Sony Mobile prepping Windows Phone for mid-2014 release?

by XB on 31st December 2013

in Rumours

Windows PhoneEvery once in a while, the rumour mill around Sony entering the Windows Phone ecosystem starts again, pointing to a diversification of mobile OS support. Of course for those with long memories will know that Sony’s Xperia range actually started with Windows Mobile with the Xperia X1 and Xperia X2 handsets.

Whilst Sony Mobile has been running exclusively with Android since then, it is currently dabbling with Firefox OS for some entry-level models that will launch in 2014. Now, The Information is reporting that Sony Mobile could launch a (Vaio-branded?) Windows Phone by the middle of 2014.

Obviously, the same concerns around such a project remain. The Windows Phone ecosystem is dominated by Nokia’s Lumia range of smartphones, accounting for 90% of all Windows Phones. If that wasn’t bad enough you also have Microsoft’s recent proposed acquisition of Nokia’s hardware arm that would put any other OEM at a distinct disadvantage. Then there is also the fact that Microsoft pushing Xbox Live as its gaming platform of choice in Windows Phone, would jar against Sony’s PlayStation drive.

Would you like to see a Sony Windows Phone? Or would you rather the focus remains on Android and for Sony to push up the ranks? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Via The Information.

Thanks Danilo!

  • Rinku Singh

    No windows it’s crap

  • mahdi

    no windows phone !!!
    it is in the hands of nokia !
    you just squander your money by producing wp phones !

  • lucasarg

    I don´t know… Xperia UI in windows phone… :|

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Better launch a 8″ and 11″ windows tablet !!
    Focus on Android and try to beat Samesung, etc first

  • shayan gozarabadi

    not that wp is bad or something but i don’t think it’ll be good decision..

  • AA


  • Micro

    meh.. Xperia means Android phone. End of story.
    VAIO Phone..? (sounds kinda silly..) but maybe.. After all, Sony have some experience with Vaio and Windows, but WP is a different story. Mobile Windows is a very solid OS but.. feels very castrated.
    IMO it would be a bit weird to see xperia with those ugly tiles, Windows could easily destroy all the “beauty” of Xperia. I’d vote against the idea.


    No thanks…. I prefer the android. :)

  • Persian User

    Reasons please?
    I think WP is getting better and better every day and it would be a great opportunity for Sony to be among the first of those who make windows phones.

  • Micro

    WP is not that bad on itself indeed – it’s very solid and secure on it’s own actually. But I can’t believe M$ don’t want to do something nasty about the phone market again, like they did with Nokia. I simply don’t want to watch another good company knee before M$ – sony and ms have exactly opposite interests, this can’t end up well for one of them.

  • Vhan Modders

    Xperia with Windows Phone mobile?

    I’m out. :/

  • Phat-t

    I’m the only one looking forward to this. Fuck me, right?

  • Micro


  • Asa

    No, Microsoft had their chance with their stupid Mobile Windows. It didn’t work then and doesn’t work now. Time to let it die, Microsoft. While your at it, bury the entire Microsoft corporation too. Stupid jackasses are leeching the money of young and innovative companies by suing them. Their just a relic of the olden ages which needs to die asap.

  • Mhanni UP
  • Micro

    Microsoft didn’t break mozilla for all those years, they won’t break android. But they never stop trying.. especially when they see how close is the end of another branch they tried to copy. They burried Nokia whet it was the most weak. Sony is not that weak and will never be.
    it’s only a rumor anyway

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  • Khalid

    No Windows phone or it will ruin Sony because their program is computer and you have to wait another 4 years to see Windows 9 plus its not flexible like the android so Sony only focus on Samsung because its the greatest company in the smartphones so beat them cuz you do you will be king. :)

  • Khalid

    I think you should compete Samsung in their game, add tizen in Xperia and in android so you can beat them in their own game

  • Khalid

    I mean keep android and add tizen

  • kazi

    it killed nokia man, think about it

  • Khalid

    Killed how? You mean it ruined Nokia?

  • Servent

    Please no :(

  • shayan gozarabadi
  • shayan gozarabadi
  • surethom

    I quess Microsoft have got there massive cheque book out & written Sony a blank cheque to start making Windows Phones aswell as Android & Sony would like some more money.

    Personally I dont mind as long as they still make Android phones, its a good thing for the company, dont put all your eggs in one basket.

  • Nikolai ivanov


  • James Earley

    From Sony’s point of view, they need to be able to offer services like Music/Video Unlimited, otherwise your not pushing the Sony ecosystem, your pushing the Microsoft ecosystem.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I wish Sony stick to Android as that is the only mobile system I have ever used and I love it! :)

  • nidou bossy

    Windows is the worst ever!
    iOS with jailbreak still not as a ROOTED android!

    best platform ever: Android


  • Jiyeon90


  • Night of Xperia Z

    What does the fox say:

  • Eke 666

    Hmm, i think nokia was the greatest phone maker for a long time, and now, it is focused only in windows phones, so It will most def rule that market. I can’t think of a reason why Sony should try to enter that market.

  • Michael Hernandez

    If Sony uses WP in the next Z’s…. ¬¬ sorry but, Goodbye SONY!
    ANDROID OR NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!

  • Micro

    There was a time when Nokia had the crown. They were innovative and phones of this brand meant to be for people.
    The times are different now mate. Nokia barely made it through the crisis, I think only made it because MS used their money. But MS used this brand to make their own money, there is no more “connecting people”, MS is on the fight now too.
    If you read the source article, MS is up to something with ZTE now – like drowning grabs a razor. Sony is very strong now, MS see this. If the rumors are true, this is not about MS is trying to make a deal with Sony – it’s Sony that felt the blood of dying MS these days – MS copied the google (bing), made their own closed OS (WP), building their own network (Live) for consoles (Xbox), and so forth. They are copying everything they can – all the good the ideas. But this plan obviously doesn’t work if they are forced to make deals with ZTE – not very large after all – and lower prices for WP licenses. Sony see this, so they are ready to pay for the license and grab a huge piece of the cake that basically belong to Nokia now. Nokia will not like it, as the Lumias are practically the only WP manufacturer that matters.
    Sony can stab MS in the back if they decide to make their phones with Windows OS.
    That’s the point and the reason you can’t think of – good opportunity to take advantage of the MS weakness. Nokia is owned by MS now, and apparently it is a way not enough if MS decides to make such a move with ZTE. Perhaps MS would buy ZTE as well, but Sony is much stronger now than ever before in smartphones, that’s the idea – they are masters of Android, and now this can push MS and their Lumias again to the corner. Nokia wouldn’t survive with Symbian, it’s dead. Even Sony tried that (Satio f.ex). Windows is the only hope Nokia have now, so the real war can now begin – Samsung will loose at the start point, there is nothing for them with the WP – but Sony.. yes, they know the drill.
    If anything of that is true, there will be much blood soon enough, and if Sony is clever enough, only god could save Nokia this time.

  • xperiaDROID

    Well, I think this is a good news. That means there are more choices for us consumers. Windows Phone is not a bad OS, but now Nokia is Microd*cked by Microsoft, we can’t try a Windows Phone from Nokia anymore because we won’t see Nokia phones for another couple years. But still, glad to hear Sony is making Windows Phone as well.

  • wick

    The answer is simply no!
    Sony is doing so well in android department with the recent 4.3 update its clear that sony put a lot of hard work and software innovation i have been using sony phones since 2 years and this was by far the best update ever!
    Coming to the SHIFTING TO WP part its a BAD move for sony…Nokia is currently the king of WP and Nokia have put a lot of R&D in the pureview department and software also by releasing lumia centric apps…ONLY and Only if sony puts that much of effort for WP then only it has any chance otherwise it’s just gonna end up as Samsung or HTC’s windows phone…a flop
    I am an android user with the recent development in android and the way sony is working right now i think it should focus it’s attention on only and only android by providing faster updates and better software optimization and awesome phones such as Z1

  • vigneshprince

    WOW! Great dominate the Nokia!

  • xperiaDROID

    But…but…but…many of us here use Windows on our PC.

  • APai

    no thanks! if we needed choice in the ecosystem, we’ll take tizen. but not the nasty microsoft goo. anything microsoft touch turns into turd, nokia for example.

  • Subham

    Sony should also focus on the app 2 sd feature which is only provided by Samsung rather than any other.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    No idea about sound quality

  • Himanshu Mathur

    no windows please I love SONY android OS

  • Utsav Shah

    one vaio branded WP for me please !

  • neville chidawanyika

    fuck windows

  • Tim Vels

    I am a Sony Android fan but I support this step of going with Windows. There is nothing wrong with going with any OS unless they give support and updates to all the phones in that particular range.

  • Night of Xperia Z

    I means if phone is using Windows OS
    Then it is really wanna fuck windows.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    they made a windows tablet called the Tab 11 (which because it is a first edition needs a refresh)

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    Actually I believe they could sell millions HTZ and Samsung among others haven’t made a new device since the WP8 OS launched so there is no competition with Nokia which is the only company that took the platform seriously while Samsung just made a WP8 version of the GSIII

  • Lee Wei Hou

    Thanks for ur share. It shows the different between VA and IPS, VA is better

  • Purnama

    maybe the upcoming WP device are not from Xperia family… maybe a new family…

  • ritamasrex

    No! I am happy with android!

  • Nope

    Except the original Xperia models ran Windows Mobile ;)

  • Nope

    Especially as there’s no waterproof Windows Phone. It’d be a good opportunity.

  • APai

    Windows+Nokia the companies + fans have turned into giant trolls of the worst kind. they are busy filing patent lawsuits instead of competing on fair grounds. polls after polls or forums are stuffed by these microkia aholes it’s completely rigged, they got caught multiple times.

    They are anti-competitive, and till date microsoft has not explained what is infringing in linux, the patent bogey/ FUD has gone too far. they anyways make some money on each android device sold by a lot of companies. so the manufacturers should simply tell microsoft to STFU, take the money they are begging for each device and get lost.

    microsoft on the desktop front has been a bully, same with office software. for decades. there’s a public aversion for the company, no wonder not many people want it. their saving grace was nokia, now, the nokia fans (plus a small bunch of genuine windows fans) are the only ones buying the lumia series.
    sony, ditched windows phone for a reason, now that nokia is an internal department of microsoft, sony has absolutely NO reason to make windows phones, unless they believe in making losses – which maybe covered by a desperate microsoft. but, any losing product for a company is negative traction, no matter how its spun.

    so microsoft and windows phone are best left to their misery!

  • APai

    microsoft is vulnerable now, but not weak, they have far too much revenue coming in, but the growth is stymied, and they are fast losing mind share in the upcoming areas of growth – tablets and chrome – lightweight computing which is done by the masses.

  • APai

    they are happy with their camera right ? they dont need no stinking waterproof!…. well, thats what the microkia trolls keep trolling about – that lumia 1020 is the be all and end all of all phones.

  • takis takis

    I want android ,tizen ,Firefox windows phone sucs

  • APai

    quite like the lumia series originally ran meego

  • Sridu

    That would be a great option.

  • mustafa

    Become the unanimous number 1 In android, then maybe test a windows device

  • metcarded

    What a waste of time and resources. This device will be DOA, just like Windows phones will be once Microsoft drop the Nokia branding.

  • Alex Gede

    Android phones plz sony!!! Can’t stand windows phones. And Nokia will always have the upper hand cos of d deal with Microsoft.

  • Vinoth Kannah MP

    Many buy Windows phone which is now only in Nokia because of good camera or battery life.
    a person who needs good camera support also need good battery life for taking stills anytime. So it’s better Sony to bring good battery performance if going for Windows phone

  • amiro

    Sony is very strong and MS dying?
    Although I use a VAIO E-series from 2011 and I love Sony a lot more than MS, the stock market disagrees with you.

  • Tsubame

    I would love a SONY WP. <3
    Would be for me the perfect combination of hard and software for me. Thought I doubt it will happen. Seems to me that every new year there is always this rumor that comes back and never goes on sales.

  • Micro

    no no mate, what I meant is Sony is getting much stronger every day while MS is not, and Nokia have a good chance to die again if this come true. Killing Samsung Mobile won’t kill Samsung, and Nokia is now something like “Microsoft Mobile” – this one is a monster with feet of clay and got exposed and vulnerable. Desktop Windows versions have not much to do with the Windows Mobile (ok, maybe tiles concept, the app isolation). It’s like comparing regular Linux to Android. Linux on it’s own won’t even sneeze in case the whole Android disappeared. The same goes there, your VAIO with Windows doesn’t care about Lumia with WM.

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  • Micro

    Yes, perhaps vulnerable is a better word.
    MS now spend his time mostly on suing others and continuing the patent war. Sony, on the other hand, is very innovative and have constantly tons of completely new ideas – MS/Nokia see that, and can’t ignore this.

  • Michael Hofmann

    I think Sony should position any Windows phone as a phone for buisness, dual sim, great email, MS Office, looks good in the workspace etc. That would complement the vaio line.

  • Micro

    I could live with VAIO family ;] Just not Xperia, this would be wrong..
    However, WP have its advantages when it comes to use it next to the W8 laptop/pc/”allinone”. Business people would rather go for Windows Phone because of this, it’s almost integrated with W8/8.1 and obviously this makes their life easier. Perhaps this is a chance which Sony sees in those lowered fees for WP licenses.

  • Micro

    hmm… maybe microsoft realized that they have “1020 the greatest *camera* on earth” and looking for someone like ZTE who can finally design an actual *phone* haha :D

  • Make.Believe.

    No i don’t want to see a WP from Sony,Sony means beautiful design and WP8 are just ugly (imo),they would totally ruin what Sony stands for.I would like to see a VitaOS Phone though..They already have their own operating system and they do not utilize it! Come on Sony…

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  • Ninjas

    More manufacturer using window phone OS means better ecosystem. Currently smartphone dominate by Android. I like wp OS, very smooth it just need a lot of improvements. As been said wp is solid and safe OS as well. I will buy if Sony make it..

  • Khalid

    No need because its not worth it to make WP Sony.
    I think Sony should make a new brand with a new name and plans to make her own OS like android and that new brand will become a smartphone, a phablet, a tablet, a laptop and a super smart tv and keeps her Xperia line in android and gets out it so they compete with the other OSs and competes herself and that will help her improve many things.

  • m

    Vita OS???

  • someone

    Yes, many of you. But, not me! (Thanks God!)

    I ONLY use Linux both at work and home for a loooonngg time.

  • deekbee

    No, Nokia killed themselves. Elop just twisted the knife a little more.

  • deekbee

    I can’t see them going this route – they wouldn’t have any major selling points over Nokia.

    Compared my SP to a Lumia 625 last week. The Lumia is (roughly) half the price of the SP here in the UK, but feels better built, has a better camera, a clearer screen … and while I’m not a fan of the WP interface, it runs a LOT smoother than the SP, despite lower end hardware.

    Although I admit that the 1020 is tempting – that camera is way ahead of anything Sony currently produce (will they be releasing anything with a decent camera soon?).

  • someone

    Excuse me. But, how did you come to this conclusion that WP is “Very solid and secure” ? Just via reading some sponsored (!) reviews/articles that say WP is very solid (!) and secure (!) ??

    Has it (WP) ever been widely used like Android or IOS ? Thus, never been targeted by hackers.

    So, how come one can think that it’s solid and secure without someones even attempted (to exploit it).

  • Micro

    This can give you some clues:
    It is very secure. I personally hate Windows Mobile, but it is. In fact, this is why I am not ever getting it for everyday use. This made the system very castrated.. no virus can do anything there, but no user can even customize it. For me, the only nice thing about it is the “live tile”.
    But the fact it hasn’t been broken yet doesn’t mean nobody tried – opposite, it means nobody made it yet. Several apps broke through to the Windows Phone Store (like fake chrome browser that was stealing passwords), but such accidents just happen and it’s a different story – the OS itself, as far as I know, has not been broken yet remotely, once on samsung phone someone locally made it to break out off the “app jail” but I don’t really know much about it atm.

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  • Khalid


  • fikhl

    Oh hell no!

    Now with the Nokia acquisition, other OEMs simply cannot compete with M$ within the Windows Phone ecosystem. HTC learned that the hard way.

    I personally have NO interest in owning a Windows phone. I think it’s best for Sony to focus on Android and pushing out timely updates for their flagship and mid-range phones instead. Sony’s excellent mid-range Android phones are simply unbeatable. So no need for Windows Phone. Sorry M$.

  • Antdev13

    I’d rather not use xperia anymore if it changes to windows phone…!!!!!

  • truthspeaks

    I thought there won’t be any Windows phones from sony at all.

    due to this. Seems like CEO has changed his mind. grrrr

  • saywhat

    Personally, I would not buy a Windows phone, even if it were a Nokia, Sony, HTC etc. Sony’s smartphones look extremely elegant and the Windows Mobile operating system is very fast, fluid and easy to use. I think it would be a good choice for girls who are not so interested in tinkering it, they would have an elegant accessory. Hell, it would be a good choice even for guys who are not so interested in tearing their phones apart and just want something that works flawlessly and looks great.

  • Christian

    I’d love for Sony to expand to other operating systems as well, but not Microsoft. After all the device integration they’ve been pushing recently, what’s the point in launching a model that will not be part of it? Let’s be honest, a Microsoft phone would push the XBox brand, not PS, I don’t think there’s a way around that.
    Focus on Android, and for those who want something else, get Firefox OS as well. I’d be happy if they stick to these two for now.

  • Ace Loo

    Hmmm… I wonder if you remember these images:

    In my opinion, Sony’s style within their phones has consistently stayed beautiful, Windows Mobile or Android. And they were the first to use the tiles in the Xperia X1 in the first place. We buy a VAIO laptop for the innovation/prestige it carries, despite there being little customisation done in the software level. If the folks at Microsoft allow Sony to customise the UI level while keeping the kernel intact (for the consistent Windows update) it may work out to be like Stardock’s Object Desktop solution to Windows.

    It’s a faint hope, but seems to have read from GSMArena that in the Lumia 1520 the XBox Live tile has been renamed as Games. Along with the recent rumours going on that Microsoft stakeholders are pushing to ditch Bing and XBox it may signal Microsoft’s intention to be more inclusive of other players. Perhaps, to Microsoft, it may be better to gain a Sony ally to give Windows Phone the choice of *3rd party* XBox or PlayStation functions, then giving Google a lead ally pushing for premium, which Sony is capable of providing at the moment. (E.g. Sony Music/Video Unlimited + Playstation Series + Sony Xperia Mobiles/Accesories + Vaio + Bravia + Home Theatres + Memory Cards + SLR?)

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  • Micro

    oh yes, I remember, both of them (X2 too), it was something completely new about the design, the Windows version there has its chance. It was something new and different from PDAs around there with this Windows “XP” for Mobile.
    I think it is not Microsoft giving a chance to Sony (Sony already has its position and is growing fast and stably on the mobile market), it is rather Sony seeing Microsoft that seek allies like ZTE (relatively small), so there is a chance for Sony to take advantage of the situation (mostly this dropped licenses fee) but yes, we have seen what Sony can do with devices with Windows. And the one thing MS will be afraid is the “innovations” – Sony never stops to experiment with new things.
    I have nothing against the idea itself, no doubt WP by Sony would make them to be “phones” again, I just don’t want to see “XPERIA” logo on any WP.

  • Micro

    and BTW, I was planning to replace my SE P910 (symbian based :)) to the X1 when it was released, I only didn’t because of the Windows ;)

  • David Avila

    NO, NO, and, NO. Sony will shoot itself in the foot if the company uses an OS that is not even the most popular one, and has XBOX integration. If Sony has dignity they wont make that shift and stick with Android (or make Firefox phones, at another resource)

  • someone

    Thanks for the link. But, I’m already aware of what WP is capable and not capable. And still don’t understand how do you come to a conclusion that WP is “secure” via just reading microsoft whitepapers.

    WP shares the same kernel as Windows 8/Windows2012 Server. Thus, might be prone to the same vulnerabilities that Windows 8/Windows2012 Server kernel has/will. Once it gets more attention by the hackers, we will see how it’s “secure” exactly. Until then, you may continue to “dream” how WP is “secure” via just reading microsoft whitepapers.

  • InspectorGadget80

    I hope not. M$ is so damn uptight for not getting any other manufactures to make WINDOWS OS in their hand sets instead they SUE ANDROID. And SONY DON’T make any WINDOWS PHONE.

  • InspectorGadget80


  • Sony is a big company. the release of one or two WP-based cellphones over the year will have the least impact on their ‘focus’ on Android. Variation is always a good thing.

  • Vaio Z1

    I think its rather good for them to taste the other side, and the way some people say no, as if it would be forced on you to buy a sony windows phone, they could release 10 Xperia android and 1 vaio windows phone, and if it is not to your liking then don’t buy it. Android is an open OS, but sometimes the users are the complete opposite.

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  • magnificen7

    Xperia will always thrive well as a limited celebrity brand running android os, I love my Xperia and wouldn’t want to share it with Windows. Let’s leave windows to the finish company.

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  • Sid

    LOL!! Its time for IP68 WP Phone with WALKMAN!!

  • Shubham Mutreja

    sony make best cameras even iphones also houses a sony camera sensor
    but the current image processing software of xperia is not at all good

  • XperiaT_owner

    I recently had to choose a new phone with decent camera for my wife.
    I chose Nokia 925 because of the camera and since then I am again and again surprised how good and usable it is. I like my Xperia T very much but have to say 925 is faster, looks very good and has exciting interface and much, much stable! Now if I had a way to have Windows 8.1 on my Xpeira I would.

  • peeepp

    VAIO is for laptop while Xperia is for smartphone.
    Do you forget about Xperia X1 and X2?
    They running Windows Mobile isn’t it?

    So they’re chance that if Sony want to build a next window based smartphone,
    They will come from the Xperia family.

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