Sony SGP412 model spotted at the FCC; could it be a Wi-Fi only Xperia Z Ultra?

by XB on 6th November 2013

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Sony SGP412_1Documents relating to a “Sony SGP412” have passed through the United States FCC (Federal Communications Commission), which appears to be a Wi-Fi only version of the Xperia Z Ultra. The description used in the documents is a “Portable UMPC Device“, which certainly appears to class this as a mini-tablet rather than smartphone with cellular capabilities.

The model number is also in the same vein as Sony’s tablet devices, for example the Wi-Fi only Xperia Tablet Z has model numbers SGP311 (16GB) and SGP312 (32GB). Assuming the same applies to the SGP412 would mean that this Xperia Z Ultra would come with 32GB internal storage.

The move to create a wireless-only Xperia Z Ultra wouldn’t be a crazy one – after all the Xperia Z Ultra’s display size of 6.44-inches is not that far off the Nexus 7 with its 7.02-inch display. We also have seen some pictures of both side-by-side in the past which puts the Z Ultra in favourable light (cost aside).

The Xperia Z Ultra has a superb form-factor with premium materials and removing the cellular capability would mean that pricing would be that much more competitive. It would be a shame to see all of Sony’s engineer and design efforts for the Xperia Z Ultra disappear to its high cost for what is currently a niche device. However, pitching it as a mini tablet could bring it to a much wider and deserved audience. Time will tell whether anything comes of this.

Sony SGP412_1

Sony SGP412_2

Thanks Ben!

  • ice4banday

    I was wondering when Sony was bringing in their mini tablet.

  • Guest

    Would prefer a true mini tablet between 7 and 8 inches preferably 8 or closer to 8.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    They should have advertised it as a mini tablet rather than a big phone then. :/?

    I really think they don’t have a well communication between designer and advertiser departments. The designer forgot to tell to the advertising department that Z ultra in a mini tablet and not a big phone. :D (just a thought, please ignore me)

  • MarkLastiwka

    Same. I would like to see them come in with the 7″, bc you can still hold with one hand. Have the same “anything is stylus” support as the Z Ultra.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    I knew it. They would release a Wi-Fi only version of it. :))

  • WOW! they heard my request! :D

  • ZL

    oh god.. DAT BEZEL!

  • Izad Husin

    I’m sick of seeing comments like these, ” OMG those bezels!”, “these bezels”, “those ugly bezels”. Damn son, it’s a huge phone and without those bezels, you’ll touch almost anything you don’t want. Now, gtfo.

  • hans

    Say that to any other tablets. Not this one you won’t (If indeed it is a mini tablet).

  • hans

    Currently using Xperia Z Ultra and this move will gain Sony a momentum if they price it around US$ 400. I can say that without mobile data, it would have better battery life (+- 15% better than Z Ultra i reckon)

  • Basharca

    I think it should have been a version that supports WI-FI + Cellular data plans as well. Some people still need to use data connection on the go, rather than just being limited to W-FI.

  • scw

    The would have make it too similar to existing Z ultra and kind of defect the reasoning behind the model in question.

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  • JQ

    Sony should also upgrade the Ultra Z battery to 3400mah like the Nokia 1520.

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