New Xperia ZR update now rolling out (10.3.1.A.2.67)

by XB on 17th September 2013

in Firmware, Xperia ZR

Xperia ZR_10.3.1.A.2.67A new firmware update is now rolling out for the Sony Xperia ZR (C550X). Firmware build 10.3.1.A.2.67 is hitting both HSPA+ (C5502) and LTE (C5503) handsets. This update brings Android 4.2.2 to Indian C5502 handsets, which did not receive the 10.3.1.A.0.244 firmware update, that brought Android 4.2.2 to C5503 models. This particular Android 4.2.2 firmware version is expected to hit other Xperia Z series handsets shortly.

Xperia ZR_10.3.1.A.2.67

Xperia ZR_10.3.1.A.2.67

Thanks Adrian & Anurag!

  • Xperialover

    Xperia Z update? It’s been almost 2 months since the last update….

  • tochi

    New launcher for xperia z pllzzz
    Getting bored nothing new

  • Mike Gonzalez

    and what are the new features? so we can know what to expect for Xperia Z

  • smasher

    Any forecast date of 4.3 for z ?
    It’s been long time since last update

  • Reldo

    i just got the new firmware via OTA in my ZL C6503 but i cannot install it! it shows an error

  • Pushkar

    Got it today morning here in India. Seems smoother than 4.1.2. No other noticeable changes except the lock screen

  • ZR User

    Why there is no update in Malaysia? It’s been a month.

  • vffd

    Xperia P update? It’s been more than 3 months since the last update and still many bugs on 4.1.2..

  • iskandar dzulkarnain

    just flash it with flashtool…i cannot wait for official Malaysia release, so i flashed it first. hehe… flashing is rather easy to do. lemme know if u need help :)

  • ashish

    I backup all of my data throw a pre installed aplication called BACK UP & RESTORE, it created backup in sd card aftr that I did factory reset. and then updated my ph to 4.2.2 but aftr update my data is not be able to restore, I never face prblm like dis.
    so, anybudy cn pls help me out how could I restore my importatnt daa! pls.!

  • Joel

    Im using SP and every other week there is a update, but still on 4.1.2..Will i be getting Kitkat

  • Apollo89

    Downgrade to 4.1.2 using Flashtool and an appropriate FTF firmware file (search on XDA), then restore your backup and update your phone without wipe/reset.

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  • Brad Williams

    I agree. it beggars belief why we are still running 4.2.2. I’m beginning to suspect we aren’t going to get it, maybe there is something not quite right about it we aren’t aware of. In fact, I think I would rather not have 4.3 now because that will just mean a longer lead time for Kit Kat. Let’s just go straight to Kit Kat.

  • Jonfensu

    Xperia 2011 update? It’s been more than 1 year since the last update and still many bugs on 4.0.4..

  • DeLorean75

    I don’t believe anyone knows that yet, but you will get 4.3. That’s not bad.

  • ZR User

    how to flash?

  • Pushkar

    The battery life clearly seems to have gone up

  • Rizwan khan

    I have updated my Xperia zr phone with JB 4.2.2 how ever the day dream feature is not working and i still continue to have heating issue to extent it burns my finger when i play games

  • DeLorean75

    Nothing here yet. C5503 in Sweden.

  • Teklis Tirion

    Very, very ugly encoding quality sound in the video is still on 4.2.2.

  • Chetak Parate

    Is this a mistake or a bug in recent 4.2.2 update for Xperia ZR(C5502)??

  • Mohammed Zeeshan

    Sony Thanx for the update of Xperia ZR, no heating problem after this update but battery is draining 15% faster than factory setting. before update battery back up was awesome

  • Mohammed Zeeshan

    plz respond

  • chenpa

  • mkhusaini

    Mine is Xperia Z LTE (C6603), it say your phone is up to date when i’ve try to update via PC companion and Sony update software, it could be the update is release for Xperia Z HSDPA only?

  • mfa

    I have xperia zr 5502 and I from Malaysia but.still not receive this update

  • will

    Bluetooth is still not working

  • will

    Bluetooth is still CRASHING!! WTF! HELP PLEASE…T_T

  • Jerry Mia

    when will xperia zr get update 4.2.2 in malaysia?????

  • sijav

    maybe trolling …

  • Will

    Still BLUETOOTH ISSUE FOR THE NTH TIME!! .. did this.. done that,,, everything that u said was an EPIC FAIL.. still got that bluetooth issue.. any update?

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