Sony says “something extraordinary is coming”

by XB on 27th August 2013

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wpid-IMG_20130827_213130.jpgSony Mobile is currently sending emails to those on its distribution list,  telling its fans that “something extraordinary is coming”. The email is obviously referencing its upcoming flagship.

The email goes on to say: “Think you know what a smartphone can do? It’s time to think again. Something new, something extraordinary is on the way from Sony. #bestofSony” The email also allows people to pre-register their interest for the “latest Xperia smartphone”.


  • Kazuo Sat?

    Sick of waiting!!
    Show us already Sony!!!!!!

  • @atWidget

    Well, be careful with the manufacturer’s words… Motorola said the same thing… and now we have the moto x, dual core, only USA, locked bootloader… Oh wait! >>> but multicolooor !!!!! -_-

  • darshan

    Hope v come 2 knw something whc v dont knw…

  • E>D

    Maybe extraordinary bezels!!
    LOL, just kidding :D

  • Dakota

    I just really hope it gets sold in Canada >.> Could care less about the carrier, just as long as it’s in Canada I’m willing to switch. So pumped.

  • lovebmw

    i Wonder if its Honami!

  • E>D

    I think Sony must start covering all careers through U.S and Canada and then we’ll see Sammy and Apple’s share drop soon. believe me.

  • surethom

    4.3″ mini version with virtually the same specs aswell hopefully.

  • Purnama

    i want HonaMini..!!

  • faysal

    this will replace my xperia s :D

  • Zzzzzzz

    I’ve been wondering about that flap in the power button. What is it possibly for?

  • SS

    Any toughts when Z1 could come to stores in Europe?

  • xMelBurNx

    If finnally the mini will had the same specs like his bigger brother, I will go to the mini just a little beast in the palm on ure hand. I have fear that the mini won’t be water and dust resistant because nothing tell something about that. But I don’ I will buy the mini :D
    Finally a mini version with a specs of a.giant :D yeah sony that’s it!

  • sXs

    Is that 4k recording they are refering to???

  • Rene Pedroso

    Sony has been saying this since the Xi and it is never extraordinary, just average. I love Sony and their devices are so much better than the rest. They have not been able to bring them ALL together (Xperia, PlayStation, PS Vita, Tablet, Smartwatch, Auto).

  • deepak

    Before anything extraordinary Sony should first ensure ordinary 4.2 on its phones, or rather may be just making sure that updates already releases are available to all phones. Its been 4 days since update launch for xperia sl and still not available. Whats the use of paying sony if u r required to update from somewhere else by flashing

  • Lucian

    What would I give for compact 4.3″ 720p Triluminos powered phone with large camera sensor and 2500mAh battery…..

  • Herman

    I think it’s the extraordinary camera considering the size of the camera package.
    It’s probably not going to beat the Nokia 808 or Lumia 1020 but it’s definitely something extraordinary in such a small shell. And let’s not forget water resistance either!

  • dibgt

    and with same size – only smaller screen :)

  • Guest

    LOL! Yeah!

    I love Sony but honestly I just dont get all large-bezel lovers, WHY? large-bezel? …really? that sucks man, large bezel also makes the design is unwieldy and outdated! admit it!

  • Vwake Nova

    i tink its external camera lences tink so

  • K1K

    I want Vita OS for Xperia phone

  • haj


  • nidou bossy

    hello everyone and welcome to my thread in here, that i want to share with you:

    it’s a white boot animation for my xperia phones!
    check it and enjoy ;)

  • ggee

    please don’t disappoint.

    this is your last chance on me, sony.


  • sfordesign

    hahhaah nice one.

  • Guest

    extraordinary, by making it bigger, with a more megapixel camera… who fucking cares?! sony, seriously, get your shit together! at least we want a solid phone, not a water resistant phone that will get water damage!!

  • xperiafan324

    Larger Bezels are more convenient 1.for handling the phone in landscape mode (games, movies etc.) as it avoids unintentional/accidental touch of the screen. 2. For protecting the screen in case of a fall.
    But I understand that Sony has fans that prefer big as well as small (to the point of being nonexistent) bezels, hopefully they’ll do something like the ZL with the Z1 too, but make it waterproof aswell, that way everybody wins.

  • Vicky Gamit


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  • i’m gamer

    ***************** WE WANT XPERIA PLAY 2 ****************************************

  • ShDynasty

    Not really, most people prolly want smaller bezels, than a play ii.,

  • You can connect a ps3 controller to your Xperia now. so basically all xperias are now a new version of play ;)

  • hocestquisumus

    I’m getting so tired of reading ‘bezels’ and ‘ion’ in every second posting.

  • ggee


  • ggee


  • Abdullah Robben

    when nokia says something extraordinary coming we see ……. Asha phone -_-

  • Purnama

    and hope also with dedicated shutter key..

  • HardyHarHar

    Honami with keyboard? lol! It would be extraordinary though… Last qwerty phone was Xperia Pro

  • Mr ERD

    Include OIS and you have my money, sony…

  • bet1001

    You got a 4K screen to watch on?

  • bet1001

    All to quick leaving adopters of the original Z feeling a bit robbed.

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  • The Truth Must Be Said

    sony XPERIA PLAY 2 ot I’m gonna sue you

  • hocestquisumus

    Nah not really. Does everything I want. Unless Honami has significantly better battery life (I’m not pissed off by the Z’s but that can always be better) I see no real reason to upgrade. Smartphone cameras are not something I care about very much – they are ‘good enough’ for what I use them for already and 20 MP certainly won’t make me abandon my real cameras.

  • Bucheon

    Tiny bezel + capacitive buttons = win

  • sXs

    New and more leaks….. l love the width is to my expectation

  • Rob

    I’m sure Sony wants as many carriers as possible to have their phones, but it’s not like they can force everyone to have it, it’s up to them.

  • Rob

    Why is that.. Is it making the hardware in the Z worse?

  • roeshak

    Why kidding??? That’s exactly what’s coming… Extraordinary bezels lol

  • ProWeirdo

    Yeah, would they say something common is comming? Even if it wouldn’t be Honami, they wouldn’t say that.

  • Nathan

    shut your mouth fool. Sony arent trying to be the other big companies, their phones are for amateur photographers and people who are prone to water damaging their phones (I.E me, as I work in a kitchen)

  • RS

    maybe is a Sony Phone with Win 8!

  • Naheel Lamborghini

    Z1 Honami thumbsup

  • nidou bossy

    Z Ultra is the BEST and FUCK THE REST!

    ya digg?

  • nidou bossy

    FUCK NO! android for the GO!

  • sarasein

    note 2 better?? Crazy!!, Ultra Z more faster, bigger screen, better browsing experience. Samsung design generally look very common, nothing special.

    Actually i prefer Samsung Mega because its cheaper, and have LED flash but the ZUltra ‘s screen,and display and 3d graphic rate is much better than Sam Mega, and Note 2. . Just dont be a samsung fan or Sony fan. Why? Are Samsung/Sony is your father company??

  • Just Xperia Play 2

  • ButThen
  • Michel

    xperia play 2 urgente!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 216MONSTER


  • james

    Xperia play 2!!!!!

  • James

    Xperia Play 2 please, Ps2 is way off the market anyways comeon guys

  • Farhad Asemani

    we want xperia play 2

  • Farhad Asemani

    we want xperia play 2

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