Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra owners – be sure to download your free movie/music content

by XB on 1st October 2013

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Xperia Entertainment Promotion_1If you are the recent owner of a Sony Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra or Xperia Tablet Z then we just wanted to remind you to make sure that you take advantage of Sony’s exclusive entertainment offer. This involves a 60-day trial for Music Unlimited, 5 free movies in Video Unlimited plus an additional movie pass in December and 10 free PlayStation Mobile games.

To download this media you will need to install the Xperia Privilege app (if it wasn’t already pre-installed on your phone). We had to clear the app’s cache and data before we could get it to work. As long as you are in a country where the promotion is live (see below for further details), you will then get the option to download your free movies and 60-day music trial. See below for further information.

Exclusive entertainment pack for Sony Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra and Xperia Tablet Z

  • Music Unlimited offer – 60 days free
  • Video Unlimited – 5 free movies plus exclusive movie pass in December
  • 10 free PlayStation Mobile games available during November

  • Xperia Privelege

    Music Unlimited offer – 60 days free

    Promotion period: 16 September 2013 to 31 December 2013. Vouchers can be redeemed until 31 January 2014
    Valid in following countries: United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Mexico and Brazil.

    Music Unlimited_1

    Music Unlimited_2

    Music Unlimited_3

    Music Unlimited_4

    Music Unlimited_5

    Music Unlimited_6

    Xperia Entertainment Promotion_3

    Video Unlimited – 5 free movies

    Video Unlimited: Download five free movies including Django Chained, The Amazing Spider-Man, Total Recall, Easy A and Superbad (in Germany, you get 2012 instead of Superbad). There will also be an additional movie download in December.
    Promotion period: 16 September 2013 to 31 December 2013. Vouchers can be redeemed until 31 January 2014
    Valid in following countries: United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Germany, France and Italy.

    Video Unlimited_1

    Video Unlimited_2

    Video Unlimited_3

    Video Unlimited_4

    Video Unlimited_5

    Video Unlimited_6

    Xperia Entertainment Promotion_2

    • Praveen Balasubramanian

      What about for Sony users in India? Will there be any updates later or any other existing offers like this be available for us?

    • what a great time to have bought a xperia z1

      though i wounder if i should have chose a z ultra it looks nicer

    • Nuno

      Still waiting on my Z Ultra here in the United States. I pre ordered it almost 2 months ago. But cant wait to see what it is all about. Anyone know when the c6806 will b available???

    • Makiz

      F* you Sony, you said that you will make your Unlimited services available in Greece this year! Also, why Xperia Z owners left out from your offer?

    • Mac

      still no Playstation Mobile here in Sweden..

    • Rene Pedroso
    • Brad Williams

      Be warned tho, if you are already a unlimited customer you wont get this. :(

    • Brad Williams

      I got the offer for my Z for a recent update, not sure if it was Walkman update, or new Lounge app or what it was :/
      But as an Unlimited customer already i didn’t get the offer.

    • Brad Williams

      Remember, Sony Unlimited is in direct competition with Google here and there are many things you can get from Google you can’t get from Sony Unlimited and it is slightly cheaper.

    • pickaname

      Im wondering if thses offers are available in usa coz i dont see usa on both offers.
      I got my tablet z last july this year..

    • Mohammed H. Najjar

      I have a UK Xperia Z Ultra but I reside in none of those countries! How do I get the offer? Is this an IP address based? It told me that the SIM card I am using is not from the UK. Damn it!

    • paul

      how about us?how can I support to get that??

    • Rene Pedroso

      no support for usa

    • GeorgeRed

      Still nothing in Mexico.

    • Ben Lim

      Nothing for Malaysia.

    • vishakh007

      Indian users get these exclusive apps from sony. Its better than nothing!

      Check it out here

    • SonsOfAnarchy

      No USA?

    • JG

      Nice one dude.


      WTF !! sony, really ?? what about xperia Z ??

    • spatch

      Xperia Tablet Z owners are also eligible.

    • MeLa

      yeah! I don’t get their strategies, What is sony thinking?

    • OneYesterday

      Why no USA!!!!!!!!! Unfair!!!!!

    • samtroll

      ow, do you still have money in Greece ?

    • Jan

      Sony is thinking stupid with their internet services, they so lazy moron arses.
      Many, many countries lacks of Playstation Mobile, Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited, so what the fuck is sence of these actions? To show that UK and Germany is more important than others? I dont want to wait this long so move your ass Sony! Even on iPhone i can play (pay&download) Katamiari which i can’t on Xperia, this is crazy!! I want these hd movies hq music and better games playstation quality…! GIMME DAT!

    • Jan



      Yeah !! sony, move ur a** !! go ahead make these available everywhere and also for xperia Z users !!! come on sony !!!! we are premium users,right ?? show us that !!!

    • Alex Marinos

      Great news! no wait… not available in my country!!! Thanks Sony

    • Alex Marinos

      totally agree with you man

    • Alex Marinos

      No we dont.. we steal yours

    • Pika

      I want a tablet z1 with S800, please SONY !!

    • Night of Xperia Z

      Ya, dunno whether Sony is forgot about our Xperia Z.

    • Night of Xperia Z

      If you want Playstation Mobile, go to here and download the apk and install it:
      When you want to register, put your country as USA or UK.

    • Makiz

      Yes we do! Don’t listen to the media :-P

    • Makiz

      Even in Greece we have iTunes and all their services since 2006

    • Mint

      Who cares about Greece? It’s not even available in the USA! Wut?!

    • Makiz

      Who cares of what you think about Greece?

    • Alex Marinos

      Thank you for this useless info since this only applies to ppl that actually resident at these countries. When you ll want to buy a game from either UK or USA shop on PSN mobile you ll also need a valid credit card with foreign address and not your actual address.

    • Leon

      C8606 variant comes out Oct 14

    • Mohammed H. Najjar


    • haxona

      Anyone know why the Music unlimited code is not valid? I live in Sweden so that isn’t the problem. A bit annoying to have 60days on Music Unlimited that I can’t use :(

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    • r2stik


    • r2stik

      Very good! SONY get your services to ESTONIA!!!

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    • ok, here’s a question for 10.000 points. how to update the Xperia Privilege app to avail of free 60 day offer for Music Unlimited, when I live in Ireland? Ireland is on the list of countries that can avail of that offer, so why can’t I update Xperia Privilege app?

    • Juz

      The Experia is a great phone but Why do i have to add credit card information to use a free service?

    • MarkLastiwka

      Just FYI, all those promotions are also available in Canada.

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    • indo ultra

      I just redeemed 1 movie, the total recall :) here in Jakarta, Indonesia. dunno about its quality yet, but i guess it is good enough.

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    • Rick

      How do you download the gams you get free i see the games but no download button,i looked in sony mobile but then it says a price next to the download link? Can anyone help.

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