Sony CP12 Power Cover looks like a must-have for Xperia Z Ultra owners

by XB on 3rd October 2013

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Sony CP12 Power Cover_4Xperia Z Ultra owners, this is the case you have been waiting for. Sony has revealed the Power Cover CP12 for the Xperia Z Ultra. It comes with a number of unique features, which sets it apart from other cases.

The Sony Power Cover CP12 is a flip-style case, but not only does it offer protection, it also includes an integrated 3000mAh battery. Therefore if you are travelling and need a bit more power, you can simply hit the charging key. As part of the package, Sony supplies the EC21 magnetic charging cable, which can be used to charge both the case and phone together when you’re back at your desk.

The goodness doesn’t stop there, Sony also includes an extendable aluminium stylus (with 1.5mm tip) inside the case so that you can make the most of the note features of the Xperia Z Ultra. The case can also be folded back to use as a desk stand.

We are sold, we don’t care how much this costs, we need this case in our life right now. We’ll bring you availability details as soon as we have it.

Sony CP12 Power Cover_3

Sony CP12 Power Cover_2

Sony CP12 Power Cover_1

Sony CP12 Power Cover_4

Thanks Naail!

  • Neat – but now I hope Sony will release an official power cover for the Z1 too.

  • Wow.. made me wish I have Z Ultra but it’s just too darn big as a primary phone :S

  • Rene Pedroso

    That would be awesome

  • schattenkonig58

    And in white!

  • Micro

    and even if not, Chinese will do soon enough ;)

  • Etienne Hilson

    Oh great !

  • Indeed they will (I’ve got one for my Z, which has a 2,800mAh battery) but I suspect Sony would make one that looks a lot nicer.

    (Oh, and a lot more expensive!)

  • Micro

    this last one scares me..
    Z1, DK31, SBH80, SW2… come on.. so expensive :/ (all but DK31 worth it imho, but still very expensive.. )

    honestly I hope Sony *won’t* make such cover for Z1, because I will buy it (or gonna be sick for months ;P) and this will completely ruin me financially ;D lol

  • AsadMulla

    Same here.

  • aKaDjRenzo

    If they make one for the Z1 then I well get the Z1 + this case for sure.. Now i’m still not sure if I should get the Z1

  • Tech Gospel

    Should have one for the Tablet Z as well. Would be like a 24h enduro battery case

  • pixlas

    6000mah in total! As much as the tablet Z Geeeeeeeeez!

  • Rene Pedroso

    You know you will get it, lol

  • Rene Pedroso

    Great idea

  • Rene Pedroso
  • Micro

    I’m not listening! not listening…! ;P

  • Expensive

    I read some where it going to be ~$200, Whos gonna by it?

  • peevs

    Still this phablet lacks the flash. If only it has aflash in cam this would ve my phone right now.

  • philippe sun

    this is a brilliant idea, plus the qx10 and qx100, these are the sony we have been waiting to see!

  • jag

    Woah!! So expensive!! I wish i can have it for free

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  • Jason Bailey

    Yeah I saw that two… Be nice to know the real dimensions at some point. :-)

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  • Victor Ling

    This really really really makes me want a z ultra….I cant decide between z1 n z ultra now….someone, please help…

  • Jason Bailey
  • Etienne Hilson

    I heard $280. To be confirmed…
    Expensive for a simple cover of course, but is it so expensive for a nice cover + tablet-like support + stylus + battery to double your autonomy ?
    For me, it is great because this cover is bringing all (except the lack of flash) the negative points of the phone (lack of dedicated stylus and no place to store it, limit of the 3000 mAh battery for such screen and cpu, big screen so maybe more easy to hit and damage)
    Not easy to have so much money, but it is a great completion for a great phone :-)

  • Etienne Hilson

    It depends if you need to take great pictures or not, because as I read reviews, this is the VERY weak point of the ultra (and fortunately, not at all important for me)

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  • Shawn L

    There’s one major flaw with the cover. It’s not durable.

    Cover purchased 4 Nov. To date, the edges of the cover sandwiching the front flip cover have started to peel. This is with regular use.

    Also, the cover is made of a material that is a sponge for body oils. Regular use will result in unsightly finger patches across the cover.

    For the price you’re paying on these, the build quality is just not good.

  • Etienne Hilson

    Thank you very much for your very valuable feedback !
    This is precious and important information !
    Many thanks !

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