Xperia C (new C2304 model) passes through the FCC; heading to the US?

by XB on 7th November 2013

in Xperia C

Sony C2304The Sony Xperia C is currently available with model number C2305 (or S39h in China). However, a new variant with model number C2304 has passed through the FCC which could suggest the quad-core Mediatek powered handset may be making its way to North America.

Sony normally launches the low/mid-range Xperia phones with CXX04 model numbers in the US, as they contain the correct bands for use in the region. We’ll see what comes of this, but it could be an attractive off-contract option for some, if the phone is priced cheaply – ideally around the $350 price point.

Sony C2304

Via Blog of Mobile.

  • Guest


  • Guest

    Americans love samsungs they didnt grow up to understand sony and premium phones yet

  • nfs2010

    Not really – Apple is the premium brand in the US. Samsung is a run-of-the mill brand here. That’s why Apple is much more popular in the US than any other brand compared to the rest of the world.

    As far as Sony phones go, they don’t get picked up by the US carriers very often – hence people don’t know about them. > 90% of the US customers buy carrier phones.

  • Nimche

    That is not completely correct. People love to get cheaper phones with more features…everything on contract. So if Sony doesn’t market well and sell phones off contract for full price, no one will look at them. While you and I both know that Xperia C is not a premium phone but if they sell them in AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc. stores, people will pick them up as many did for TL and ION even thou those phone where total junk. Remember that Sony Mobile haven’t had a strong repetition for updates and hardware in general specially in the US, therefore I don’t blame anyone not to buy anything that is not advertised correctly, up to date with solid performance while they can find all of that pretty much in Samsung and other few devices.

  • ice4banday

    @ $350 NEXUS 5 is providing a hell of a lot of options more than the Xperia C is!

  • dorameon

    Totally no news for next year flagship?

  • Guest

    Silly you thinking everything Sony makes is premium and also under estimating the needs and wants of the American people. Sony is constantly shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to the American market. A prime example, they released a none LTE Xperia Z1 for $650. They may sell a few, however, certainly not as much had the phone been LTE enabled for a major carrier namely AT&T or T-Mobile.

  • Kamil1308

    the only reason apple is more popular in us is because According to its annual filing, Apple spent $933 million on advertising
    last year, $691 million in 2010, and $501 million in 2009. Samsung splurged on ads $401 million in 2012, in the US alone. Thats why it would be probably second most popular choice for people in US as they spend nearly as much money on advertising as Apple. The only reason why Sony isnt pupular yet in US is because they are not going to spend hunders milion on advertising just so it will sell good in US. They market for now is Europe and Japan and they are doing pretty well in it.

  • lol

    in malaysia u can buy C with 299 usd only

  • Kamil1308

    NTT DoCoMo, Japan’s largest mobile operator by contracts, said it sold
    640,000 units of the Sony handset Xperia A since its launch on May 17, while
    selling 320,000 of the Galaxy S4 since it went on sale a week later on
    May 23. If Sony would spent as much money on advertisment as Samsung to in US the same thing would happen in US like in Japan were it would sell more phones then Samsung

  • Kamil1308

    If im not wrong 4G is LTE and somehow i have 4G in my Xperia Z1 in Ireland so maybe US didnt want to have Xperia Z1 with LTE. Because i cant see other reason why i would have 4G anabled Xperia Z1 and why it wouldnt be avaible on Xperia Z1 in US.

  • Guest

    There is 4G and there is 4G LTE which is widely available in the US and takes us back to my point.

  • nfs2010

    I think the LTE Z1 is going to tmobile. That’s why Sony is selling the HSPA version without contract. Actually it was the same case with Xperia Z in the US.

  • yasahara

    This one ? :)

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