Sony confirms new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean build for Xperia S/SL and acro S to arrive in a “few weeks”

by XB on 14th August 2013

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Xperia SSony Mobile has just confirmed what we already knew, a new Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware build is heading to Xperia S (LT26i), Xperia SL (LT26ii) and Xperia acro S (LT26w) owners. The Xperia ion is conspicuously absent in that list.

Sony says that the ETA is in a few weeks time, which matches our news yesterday that a new firmware version was certified by the PTCRB. Firmware build 6.2.B.1.96 is expected to bring a number of bug fixes, confirmed by Sony’s tweet below. If all stays on track, this means the update should arrive by the end of this month or early September.

  • Carljn

    Sony should really have a higher share of the market. They deserve a larger slice at least.

  • Daniel

    no Xperia ION bug fixes as usual

  • Xperianss

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  • An_

    Poor Sony, has to do 50x as much work as Samsung to get less appreciation
    Samsung doesn’t give a fuck about the software on the S3 (their last years flagship), yet everyone shits themselves when the Xperia S isn’t getting updated every month. Sony actually responds to the community but everyone keeps saying sony devices never get software updates

  • Sand

    wow.. cannot wait anymore.. give it to us now!!!
    I’m excited thinking about what “more” means..

  • xperia.s

    I hope someone would leak it so we can flash it already.:D

  • lovebmw

    SONY, you bring it upon your self, now that you have not announced 4.2 for that phone, brace your self for all the negative comments and the cursing words coming your way…. can’t say i did not warn ya!

  • lovebmw

    dont you think the amount of time they spend on patching the 4.1 would have been better had it been invested in 4.2?

  • Kaloyskie

    I think the more means

    -Stamina Mode
    -My Xperia
    -Upgraded walkman, album and movie apps

    Oh and they might add
    -Auto wifi login by brute forcing
    -Enable software update sharing via bluetooth to lessen complaints
    -And even a feature that allows your phone to make/serve you coffee in the morning.

    Just kidding.

    But I cannot wait for my Acro S to have this update. :-)

  • Sand

    i dont know to much about the s3 but the problem is that sony bring a lot of bugs and cut a sort of functionalities with this last jb update.. we are complaining about it. we don’t want (or need) a update every month but in fact, sony has forgot this phone.. made us wait almost or more than a year for get jb, and when we get this we also get a lot of bugs and lost a lot of things.. we only want a fully functional firmware.. :/ (sorry for bad english)

  • Sand

    haha good point!

    but i am not expecting to much.. we all want these features but i dont thing sony will bring it to us..
    I was dreaming about they give us Cybershot app but it is a child dream.. our phone have been abandoned by Sony.. :(

    Lets wait and keep dreaming ;)

    (sorry for bad english)

  • Educator

    Educate yourself before saying all this. Not releasing Android 4.2 is not a decision of Sony, but a decision by Qualcomm as it is not providing drivers for Sony Xperia S. Retards.

  • UP

    No Stamina Mode, They are going to remove the notification, as said by a mod.
    No upgrade to New Walkman, Album and Movie apps as they are not fully supported by SXS.

  • papaXS

    yeah! Just about time!! This what we wait for,, good job sony! Just remember this “never abandon your loyal customer” ;-) though XS is a 2012 flagship and not that old. It should be remains in your note.

  • Sander Puus

    propper stamina mode requires new kernel because 3.4 isn’t compatible with all the functions of Stamina mode

  • Educator

    Don’t give wrong info to people if You don’t know it, retard.

  • Up

    Don’t worry, You would get after Us soon as last time.

  • Billy de Fretes

    it’s qualcomm problem not sony.

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  • Kaloyskie

    I will wait for someone to post anything on youtube about the update they have. If what was removed, added or bug fixed. This way, I can confirm if updating is would be better for my phone or not.

    Right now, I am happy with the .200 update.

  • xperia sl user phone xperia sl cant connect to a speaker…how could it b??it’s work before jellybean upgrade!!! Fix it please

  • Alvin

    I am sure this will be the last support (bug fix, update, upgrade…), and Sony will be proud of, and claim themselves that they have 18 months after-sale support for the phone when they sell the flagship next year. If there are still big or small bugs, I don’t think the company will follow up.

    Although Xperia Z, the flagship this year, can have both bug fix (photo quality) and newer functions (album, walkman) received, compared to Xperia S which has bug fix mainly after half year of release, at least Xperia S can be functioned smoothly when it is Android 4.1.2, better than Arc / Arc S that there are still laggy and buggy issues.

  • lovebmw

    they should state that! they should email owners, it’s not us its them! come on, why take the blame when your not the cause! this is not Egypt

  • sreenamboothiri

    most of the people here always blaming about updates of s/sl/acro s please understand the fact that its not sony’s problem for not givving proper updates..actually qualicom stopped their support for snapdragon S3 platform completely. so sony is struggling to give a bugfree update. please respect this fact and be patient

  • mat jeng jeng

    I am ioner, and we are ioner does not need any update on 4.1 because the 211 built that we have now is less bugs than all those phone. That is why the are need that update. :-P

  • Ameri Asnawi

    Remember folks, few weeks = few months… some say years…

  • surethom

    Yes but where in the world????? 1 phone in china, then another 2 months for the rest of the world???

    I do hope I get it in the UK so the video recording can be fixed.

  • That’s a surprise, I guess I was a bit wrong about no more bug fix update. But 4.2.2 and 4.3 still is impossible for Xperia NXT series

  • sfordesign

    where the juicy f*ck is the update for ion?!

  • It was on almost every news tech blog long ago, about Qualcomm dropping Snapdragon S3 support. HTC is having the same problem as Sony, they didn’t announced it either

  • Lucian

    I really like how it says “& more” :-D

    What more shall we get? Can’t wait for update!

  • ann

    they will remove the effects from camera in trade of 1080p recording
    just kidding ;P

  • suraj

    Sony relies on the quality of the upgrade…. I’m damn proud to say that Sony Xperia S on 4.0.4 is way better than S4 running on 4.2.2. If samsung has an update, it is just a change in the number, whereas sony’s updates are worth the wait.

  • Timur Daulbaev

    Where is Xperia ION?

  • aligamz

    “Fixes & more”. I wonder what they are talking about with “more”. If they are dedicating a blog post for this update, then they may bring something special with this update.
    Or maybe I’m too optimistic.

  • John Andrew Santiago

    That’s too fracking bad my Acro S’s motherboard/mainboard died… fck jst fck it alright

  • mat jeng jeng

    If it just a number. I can turn my ion to 5.0
    Anyway, look! Im on 4.2

  • joceli

    Sai para o Brasil também?

  • ???????

    they should ask cynogen team to help them :)

  • Sand

    Sim mas vai demorar.. assim que sair recomendo que você use o flashtool caso tenha essa possibilidade.. se ficar esperando lançar aqui vai esperar meses após o lançamento.. ;/

  • Tangent Lin

    Call Samsung help them better, since someone say that samsung updated every month. :)

  • Guest

    Exactly, It’s like they weren’t actually planning to upgrade XS but because of the complaints they did, that’s why it’s so late. (That;s just my guess)

    -Check out and join our Google+ community
    for Xperia users all over the world:

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Exactly. It’s like they weren’t planning to upgrade XS but because of the complaints they did, that’s why it’s so late. (But that’s just my guess).

    *Check out and join our Google+ Community

    for Xperia users all over the world:

  • Babylonbwoy

    Nonsense. It’s the opposite, if it wasn’t sony helping FXP then CM would be even more buggy than it is sometimes…

  • ???????

    chill man, just kidding

  • caca

    Exactly. It’s like they weren’t
    planning to upgrade XS but because of the complaints they did, that’s
    why it’s so late. (But that’s just my guess).

    ~Check out and join our Google+ Community

    for Xperia users all over the world:

  • Akshay Gupta

    I’m sure the “update problem” (which i fail to understand) is gone with Xperia Z. Since the SoC of XZ and Nexus 4 are same, Qualcomm cannot be a b*tch about it. The real evil in the mobile industry was always Qualcomm. Intel is taking its time to be adopted by the android phone making company. It should be a hit. :D

  • Andrew D

    I Gotta LOL To This Statement, “Few Weeks”…… LOL

  • Martin Ambre

    hopefully this month only

  • Cristi13

    Actually Sony has the resources to develop, they only chose not to. The thing with qualcomm is just an excuse.

  • Cristi13

    Samsung also changes a lot of things (see s3 feature pack update to 4.1.2 from last year). And saying that xperia s is better than s4 (regardless of the software version) just show how arrogant you are, sony must be proud of fanboys like you.

  • Cristi13

    Do you even realise what are you saying? S3 launched with 4.0.4 (unlike our xperia s), got updated to jb 4.1 in october 2012 (our xps in may 2013). Then the s3 got a feature pack update to 4.1.2 (which included a lot of features and changes), there is a leaked 4.2.2 rom for it. And samsung already said that they will update the s3 to 4.3.

  • Cristi13

    A dev already explained that they have the resources to update the xps beyond but they chose not to.

  • Cristi13

    A developer on xda said that sony has the resources to update the xps beyond 4.1 but they chose not to.

  • Sony_Internal_Strategy

    Conspiration Theory: Today the official suport sony forum ( will be set in read mode and will stay for 2 weeks. So I thing Sony will launch xperia S update tomorrow so no one will have how to complain about this. And so.. when Sony launches new platform after 2 weeks it will no more have Xperia S/acro S/ SL Support and topics about it. Just theory..

  • Deki

    How do you know this?

  • Babylonbwoy

    Sorry, I have read that so many times people saying it for real.

  • Babylonbwoy

    source ?

  • Xtr3me

    Do you even realize what are you saying ? S3 released on May 2012, Xperia S was updated on ICS 4.04 on May 2012. Samsung already said but it’s not a reality for the instant.

  • Xtr3me

    I’m an ioner like you said. And try to capture a movie in 1080p without lags and you will smile like the joker.

  • Xtr3me

    In your Pocket or on the desk maybe ?

  • miko ricko

    U knew it, so can i put my dick into your ass

  • fubhknk

    How you did it?

  • fubhknk

    If updating build why not updating the software with it?
    again very problematic and annoying updating policy… :(

  • Kathryn

    Again, blame Qualcomm for abandoning Snapdragon S3 chipsets. Qualcomm is the one to blame, not Sony.

  • Kathryn

    Dude, stop your nonsense! Look at Galaxy Note (carier version) with the same Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 chipset. It’s latest android version is 4.1.2 which is the same on the S, SL, Ion, Acro S. There is currently no smartphones with Snapdragon S3 chipset using android 4.2.2. Even worst, HTC One S stuck at 4.1.1 with no bugs fix from HTC at all. Blame Qualcomm for it, not Sony. So stop it, paid Samsung troll!

  • Sameer Shah

    there was saying that xperia s sl shall get 4.3 jb direct jump maybe

  • Cristi13

    You really had to call me samsung paid troll? My god, sony must be proud to have fanboys like you (no offense). No seriously, i don’t want to fight. First of all, htc didn’t updated the one s because they didn’t wanted (they actually promised and the majority had the s4 soc). Now samsung said the note will stop on 4.2.2 and there is already an update for s2 on 4.2.2. Now with sony, if you do not believe me, take a look here the post above the last one. Have a good day sir.

  • jag

    xperia S users! go sell your phone and find a better upgrade!!! tired of seeing your whinings!

  • Cristi13

    No, xperia s was updated to ics (which should have come out of the box with) on june 21st 2012 and to jb on 30th of may 2013. You know at least samsung comunicates with their fans and they respected their promises so far with updates (especially flagships that get 2 years of updates). But instead of fighting here like idiots, what about we, helping so become better (instead of denying all their mistakes).

  • Cristi13
  • Cristi13
  • Micro

    yeah, or simply remove the camera itself – would solve all the camera bugs at once: tint, 1080p lag… & more :D

  • franklin HERE YOU GO.mine is 4.3(in reality its ics).sssshhhhhhhhh !!!!

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  • Emil Oskarsson

    Go Sony! Love my Xperia Z with the latest .244 firmware :) The phone flies away from my hand! haha :D

  • Kenneth Fletes

    Really happy to know that, I expect the massive RAM consumption has decrease, the 1080p video recording is already fixed and the volume up key bug fixed too, and some improvements other than that, SONY surprise me!

  • ???????

    my dear friend, i wish you to have the same issues for so many time with your phone, then we’ll see…

  • Lesh Sony

    Fuck SON(of a bitch)Y !!

    “few weeks” = few years

  • franklin

    maybe stamina mode and some new things should do that :) they already surprised me with so fast response :)

  • franklin

    less chance because i read many say qualcomm doesnt provide sources for S3 processors anymore for android 4.2 or above :( would b the happiest if got more updates

  • Omar Rayya

    in syria we have a problem with JB on Xperia s and sl
    when we turn on the wifi we have to put the phone on airplane mode to work with wifi
    so the wifi and our SIM cant work together on JB
    fix it please :( !!!

  • aligamz

    There’s already a fix for that on FW 6.2.A.0.211

  • aligamz

    Not likely. Driver issues with the Snapdragon S3, which Qualcomm won’t provide.

  • Akshay Gupta

    What he is saying is somewhat right. Sony can release a 4.3 update which would be even better than 4.1(practically yes). Sony has done a very good job though in the 3.4 kernel for XS for future updates. Well anyway not much to debate about here.

  • Omar Rayya

    do you mean 6.2.B.0.211 ?
    because it didnt have the fix

  • Mac

    Give it 2 me Sony, aha Aha! (8)

  • Mustafa

    Same 685 MB RAM as it was in 6.2.B.0.200 firmware.

    Wi-Fi bug fixed, connecting very fast now

    1080P HD video recording still lags.

    NO HDR mode in camera settings.

    GPS issue bug fixed

    2G Data connectivity issue is still there.

    Battery draining at same 2x speed more faster as compared to ICS.

    Basically what users are now reporting that, SONY has not fixed any bugs except for that Wi-Fi issue and GPS. All bugs ares till present in this update. :/ We are checking the battery drain issue now and Wi-Fi also again. If to sum up Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.211 firmware update only FIXED Wi-Fi bug, nothing more, every bug from Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.200 firmware is still present, overall it’s again a disappointing update from Sony

    If you have got the notification in your area, please do let us know in comment section and also post your screenshots and changelog. Are bugs have been fixed or not, if you see any please report them below.

    2x Battery draining at the same speed more faster as compared to ICS. 6.2.B.1.96 please help build the new firmware is still not türkey fast charging is empty

  • Why are you here then? You dont have to read about Xperia S if you dont want to see people whining about updates dumbass.

  • Zenza

    I need to update that 6.2.B.0.211 to fix wi-fi bug, but its not able in my contry, dont know why, waiting for opeator to aprove it.

  • Abhishek Gupta

    Sony Rules Out Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Update For Xperia S. Will Instead Get Android 4.1 Bug Fix Update

    Here is a good and bad news combo for owners of
    the Sony Xperia S who might have been eagerly awaiting the Android 4.2.2
    update for their device. To deal with the bad news first, the said
    update is nowhere in sight, at least for now. And the good news is that
    the Android 4.2.2 update has been pushed back in favor of another dose
    of Android 4.2.1 which Sony claims has been done to take care of the
    bugs that has been bothering Xperia S users for long. Apart from the
    Xperia S, other device that Sony has had said will benefit the Android
    Jelly Bean bug fix update include the Xperia SL, and Xperia Acro S.

    Sony has be among the first of the big name companies to come up with
    the list of devices that will be provided with the Android 4.3 update
    within just hours of Google launching the latest Android version.
    Unfortunately, the Xperia S which was launched in 2012 failed to make it
    to that list. The device which started out with Android 4.0 Ice Cream
    Sandwich got upgraded to Android Jelly Bean version 4.1.

    However, things were far from being peaceful with the device ever
    since the update. Since the upgrade to the first iteration of Android
    Jelly Bean might have introduced the Xperia S to some great new features
    but it also did come with some other issues as well. Among the issues
    that the Android Jelly Bean version 4.1 update brought with it include
    Wi Fi as well as GPS not functioning as desired. It also came with UI
    issues mainly in the camera app, some problem with the volume keys which
    at times refused to function along with the battery which would drain
    off even with the STAMINA mode invoked. Issues with Bluetooth have also
    been reported.

    Overall, the issues were so many that Sony was forced to come up with
    a fix within just weeks of its release of the Android Jelly Bean 4.1
    update. Although it was not been able to do away with all the bugs, it
    was successful to a large extent. However, Sony didn’t reveal exactly
    when it intends to release the update and then proceed towards launching
    the Android 4.2.2 update post that.
    Meanwhile, Sony has stated it will be releasing the Android 4.3 Jelly
    Bean update for Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia SP, and Xperia ZR. The
    Xperia Tablet Z as well as the freshly launched Xperia Z Ultra big
    screen smartphone too feature in the list.

  • TL;DR

  • Yeah just a number… if you “updated” this way since ics then god be with you… -_-

  • *Fixes & more bugs

  • Alvin

    A Taiwanese user said he/she could get a firmware update (6.2.B.1.96):

    but I still can’t get the one.
    How about all of you?

  • mlismno

    US already got the update

  • Spugy

    Lets all hope this will arrive by the end of August or early September. In Europe ofc.

  • Deki

    It’s already rolling out from yesterday. :-)

  • Deki

    I got it in Macedonia too… yesterday :-)

  • Spugy

    Does operator needs to approve update first ? Then u get notification from operator and use PC Companion to download it ?

  • Leea

    did u get it ? make screenshot pls.

  • Mango

    Guys why this prepare proces takes so long, im updating this by PC Companion ?

  • Mohammed Taher

    Egypt :D

  • Ken

    no STAMINA MODE so far, I have heard of a new firmware is coming with 4.3 jb

  • franklin

    i will be the happiest person if its going to be true about what you said :) a big treat to you :D i dont think we will get any more updates but hopw SONY gives 1 more.thank you for making me happy,and if u get to know any news about updates for xperia s pls reply me here

  • franklin

    all are fixed and the roms is launcher redraws,no problems yet for me except a minor lag when accessing on screen controls on YOUTUBE,MX PLAYER,DICE PLAYER and some other apps

  • Ken
  • franklin

    thats really great to see,but i think they mean android 4.1 and is probably a mistake.because all the features they meant are already in android 4.1 ;) less chances but lets hope for the best

  • Ken

    soooooo trueee, is a shame, I only have faith since I have been trick now a want to believe it XD

  • franklin

    i read at many places its because of QUALCOMM not giving sources of older SNAPDRAGON S3 processors for android 4.2 and above

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