great!

  • Emmanuel van den Brûle

    Doomlord !

  • Samu


  • Kima

    I ja jedva ?ekam :D A kako bi tek bilo dobro da dobijemo 4.2 ili 4.3 kasnije…

  • Christian Maiwald

    Amazing, isn’t it?^^

  • Bartosz Kuczma

    what is wrong with that volume up??

  • Martin Ambre

    Serious issue on my Acro S

    Sony should be moving faster than snail
    Samsung is like a cheetah

  • sfordesign

    and guess what, sony brags how good their shitty phone camera everytime. they just don’t feel shameful.

  • nidou bossy

    i hope they’ll bring 4.2.2 with everything FIXED!

    Fuck you Sony, but I love you.

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  • d hzjx

    Fucking finally. Hopefully it will fix all the bugs, considering how much time has passed.

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  • cherry

    the volume up button suddenly wont respond & need to volume down & manually adjust the volume on screen. need to restart for it to work again.

  • TBBTNut

    too much time has passed. The clock keeps running 10 minutes fast on my Xperia S – regardless of whether time is set to Manual or Automatic (set by network (H3G-UK)). Will this be fixed? I keep racing to work then realising I’m an extra 10 mins early grrr lol

  • Leandro Souza

    better late than nukem

  • Jhonbert Magana

    That’s the problem, it takes few seconds to focus, sometimes forever. On other smartphone I have used it takes only a second!

  • DaX


  • Fawaz

    I wanna fuck Dmitry Lazarev!

  • I’m running JB 6.2.B.0.200 and battery performance is amazing.. on moderate use i get almost 24 hours and if i’m not using phone much it goes to 35 hours on full single charge.

  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    wat about Acro S? :-/

  • Jhonbert Magana

    I don’t know why I’m more excited about what will be the new bugs!!. xD

  • xperia s

    this issue i observed in 6.2.B.0.200 but its fixed in 6.2.B.0.211

  • Not with that attitude =(

  • Other than the fact that Sony already got 4.3 AOSP working for Xperia Z & Tablet Z faster than Nexus device, they’re miles ahead of Samsung

  • Xperia S won’t get 4.2.2 or any phone with S3 SoC, Qualcomm’s fault

    “For example, Qualcomm recently decided to drop development for a 4.2.2 BSP on their S3 SoCs, which is why HTC had turn around and say they were dropping support for the One S. This also caused Sony to drop update development for the Xperia S, SL, Acro S and ION (all S3 SoCs).”

  • Xperianss

    News on August 02, 2013 : goo .gl/neuoNs


  • Akash

    agreed bro
    i can watch 3 movies with 90% battery

  • ayush

    I hope it fixes camera bugs and bravia engine

  • Anton Avdyushkin

    strange, i have the same firmware, and battery getting low very fast

  • alexander_sirakov

    it MUST BE the whether that is bugging your clock, I don’t have that problem, also there are really few people who encounter this big…

  • I also faced battery drain issue.with new firmware. but it was because of a shitty app.. check your installed apps, one of them might be a battery drainer.. in my case it was facebook messenger app, after i removed that crap app, my phone become faster, smoother and with better battery performance.

  • Pedro Cunha

    Good news, apart fo my 1080i video i dont have any problems with my .200 stock JB but hope this brings social life and the updated album and walkman apps and improve the camera software and performance that its the bigest problem of the Xperia S

  • Pedro Cunha

    A was able to have this on moderate use of my Xperia S after did a clean install of the .200 JB

  • Okazuma

    You can Install SocialLife manually and it work but it use 70MB of RAM!!!! (more of facebook)

  • Pedro Cunha

    Extended battery mode its the same thng and it works… am i wrong?

  • Okazuma

    You have more options in Stamina to set the battery use

  • Pedro Cunha

    I tryed install manual and didnt work or update on play store :(

  • Deki

    To bi bilo zakon! Videcemo sta se krcka za S :D

  • Rizky Maulana

    asiiiik :v

  • Okazuma

    you have to find the 4.0.02 version ;)
    The apk is on the xda forum.

  • tOrNadO

    Hope to see Sony fix the Camera issues and bring Stamina Mode..!!!

  • Sony, just do it!

  • Mislim da ništa od toga. Previše je to podrške za “star” ure?aj, a njima jedino treba dotok novca, a da bi to imali moraju stvoriti razlog zašto bi korisnici prošlogodišnjih modela kupili nove mobitele i eto razloga zašto ?e ostaviti XS na 4.1.2.
    Više ne polažem nikakve nade jer prvo je trebalo dugo da dobijemo ICS, pa nam nisu dali nikakvu poštenu zakrpu, sve puno nekakvih bugova i gluposti, a drugo JB je tako?er užasno puno kasnio.

  • Cristi13

    Faster than samsung? Seriously, you know that there is a difference between having a barely working ROM and releasing it (Samsung can have one too but not showing). Who got updates first last year, xperia t, xps or s3? What phones from 2011 got job, any she ones, no s2 and note. BTW s2 will get 4.2 . Look man I use a xperia too but we should not close our eyes to what is outside sony ‘s world.

  • Cristi13

    Hey, seriously, this guy has just expressing his opinion. I didn’t realised this comment section is only for comments pro Sony. But hey the grand master Sony can’t be wrong, right?

  • Cristi13

    Last time Sony said July, now when can we expect it? December?

  • Barely working? It’s already finished by the xda team. And since it’s only for devs only, it counts as working. If last year still matter to you, then stay in the past. Phones from the 2011 Xperias didn’t get the update because Qualcomm dropped support of the SoC, same for 2012 Xperia, and not just Sony, this also includes HTC and not Samsung because they produce their own SoC, they have sources and driver. There are 4.2 ROM for 2011 yes, but non of them works 100%

  • Martin Ambre

    that happend in ICS
    try clearing the cache

  • Martin Ambre

    mine drains faster than urs
    atleast it worked for 2 days mine drains in 6hrs

    acro s

  • Pedro Cunha

    Try hard reset your phonne with SEUS and install clean last firmware, that made all diference to my phone

  • Kazuo Sat?

    I know but I was expecting them to abandon us with buggy software so we would upgrade earlier.
    I never said there wasn’t a huge laundry list of problems with the current .200/.211 version that should be fixed.

  • Martin Ambre


    u meant full reset with wipe?
    if yes i already did that
    also rooted by fone without unlocking Bootloader

    Also now i dont wish to lose my data

  • Cristi13

    First of all it was Sony’s decision to go with those processors when there were newer ones at that time. It is their problem not mine or yours. Second of all, those are custom ROMs not official ones and sometimes devs do a better job than these companies. Also there are working 4.3 ROMs for s4 also (and I thin for one too, not sure). Look all these companies are bad when it comes to updates, Samsung is the less bad of them. The fact is that instead of staying here arguing “Sony is the best!!! Samsung sucks” or vice-verses we should do something to press these companies to do a better job.

  • Maarten

    Hou dit jou do this? o-o

  • AsadMulla

    I think thats Nike’s slogan

  • Yes it is. We’ve had enough of Sony’s “believe”, we need actions.

  • Kima

    Nekako mislim da ?emo dobiti stabilan 4.1.2 ili možda 4.2… Vide?emo…

  • Vitali

    there is a problem with bravia engine?

  • Cristi13

    Since is a leak Samsung worked on it. You need to unlock your boot loader, be rooted, and flash both on xpz and gs4. The thing is the 4.3 for gs4 is working very good and this “leak” appeared before the official anouncement,what sony did was still in alpha stages (a lot of things do not work), while on gs4 it works almost all. Both HTC and Samsung said that they were working on a solution for normal gs4 and one users to enjoy the Google ROMs.

  • nidou bossy

    well, i read the article but i hope it’s not true! otherwise we’ll stick with a custom ROMS and a farewell to the STOCK.

  • Andrew D

    Sony? LoL
    I doubt it there’d be a new update on the Xperia S… Im still on build number B.0.210

    Im moving on to Oppo Find 5 or Huawei Ascend P6 or Ascend Mate…

  • Evita

    I do use Extended battery mode plus Snapdragon battery guru, it works quite well for me.

  • JK

    It’s not fixed…

  • Herman

    Ironically that Snapdragon Battery Guru took a couple of percent from my battery life. Sure, it must’ve saved some as well, but it looked like the one neutralised the other. I didn’t notice a difference either.

  • Herman

    Not this again…

  • DaX

    Ma brate razocarao sam se,glupi iphone4 sa 5mpx pravi bolje slike od mog SL koji ima 12mpx,zajebi to….slika od 12mpx 2 mb samo a na Xperia neo koji sam pre imao slika od 8mpx ide i do 3 mb,to sve govori….

  • DaX

    9th august

  • naeemh123

    Can you confirm this?

  • Beniamin Florin Copoiu

    baga-ti un bat in cur ca nu vine nimic :))

  • naeemh123

    Oh my god, finally. The Camera and Battery drain NEED TO BE FIXED

  • Kima

    Znam brate i ja sam imao basš Xperia Neo pre ovog i pravio je bolje fotke, neobjašnjivo…

  • Cristi13

    Ba nu, o sa vina ceva, Sony o sa ne trimita batu :))

  • Hurr

    I won’t be surprised if sony fucks up once again and they only fix this one bug and leave everything else the way it is, of course after leaving us to wait for months.

  • muret

    Just fix the 1080p lag and the phone will be awesome again :D

  • franubisfur

    The last Nukem was released after 20 years in the making. This update being late doesn’t mean it won’t be anoter Nukem, pretty much the oposite…

  • Beniamin Florin Copoiu

    :))) asa da :))

  • dmagnetic

    When it comes this version please tell me

  • Bartosz Kuczma

    strange, I have no problem with that in my .200 :)

  • EMRE


  • Evita

    @Hermantje:disqus Batt Guru is crucially help me when I’m standby with WiFi on, Ext.Batt is only save some juices on 3G but drain out on WiFi like crazy. So I use for both solutions to keep my battery for average 32 hours of light to mixed usage. It not that outstanding but considered as 45nm chip and 1700mAh, what we can ask for more? haha

    on my maximum usage about five hours last, and 9-12 hours on moderates one.

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  • Sony Lesh

    Fuck Sony!!

  • Felipe Pimenta

    You want them to tell: “Hey, check our new shinny phone. It is awesome, but the camera is shit”

  • Mac

    I really hope this is not a minor bug fix, so we will live another decade until they hopefully make a real update all fixed! If ever..
    I hate that my acro s can’t connect to the Internet when no 3G or wi-fi in sight!
    Fix that freaking 2G connectivity problem asap!
    Video recording.. do I even have 2 mention that?
    Now I’m going 2 send a message 2 Sony in Lund. Cuz now this ain’t acceptable no mo!
    N I’m out..

  • elmeu coreu

    Still someone who believes in sony ¿?

  • naderzz

    what about xperia acro s (LT26w) ?

  • ?????? ?

    mine too with wifi on,about 2 days in standby, but if i will start using it…….10% down in 1 hour. So guys all phones have same drain, it depends on how you use them! nobody here has the super duper edition of XPS :-D

  • tomek

    I agree :)
    FIX this lag. It’s vaction time.
    People records their trips. It’s shame that 1080p is unusable.

  • surethom

    1000% agree.

  • Pedro Cunha

    I find out this weekend that i have another “know” bug… 2G dont work, i was on a remote place all weekend only with 2G network and not data working on “G” or “E” mode… and no “H” availble there… very anoying not have acess to internt all weeknd becaus of the bug…

  • Mac

    News any1?

  • Thund

    It is already confirmed on sony official site

  • Rico

    Hopefully the promised update will fix 2G and 1080p …
    Without those fixes i’ll leave on GB …

  • Anton Avdyushkin

    yhanks, i forgot to remove bloatware after flashing firmware. hope it will work

  • naeemh123

    Could you give me a link?

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  • Martin Ambre

    thats due to overclocking of CPU

  • karan

    camera quality and focus very poor

  • karan

    flash doesn’t work…..plz fix

  • Martin Ambre

    that should be your Temperature control service might be getting killed

  • Carl Sciberras

    no eta hey…
    we have a better chance predicting armageddon…

  • Seth

    Hope it improve the way the battery runs out very very fast.

  • Chuck Norris

    Sony’s 2012 lineup sucked, I agree. However, you should give Sony another chance, now that they have the Xperia ZR, the best phone ever in my opinion: updated to 4.2 and promised 4.3,microSD slot, removable battery, great battery life, can be operated with one hand, 720p display means it consumes less power, IP58 waterproof. What more could you possibly need?

  • Chuck Norris

    We can root and install a custom ROM, that’s why Android is the best

  • Chuck Norris

    Sony is no longer in Lund, they’re in Tokyo since the Xperia V

  • Mac

    Oh dey not at Lund at all? Well doesn’t really matter since the update takes 2 god daaym long time anyway.

  • amir

    i update my phone and”wifi”in my phone have problem

  • Ken Engström

    I got this update just now. I doubt it will be any revolutionary changes.

  • Christian Maiwald

    I do not object u ;)

  • Ana Singhal

    Hello, my system is showing the same error of shutting down due to high temperature. What should I do to rectify it? Also, I am not able to take backup of my system as it’s not getting connected to my computer. Please suggest some constructive ways to resolve all the errors.

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