Is Sony expecting smartphone shipments to increase by 55% in FY14?

by XB on 30th September 2013

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Colorful business 3D graphSony says that it will ship 42 million Xperia smartphones during this current fiscal year (FY13) i.e. the year ended March 2014. However, if Digitimes is to be believed, Sony will increase this forecast by 55% to 65 million smartphones in FY14. If true, it highlights Sony’s increasing confidence in its mobile business and the focus on the premium segment.

The report goes on to say that Sony Mobile will be increasing orders to a number of ODMs including Arima, Compal and Foxconn. Each ODM is likely to manufacture two to four Xperia smartphones over the next year. These will include both Qualcomm-powered smartphones as well as more MediaTek-powered smartphones such as the Xperia C. The first Firefox OS phone from Sony is also expected in 2014 targeting the entry and mid-level.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    if they keep delivering like this past year… hell yeah and i would even dare to say to increase shipments by 70%
    i actually cant wait for Z2, i know it will replace my Z for sure, even tho there are no specs confirmed as of yet

  • SeVeMaS

    Better do better with commercials on TV.

  • the_black_dragon

    I hope Sony will start to jump onto the Windows Phone Train before it is too late!
    they already missed the first wave of Android Devices back in 2009 and started very late in Summer 2010, so they had a slow start…. At this Moment Windows Phone is getting more and more market Shares JUST with Nokia as main Manufacturer… Sony should push into WP Market as soon as possible at least with one or two devices… Something like an Xperia Z or Z1 with Windows Phone 8.1 next year would be an great Launch especially to compete against Nokia in high-end markets

  • zerocools

    They’re pushing into the Surface competition right now, it’s almost a Xperia Tablet Z with a kickstand and a PC parts.Which might be my replacement for my XTS.

  • Shimoda

    They should make a cellphone for each part of Sony, like a xperia walkman by sony music, xperia play 2 by sony computer entertainment.. etc etc

  • kiikooo

    Well they have one already with the Tab 11 coming out soon. It’s pretty much a tablet Z running windows.

  • ayla

    if only i know this sooner i wont be buying tablet Z..but oh well, still looking for vaio Pro 11 or the vaio flip to replace my ancient vaio Z 2009 series.

  • Assa7in King

    Thats real nice to hear from SONY !! GO SONY !

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    and having phones available in the USA day one (on carriers also)

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    with Remote play and Vita Emulation

  • Ruslan K

    Keep growing!! I like it :)

  • Ray

    Sony should change their strategy,

    Smart Phones
    1. mid range: “Xperia S series” > 4.3″ with illumination style > launch in March.
    2. entry level: “Xperia L series” > cheap phone with 3.7″ screen but have water and dust resistant > launch in March (at the same time with Xperia S)
    3. phablet: “Xperia Ultra” > 6.4″, this should be the Galaxy Note’s competitor > launch in June-July.
    4. flagship phone: “Xperia Z series” > 5″ compact design, small bezel, OneSony, water and dust resistant > launch in September-October.

    5. high end tablet: “Xperia Pad” > 13″ with small bezel, full HD display, has a super-responsive screen, water and dust resistant > launch in November.

  • QRIO

    Umm.. I think now Sony Mobile should merge with the parent company called Sony Corporation (electronics unit) but xperia play 2 by sony computer entertainment sounds like a great idea too!

  • DeLinto

    i hate sony strategy.

    they should focus only in 2 flagships and not 3 like xperia Z/ZL (in my opinion a useless flagship).

    also xperia entry level phones are really bad. they should make better entry level phones like the nokia lumia 520. all the phones should have at least a snapdragon 200 or a mediatek dual core chip. NO MORE SINGLE CORE PHONES !!!

  • Thiago

    A tablet with 13″ is too big i think

  • Jarvis

    NOOOOO! Stay away from microsuck!!!!! it’s so evil, it’s the baddest company, i hate its xbox and its windows phone sucks, Sony should stick with android and/or make their own OS (which is based on the Orbis OS).

  • Bill Lockhart

    way to exaggerate, dude! hehehe
    but I am a proud owner of a Star Wars Limited Edition Xbox 360, and I couldn’t be happier with it! :D
    Windows mobile isn’t all that bad. My only complain is the lack of apps available.

    But I agree with the_black_dragon though.
    It wouldn’t hurt for Sony to “dabble” with WP & Firefox OS.
    In the next few years, one of these OS’s might prove to be a hit.

  • Xyor

    I’ll what ever phone from walkman department

  • Killian Khoo

    Are u dumb ?
    Now latest lineup of Xperia , Entry Level : Xperia M got that Long ago with LTE support too ~

  • Babylonbwoy

    Qualcomm is taking Mediatek seriously, looks how they mock the brand in this video :

  • Babylonbwoy

    Actually it’s the opposite strategy they choosed with One Sony, all departments works “together” to build an high end device…

  • Babylonbwoy

    where did you see that WP are getting more and more market share ? Are you joking ?

  • xperiafan324

    Sony Mobile has continually shown its intentions of supporting an OPEN mobile ecosystem, hence them choosing Firefox OS as a second OS to support. And that’s the direction I hope they follow, all these companies with their closed walled gardens are bad for the industry. They divide developer resources and exploit users while also providing reduced functionality. Open source or gtfo, and I hope that’s the message that Sony Mobile adopts.

  • Guest

    I think it’s not too big. … Maybe sony could reduce the size of its tablet by a smidge through shrinking the bezel around the 13-inch screen.

  • the_black_dragon
  • H-R-K

    Thats a good news, Because other manufacturer like lg, htc are struggling,

  • H-R-K

    why we dont get 32gb international model………

  • Rob

    I’d much rather see them moving in on Ubuntu based phones.

  • P9

    King SONY. :D

  • luis

    Dont think I have seen a Sony Xperia commercial on tv o_o

  • FIREFOX Lover

    firefox os is aim for developing country right, the problem is internet is pricey *in developed country and not all places got clear 3G. FFOS also need internet connection so it just a dumb phone when no internet for developed country in certain area. actually i want buy this FFOS, the problem is This OS not support flash and i want to watch drama…….for those got other opinion dont just flame me. if mozilla release FFOS tab with flash i certainly buy it because i love using FF since 2007. sorry bad english…

  • Rob

    The bezel on Tablet Z is the perfect size.. a 13″ tablet would need (at least) the same sized edge to be usable.

  • lol

    my opinion:-
    Flagship = Z1/2/3 with 5 inch
    high end = ZR/ZL with 4.6/5.0 inch
    mid range = SP/L with 4.6/4.3 with illumination got bigger battery and wolfson chip audio
    low end = C/M with 5 inch/4 inch screen
    entry level = E with dual boot FFOS and android

    phablet = Z ULTRA 6 inchi
    tablet -=TABLET Z 10.1

    look like what i thinking become true this year. they need improve screen, battery capacity, put better audio chip, all water resistance. and latest hardware thats all i need

  • Methyl

    No way.

  • DeLinto

    i don’t consider xperia M as a entry level smartphone, the price is really close to xperia L

  • Rob

    Newsflash, Xperia L is also entry level

  • SeVeMaS

    Here in france they did with the XZ, but not as many times when comparing with S4 and I-crap, sorry I-phone.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    The commercials sony, i.didnt see any pub in tv of z1, here it comes the power of samsung and apple, you cant buy phones without make commercials , no way

  • DeLinto

    i thought that was a mid range phone

  • DeLinto

    in my country the from xperia L is around of 370 $, so this isn’t really a price for a entry level phone right ?

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