Bent Xperia Z1 handsets reported by some users

by XB on 13th January 2014

in Problems, Xperia Z1

Bent Xperia Z1_6Do you own the Sony Xperia Z1? If so, you may want to be careful about where you place the handset. As the pictures below show, there are a number of users that are complaining about the aluminium frame bending, distorting the shape enough so that the handset cannot sit straight on a flat surface.

Interestingly, most of the users have said that no external force was applied to the Xperia Z1 and are left perplexed as to how this might have happened. If you have experienced this issue, we’d love to hear your story below and what steps you took to get it fixed.

Bent Xperia Z1_1

Bent Xperia Z1_2

Bent Xperia Z1_3

Bent Xperia Z1_4

Bent Xperia Z1_5

Bent Xperia Z1_8

Bent Xperia Z1_6

Bent Xperia Z1_7

Via Sony Mobile Talk, Reddit and XDA-deveopers.

  • Cameron Tylek

    Maybe this is why the Xperia Z1s has a plastic frame

  • the_black_dragon

    No external force to the devices…
    laughing so hard…. not

  • lolop

    Always *something* wrong with their flagship devices

  • Faruk AbouRafeh

    Sure that will happen if u sit on it for long time and everyday it’s not Dimond. We have 5 z1 and one ultra still as new!

  • Sami Mrabet

    LOL… trolls…. just bend it back? There is NO WAY a phone can bend like that by itself, Maybe they have a ghost in their pocket oooooor…. they sit on it and they won´t admit it

  • fiwatec

    Great innovation Sony mobile! consider it as Xperia Z1 Flex (with bendable screen) in your hands…LOL

  • Faruk AbouRafeh

    I think xperiablog shouldn’t put stupied topic like this. That’s cos of bad using logical any mobile that big with everyday pressure on it will pent. And if it was plastic will crack than ppl start complaining!! If u take care of it nothing wrong will happen. Nothing is perfect!!!!!!

  • Gary Halpin

    When is official t update arriving??

  • AMG38

    aluminum is easy to bend by heat, so it is very likely that the heat output of the SOC and other modules can bend the frame. We love Sony, yes, but don’t be a blind asscreeper if you don’t have a clue what you are reading about.

  • santosh khatiwada

    I don’t understand. But I really love this ammonium frame.

  • lolololol


  • Makiz

    I bet that this is the only “defective” Z1 and made up by Sam(sung) trolls LOL

  • Faruk AbouRafeh

    U smarty and all others go open smart mobile brand and make one if it’s that essay. If u ur that smart go make one ur self.

  • I see that Sony is also taking part in this ‘curved’ mobile phones

  • Farhad K

    Please don’t put your ass on your Xperia flagship.
    These users are lying, I’m sure.

  • Elias Fazel

    hehe haha huhu :D
    it might be quantum world come to our world ! something happen without any casue !
    Strong Aluminium Body change that easy by itself or with normal temperature of earth!!!
    come on! why someone cannot use their phone!?
    i got some problems with xperias like dead pixel or yellow tint BUT those were something else.
    but bent aluminium frame because of NOTHING !!! it s bullshit…

  • Zaim

    There is no way that can happen By it self

  • Micro

    I know what happened. Freaking trolls hate the Z1 for being SO MUCH BETTER THAN ANY SAMSUNG YET xD, that they use their hate and force of their brain-washed minds to distort the shape of the handset.
    Or.. something more simple – for me it definitely looks like the phone was in the back pocket of some fat-ass-enabled jeans :D One sit would be enough to do that…
    NO WAY this can happen just like by itself.
    I also can’t believe XB have posted this B/S…

  • roflolol


  • sony

    Fake pictures 100%%%. .I have z1 dont have any problem. I think someone force it to bend z1 :)

  • Faruk AbouRafeh

    Thnx I am brasilian so sorry for bad Eng.

  • nidou bossy

    he putted in his rear pocket and he sit his ass on it, and then he blame it to sony

  • Sami Mrabet

    It can probably happen a little… but not this much as on the pic!

  • Micro

    look at the frame around the covers and say again that heat can do that dude.. no way, the glass wouldn’t allow that

  • Micro

    sometimes I really wonder how far can they go with this crap.. only complete retard could believe this :/
    but this is somehow scary you know – if so many people believed the fake ad about new iOS making their precious apples water/temperature proof and simply sinked the phones/tablets in their toilets to check it… oh dear..

  • Faruk AbouRafeh

    Just let u know my brother live in ksa and there esally gets 50c and his Z1 still new! Sure the one on the photo had got some kind of pressure..

  • Xperia+me

    NO. Sony would NEVER make defective smartphones!!!!! This is bullshit!! LAGSUNG trolls did this!! They are jealous because their plastic laggy crap will never be as good as the smooth premium beauty of the Sony smartphones! Z1 is perfectly made there is NO way it would bent on it’s own like that!!! STOP SPREADING LIES ABOUT QUEEN SONY!! SAMSUNG AND APPLE WILL NEVERR BE AS GOOD AS THE QUEEN!! I love you Sony. Make.Believe <3

  • mr.torture

    It really hurts to see almost every Sony flagship phone having some flaw in design/build quality (and this comes from Sony “fanboy” as they call it). First there was X10 with that chrome frame easily peeling off, then came Arc/Arc S with that crack above proximity sensor, then came S with that yellowish tint in upper part of screen, then came T (my current phone) with rubber coating on back side peeling off and that loose sim/sd flap which can never be closed properly, and then came Z with back side ungluing itself, and now this…
    If this isn’t some purposely created damage, then this is not promising news at all. I guess we will see in upcoming weeks if this is really a flaw on Sony side, or just some purposely created bad publicity. From my perspective, this seems highly impossible, considering build quality in which Sony made us believe (and I don’t see why would they lie). If we don’t see all kind of crappy 5” plastic built phones bent and cracked in half by some pants force, then how is it possible to see an aluminium-framed phone to bend like this? Somebody mentioned heat generated by chipset… How ridiculous would it be having a phone build by aluminium legure which can be melt by some 45-50 degress celsius temperature? It simply seems impossible to me, for company like this to make that kind of flaw.
    Yes, as I mentioned, other Sony flagships had some build issues too, but this one – I’m not bying yet. At least untill I see some more users complaining about this same thing.

  • roflolol

    No prob :)

  • Jerry Berglund

    Yeh. lol. And those arent even said to be able to do that lol

  • Antonio Brajkovi?

    And Sony has fallen into the Iphone5 trap.
    Aluminum is not so rigid as people might think and when bent, won’t return back into the former shape,
    That’s why I prefer the Z and Z1s design because of the possibility of slightly bending the device without breaking it by placing it into risky pockets.

  • Gary Ohanian

    I know right? So stupid. Maybe they think it’s internal forces because it’s inside their pocket. This is one of the most stupidest things I’ve read.

    Considering that all the pictures have the bends in different places, it’s hard to accept anything other than external forces.

    Having said that, it is Aluminium, so there will be a point where if the temperature is high enough and a force is applied, it may well bend. Why would you put it in the back pocket anyway? You shouldn’t sit on the thing.

    Mine’s OK, I put it in my front pocket and has a Nilkin cover. Not saying it can’t happen, but I doubt there was no force applied.

    *Edit, OK, the original didn’t say back pocket, it was an assumption.

  • nidou bossy

    stupid enough comment!

  • Mirrorpurple

    If you sit on it… It will bent of course, mine is still perfect

  • Nik Technaudio

    All the phones in the pictures were owned by Uri Geller

  • Humanbob

    It is most definitely not made of ammonium lol.

  • lovebmw

    Take that LG and Samsung in your face

  • boosook


  • M Usman

    Nah my z1 is straight, not gay haha but really how did it get so bent

  • Dávid Vrabec

    well i sat on it like 2 times because i keep sticking my phone in my back pocket when drunk, but nothing happened yet…

  • SonyXperience

    Samsung, LG, HTC, Apple = If you can’t beat Sony’s innovation, pay trolls to damage their phones. Next step, take pictures and post them online. For those of you that don’t know, a phone can never get bent like this on its own (especially with the solid aluminium frame of the the Z1), unless external forces are applied!

  • Battal Aljadei

    That’s why i hate Chinese manufactures .
    SONY should manufacture their flagships in Japan ( as the old day: Made in JAPAN )
    and the mid-low phone in china .

  • You’re making it sounds like Sony have the worst problem. Has any Sony phones battey exploded?

  • Xperia+me

    THIS!! They are all jealous of Sony!!!!! But their stupid tricks always fail haha!!!!! Nobody is retarded enough to believe a phone like the perfectly built Z1 would bent on its own! GO SONY

  • Keon Fraites

    Looks like back pocket ass sits

  • Keon Fraites

    That is a fault of putting the phone in your back pocket and sitting on it for a long time… Really they say no pressure some of those especially the way and where they are bent that is from sitting. Definitely sitting.

  • Umar Khan

    guys i am still using, xperia z for 9 months, without any covers or what so ever cuz its shock proof, sure it fell 3-4 times by now at the least but its still brand new as f**, my friends using s4 or anything else had the phones for this long and they look old as f**. And now this a bend from out of now where can only be described by Einstein’s equation IF HE HAD ONE….

    wait he has one
    “A bend in the AL body of Z1 is directly proportional to the amount of jealous FUCKS using iphones and samsungs”

  • mr.torture

    Did you read my whole post? And why do you think I’m still using Xperia, if I consider Sony as “worst”? Of course it’s not… I would never go for Samsung or HTC or LG, beside Sony, for various reasons, built quality included. That pretty much sums it all…

  • ghffhyfchfgdryhg

    This is “normal” distortion for pocket store. Z1 is very good if this ppl has still not cracked display

  • kevinlow

    (I am an engineer)

    To debunk the heat argument: We can rule out heat and heat alone as the cause, because heat cannot permanently deform aluminium as long as it stays below melting point. Yes, below melting point things still deform, but they bounce back after the heat is removed, like the spring in your thermostat needle. Heating aluminium enough so that it is bendable by smaller forces than usual is also ruled out, because the amount of heat needed to do this is at the level of a blowtorch. The fact that the phone still works, and the undamaged plastic bits in the areas where the aluminium is bent show that this level of heat was not reached. So we can conclusively say that a force, not temperature, caused this deformation (forces can be external or internal).

    The only source of large internal forces in a smartphone that I am aware of is from failed Lithium ion batteries expanding. The pictures supplied clearly show that this is not the case, since there is no evidence of the phone bulging in the area where the battery is installed.

    This only leaves me to conclude that the most likely cause of the damage is from external forces, the sources of which I leave to your imagination.

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  • andy roid

    Hmmm this must be David Beckhams phone … Bend it like Beckham lol!


    Aluminum has a melting point 660 C, its temp can’t even get near that

  • hafezalayat

    I agree

  • OKAY!

    Z1 Z Flex! haha

  • Ryan Louis

    Purely Bullshit, by the look at it, this is induced damages by user.

  • dan

    Its fake no camer button on pics and there shoud be in the z1

  • scw

    Looking at this pictures the first thought is that: force has been applied to these phones.

  • nidou bossy

    yeah i will fart on it and it’ll melt by the farting temperature! LMAO

    @lord_rd:disqus , yeah

    Melting point
    933.47 K,?660.32 °C,?1220.58 °F

    @amg38:disqus educate your self bro:

  • Not an engineer

    What’s there to imagine… they sat on the phone and didn’t notice that. So after they went to the kitchen and back they saw a bended phone.
    Some of them lost the phone and stumbled upon it while wiping ass in WC…

  • wei

    Well iproduct are also made in China

  • xperiaDROID

    Is that the Xperia Z1 Flex? lol

  • LeakDevice

    That’s not the Z1. It’s a leak of the new Z1 Flex!!!

  • Nathan

    I’m sorry, I didn’t realize the laws of physics allowed for metal to bend itself with no external force present.

  • subal

    That is a wrong information.. Because I using my xperia Z1 for last 4 month… And it extremely brilliant smooth body finished…..

  • mikhailovich

    Those comments about the photos being “fakes” or being put out by “trolls” manage to break the barrier of stupid blind fanboyism. Really, someone will really spend their money to buy a flagship device, bend it somehow and post it online and claim that it’s strangely bending somehow? In what planet you live in? Maybe it can be a minor design flaw by Sony that causes it bend when applied to a certain pressure, and while it certainly looks weird, it doesn’t really break the functionality of the phone. And you all should know that nowadays smartphones are really fragile.

    *waiting for some illiterate Sony fanboy to call me a Samsung/Apple fanboy*

  • charmaine6719

    im glad i own Sony Xperia Z and not Z1. Z1 bending? not a good news. looks like kim kardashian sat on it. xperia z rocks :)

  • Sami Mrabet

    No they haven´t sat on it… they have bent it on purpose with their hands

  • Akira Y? (??)

    lemme correct that, “Assembled in China”. :)

  • Chi-Yung Chan

    please…. assembled in china is made in china….

  • Akira Y? (??)

    I don’t know why some images are mirrored (or is it not). It could be an imitation/fake, or some people denied applying pressure on their phone so people will think it’s not their fault and blame Sony for this (Trolls). Just saying…. :)

  • Vhan Modders

    after “The Display Cracked itself” issue and now “Bend Xperia Z1 By Itself”.

    What next?
    “The Z1 Torn in Two by itself”
    its really a bullshit by itself!

  • Akira Y? (??)

    I know it’s just Apple’s marketing sh*t. I just posted that because you know how Apple use different words to make it sound good but technically they’re just the same. :)

  • solidpig

    The return of the Xperia Arc.Finally.

  • zairolafzal zainal

    I can see ass shape!!!!

  • AMG38

    dude, melting point is the point where it begins to “melt” – bending occurs much earlier, but indeed you need light external force at lower degrees. But what is “external force” – it would be sufficient to bend over while your smartphone is in your jeans pocket with maybe 70°C. It IS possible and thats the point. I’m not saying that those pictures are proof.

  • nvier

    can anyone honestly say that this has happened to them with their Z1 here on Xperiablog? I call bs on the “no external force applied”.

  • Ravi Theja

    How could this happen to Xperia?
    I find they are the most well built and compared to others which are mainly plastic(Yes! you know where i’m going)!

  • Ravi Theja

    Yeah! Since bitch!! :P

    ~Jesse Pinkman

  • Student

    Does it disobey Newton’s first law O . O?!?
    Sony Make.Believe

  • Ravi Theja


  • AMG38

    you’re right dude, i took it back what i said

  • Ravi Theja

    I think not where the product is made but who is the manufacturer and what quality of material he uses..

  • the_black_dragon

    Yepp… and the next Point is: Its aluminum and it has a high value of heat conduction so it is nearly impossible to heat it just at one Point to make it bend… and even IF it would bend because of heat or something it would go back in ist normal form as soon it cools down…

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  • vigneshprince

    really! or the sam**it users making the mobile bent and displaying the image! fake i think! Sony is Great dont mock them!

  • Paul Yeo

    I am a rough user. I don’t even have screen protector or casing. My Z1 still look new :)

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Samsung return to paid people again, wtf this is a big joke

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Drop Test. Yes, they spent their money to make a drop Test and Post it online. Or have you ever seen a “will it blend Test”.?

  • kekule

    because u wear a tight jeans….when u sit down there must be a force that make that phone to bend

  • Alan Tam

    Hoax! It’s just a secret innovative feature you have to discover for yourself! Have poor viewing angle? Just bend it a little bit, & voila

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  • Viorel Mardari

    Aang the last air bender is going to get in huge trouble if he meets with these other benders: THE XPERIA Z1 BENDERS !!!!!

  • Chris



    THIS IS MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    You are absolutely right! Have you heard about “??“in China and Taiwan?This is a company set up by Sam(sung) doing all these dirty works. These are all proved to be true and recently this company was punished by Taiwan government for NT10,000,000

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  • roeshak

    You fanboys make me sick! These are probably some defective handsets that made it into the supply chain. If you guys think sitting on device could cause this then you’re definitely on something.

  • Micro

    Hi troll, how are you today? If we made you sick then perhaps you should go see a doctor? Mental institute should help :)

  • Asad Ahmed

    i agree with you as Z1 is manufactured by aluminium so it can’t happen

  • Ginger

    I can`t agree more.

  • Xperia+me

    Shut up retard! Sony would never make defective phones!!!!!! Go buy SAMSHIT if you like their plastic laggy phones so much and get out of here!!

  • kakooli

    if the phone is bent that means that the back glass is bent. its is impossible since theglass will most likely break or fracture. this can only happen if the phone is heated enough to be able to bend the aluminum frame and the glass.

    Trolls cant even troll properly.

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  • kakoona

    Actually, if you look closely you can see the glass is not bent, only the aluminum frame is.

  • xperianer

    this is a feature. its called Xperia Arc
    everyone knows, Arc is sexy and curvy.

  • Sumo

    It is an insult to put such an holy phone behind your big fat arse…. ‘That’s’ what happens! It’s gods punishment for disrespecting it I’m telling ya! On the other hand, if you had a curvie ass that would be another story…

  • osamaH Al-Amri

    Whoops.. you forgot Nokia and their QX lenses troll..

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  • fera78
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  • Jay

    Did you mean “Science?”

  • InspectorGadget80

    Please don’t bend your phone thinking its like the LG G FLEX CURVE phone dumb asses. I have my Z1 since OCTOBER why cause i take care of it.

  • InspectorGadget80

    This isnt GHOST ADVENTURES so don’t say debunked. just a bunch of dumb asses out there either bend their phone or sit on em

  • iKushtyy

    This has been mentioned before with iPhone 5’s flexing, although nothing come of it.

    I have had a Z1 since October. I have always carried it in my FRONT right jean pocket. It has been dropped 3 or 4 times onto it’s aluminium edge. It has, according to AVG Antivirus, run at 38C for periods of time. It has not bent itself.

    I also received an iPhone 5S in Nov. Again, I carry it in my FRONT right jean pocket. I have dropped it twice onto it’s also aluminium edge. I have felt it run warm. It has not bent itself.

    Oh, and BTW, deformation as a result of heat is the stupidest excuse I’ve ever heard. There are V8 engine blocks made of aluminium and they put up with immense heat, so a phone deforming at room temperature, frankly, is BS.

    I treat my phones with respect, and have never sat on them or put them in my back pocket. That’s where my wallet lives, and in the 10 years I’ve put it there and sat on it, I’ve never broken a bank card, so how a phone can bend is beyond me, unless of course, you’re American.. :P

    I look after them, and they look after me. If anything changes during the next year I own either phone, I’ll be sure to update here, but I don’t see either phone becoming a flexible flagship.

  • Purnama

    and thats the reason LG make G Flex…

  • thepanttherlady

    What phone(s) is shown in the last 4 pictures?

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  • Micro

    Please don’t put your ass on your Xperia flagship.
    This is brilliant. Sony should put this in the “Getting started” part of the User’s Guide. And for US users – on safety label of course (something big, like those “THIS IS FIRE, IT IS REALLY HOT. DO NOT TOUCH IT!”, so some morons don’t hurt themselves at own homes while making their coffee). Warranty should mention that too.
    But seriously.. Sure they’re lying.. but IMHO this is a small part of the bigger campaign against the great enemy – Sony – growing in strength every single month, taking their hard earned piece of mobile cake, faster than almost anyone could predict.
    This doesn’t smell of a simple lie anymore, that some paid trolls used to spread. It does smell of FEAR that drives them so crazy… Good..
    Next time we will hear that Z1 Compact flies by itself through the window and lands on stone surface on purpose.

  • GammaBurst


  • XD

    Sony xperia, beating lg flex without even trying xD

  • Death Metal

    Some of you guys really do sound like some religious nuts.

  • Death Metal

    Not sure if intentional, but I see what you did there. Good one.

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  • Death Metal

    See, I have the ZL. It’s built with a plastic body and, unfortunately, I suffer from the same issue. It must be said that it’s not as severe as the Z1 in the pictures, but it is very slightly bent inwards. I think that is because I carry it in my back pocket, even though I never ever sit on it, always removing it from the pocket before sitting. Still, the natural shape of our buttocks will force it to bend a little when you walk if you carry it in the back pocket of your jeans, I think. The problem is that it is too big to carry in the side pockets (for me).

    Funny enough, I was thinking of getting a Z1, one of the reasons being the slight bending of my ZL, but I always wondered whether the same would happen to it because I would still carry it in my back pocket, and now I see this article. I don’t really believe that bending happened by itself, but would it be possible that the aluminum frame of the Z1 is not so resistant to external force like this?

  • Micro

    perhaps.. ;) in response to making a global problem from sitting on a phone and making others believe the phone did it by itself.. lol ;)
    (still can’t believe XB posted this c**p)

  • Ravi Theja


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  • mr.torture

    Well, I’m suggesting you to wait just a little bit more, just as I will do, to see if this issue is real issue (including Z1 too), or it’s just some attention-whore wanting to serve bad publicity for, as Sony says, “the best selling Sony smartphone ever”. I really love how Z1 is built, and Z1C too, and I’m quite undecided on which one I should choose. Anyway, I’m currently very satisfied with my current phone (Xperia T), and I don’t think I will change my phone before summer, or even autumn. And by that time, I guess all issues with Z1 and Z1C will come to surface, and then I will decide should I buy any of them, or not.

  • Bryan Ng

    I don’t think it’s all accidental, and it’s all unreal, like edited or photoshoped. It’s indeed a nut job against Sony.

  • AmuroRay

    I am just the user of the third picture, if you think that I am lying, I can surely tell you I NEVER put my ASS on my Z1.

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  • harrold

    It’s like a G Flex Now xD

  • Kaloyskie

    (I am a Rocket Scientist)

    Their Z1s got bent because they don’t have a “pure heart.”

  • Dave*

    More trouble with Sony Xperia handsets. Good luck trying to get replacements or any form of decent customer service out of Sony and its repairers from all the reports and personal testimony I have read.

    PS: am I right in thinking that alluminium, particularly when thin, is quite bendable? Less strong perhaps than some other materials. Could this be a cause of the problem, perhaps linked also to heat. I do note the long and seemingly expert advice on heat given by someone else, but there were so many reports of the Xperia Z and V overheating and having problems I just wonder if heat is an issue, at least in part, with the Z1 too?

  • Freepat 75014

    Have had a wonderfull Xperia Z1 since beginning of Dec. It Never bent. Sometimes it heats a bit, in its superb black KRUSSEL thin design housing case, also compatible with Sony DK31 magnetic Dock, but nothing terrible. I read on the Net that extreme using of the Photo and Video Camera modes may make it heat a lot, but I never experienced that on mine.
    My main issue is that it takes zero advantage of the new 2A/10W USB charger I bought from Samsung, never mind I use its Magnetic port or its Micro USB Port to charge it, and i tested all cables including the Micro-USB one supplied by Samsung (Is that a USB3 issue ? Else ?). Worse whichever way you charge it, if you use it in data intensive mode in the same time, with monitor luminosity at max, after a moment you get an error message saying … it’s not charging and you should reduce usage so it can charge (Which does not happen before you turn the screen off), and worse than that, if you continue to use it intensively with screen on, then you notice that it discharges even faster than if it was not being charged at all. As if the phone was taking zero juce from the charger in that case PLUS use extra battery power to do that non-sense. I hope next firmware up-date will improve usage of faster USB chargers, if possible, and better allow to use the phone while charging it, without this devil error message.

  • Karim Bleik

    Hello, I just woke up today and tried to close the flap after charging it, and i couldnt! I removed the cover to find out my phone is bent. I tried to get it back to its position, and it was fairly easy, but i still have some deformations with the frame. I LOVE MY PHONE, i dont regret getting it, but I wont get another Sony phone. I got this premium phone i thought its the finest of all. Yet, performance wise, its still the best phone. I thought it was stupid users or even samsung lovers making this out, but it turned out to be a hard truth :(

  • Karim Bleik

    Man I use it the same exact way. I pull it outside my pocket even before i sit specially while riding the car, yet it had a small deformation!! I cant remember applying additional force than the regular use! Yet I managed to get it back to shape!! Just take more care of urs because i thought i did enough!

  • Gary Ohanian

    Maybe I’m just lucky, maybe the cover is good enough, I haven’t been exactly gentle with it pressure wise. But it’s been in cover since day one. I also charge mostly via magnetic dock, maybe that helps.

  • Claudio

    Nothing out of the ordinary has befallen my handset, so I cannot understand why it would bend like this. It seems a factory problem. Recall maybe?

  • Roy Silva

    Xperia Z1 flex :3

  • Suigan

    I don’t know, I don’t put it in my back-pockets, I don’t force it. When I first saw it I blamed the owners, but two days ago I put it on my desk and went to sleep, and after I waked up, I took my cellphone, and then realized It was a little bended. (It did not bended so much like the ones in the previously pictures, but it bended a little, I don’t even know what to thing).

  • Jam

    Lets apply some common sense (I am an affected user).

    I suspect a few of those who have had the bent phone say that no force has ever been applied to the phone, what they are saying is that no excessive force has been applied (i.e dropped or sat upon), it may have gone in somebodys jacket pocket or front pocket and subjected to usual and expected force of a mobile device.

    There has been some low level investigation by users into the issue (as obviously no access to machinery to check the force the frame can take and how it compares) and it seems that the Z1 in an increasing amount of incidents is bending under normal use and the below assumption/cause looks to be the base .

    This can be largely (but not confirmed) be assumed to be because of the construction of the frame, you will see from below link, the Frame is quite unique in that it doesn’t have a molded solid back that integrates with the side as a single unit – e.g. ala HTC One, it has large cut outs in the aluminium with further cut outs to allow the ports to push in (unsurprisingly this is where the vast majority bend), add a normal amount of force (i.e those experienced in a front pocket whilst sitting) and it probably wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see this frame bend. There are also reports of screens randomly cracking, this again I am sure many will purport is user fault but it was acknowledged by Sony on the original Z (and particularly the Netherlands from memory) .

  • Keith

    My Z1 only ever goes in my front pocket and it’s also slightly bent.

    I reported it to sony on twitter and they wanted it sent to them to understand the problem.

    I put the bending of my frame down to use of the qx10 camera, as the position they show in all there demo’s is across the sim / usb ports which is a weak point in the frame. As the cross section of material is massively reduced by the holes they’ve punched into it.

    I only noticed it because the sim cover didn’t line up perfectly

    Most of the pics in this thread are bent around the ports

    this is what i tweeted to sony uk

  • Justine PUnzalan

    I had the Exact same Issue with my Z1 . it is true that no force was applied in this damage. alot of users almost had the same EXACT POSITION where the BENT part of the phone is. and also my phone is always on my hand or on the table .

  • Wan Ola

    Whatever it is don’t buy sony . its a crap phone that i ever used…. My previous sony z1 also bend. Just used one month. Im a careful user always take care of my stuff… Samsung rocks!!!!!

  • SonyXperience

    How could I have forgotten Nokia? They are just jealous that Sony is rumored to unveil a Windows Phone OS handset this year!

  • Hayley

    My Xperia literally bent in half from going from warm outside temperature to 27 degree air con inside. I am so upset and shocked at how easy it is for the Xperias to be ruined so easily, I literally picked it up from the bench and it was bent in half to the point the screen won’t let me touch it.

  • Remy Basi

    It’s a relatively common problem with the Z1. If you keep it in plastic(or other material that doesn’t conduct heat) covers, heat can’t get out so phone gets hot. Z1’s frame is made of aluminum while the case is glass. Metal changes length more than glass when exposed to heat so the phone bends.

  • Remy Basi

    No, It’s a relatively common problem with the Z1. If you keep it in plastic(or other material that doesn’t conduct heat) covers, heat can’t get out so phone gets hot. Z1’s frame is made of aluminum while the case is glass. Metal changes length more than glass when exposed to heat so the phone bends.

  • Eric Drummond

    Boner damage ?

  • HaroldFDavidson

    I put my phone onto charge the other night, still in its case, (usually I take it out and put it on its magnetic dock thing, but I’ve used the micro usb charge port)
    And when I woke up the next morning, my girlfriend pointed it that it was bent, and sure enough, it. Was.

    I went to the optus shop and got the usual “I don’t know much, I’ll ask my manager ” he said that it could have been the swelling of some component, similar to the Samsung s4 battery swellingexpanding.

    Just thought I’d add my story here.

    And I’ll point out that I didn’t put my ass on it, as pointed out earlier.

    And to those saying that: I’d like to point out that the pictures all show the top corners being pushed back, which means that everyone would need to have the same shaped ass, and be putting their phone in the exact same way.

    Just my 2cents

  • abc

    I am one of them. My xperia z1 bent after on screen message about overheating. I have tried to put it out of case-mate tough and probably that is how it happend. The phone was very hot. photos are not fake. I have never sat on it. But still you probably will not believe that.

  • Richard Pope

    i have had the same issue with my z1. it has just bent over night and i am now having a battle with o2 uk to get it repaired.

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  • tanya

    I have had my z1 for about 4 months,it was absolutely brilliant at first but it has started to bend, my friends has done the same (hers is far worse and has had it longer),I have had to get a new one through insurance and if it does it again I will have to change my phone,I have no reason to lie,I love this phone and have never dropped thrown sat on or done anything else to it,it has simply bent. It does overheat but I am also not a believer that this is the cause but there definitely must be some explanation for it,so maybe you would like to call me a paid troll but I can assure you I am not, for whatever reason it bent I have been experiencing problems such as crashing,not being able to charge properly because the charging port is also bent.

  • Micro

    I’m not gonna argue about that, and I am not gonna call you any names either. You can believe whatever you want. For me such a self-bending of aluminium is completely impossible.
    There is more – I am using the phone for almost a year, and not only me – here where I live it is a very popular handset. It just doesn’t happen, and everyone (not just one friend, many people, and even my own boss) laughed loudly about this “issue” when I was telling them about it.
    Even if you had such a bad luck (or unintentionally sit on it, or whatever), which I still can’t believe, I feel sorry for you – I really am – because you are probably one of less than 10 ppl on this planet that had such a problem (if they really had it) with this phone. Seriously.

  • Anon

    I’m currently arguing with Telstra about this issue. I’ve reached complaints. They’re fucked.

  • Dre’

    Yeah, I can tell you that I have been a sony supporter for 15 years and all my media devices have been only the best quality. I have have 3sony phones but my Experia z1 has only lasted me 4months! I always carry my phone only in my left front trouser pocket as a rule, and I agree it can’t bend on its own, but all the complaints I have seen and even the look on the faces at vodacom when I brought it in shows me that the frame is simply too weak for its shape, and if I were manufacturing a phone that couldn’t safely be stored in a guys front pocket, I would certainly see that as a defect!!!! We are not all into man-bags and briefcases just to transport our phones to the local shops! Sony, you just lost another life long client!! Clean up your mess, recall your disposable phones before your competitors close your doors!

  • mark

    I challenge any owners of z1 who think we are lieing to turn on wifi, internet and start recording video. Lay you phone down on bed or sofa and within 15min you to can have a bent Z1. No external force required.

  • mark

    Expansion coefficient combined with glue allowing movement when hot.

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  • Jam

    The Iphone 6 now also has this issue and interestingly this has been more widely accepted as a design fault than the same issue with the Z1. Quite a clear message for all the naysayers…don’t be so quick to judge!

  • Shubham Mutreja

    no one can bent my xperia mini pro!!!!!
    feeling safe!!!!!!!


    I have had the same issue suddenly come up..
    It was all fine until I put it in my car dock and had it on using Google maps for directions..I do not put my phone in my back pocket so there is no chance that I sat on it.
    Never mind all the other issues I have had with it.
    You are saying this is a Conspiracy against Sony when it happening to people everywhere and in almost exactly the same spot where the frame is at its thinnest. Also where the top of the batteries are and making the connection at the base of the board…
    I have the utmost respect for Sony but they are wrong here and doing the same as all the other manufactures out there pushing a product onto the market before it is fully tested counting on us to just let them do what they chose and ignore the issue.
    I have been dealing with 2 Sony Z series phones having issues.

  • Just found out my xperia has bent and rendered the waterproof seal around the charge port useless, been in a hard case since i upgraded last november so not bent in pocket, and 100% definately hasnt been dropped, going back to sony tomorrow.

  • yes i can say 100% mine bent but never been in my back pocket and no external force applied by me.

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  • AngryBird

    Im not lying. my xperia bended. i put at Sony Service Center (Cagayan De Oro Branch). Very Poor Customer Service Ever! I can’t even feel sa VIP they guaranteed when buying the CP!

  • having today talked to trading standards if anyone has a warped phone which affects the seal over the charge port like mine ie cant close the flap, you can write to your phone contract supplier and offer to give them the opportunity to repair or replace free of charge under warranty, if they decline like with me you can terminate your phone contract free of any charge as the phone is not fit for purpose ie not waterproof any more and they cant do anything about it leaving you to take out a new contract with another supplier and getting a new phone .

  • actually u cant rule this argument out as the aluminium expands and contracts while the glass stays constant therefore the chassis warps

  • Sue Tickle

    Mine is bent so much that the flap that covers the charger port isn’t flush and thus rendering the phone ‘non-waterproof!’ Sony have advised they wont replace it! I have only had it for about 6 months, so its still in the warranty period and the phone is obviously not fit for purpose! Poor poor service! I don’t keep it in my back pocket due to the size of it, but have noticed it overheating quite a lot – hugely disappointed.

  • Kjetil B. Thomassen

    This is my bent Z1 purchased in October 2013.
    Sony here in Norway has denied that this is eligible for warranty repair and claims that this is due to an external cause. I still haven’t given up yet. I will talk with Sony and try to figure this out.
    This phone has had problems with overheating and “empty battery” before it is empty, and shutdown when filming, and this has been the case ever since I got the phone. I didn’t discover this problem until September this year, and filed for warranty repair before the two year deadline.
    I have always had this phone in the Krusell Hector 4XL belt case, or in the front right pocket on trousers which did not have the possibility of bending the phone.
    As someone else said, this could be caused by the fact that aluminum and glass has different thermal expansion, combined with the fact that the phone frame is weakened where it has bent.
    I now have a Z5, and that does not heat us nearly as much as the Z1 used to do.

    Kjetil B.

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