Xperia Z1 is officially priced at €649 in Germany; UK retailer has it for £564

by XB on 4th September 2013

in Xperia Z1

Xperia Z1 CloveWe have the first firm details of pricing for the Sony Xperia Z1 – it will have an RRP of €649 in Germany. We don’t have official prices in the rest of Europe right now, but UK retailer Clove has the Xperia Z1 listed for £564. It also says stock is expected during the week commencing 16 September 2013. We’ll bring you details of further pricing or promotions as we have it.

Xperia Z1 Clove

  • raxxta

    Fucking VAT motherfucker :/ £470 would be a decent price.

  • @atWidget

    I buy it if he’s unlockable AND AOSP like the Z :)

  • fact

    that would make it to 70K in here :@

  • LancerEX

    Okay will just wait for the mini version. :/ :P

  • NOVA

    Anyone know about the US getting this phone? (AT&T)

  • AAA

    next year

  • NOVA


  • mahdi

    Start your own business for £20 and claim back the tax

  • Akki dA Rokstar

    Its available in India from 19th September.Its having a launch party in India on 18th Sept in New Delhi and would make up a price of Rs. 52000 INR
    cuz of increase of increase of dollar against Indian rupee. And India is the first place where is launching. :D

  • Aniket Koyande

    damn :(
    waiting for mini

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  • GregLu

    Me too, not for the price but mainly for the size and weight !

  • dude

    Now you just need an accountant every month so you can claim it all back.

  • @atWidget

    Why you like the locked bootloaders so much ? XD

  • Xyor

    Purchased already….Now waiting for my new baby!

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  • hans
  • BW

    Sony UK has it up for 599 pounds.

  • Hitman

    Xperia Z1 vs S4 & G2 screen comparison:

  • ahomad hosin

    it is priced at £599 in sony UK store

  • roeshak

    For me this video only shows what a failure in design the Z1 is. Noticeably bigger than the G2 which has a bigger display.
    Even the Z has better video playback than the Samsung and LG so no point talking about that.
    Can’t escape the fact that the phone is too big. Technically it’s the most advanced device out there but it’s design is an absolute failure. It just looks very very lazy indeed

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    India vl b first to taste it as it happened with Z and ZU…. But yeahh Dollar price will effect significantly :(

  • intergalactic_turkey

    Dude, Xperia Z1 is only 6mm taller than LG G2, being still slimmer than the latter one. And they still have managed to pack in a 20mp 1/2,3″ sensor with G lens!!!

  • intergalactic_turkey

    As much as I hated Xperia Z for it’s lackluster screen, the Z1 may very well replace my iPhone 5 :)

  • Xyor

    Z1 support the LTE of att though

  • Akki dA Rokstar

    Ofcourse, Z1 will start its sale from India 1st cuz it will have maximum profit out here… And one more reason over here, they want to defeat Samsung’s share in India cuz india has approx. 75% share holder of Samsung in india rather being more supportive to Sony..
    And be serious and frank, i never ever liked Samsung for any reason, Cuz processor is not all v see in these generations smartphones..
    Unless these consistent years, every smartphone company is providing better and better CPU,s and chipsets. But what bout the Sound and Picture quality.. And bout the Build quality, v SHUD just keep that aside. No compare in front of Sony and HTC.
    this is the main reason, why I prefer Sony first.

    Anyway, Z was not the first one to arrive in India.. It was unveiled on New year, then Released on 12th feb, 2013 in Japan, and then headed to India on 12th march.. Rest I don’t know bout ZU.

  • yell

    sony is just boring!
    just saw the xeno flash on the note 3….

  • raxxta

    Ya…the problem? Clue: five letters starts with a ‘b’ and ends in ‘ezel’… At least if it had that flashing light thing the U had..

  • Babylonbwoy

    699€ in france with DR-BTN200M for one more €


    fuck you :)))))) i have to wait 2 months … because i dont have all money :)))

  • Brad Williams

    For as many years as i can remember Sony/SE flagship phone is always released in Feb. Last year they relesased a plethora of you beaut phones towards the end of the year with every letter of the alphabet until the Z, which was released in Feb too. The Z1 is just a teaser. ;)

  • schattenkonig58

    So i finally decided i NEED a new phone ,my old Nokia X6 really bugged me in pretty every possible way.
    Now Sony is looking quite attractive as a premium brand (bette than samsung ,lg ,appleETC.
    But i have a dilemma choosing between buying a xperiaZ or Xperia Z1.
    My Question is if the xperia z1 will be worth the extra 150€ ,aslo if this is not the case will the xperia z be capable for the upcoming app in say 2 years.

  • blitz_arc

    LOL! LG G2 and SGS4 are having the same design. i mean exactly the same design. didn’t you notice that?

  • Eduardo Vitalino Mendonca

    Where did you buy yours from?

  • Xyor

    Clove…preordered I mean…

  • Xyor

    I ate McDonald’s for 3 months just to save money for honami and ZU> >

  • JG

    You’ve become contaminated then…jk!!!

  • JG

    Lucky bastard!!! XD

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