Minor Xperia Z1 update (14.1.G.2.259) certified

by XB on 22nd October 2013

in Firmware, Xperia Z1

Xperia Z1_14.1.G.2.259A new firmware update with build version 14.1.G.2.259 has been certified by the PTCRB for the Xperia Z1 (C6902, C6903 and C6906). The update appears to be a marginal update over the previous version just released (14.1.G.2.257), so it is likely to mainly contain bug fixes. We’ll bring you news if/when it gets released.

Xperia Z1_14.1.G.2.259

  • Adrian M

    Yeah Update <3

  • Micro

    I updated mine today to the 257, and now there is another coming, hell yeah! =)

  • cs098

    More Camera software optimization PLS!!!

  • manutd

    I’m from Romania and still no update to 14.1.G.2.257 here.what’s wrong?

  • x-periance

    Hope it will adds on more features for the camera functionality… :-)

  • ndjskssj

    A?teapt? ?i tu ca la noi apare mai greu :))

  • Micro

    it’s like a virus, it spreads like it, covering territories one by one, jumping from one place to the closest another. It came from west, yesterday was in Germany, today got here to Poland, the wind is north so it might slow it a bit, but it is very close now to Romania. Don’t worry, you will be infected very soon.

  • Boris J

    fuck yea…but havt got the update for 14.1.G.2.257 in India yet :( but now they released one more…. which will i get 257 or 259 or nothing :( Is any of the update gonna give some effect in battery power. To be frank battery sucks….. but still LOVING MY Z1. Its the best. Need help to increase my battery power….Can anyone help ?

  • Gitarooman

    check pc companion software, doesnt appear OTA yet.

  • Gitarooman

    not optimization, more like mega software upgrade, the camera function is seriously lacking.

  • x-periance

    Oh yeah Q100 already available in malaysia for RM1499

  • Chee Siong Lee

    This minor update maybe a bug fix of the newly released firmware. Nothing to wow about. They might be rectifying it.

  • Faris Ahmad


  • question

    Does this fix the horrendous post processing of camera images?

  • Samuel Serafim

    The number is very diferent. I think it isnt 4.1 anymore.

  • Emanuele Ciotti

    In Italy I have build. 1.XXX

  • Mac




  • SinaKing

    Holly ….
    WTF ?!
    We Didn’t Even Get This Update With LTE Version !
    What Should We Do ?! :(

  • SinaKing

    I Mean 2.257 …

  • ImAnurag

    Z1 14.1.G.2.259 seems a update for only some CARRIER based operators so far. May not roll on other Z1 devices. – confirmed from some sources,

  • azzido

    Nothing in Poland yet, Orange sucks! They only have to copy/paste its bloatware to the Sony soft, nothing else, and it is taking them so much time :/ even if it is the same android version…

  • manutd

    mda,la noi tot timpul merge mai greu.am avut un xperia z din Olanda,5 luni si imediat cum aparea un soft,cum il puteam updata. :)

  • Micro

    yip, nothing from orange and won’t be for long. Clean one got here yesterday morning.

  • Alex Klitbøl Karlsson

    Updated mine recently. Around 80-something MB of update. 14.1.G.2.257.
    Danish carrier.

  • Bernard Wong

    Damn with that kind of pricing I can get a Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom…oh man…what’s with Sony!!! What about pricing for Qx10?

  • @atWidget
  • Samuel Serafim

    XL is with 4.1, so i think it isnt 4.1 anymore.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Certified doen’t means they will release it for sure, sometimes it take even several months (XT .141 FW, certified, sources released but the update came months later)

    Still no .257 here in france, so yoy’re not the only one waiting

  • Paul Roberts

    great phone but needs some creases ironed out, what’s actually included in this firmware, or have i missed it sorry?

    the flash on camera is hard to find in AR mode?? too dark in ‘da club :p

    my screen blacks out when I call anyone straight away and I have to hold the phone almost upside down hitting the power button twice to “sometimes” get it to come back on (this is really frustrating!) otherwise I have to wait for the other person to hang up…

    sounds great but sometimes I’m having trouble with some of my music files skipping through a track at like >> x4… Might have something to do with the 64gb class 10 micro sd as it’s a cheap one…

    can’t wait to try tv mirroring when my Sony KDL46R473 arrives for Christmas ;)

    Proud Xperia Z1 LTE owner – EE UK.

  • SinaKing

    Skipping Tracks Is About Power Management Options Bro !
    Exclude Walkman App on Power management & You’ll Never Face With Something Like this .

  • SinaKing

    Yeah ,
    I Know it …

    But Sony Hardworking on Xperia z1 Firmware !
    This Sounds Good !

  • Paul Roberts

    Awesome thanks! ^_^

  • Steve

    With the Tv Mirroring, be prepared to use the cable as the Tv Mentioned doesn’t support wireless Mirroring! Grab a w8 if possible, much better.

  • x-periance

    Qx10 estimated around rm799++ cheaper cause it just like kitlens for normal dslr. But for Qx100 i can see why the price taq higher because a normal dslr lens f1.8g lens will cost around rm899++ ( 50mm ) and Rm1399 ( 85mm ) . RM1299 for f1.8 g-lens with 3x optic zoom , built in 1inch sensor, battery and sd slot all in one i personally considaring as good bargain to offer. And for sure the price will get low after a few month .:-)

  • Babylonbwoy

    Agree with proximity sensor, even my replacement unit has this bug too, annoying this fucking bug, should be solved in 24h!

  • SinaKing

    Still No Update For Lund Sweden !
    No News Guys ?!

  • Paul Roberts

    does your screen protector cover the sensor, it won’t work if its covered by anything >.< some lazy people at these case making companies not doing their jobs properly & Sony paying the price….

  • SinaKing

    It’s Seeding For Lund Sweden Now … ( G.2.257 )
    Use PC Companion !

  • CK

    r u kidding? this QX100 is way ahead of S4 zoom

  • Muhammad

    alright dude , but you’ve to give at least one of your sources to be clear .

  • Muhammad

    14.1.G.2.257 is now seeding for the Medal east !

  • ImAnurag

    it’s quite obvious i am not exposing my sources here and if you want to believe it you can what i commented otherwise not, no offence :)
    Some sources are never meant to be told for the sake of security.

  • Bernard Wong

    If that the case I will wait for afew more months…maybe after CNY 2014 with the bonus pay will get 1 …thanks..

  • Bernard Wong

    Yeah I know…but I meant to say is that with the s4 zoom I get make calls and shoot too…lol

  • Babylonbwoy

    Nothing covered, it’s a known bug I think.
    The film I put on the screen has a cut out but even before I applied it I had the bug.

  • Tangent Lin

    Hope sony will solve yellowish display :-(

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