Xperia Z Ultra’s Power Cover CP12 gets a hands-on video

by XB on 15th October 2013

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Xperia Z Ultra Power Cover CP12We recently reported on a new accessory for the Sony Xperia Z Ultra called the Power Cover CP12. As the name suggests, the CP12 is a protective case that also includes a 3000mAh embedded battery, providing extra juice for the handset when needed. It also includes an extendable stylus in the case and it can be folded back to be used as a desk stand.

We are still waiting for official launch details including price and availability, but in the meantime a hands-on video of the power cover has appeared. It shows how the Xperia Z Ultra fits into the case, as well as giving an idea of the extra thickness added. There is also a button that can be pressed to provide extra charge as desired. As soon as we have more information on the case, including release date, we’ll let you know.

  • sfordesign

    now this is something very very well made for xperia z ultra

  • Guest

    Would be nice for the Z1 as well.

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Pretty late – Sony should have released this case along with Xperia Z Ultra – its great doubling the power as well as added space for much needed Stylus!!!

  • raj

    this is the best case i have ever seen
    I hope Sony India puts it up for sale in India

  • Ahmed AbuBakr

    I need this for my ULTRA (*_*)

  • jimmkind

    Is there anything similar to this, but for the XZ. There should be more potential buyers from the XZ users.

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  • ice4banday

    3000mAH battery with a cute little stylus pen, NICE.

  • sonyfan

    this is a nice cover, i wish this cover had a flash for the camera.

  • ipefreely


  • Hasnain Maec Abbas

    If only this was available in pakistan…:-/

  • Mac

    Haha now that’s what I call innovating x). nice one!

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  • Leonardo Rojas

    Will it be available in Peru? Release the Z1 and the Z Ultra in Peru right now!!!!!!!!!

  • kanazai2001

    is it IP58 as well?!
    will Z1 to hav da same accessory as well?!

  • Gagan Verma

    Sony should launch the same for the whole Xperia Z series. Would be really appreciated. It’s better to have official rather than buying from any third party.

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