Leaked screenshots of Xperia T Android 4.3 firmware [9.2.A.0.278]

by XB on 8th January 2014

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Xperia T_Leak_9.2.A.0.278We earlier saw some leaked screenshots of the Android 4.3 firmware for the Xperia SP (C530X) and now DooMLoRD has followed that up with pictures of the Xperia T Android 4.3 update. You will see in the pictures below that these shots are from the recently certified build version 9.2.A.0.278.

Like the Xperia SP Android 4.3 update, this new firmware includes Sony Social camera apps, Xperia Themes and the new Xperia Z1 home launcher. However, as this is internal test firmware, anything can be removed by Sony prior to release. Enjoy a selection of screenshots below.

Xperia T_Leak_9.2.A.0.278

Xperia T Android 4.3 leak_1

Xperia T Android 4.3 leak_2

Xperia T Android 4.3 leak_3

Xperia T Android 4.3 leak_4

Xperia T Android 4.3 leak_5

Xperia T Android 4.3 leak_6

Xperia T Android 4.3 leak_7

Xperia T Android 4.3 leak_8

Xperia T Android 4.3 leak_9

Xperia T Android 4.3 leak_10

Xperia T Android 4.3 leak_11

Xperia T Android 4.3 leak_12

Xperia T Android 4.3 leak_13

Xperia T Android 4.3 leak_14

Xperia T Android 4.3 leak_15

Xperia T Android 4.3 leak_16

Xperia T Android 4.3 leak_17

Xperia T Android 4.3 leak_18

Xperia T Android 4.3 leak_19

Xperia T Android 4.3 leak_20

Xperia T Android 4.3 leak_21

Thanks DooMLoRD!

  • DooMLoRD

    more screenshots coming up here:


    [ disclaimer ]








  • Adrian M

    Xperia Z1 4.4 leaks when? ^^

  • dime

    finally , thanks :D

  • mr.torture

    I just love this new light user interface, and I can’t wait for this update to arrive. Even more than I waited for proper ICS on Xperia Arc S.

  • Hausofalejo

    OMG!!!! jkzhhghjhsghfjhdskfhksdhkjfhskdj work it SONY :) I’m Very Happy, soon for 4.3 on my xperia T

  • Sony fan


  • Diogo Simões

    I know it has nothing to do, but I LOVE the new app of camera!

  • yuskhayru

    Sdfghgbbggghuhjjb vbmmjjkkloljbvvccc vvvvv

  • mars

    I didn’t like how the messaging, settings and other apps got new white themes in 4.3
    I really liked the old black theme with the red accent
    Sony should offer a black theme option too!
    Only thing to complain aside from all the fantastic improvements in 4.3

  • Sepehr Estaki

    It can not be true, because of no MyXperia in XPERIA setting!

  • sony fan


  • xperianer

    sooner or later u will see a darker themed one on xda, im pretty sure

  • DooMLoRD

    nothing on the horizon… only newer 4.3 updates for Z1 are currently being tested…

  • sony fan


  • lanwari

    im from tunsia i have a xperia zl but I have not yet received the updated this is normal? who can answer me !

  • Dýáá Ib?áhím

    what about sony Z from iraq no update 4.3??

  • Lukas

    They better not remove anything XD

    Well this would be a hell of a treatment to give the device some features from the 2013 line…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be wrong anyway I mean people it’s Sony and the XT the follower of the hated XS (I owned it and Sony really must have hated it… )

  • kust0r

    yeah, but that would be for modified rooted phones, not a regular selectable option

  • DooMCoRD

    So bad they didn’t include dualshock 3 support.. Thanks for the leak

  • Ben Lim

    love how refined the UI is!

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Hi Doomlord, will that newer 4.3 updates for Z1 does include the ever-awaiting White Balance setting?

  • Jerry Berglund

    Its nice. It’s seems like we are almost getting everything from 2013-line except Triluminous what I can see. Something els thats missing? We seems to get the same camera features like Z-series, Stamina Mode, Themes, change and selcting quick-settings in notifications, I hope nothing will be removed. :-)

  • Caesar Empanado

    I have some questions;
    1st about the camera settings, it says that “long press for burst”. So basically xperia t can have burst mode in 4.3?
    2nd, xperia t & xperia v are pretty similar phones, so can we expect that they have same kernel build and same update? As well as same 4.3 features? Thanks for answering.
    -Xperia V user

  • lon

    Where is the downloadable themes?

  • TimmY

    I love leaks! Goodie!

  • Apollo89

    In Android 4.3, ‘my Xperia’ is under ‘Settings’ > ‘Security’.

  • Apollo89

    The ‘+’ button in the ‘Themes’ screen.

  • Nguyen Eazy

    I’ve lived with black enough already, it’s nice to see some change here and there, but you right, there should be an switch for background color

  • Sepehr Estaki

    Oh, you are right, sorry

  • Jerry Berglund

    NO screenshots of the software for Xperia V yet?

  • Moh@mmad Amin

    I’m so Glad to see Stamina Mod in the screenshots!!
    tnx :)))


    sorry master..what happened to XPERIA TX?why it doesnt certified yet?is it android 4.3 canceled?


    what happened to XPERIA TX?guys is it possible its android 4.3 canseled?

  • panagi?tis

    OMG T got way more free ram tan the sp? Wtf

  • 3rdflyleaf

    I agree. They should offer a Dark or Light option for overall theme.!

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  • Nikolai ivanov

    Just don’t wait more sony release it….

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  • Tim Aries

    I guess (or hope) few couples of megabyte doesnt make a story..

  • santhosh

    Sony i dont want android 4.3. pls give the new UI update for my XPERIA P.

  • P9

    this why update takes much time. we love Sony.

  • Lunkz

    And I’m sitting here, and waiting for my Z1 Update which was announced months ago…
    And no its a branding free device from amazon.

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  • Ghassan Gs7

    Will this update come to XPERIA S?

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  • Muhammet1905

    Yess!& What about dualschock 3 support for XT

  • DeeJay Tee5

    Please can enyone explain me how to screen capture??? becouse no option in this new update!

  • DeeJay Tee5

    How to screen capture??? Please help!!!

  • DeeJay Tee5

    How to screen capture??? funcion on power button is not there -.- please help!!!

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