Xperia Z1 Compact owners reporting problems with flash bleed

by XB on 4th February 2014

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DSC_0002There are some reports emerging from owners of the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact who claim they are suffering from flash bleed when taking low-light or night shots. Complaints centre around the flash light seeping (or bleeding) through the chassis and lens, distorting the pictures taken. Apparently the issue is more prevalent with the pink and lime models compared to the black.

To see the extent of the flash bleed, users have been covering the flash whilst taking a picture to see either lime or pink ‘halo’ depending on which phone one has. A German forum thread over at Android-Hilfe has attracted over 180 replies so far, with people comparing pictures using the flash. Users are also reporting problems on the official Sony Mobile Talk forums.

We have seen issues similar to this on other phones if a case is used or a finger is close to the flash refracting the light back into the lens. But people are saying that pictures were taken with fingers on the edge of the body and similar problems are occurring. If you have noticed something like this on your Xperia Z1 Compact, let us know in the comments below.



    Noooo it’s bleeding someone call 911 !!!

  • kust0r

    The perfect droid now is less perfect…

  • Marinko Agic

    It happens to everyone who has holster(case) and happens with all brands of mobile phones.

  • Nick

    It’s also happening on my Xperia Z.. When I take landscape night shot without any case or anything else I tet this flash leak on the picture… (like when I tried taking a picture of the sea at night)

  • Nick

    I tihnk its because of the glass on the back that is reflacting the light…

  • mr.torture

    I will quote myself, from an earlier article:
    “It really hurts to see almost every Sony flagship phone having some flaw in design/build quality (and this comes from Sony “fanboy” as they call it).”

    Now, if this really turns out to be a hardware issue (read: non-fixable from user perspective), it will be really really bad marketing for Sony. This was (it seemed to me at least) the only Xperia phone which was praised by almost any tech portal out there, till now. It could have been real “break-through” phone for Sony, and I was imagining it as my next phone also.
    But now… I guess I will have to wait a little bit more to find out is this widely spread issue, or is it limited to only small number of units.

  • Jinn

    this also happens in Z1 without case

  • Mohammed Khired

    yes i confirm the same problem on my xperia z1 too as i tried it after reading this post…cuz i don’t use the flash usually

    but when i bought the phone first time i didn’t had any problem with the flash!! i swear !!

    is this happend after 4.3 update ?

    these two photos in both direction , notice the whiteness comes from the flash

    these photos taken without covers or case

  • mr.torture

    Do you guys read articles, and provided links? Defenders are rushing to post “reasons” for this issue, like using protective case… Now, to quote guy that posted these pictures on Sony forum:
    “Hi, I got the same issues with the camera. I don’t use any covers nor did I place my fingers on the back of the phone.”

  • Mohammed Khired

    you are wrong my friend… dead wrong

  • mr.torture
  • Doesn’t happen on my friends Docomo Z1 F, shouldn’t they have pretty much identical build?

  • sony

    its not a problem.. and happen to all phone

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    I had this problème on my old z, it was white btw

  • whoever

    this is the curse that comes from badly treated customers :P (kiddin)
    the camera module seems recessed, the round frame does not go over the glass. I mean how can’t they see it? But there’s also the handsets that does not have this issue at all. It is weird, the curse makes more sense now.

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  • Tobi_s

    Here’s another compilation, in the img on the bottom you can see how the flash shines through the glossy back

  • Mohammed Khired

    why then iphone 4/4S doesn’t have the same problem

  • Mirrorpurple

    I rarely use the flash since the f/2.0 aperture is performing damn good in low light. But i used it awhile ago and my Z1 do have this slight problem…. but i dont mind since my large aperture basically can take any low light situation for me so far

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  • WhyWai

    aww @_@ is this possible to be fixed? I don’t think so… still getting it, will do just fine without flash..

  • WhyWai

    My question is. Why none of the main press’ reviews mentioned about this issue? faulty units?

  • Clamser

    This is often done by people that protect their smartphone with silicone protectors where else, which at the time of taking a picture with the flash reflecting off the flash light in the sensor of the camera. I have the Xperia Z with the same problem when I use the flash with my phone protected with silicone protected. see pictures attached

  • HardyHarHar

    Keep bleeding keep keep bleeding love.

  • Mohammed Khired

    in design maybe

  • Hendry Sbastian

    xperia Z white color has this problem too

  • Jiakushi

    Just got new album update 5.4.A.0.12
    Improvement for Android 4.4 KitKat

  • hansip

    Nah.. Even if the new handset got this problem, a rationable people won’t ever take picture with flash. I myself will only turn on the flash as a flashlight. Nothing more.

  • xperiance

    i dont facing any issue taking night pic with flash. it seem like sony facing a counter attack from someone that maybe working with other brand or label hired to ruins sony reputation.

  • xperiance

    i dont facing any issue taking night pic with flash. it seem like sony facing a counter attack from someone that maybe working with other brand or label hired to ruins sony reputation.

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  • bossman

    Some people at quality control need to take stock

  • sad kraut

    No Cover, No Finger, The Phone makes bad Photos with flashlight. Will send it back tomorrow. I am very sad about this because otherwise I liked the Phone very much, but I do not agree to pay 500 Euro for a Phone that makes bad Photos with Flash. And I do not care if you never use your Flash anyways because you are Mr. or Mrs. Formidable! If I buy a Phone with a flash build in I expect it to work, even if I dont use it.

  • Life is interesting

    See? the guy who decided not to put a flash on the Z Ultra was really smart, and you calling him a fool lol

  • z

    got mine, too. does this mean 4.4 update for the Z family is on the way really, really soon? rolling on the floor waiting…

  • Z_owner

    not with mine. in fact, it was perfectly okay. i did try to take a picture with (right pic) and without (left pic) the case and the difference is pretty much obvious: the case, for some reason, obstructs the flash or something.

  • Z_owner

    whoops…sorry. top pic is with the case and bottom pic without the case.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Exactly my thought.

  • Peeveli

    My black version does not have that problem.

  • techielover

    looks like imperfection in a perfect phone :P
    there are so many camera problems reported on blogs 21 mp camera should be the best in imaging with glens bionz sensor etc etc yet people starve for the quality what would be the problem here people
    2. hardware
    whats your comment ???
    mine thought is software :D

  • X

    Agree, but every flagship out there does have its own flaws big and small. Otherwise we would already have the 1 perfect smartphone already.

    If this is not a big issue (I myself never use flash to take photos since it’ll be ugly anyway) then it’ll still be a breakthrough phone for me. :)

  • jet199

    New Album Version 5.4.A.0.12

  • HardyHarHar

    We had this similar issue on Nokia n900. All we did was cover the stainless silver rim around the camera with a black marker.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I have the same issue with my Xperia Z :p

  • Harut Hajin

    Stupid Sony haters . Its case problem or screen protector !!!!!!! Remove and shot again .

  • hans

    Dont be silly. All of these people bought the Z1C. So why are they haters?

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  • Chris

    I don’t have any problem with my Z1. The flash works perfect! BTW, no protective cover.

  • Tobi_s

    btw These where created without case or caver, just “as it is”.

  • Tobi_s


  • laci_csk

    I have Xperia T and sometimes I have this issue with the flash. Never had protective cover.

  • Tobi_s

    Hi, I have a Xperia T, too and I never had this problem with it. Just my Z1c fails.

  • Tobi_s

    It’s the hardware. But it’s not the lens, it is the protective back that was put over the flash led.

  • Tobi_s

    Try it outside at night. Take a Picture of a car or something like this. Close pictures (at night) don’t have this problem.

  • Harut Hajin

    SORRY FOR POOR ENGLISH . Im 100 % sure its not phone problem : All they bought Xperia Z and ZL and they fuck stupid screen bla lalala , S where is update : ONLY SONY GIVING NEW UPDATES TO MOST OF HES PHONES , ONLY SONY GIVE SUPPORT TO ALL PHONES , I Have many friends there still on 4.0.3 bought in same time as a Xperia S or ion , have many problems with WiFi and there didnt get any bug or new update and didnt get any update from HTC or Samsung ; You can find or Do everything with or for Sony ( ex. XDA ), U can easily Flash Sony . Xperia S made on 2012 January with 2.3 and there get more than 35 updates and Now S has 4.1.2 , if You know any brand Who give much updates or still supporting 2012 phones told Me , I will killed by himself . .

  • apophis

    Use FILL FLASH PPL! Or RED EYE reduction

    all in all I don’t have this issue on my Z Ultra hue hue hue :D

  • Tobi_s

    Try it again under these conditions: Nighttime, no external light source. Go out of the house and take a picture of something 1 – 2m away from you. (For example a whole car)

  • bader

    the same problem in my z and my friend’s z1

  • Valmont

    The “problem” is, that all Xperia phones have a kind of a splinter guard foil on display/ backcover to protect the glass.

    There ist only a recess for the camera in this splinter guard foil but there is no recess for the LED flash! So the LED light is bleeding right through the foil into the camera.

    The Iphones for example do not have any kind of splinter quard foil, so there is no bleeding!

    I do not talk about the transport protection foil, which is on every phone!!!

  • Sascha

    Just went into a dark room with my xperia z1 compact an did a 8 mp shot with automatic flash light. I checked the photo on the pc and didn’t had the mentioned problem —> Its working fine.

    I think this affects only a bunch/range of devices.

  • stenbergs

    I had exactly this happen to me last night when trying to take a photo in very bad light. Didn’t really expect the pic to come out good in the first place but Did not anticipate that weird effect of the flash….

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  • Mohammed Khired

    boy you wanna troll go troll somewhere else…

    i don’t have time for u really…

  • Mohammed Khired

    shoot the picture again in the dark with the flash on..

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  • Mohammed Khired
  • wah07

    My black one also does not have this problem. I took a picture under the covers in bed and in my cupboard and no flash bleed.

  • Tobi_s

    Yeah. Pictures of close objects are ok. But try taking a Picture of your car at night.

  • Mike

    Well, from the self bending Z1, to this flash issue…I think that the real problem of mobile phones (computers or any other electronic device) is THE USER…Because on my Z1 I never shoot a picture like this…

  • googleandroid

    STOP SUPPORTING THESE PRODUCTS! I know that u sony fans are really loyal to your smartphones (i was one of you till the z1 came out) but sony really cant produce a phone that simply is without problems. My last sony phone was the xperia z but that screen was awful and plus it was a flagship phone and since that day i stoped supporting sony ( i have owned 9 xperias till now).

    After the xperia z i got myself a note 2 and now ive got a nexus 5 and believe me they are like 100 times better than sony.

  • ji

    You’re right. People should learn how to shot pictures…

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  • Roy Chao

    What color is your phone? And post a picture here. Thanks.

  • Tobi_s

    Wow chill…. I still like the Z1c, but it just doesn’t feel good to pay 500€ for something that has a Hardware issue

  • Tobi_s

    Hi, smaller rooms are fine. You don’t have that issue there. But imagine you are at a party and want to shoot a photo of someone (outside the club) – you’ll get a wionderful colored fog Picture. Try taking a picture of a parking car at night.

  • Abdul Ghani

    The hardware is the best its the software isint in every review they all mentioned that in very low light outside pics have messed up exposure and iso sony needs to address this issue for all z1. Z1s and z1 compact cuz this software issues is present in of them

  • Wolfmachien

    have the same problem with my xperia z1. I dont use any kind of case or screen protector on the back and th problem is still there even after i got my phone replaced.

  • hans

    In which way does this relate to the camera ? Furthermore if you take a look at the forum there are first hardware “fixes” of this problem. I rather think you are an ignorant fanboy.

  • hans

    Especially, wouldnt it be great if Sony fix this so you get a better mobile phone?

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  • Fynjy7771

    This flash is not such a big problem. Anyway it’s still the best mini flagship nowadays. =)

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  • Cezary Raczy?ski

    My white Xperia Z have the same problem :(

  • Mohammed Khired

    did u own iphone 4/4s before ?

    did u even touch an iphone 4 actually ?

    my good fella , the iphone 4/4s has the same design concept..

    the iphone 4 does have “splinter guard foil” same as xperia z1

  • Faruk Abou Rafeh

    Plz are commanding ppl? Won’t work maybe if u asked!
    By the way many ppl normal ones fins Xperia Z the perfect phone even with screen not being the best it should. Have friends with the X Z and none said or noticed the screen issue.
    I my self I got angry at Sony cos of the screen but everything else was fine nothing is perfect. Where I work there is 7 friends with Galaxy s3 all of them had cracks 3 of till now didn’t fix it so I’m lucky cos mine felt like 5 times only scratch so wow nice job sony.
    Uh you should try Z1 and ultra they r the best phone sony made till today way better than Z.

  • guest123

    The f flash is only good at a range of about 3 meters.
    Even xenon flashes would struggle to light up a large area.

  • Timbo1

    i have white Z1 and no problem with mine bleeding into the camera.

  • Rinneh

    it doesnt have it, i have a Iphone4 in my hands right now while i am typing this while i wait for my replacement phone. Also some Iphones had the same problem. Most notably the white version.

  • LittleBug

    Not only Z1 Compact, but also Z1 have the same issue

  • LittleBug

    I am using z1 too. When you take photos in low light, it really have this issue ! Because the LED is too close to the camera.

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  • Jaywalker

    Told you people…They don’t know what they’re doing up there. It was a matter of when not if. Hundreds of euros for what? Just to have SONY on the front? Good job! A little bit expensive don’t you think? Every model had big issues and low level issues I mean the camera, the cover, the soft, not very complicated problems. They just had to check the product before send it on the market. They like to gamble. Well done Sony :)

  • XperiaBelgium

    I have no flasg bleed on my white Xperia Z1 compact, with and without silicone cover. Pictures taken with flash look good. Guess i’m one of the lucky ones :-)

  • Berg

    “sony really cant produce a phone that simply is without problems”

    Please tell me what manufacturer can? Really, just name one, any price range.

  • ga_pechorin

    thats a very appleish solution..

  • Roy Chao

    which color phone?

  • Apollo89

    Did you apply a screen protector? I had this problem with my Xperia Z after I applied the screen protector that came with the phone (which covered the LED flash). I then bought new screen protectors, with a hole for the LED flash, which solved the problem.

  • XperiaBelgium

    Like i said: white :-)

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  • InspectorGadget80

    Who ever took this picture is a idiot. i have no problems with my Z1.

  • Christian

    I was eyeing this as my next phone to replace my Xperia SL. But if this is not going to be resolved, I guess I’ll have to wait for another compact from Sony. Or from other OEMs for that matter. :(

  • Gemma

    Any advise on how to prevent this would be nice, i am a big sony fan and got the phone purely for the camera, it takes amazing video’s and brilliant daytime pictures but the flash ‘bleeding’ as you call it is a problem when taking pictures in the dark…massive shame cos i love the phone but i use the camera when i’m out a lot and will give it up if i can’t find a cure!

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  • Mark

    This isn’t flash leak, it’s auto white balance being shifted to blue when the sensor can’t detect any colour.

    Switch to manual and set tungsten white balance and the problem disappears.

  • Mark

    This isn’t flash bleed it’s auto white balance shifting to blue when it’s too dark to detect a colour.
    Switch to manual and set tungsten white balance and the problem disappears.

  • Tamas Dabrónaki

    Mine is a white color. (NO protector, NO case, NO finger near to the camera)
    It has the same problem in dark conditions as other users, but has a problem during daylight too. It seems that the camera rim or/and lens layer reflect light and cause extreme bleed. If I shade the lens with my hand it do not has any problem.

  • Tamas Dabrónaki

    You can compare this effect with the pictures taken by Xperia x10 mini. The sunbeam also causes reflection on the lens, but it do not splash all the way in the picture.

  • Mick

    That happens with almost all camera lenses, even DSLR lenses and that is why these lenses are sold with custom lens hoods. Don’t expect your smartphone lens to perform better than a professional camera ;)

  • Tamas Dabrónaki

    Yes, you are right maybe I expected too much from my Z1c :) Anyway it is a great and beautiful little beast.

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  • mike

    works for me, thanks a lot :)

  • jrnr

    Try to remove the film sticker on the back
    It worked for me, also the sony logo will not be removed

  • jrnr

    Yes remove that, and you will see a difference

  • dan

    i make picture and red si pink , you must fix it !!!

  • Yogesh

    My white Z1 compact also suffers from the bleed in low light conditions. Absolutely no interference with the fingers here.

  • Raja Priyan

    i too have the same problem with my xperia z1 compact (pink)………………………please find me a solution

  • nihal

    I also have same problem with my Xperiaz1 ,the cover which I get with this phone is not perfect for capturing pics it makes the problem of flash bleeding,without cover it gives the perfect image….

  • wendy

    All my flash photos came out pink.I read your comments and took my cover off.Much improved but annoying because I like my cover!(Xperia Z1 compact)

  • Divya Bharathi

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  • Divya Bharathi

    Very interesting thing I just come across at – I could choose any number of items (from the list) at very heavy discount rates (up to 75% off online) – more we buy more discount – I never seen this before.

  • Whiptastic

    I have recently noticed a serious flash bleed in the form of a large blue arc on my Z1S. It only happens in very dark lighting when the flash fires at full power. I don’t shoot in those conditions often and haven’t noticed before. Camera is great without flash, but now I am very disappointed with the camera.

  • Abdul

    Same and my proximity sensor has stopped working. Is almost two months now…

    Phone gets volcanic after a 15 minutes use…

    Gets hanged up randomly……

    Feeling like hell with this…. But paid much for this product.

  • chie

    How to do it? Is it the thing between flash setting and scene selection?

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