Sony SBH80 Stereo Bluetooth Headset press pic leaks

by XB on 7th October 2013

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Sony SBH80We have already seen an image of Sony’s upcoming SBH80 Stereo Bluetooth Headset and this time another press picture has leaked. The unusual “neck style wireless headset” has NFC for easy pairing along with buttons on each lead of the earphone. The SBH80 has been also been spotted at various retailers so it shouldn’t be too long before we hear some more official news.

Sony SBH80

Via Digi-wo.

  • Tech Gospel

    Can’t wait!

  • Wojciech

    Hopefully it supports AptX codec.

  • Micro

    IMO it’s like bluetooth jewelry – it’s so beautiful, that you actually don’t want to cover anything so everyone can see it…
    I hope it supports multi-point BT connections

  • Folk Hellfang

    I own the Sony Ericson version from a few years back. HBH-IS800, very compact, great sound, and noise canceling. Only, the unit had a small clip that kept them in place during use. sadly, it was easily lost and even more easily crushed and without it… An exercise in frustration if you only need one ear piece keeping it in place. The battery was also only good for 4 hours or so.

    I’m looking forward to this new set, it looks more balanced. I’m a little torn on this one versus the mini handset that was shown with the Z Ultra reveal.

  • ice4banday

    OH YEAH!!!

  • ice4banday


  • Raj Singh

    My curiosity asks: Why do you hope that? Is it because of the compression algorithm or because of the voice quality? I ask because the headset has HD Voice enabled, so I’m probably missing something.

  • Raj Singh

    No, it’s not.

  • Raj Singh

    It kinda looks like a stethoscope. I’m digging the power button next to her index finger.

  • ????????????

    because some people want to listen lossless music

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  • Sh Dynasty

    I know I would steal those in a heartbeat.

  • djabag

    Looks nice!

    My reflection is that I often have this kind of headphones out of my ears to be able communicate with outer people. But what happens when you have them out of your ears, seams to be a bit too long so it will hanging very low and maybe in your way ??

  • Mac

    good point, I was wondering if the ear piece is sitting tight so I can use it while exercising. also water resistance?

  • Sh’ Dynasty

    That’s his son, dick…

  • ice4banday

    RAJ SINGH: No, it’s not
    ICE4BANDAY: No, it’s not what? holding a jug or a jug?
    ICE4BANDAY: it’s definitely a jug buddy!!

  • ice4banday

    I swear man I didn’t down vote you!

  • Manuel Maldonado Turcios

    His son’s name is Dick?

  • Babylonbwoy

    SBH50 does, so no doubt here.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Easy when you see a white exec bitch like her!

  • Micro

    even SBH20 does, I use it every day and it’s extremely useful in my case, but… this is Sony ;) you can always expect such a head shot hehe (like Z1 with old display, unexplainable but there :D)

  • Micro


  • raxxta

    Tbh it would probably be easier for her to kick you in your non-existent balls if you tried it.

  • raxxta

    Why does a jug have a son?

  • raxxta

    Yep looks like you have to try and curl it round your ear first..awkward! *gives up and switches to on-ear headphones*

  • raxxta

    I think he meant it’s not ‘ironic’…it’s just an unusual situation

  • raxxta

    I would let her take my pulse any day…

  • Max

    I hope Sony has eliminated the huge amount of echo with the IS800 during a voice call.

  • Wojciech

    HD voice is not the same as AptX – the latter is used for music streaming and it allows the device to stream higher quality music than using standard A2DP codec. I wouldn’t call it lossless audio quality but still better than what we get now.

  • Raj Singh

    Thanks for asking me a question and answering it for me.

  • Raj Singh

    Thanks for the explanation. I’m with you on that and I’m all for streaming higher quality music.

  • Chygs


  • josesl16

    Noooo, I wanted it to be just long enough so that it goes directly to the ear from the backside of the neck D: Oh well, I guess you could pull them back and have ’em dangling inside your shirt on the back…

  • leakleakleak

    Wow, a LEAK!!!

  • hocestquisumus

    It’s one thing how it looks on a staged ad pic with a pretty woman (good). It’s another how it feels when you’re on the subway, with a messenger bag, in the middle of winter with lots of clothing on and trying to find the right button which, as usual, is… somewhere down your back and tangoing with anything but your fingers.

    For me that design does away with the advantages of BT headsets, namely, not so many cables.

  • Babylonbwoy

    SBH80 has no display, finally I’m not sure it will have multipoint… no radio too, no notifications…

  • ankit

    good one !!
    I bought a wireless headset last week and it is perfect in its features.

  • Sunil

    Where is Sony SBH50? It’s not available in India!

  • alvin smaith
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  • Kelvin Lam

    This BT headphone looks brilliant!
    Looking for more Bluetooth headphones? Go to:

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