Xperia S/SL firmware 6.2.B.1.96 screenshot leaks; said to bring 1080p video fix

by XB on 9th August 2013

in Firmware, Xperia S

Xperia S_6.2.B.1.96Earlier this month, we reported on a new firmware update planned for the Sony Xperia S (LT26i) and Xperia SL (LT26ii). Sony officially confirmed the update will take the form of 6.2.B.1.XX, but didn’t give any hint of an ETA. However, a screenshot of firmware build 6.2.B.1.96 has leaked for the Xperia SL, showing the handset with 3.4 kernel and similar baseband.

According to the poster who leaked the screenshot over at GFAN, the update is believed to have fixed the 1080p video recording bug, the volume up bug as well as bringing other fixes. You can also long press the home button to go to Google Now. He also says it should be out by the end of the month.

Xperia S_6.2.B.1.96


Thanks Aaron!

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Some awesome bug fixes, besides the Google Now thing… Loved it. Can’t wait :)

  • Lolzer

    S/SL users. Happy now?
    Please, be patient, wait for it, and STOP spamming every post in XperiaBlog. Want fast updates? Go with Samsung, HTC or Nexus series, or flash/root your phone, if you’re willing to take the risks.
    Thx :)

  • Agree to spamming every post, but disagree about going with HTC or Samsung. Not like they post that many updates for phones save for the top 2 or 3 flagships and even then…

  • dd

    Does HTC even update their phones? ; )

  • Kaloyskie

    I hope my acro S will also receive this update. As they have the same build version. :-)

  • Lolzer

    Yes they do, but they didn’t make the update “wow” like what Sony and Samsung does. They update it quietly, stealth mode-like update, and only HTC users will notice it. You might ask why it’s so “stealth mode”, I’d say they don’t have “wow” updates, no new custom features (all is stock android features), same old UI and they only update the UI like once a year with their flagship.

  • Lolzer

    Shhh, you’re spoiling my show. :(
    Let them go with it and they’ll suffer, and realize Sony is still a better choice~

  • Kaloyskie

    IMO, other manufacturers tend to do lots of updates but no significant change(s). Sony tends to be slow (understandable due to the process) but is worth the wait. I have nothing against those people who keep on complaining but try to buy other maker’s phone and you might spam their sites more. You will realize how lucky you are having xperia.

  • Pedro Cunha

    Hope they fix the 2G data too… i notice this last weeknd at a zone withou 3G network and saty without internet for all weekend…

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Wait wait wait, all we doing is waiting with our XS

  • xperia sl

    Chinese keyboard swiping’s lag!! Please solve it

  • Gaetano

    So happy for my S! Can’t wait. Even if I’ll get Honami mini exactly when and if it will be released. actually.

  • Deki

    Finally some information!

    You really made my day!

  • Lucian


  • Okazuma

    Good news !!!!!

  • luigi

    so what will happen to menu button? will they change it to recent apps button?

  • John

    Just like they did with HTC One?

  • Okazuma

    like on Xperia Z, the menu button (the one to open the app’s drawer) with a long press, will activate Google Now

  • Lolzer

    Yep I am (that’s why i commented this at the first place lol), but, not many people think like this :(

  • Aqua Blue

    Xperia Z is going to Have Android 4.3, we are struggling for 4.1….ahahahaha…pathetic…!

  • Akshay

    End of Month? Are you fucking serious?

  • Fawaz

    I wanna fuck Dmitry Lazarev!

  • Mac

    Yep that’s true man, having the same problem on my Acro s, and now my phone becomes useless very often because of that :-(

  • Volkan

    What about so called fixed wifi bug?? 211 did not fix it

  • adeceku

    We want 4.3 update for Xperia S and the the 5.0, we want all the updates possible and impossible!

  • ?????? ?

    wow i am going to celebrate it!

  • Glenn Karlsson

    The process? Of course, they need hell of a process to be able to mess up a phone like they did my XS. That is not amateur work. Lets see if they fix my totally-out-of-focus-camera. Dont have the volume up bug and do not care much about laggy recordings. But I have not been able to take one single good shot with the camera JB upgrade.

  • tOrNadO

    I wish they also gave Stamina Mode… :/

  • AMG38

    First, im an XZ user (but i have an S too, that i do not use any more).
    Well, ppl are not complaining about getting no updates, they are complaining about BUGS! This is a difference. If a Software functionality is good and all promised features are working fine, there is no need for discussion. BUT, if ppl have problems with some functions like recording or whatever (just for example), it is not acceptable, that they have to wait couple of month for a fix. At this moment, they give a f.. about internal procedures.
    Maybe the customer will get a proper UI, better smoothnes and and and… but while waiting for that update, he was not able to use Feature X or Function XY..

    Im not complaining here, but ppl have to know the difference between a “BUG FIX” and “Major Update”

  • Fork

    we are not struggling for 4.1.. we are struggling for a buggy free version.. but its pathetic indeed…

  • Aqua Blue

    Seems Not possible for at least next 3-4 years…Sony is very busy in launching and promoting its new Products ranges…that’s why they have not enough time for their old users using outdated handsets…

  • Aqua Blue

    Bro, indeed we are struggling…when all other handsets are having 4.2 and some will be going to be equipped with 4.3…we have got 4.1 after waiting for years.

  • Mac

    You got that right dude!

  • Mac

    Haven’t even received that one still runnin’ 200 on my Acro S. But I have no wifi issues, just 2G, video recording and so on..

  • Mac

    My SwiftKey is inactive every restart..

  • Anton Avdyushkin

    bad news, man….

  • Anton Avdyushkin

    we won’t get 4.2.2 and 4.3. and probably 5. but Sony is innocent – qualcomm decided to drop release BSP package 4.2.2 for S processor

  • Mac

    Ay, just gotta say it man, I don’t like Google now, haven’t even it installed on my acro s, so focus on the bugs plz. Make this a buggfree 4.1.2 and we will be loyal to u again Sony. We want our awesome xperias 2 be treated with some love as they were ment 2 be in the first place.

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    I gave my Xperia S to my wife after she bought me a Z for my birthday a month ago:)
    Before that, I was a very happy S user having installed latest update. It has fixed a lot of bugs and worked seamlessly for me. My, and now my wife’s, only complaint is the quick draining of battery. I even purchased a new original battery and replaced it by myself thinking it might be worn out due to frequent short chargings, but the new battery hardly improved the situation.This problem was introduced with the latest update (6.2.B.0.200), and now I hope this new update includes a fix for that.

  • Pedro Cunha

    4.1.2 its very good in my opinion! Why dont you go for custom ROM? You have the choice why ask for Sony!? This phonne started as 2.3… 4.0 now 4.1.2! I think we only need a stable bug free 4.1.2 to be with a very good device!

  • AA

    Oh my god hope this is true. My Xperia S is ready.

  • Semo Koda

    That’s Very Good News … Hope It Comes For My Acro S :) … Thanks Sony For Giving us Joy And Life :)

  • nidou bossy

    S. SL, and Acro S are brothers ;)

    so don’t worry, its gonna be the same FW Built number

  • nidou bossy

    who want’s a faster updates just to see how excited the final release of certain built numbers but they didn’t realize the slower the progress the better updates they’ll get, also sony has a different taste in every update they bring a new changes or some cool features!

    waiting is good, rushing is bad

    so go for bad, go for Samsung!

  • george

    the worst bug is the home screen redraws!!! i hope they’ll fix it

  • Cristi13

    1 year and a half for an actual update that doesn’t have any annoying bug, you must be proud Sony, but you don’t have to worry you’ve got our money and your little minions act like nothing is wrong. And many people wonder why Samsung got in front of you, because they actually have a fraction of care about their customers and don’t overprice their devices for no reason (not talking about phones here).
    (Waiting for the minions to rush upon me, trying to tear me to pieces for mentioning the “plastic” brand and telling the truth….I mean hating on Sony)

  • r0

    I don’t need google now at all – it is useless in my country and just drains the battery faster. 2G, Full HD, Battery – this is all I need to fall in love with my XS again :)

  • Volkan

    As I observed in the forums, this bug appears in SLs and in iran, syria and turkey(which I live in) which are all neighbor countries in a specific region.

  • ??????? ????????

    ÿNishtjak, nadejus’ dopiljat jeSku moju ljubimuju

  • Micro

    Struggling.. phew
    Samsung kids (with all the respect) expect to have android 5 on any device they got for parents money since 2011. No matter what hardware, just 4.3 or 5. Well, samsung can give you that, no dubt. Suck it and stick with it. We expect something more, like @disqus_6UkRTm7LAf:disqus said, a very good device itself. We don’t need 4.3 or 5.0, we will be happy with 4.1.2 bug free. And we will soon :) Well, everyone have right to have his own opinion, I do respect yours, and that’s mine :)

  • Micro

    Yeah… sorry we disappoint you ;) Sony make us feel the way you will never understand. No hating :)

  • josesl16

    I thought the camera was already messed up even before JB?

  • Mohamed El Sayed

    there is another issue in the XS JB that u can volume up by the bautton only few times but after a 4 hours it doesn’t volume up until u power off the mob
    and the second issue that there is no stamina mode

  • mat jeng jeng

    Ion ion ion ion ion ion ion ion

  • ??????? ???????

    How about Acro S???

  • Dencille Cherian

    This is exactly what is required. The support team need to make sure they meet this requirement before every update release.

  • Dencille Cherian

    I think you are in the wrong page. :)

  • Jhonbert Magana


  • sam

    Hdmi to tv lag fix??? Videos are unplayable unlike on ICS!

  • Jhonbert Magana

    We should have been happy if the update doesn’t have a major bugs.
    Pls. stop being so protective Sony fan, We are all Sony fans here. We just happened to be experiencing unacceptable service and want Sony to change for the better… For the best.

  • Keima Lai

    Menu is menu,it does not have any change,you can activate the recent app’s drawer by double touching the home button

  • Lolzer


  • Felipe Pimenta
  • Lolzer

    I do agree that update have major bugs is a huge problem, and here, you got it, the new update.
    But, you didn’t get my point, it’s the spamming of “Where’s JB for S/SL?”, “Where’s the new update for S/SL?”, “I’m waiting for my S/SL update!” that irritates me.
    You can find it in EVERY post even though the post is NOT about Xperia S, such as the Honami leak post, or posts about Z Ultra…

  • Evita

    why don’t you just disable it?

  • Alvin

    I don’t expect any Android upgrade, say to version 4.3, although some users show there is significant improvement in battery life. If Sony said Xperia S is upgradable, you all have to wait for almost a year and the firmware will have a lot of bugs.

    What I expect is the stable firmware. Yes, I am happy to use this firmware (.200), but I do not accept there are bugs which do not have big problems in general use but can affect the performance of the smartphone, say laggy 1080p video recording. These are ridiculous because Sony is supposed to have good camera performance and at least can function properly.

    Sony has good hardware, but they still need to improve the software. I hope they can improve the picture quality of the camera, that the photo should be compressed so much, like iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4. I know they improve it in 2013 devices. Why not do that in Xperia S to show users they are willing to make the phone better, to build up users’ loyalty so they are eager to buy Sony again but not forced to?

    I also hope they can deliver more new features created by Sony to Xperia S (and even P and Go, etc.) to users, including Socialife, Album and Walkman, since these are the services which need more people to know and use and so make these services powerful. I think these features can put to old devices with not latest OS.

    I know it is good enough to have the coming firmware update in August (or September) and I believe that it will be the last support (no matter Android upgrade and bug fix). Overall I think Sony has done much more support in Xperia P than S, and they just use 2012 devices for marketing purposes to build up their reputation. Thus, I don’t want much, just make the device have better performance and as less bugs as possible.

  • Jhonbert Magana

    Can’t blame them. Maybe it’s the only way for them to be heard.

  • Jhonbert Magana

    If long pressing opens Google now, does that mean menu button is now the recent apps?? It would be great!

  • Mac

    Word man!

  • Har.Har

    Yo Lozer will be crying the same way when it’s XZ receives slow updates next year and us XS users will be switching phones with newe software features and better performance.
    Of course unless you’re frigging rich and can afford to change hardare every year in which case i have nothing to say…

  • Key Lime Pie

    You ain’t getting me on your current phone ;P

  • r0

    I did! I meant I don’t need any improvement of Google Now because imo it’s useless.

  • Glenn Karlsson

    I have not said that your pics are bad. Read again. MY camera is out of focus after the upgrade. It was fine before. Now I get an area of the photo out of focus on EVERY shot.

  • Olav

    Same here, Swiftkey says the problem appears with jellybean on several models, not only Sony. Get the Swiftkey Cloud beta to fix the problem
    Wish I could also download Sony Xperia Get EDGE Mobile Data To Actually Work Already beta :-(. Don’t think I will get a Sony next time!

  • Mac

    Thanks man, I’ll try it out. But do I need my original SwiftKey app after installing this?
    I feel u man, that would have been awesome!

  • Lolzer

    Why? There’s always a root option. I go with Xperia for it’s design, durability and it’s price (here, it’s cheap).
    And sorry, I’m a patient guy, unlike most Xperia guys(Including you i suppose), I don’t simply spam other posts or pages, since spamming WILL NOT speed up the updates. :)
    And no, I’m not rich.

  • Lolzer

    But not Sony, they should have complain in the forums.

  • XperiaNeoL

    Well people were complaining about how the xperia s didnt get the jelly bean update and it was taking forever and which is why sony pushed out a buggyish software then fixes it.

  • Olav

    I haven’t tried uninstalling the original app, better safe than sorry :) It works fine with both installed at the same time. The beta is timelimited so about once a month you have to download the newest version and install it.

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Ohh, sorry… But also can be taken as an example of how the hardware can take good quality pics. Can be even better, though…

  • Zhang

    The Chinese users are reporting that the leaked image is fake in that thread on bbs.gfan…

  • Glenn Karlsson

    Yes, my camera also took those kind of photos before the upgrade. That is whats most frustrating. If something is bad and they dont manage to fix it, could in some cases be alright. But when something works just fine and they manage to screw it up in an upgrade. That’s a whole other story. I am up for a phone change in the next couple of months and although I love the Xperia design, I am not prepared to gamble with the Sony software upgrades again. Perhaps the LG G2 or the next Nexus?

  • Mac

    I hope they wrong.. :-(

  • Mac

    Oh I see, good to know. But is it safe to use when typing passwords and such?

  • Martin Ambre

    its about 1080p videos

  • XP_user

    What about bug fixes for Xperia P???? There are still many bugs after the latest update .100 like call lag, keyboard layout bug, camera bug and many more…

  • Yogesh

    Stamina mode gives us a choice to exclude apps from the data cut off, so that we can still receive notifications from, say IMs like whatsapp… That’s really great.

  • Ameri Asnawi

    after all the events i missed in the past 2-3 months, i don’t get my hope high on this next update..

    the cake is a lie

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  • Nikola Li?ina

    Im using .211 build trinity haxxor and trinity kernel 2.3 i must say imba battery life, 17h 40% wifi, gps always on. Just hate 1080p lag and volume up bug

  • Camilo Uribe
  • naderzz

    what about acro s? is this update gonna fix the phone?
    Plz someone answer me….!! :D

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  • shien

    Than?when release

  • Mohammed Rafi

    Hi Sony,

    I have Sony Xperia S Mobile I got update Jellybean but its not working in 2G Network internet is not working and volume up also not working.Internet is very slow…jellybean version is 4.1.2 build is (6.2.B.0.200) in India.Please can you check this one Problem.

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  • Andrew D

    DAIKOS. Wont Believe It Till I See Tt

  • Vitali

    There is some problems not only the video lag:
    1) 2G bad connection/ not working
    2) volume up stoppping work sometimes…
    3) There is no Stamina Mode, there is only standby mode. but when battery is low, it says “Enable STAMINA mode”…
    4) when i connect the phone to TV via HDMI starting to be A LOTS OF LAGS, and the quality is BAD.
    5) sometimes WIFI is still disconnecting…
    6) I think that still need to improve a bit the UI smoothness…
    I hope they will fix this problems next update…
    no.. no way that all this will be fixed.. you know Sony.. It’s not new..

  • Vitali

    7) There is lags in the slide when call is coming… and the slide is small and not comfortable for me…

  • Vitali

    8) Sometimes when I pressing the lock button to turn on the screen… the illumination bar is lighting but the screen is not turning on!! it’s very annoying!

  • Deki

    Wifi is working perfectly fine on my phone. The fact that wasn’t working was the old router. Now with the new one, everything is better.

    For the 8, disable Bravia Engine and this will stop – I got the fix from XDA users.

    I don’t have lags on my phone. It’s cool! :-) Waiting for the new update to fix up everything :-)

  • ?????? ?

    you think that if Sony had told you , your phone will have disabled some functions for over 6months due to Firmware problems, you should have bought it? an average phone`s life is 1 year, if half of this time the phone is useless then there is a big problem, my opinion…..Sony has done a very stupid choice not to fix the XPS problems, customers has all the rights to blame them, they got our money but they did nothing!

  • Deki
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  • Ammar

    They say on end of august will see, i dont belive becoze im waitng for to update ! Still not able for me to update, dont know why :(

  • jssara

    i wonder if you guys have similar problem as mine. shutter button on my XS sometimes doesn’t work when I wanna shoot from stand-by mode. And it is often laggy, I mean the UI, homescreen, after running big apps. just sharing. looking forward to JB update, bug-free expected

  • Ankit jadia

    I purchased Xperia Sl few days ago and upgrade android 4.1 with this all feature working great expecting battery life , Battery is loses power so quick (up-to 6 hour max @ 100% chagrining ) in general use as compare to other phones.any solution ??? suggestion are welcome ..!!

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  • Lolzer

    Sorry, My SE Vivaz lasted for 2 years (3 years including this year).
    If the functions the disabled are IMPORTANT ones (calls, sms, net surfing etc), I WILL root my phone.
    Besides, I wouldn’t buy waterproof phones from Sony, since the warranty does not cover water intrusion and covers breakage.
    Yes, customer has the rights to blame them, BUT customers too have the rights to choose a product, right? Go with Samsung if u think Sony is too lousy. Wait till you realize it.

  • ?????? ?

    And my arc s the same, but when i decited to buy XPS i made the choice because of the camera (i want to have a camera to capture photos ,helps in my job) and because Sony was a brand i was respecting, i paid cash all the money, and i thought i got what i paid……but no! because sony had decited to use an old chipset in a new phone we trapped with an “old” phone with high price… this legal?is this my problem? i dont think so, and as i learned yesterday when people from sony Greece called me. i was right, they apologised and they told me about the upcoming update which will fix all the problems, as you see by saying nothing like you , you earn nothing too, i did what i had to do as a customer like many other XPS users, i called them and when time came they called me back to tell me they will fix the problem. Now i will not blame them again, but i will wait till september (start of september Greece will get the update), if the update will be the same like before ,full of bugs, i promised them i will give the phone back!

  • Mac

    Depends on where u live as the .211 update is only for some countries with WiFi issues. I haven’t got it ether.

  • nenslo

    Are you saying 10 months isn’t enough time to test the update properly? Seriously, these guys must have been playing the PS3 for at least 6 months rather than actually working!

  • sod

    same problem to me…

  • RJ

    Wi-Fi Still doesn’t Work in Syria unless in Airplane mode -_-
    6.2.B.1.96 :

  • Pedro Cunha

    Test done! Update fixed this… best update ever! I Think Xperia S its now a fully functional 4.1.2 JB smartphone!

    I dont understand its why photo software still so poor… my 2009 SE Satio keeps mutch better

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