New Xperia SP Android 4.3 firmware certified with build 12.1.A.0.256

by XB on 7th January 2014

in Android, Firmware, Xperia SP

XperiaAn Android 4.3 firmware build for the Xperia SP (C5302, C5303, C5306) was already certified with build number 12.1.A.0.253 back in December. However, it looks like Sony wanted to iron out a few more bugs, as a new build with version number 12.1.A.0.256 has just been certified by the PTCRB. If this is the final version for release, we would expect it to hit handsets within a couple of weeks.


Thanks Christian and Patryk!

  • ????????? ???????

    Good news))))

  • Xperia TX User

    Good News..Hopefully Xperia TX is not far behind..:)

  • Vhan Modders

    This is what we waiting for.. :))

  • sisore

    Happy now, SP user? :)

  • K
  • Kasun Deemantha

    good news for xsp..
    lets hope get this update on next few days………

  • Ani

    Hope this could be final release and came within this week..

  • Diogo Simões
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  • sp user

    Hope this update comes in a week

  • Tim Aries
  • Pikacu

    It seems 12.1.A.0.256 has just arrived to my SP via OTA, Unfortunatelly ended with message “…could not be installed…”. Will try later through my computer.

  • Swashgear

    Haha really….??

  • Tim Aries

    Really? That sounds real cool

  • Ani

    Where are you from?

  • aekara21

    if they release it tomorrow that’s great means that they took care (pretty well) with the update…you konw what happened with samsung S3

  • Lucas Lam

    what about TX :(((

  • Tim Aries

    keep calm man, TX wont be far behind

  • aekara21

    what is OTA ??can someone tell me…?

  • Tim Aries

    Over The Air update, means you will be able to update right on your phone

  • Ani

    Ove the air..

  • Patrol619

    Oh, really? Why you didn’t take a screenshot??

  • aekara21

    man i hope you are not telling us lies..

  • Sabin Jamal

    Again couple of weeks… Seems it wil arrive on february….

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  • Sabin Jamal


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  • Julius

    Finally, the SP is the best android device I’ve used so far. everything in the right spot: Battery life, descent camera, horsepower, size. Used the Z, battery sucked, Z1 huge bezzels phone looks weird. There’s a reason why the SP was sony’s best phone in 2013 :D

  • deekbee

    Camera? Really? Its a nice device, looks good, fairly quick but the camera isn’t a selling point.

  • deekbee

    End of Jan, early February – but what about operator variants, when will that be released?

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  • Guest

    For me, the camera is fine. I came from my SE Xperia Mini Pro with 5mp, so 8mp is a step up and tbh, the quality is absolutely fine (for me), I don’t take many pictures, but do sometimes if something catches my eye. The quality on of the picture on my phone is good, that’s all I need, not going to blow up, print off or upload to any social network, etc.

  • Guest

    Article says expect in the next couple of weeks, people are saying next couple of days, which is it? I hope it comes to my phone please Sony!

  • deekbee

    Which is all you can ask for – if its good enough for you, then fine ….

    I’ve come from a Nokia 808 to the SP, and also have an iPhone 4S. I was hoping the SP could at least rival the 4S, sadly it doesn’t.

    Maybe 4.3 will improve the camera and home screen performance, but I sadly don’t think that’ll be the case.

  • Pikacu

    here is the screenshot, finally got home. Still not able to update, it always stops during the update process – screen with those 4 dots, stops after first one, then boot into 4.1.2 :-( Update via Sony Update service tells I have the latest version of Android. Oh, im from Slovakia.

  • Lorkan126

    Lol, Its close

  • Patrol619

    Now we believe you, it seems that update is close :)

  • Muhammad Imran Khan

    What about Z ?? I am using it. I am from Pakistan, but haven’t recieved update 4.3. That is bullshit and mother fucker Sony.

  • Marius Dumitru

    So what is your customisation number ? Post it so that we can verify this

  • Tsubame

    I hope it will be released within a week

  • Patrol619

    Hmm.. If you are from Slovakia, then why you are using English language on your phone??

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  • osin17

    Wanted to say the same thing, ’till the time they crying for this, I’m happy for them

  • Pikahu

    Omg it’s coming!

  • Pikahu

    Not till my phone is updated!

  • Jack

    Ok bye!

  • Jack

    Well are you asking in the ‘article’ whether to believe it or the speculation by other people? You deserve a Darwin award!

  • Guest

    Sony never said any time frame so the article is speculating too. I just wondered if anyone in the comments had any inside knowledge or experience with this. You Sir, deserve the Darwin award…

  • kubzi

    debrand, its a piece of cake with flashtool. ;)

  • jag

    So that’s why! i hope it will come soon to SP, V, T and TX users.. cheers to all

  • aekara21

    well, even though i still doubt him…I am greek and I am using english instead of my language

  • Sabin Jamal

    May release after the non-operator varients… Sit tight and hang on ;-)

  • walas
  • aekara21

    why are you posting the same picture as the other user above???

  • aekara21

    we cannot predict the date,however I believe it will come faster than most of us think(propably along with T ,V)

  • edgar

    Android 4.3 for 2025 -_-

  • Milo

    SONY.make.believe. or SONY make us believe? We’ll just wait and see… xperia-ance ourselves the XSP update.

  • Ravi Theja

    Even i’m still skeptical!

  • Ravi Theja

    Keep calm and wait on!

  • all about preference

    its just a matter of preference. nobody force you to use your mother language on your phone.

  • laci_csk

    I am a hungarian from Romania and I using English language on my phone, what is the problem whit this?

  • Pikacu

    Because translations from EN are sometimes weird, especially in mobile or software, thats the reason, any problem with that? :-)

  • Giannis Salonikios

    Update today;;

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  • Mridul Rawat

    Fucc kkk kkl:-P:*):-/:$:|:( so mu ch delayyyy!!!

  • glein


  • sanz

    come on sony… dont make we wait longer..

  • Kushal

    Hi every one…. am looking forward to buy Xperia SP, but i heard the production of SP has been stopped.. Is it true?.. are there any problems with SP.. help me out ppl.. i need your suggestions to buy SP or not. thank you.. KUSHAL.

  • GP

    Wrong question mark!

  • Mint

    We were waiting for a second certification? I don’t think so…

  • Hassan

    I am Arabian and i am using English,,,

  • You Can Follow Us Dude
  • Sabin Jamal

    Thats not true

  • ????? ???????

    What’s wrong with Home screen performance and device performance overall?

  • deekbee

    I specifically pointed out home screen performance as its not that good. I have apps in folders, and pressing the home button whilst in one app to go back, it can take several seconds to refresh. Although it does vary a lot. Sometimes its fine, often it isn’t.

    Actual in-app performance is absolutely fine. I don’t know why Sony have amended the menus & home screen, as it doesn’t offer quite the same functionality as the stock interface, and is actually slower.

  • dady

    ha son of bitch

  • Vhan Modders

    Well, i just think at least its better than nothing at all. :)))

  • Sabin Jamal

    I love my XSP the way it is…. ;)

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  • Harry Raithatha

    Has anyone managed to update yet?

  • Abhijit Biswas

    Very well said Pikachu(although i wonder since when do u say anything else other than pika, lol), whoever says that you need to keep your phone in your native language must die, such a stereo-typist racist bitch must be hanged after being covered up in poop!

    Well my neighbor has Z1 and he got such a thing on 9th dec, i don’t think it had even certified back then.. but his even failed at downloading…

  • Pikacu

    I won’t post my cust number, sorry. Im not forcing u to believe… Btw, still not able to go through update, so i guess i need to wait for someone who is able to provide rom file for flash utility.

  • ????? ???????

    Yes, I understand you now. This happens not because Xperia SP Home screen is heavy by itself but because Xperia firmware is very RAM heavy overall – it leaves about 250M of RAM free. This is about 300M for Sony stuff (if you extract 250M reserved for VRAM and about 200M for Android OS alone). And this is with very clean phone and many unused Sony stock apps uninstalled.

    So, if you run heavy app like games, it unloads a lot of background apps including home screen and then reloads them. The more widgets and icons you have on Home screen, the longer it will load. On my SP it’s usually 1-2 secs. My Home
    screen config: 3 screens, 2 folders on them, about 5-6 apps in each, about 15
    icons without folders, 4 widgets.

  • pavan will arrive on 2020

  • mahm?t

    fffffff come on sony give me 4.3

  • thompson

    i do not understand all these firmware updates that never happen. why not update android and apps separately. then we would get the latest android version much sooner. 4.4 has been out for ages, when will we get that jan 2015

  • mahm?t

    sony where is 4.3 :D liar sony

  • POuria POrogrammer – POPO

    Me and my friends say Iran: We’ll wait, but please Release a rom without bugs and please try to update to 4.4 because the SP is our favorite smartphone … tanx a lot2

  • Lumia
  • Abhijit Biswas

    I don’t know about anything else, all I know is that I want 4.4 by april coz sony has already delayed its update a lot…..

  • techielover

    This week could be the final update ;)

  • Sony

    In last post we broke out a rumor that Sony is in talks with Microsoft to launch a couple of new Sony Xperia Windows Mobile Phones this year.

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  • oleg torica

    xperia sp user wating update

  • mahm?t

    where is for sp 4.3 shiigggtttt

  • Ravi Theja

    Absolutely! It’s high time they do that…i’m tired of the camera flaws!

  • thompson

    so so bored of waiting, think i wlll root and install custom rom instead

  • Abhijit Biswas

    Ya, it spoilt the camera in september and hasn’t fixed it yet. I had to spend the entire holiday season with a pathetic camera….

  • Vignesh

    Will Sony release updates or not??????!?

  • AngryBird

    today its a week after certified update.. again disapointing me ??

  • mahm?t

    soon, soon soon fuck you soon soon is 2020 amk orospu çocuklar? götünüze koyay?m

  • mahm?t
  • mahm?t

    12.1.A.0.256 deleted PTCRB

  • qamu74


    firmware certified


  • Cemil Yilmaz

    sikerim yapaca??n?z i?i bi güncelleme veremediniz amk sizin olsun göt gbisnz.

    ?ngilizce yazm?yacam amk hep biz mi google translate kullanacaz siz kullan?n birazda :D

  • mahm?t


    selam dostum ahahahha

  • mahm?t

    cemil sakin ol ben her dil de yaz?yom ama fayda etmiyo adamlara yüz duvar gibi silmiyolarda lan ne gev?ek adamlar ya

  • Cemil Yilmaz

    dostum bunlar tam bir gavat bizim buran?n vali gibi :D

  • mahm?t


    orospu çocu?u (türkçe) ,son of a bitch (ingilizce), seun van ‘n teef(afrikaca), hurensohn (almanca), horr (arnavutca), orospu u?a?? (azerice), puta baten semea (baskça), son of ???? (belarusca), ???? ??? (bulgarca), hajzl (çekce), ????? (çince), søn af en kælling (danca), bajingan (endonezca), ???? ?? (ermenice), hoorapoeg (estonyaca), ????? ????? (farsca), klootzak (felemenkçe), anak na lalaki ng isang asong babae (filipince), paskiainen (fince), fils de pute (frans?zca), mab ast (galce), fillo de puta (galicyaca), ????? bitch (gürcüce), pitit gason yon femèl chen (haitice), kurvin sin (h?rvatça), ????? (hintçe), ?? ???? (ibranice), mac bitch (irlandaca), hijo de puta (ispanyolca), jäveln (isvecce), figlio di una cagna (italyanca), sonur tík (izlandaca), fill de puta (katalanca), sukinsynu (lehçe), d?ls kuce (letonca), šunsnukis (litvanyaca), kurafi (macarca), ??? ?? ????? (makedonca), bajingan (malezyaca), iben kelba (maltaca), drittsekk (norvecce), filho da puta (portekizce), nenorocitul (romence), son of ???? (rusca), ?????? ??? (s?rpça), hajzl (slovakça, kurbin sin (slovence), mwana wa bitch a (svahili), ?????? (tay dili), son of ???? (ukraynaca), con trai c?a m?t bitch (vietnamca), ??? ??? ?? ??? (yidce), ??????? (yunanca).

  • Harun
  • Ashroft

    This update has been deleted.Can SONY elaborate about this?Hello?

  • Erdélyi Gábor

    12.1.A.0.256 disappeared from the list! See below:

    Any idea?

  • Erdélyi Gábor

    12.1.A.0.256 disappeared from the list! What happened?
    (And why my previous post disappeared?)

  • waseem ahamed

    when is the update going to come its really too late :(

  • Kline

    This is VERY GRAVE. This policy regarding updates is SUICIDE for Sony Mobile. The android 4.3 update is EXTREMELY LATE now. It’s pointless, too much delay. They WILL HAVE TO GIVE US SOMETHING SUPERB to make up for this OUTRAGEOUS delay. It’s either that or, launch it anyway and then fix it PROMPTLY in a sequential update. WE MUST NOT BE KEPT WAITING ANY LONGER.

  • Yekta

    Ba?bakan?n hedefi 2023 heralde SP lere 4.3 hedefi amk
    Sony götünü çabuk tut amk yoksa güzel güzel s?çacaks?n

    Ulan Soni bu kadar adam hergün 3 ayd?r güncelleme varm? yokmu hevesle bak?yo am?na koyim 3 ay oldu sikik gibi bi güncellemeyi veremedin sanki aya insan gönderecek am?na koydugum sanki telefonlar yeniden farkl? bi telefona dönü?ecek am?na koydugum senin ben o sonymobile a koydugun o en alttaki next update 4.3 ocakta geliyo yazan ellerini sikerim senin ocak bitti ?ubattay?z onu bile dei??tirmiyolar soni senin ben götünü sikeyim telefonu sikmeye ba?l?yacam art?k am?na koyodugum sonisi ulan türkler begeninde bari soni görsün ?unu AS:R

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