4k video and Timeshift video screenshots from the Sony D6503 Sirius

by XB on 9th February 2014

in Imaging, Rumours, Xperia Z2

4K Menu_1The upcoming Sony D6503 ‘Sirius’ will come with a number of new camera apps including the ability to record 4K video, Timeshift video (slow motion clips) and Creative effect (following on from Picture effect on the Xperia Z1). Leakster iRimas from XDA who has the device, has released a few more screenshots of the camera UI, showing the settings for the above apps. There’s not too much exciting here, but we do hope that some of these features will hit the Xperia Z1 at some point down the road.

Sony D6503 Sirius camera apps


4k video camera app

4K Menu_1

4K Menu_2

Timeshift video camera app

Timeshift video_2

Timeshift video_1

Creative effect camera app

Creative effect_1

Creative effect_2

Via XDA-developers.

  • Karel Komjathy

    Great Sony :)

  • Giannikosmo

    Sony is getting better and better every day!

  • Libyan Guy

    shit ! why not in Z1 which has a SD800 with ability to do that !!

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  • Timbo1

    It could be possible on a custom ROM if Sony doesnt put it on the stock KitKat build for the Z1.

  • vito

    wheres my 5.0 android for x10 :/?? sony omg.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Ohhh That Vaio :'(

  • Libyan Guy

    naaah !! all custom ROM’s can’t bring you a stability in cam recording !

    SAMSUNG has done 4K from it’s note 3 on 4.3 months ago ! .

  • Timbo1

    Well that’s the Note, not a Z1. If there is no reference device that is similar to the Z1 it will be next to impossible to port it over just like its next to impossible to port Touchwiz over to non Samsung phones.

  • Mahmud

    Fuck xperia sp 4.3 update. fuck sony

  • Libyan Guy

    The point that you should look for it not the UI of devices !!
    look for their hardware ability alright ! Two devices are SD800 nothing different here only some touches from SAMSUNG like giving 4K and up CPU speed 2.3Ghz . so that’s mean hard work

  • wei124

    Rip. Vaio :-(

  • xperiaDROID

    Fuck you.

  • xperiaDROID

    Hell yea! I love Sony! I miss you, Vaio, we’ll meet again.

  • Timbo1

    Exactly its software that records the “4K” since its not true 4K it just upscales the video, not to mention I’m sure there is a driver that is required. Just like you can’t port Samsung’s version of S Beam that uses WiFi direct instead of Bluetooth, point being its software that cannot easily be ported. It has nothing really to do with hardware since they both utilize the S800. The chances are much higher to port the 4K enabling software from the so called Sirius than something that Samsung is doing especially if it uses the same exact chip set that is in the Z1, just port the software.

  • SomeBody

    Finally, Sony is getting sirius about imaging in their phones.

  • xperiaDROID

    I hope they’re sirius with the display on their phones this year.

  • xperiaDROID

    SAMSUNG…SAMSUNG…SAMSUNG…Note 3 isn’t the first phone to have 4K video recording, the first phone that has that feature is the Acer Liquid S2.

  • pain six path

    It’s very good to have a 4k video recoding,but is it really necessary?? One problem is the size it takes,and still most tv’s are in FULLHD,and my digital camera FULLHD video are so so excellent that I have no wish for stronger one,although Xperia ‘s FULLHD aren’t so great as should be.but world move toward 4k and we should adopt ourselves with it.

  • Libyan Guy

    arrrrrrh Acer ! who uses this devices !! am not a SAMSUNG fan boy alright Acer boy ! am talking about Flagship devices and my main idea that Sony doesn’t work as hard as Samsung on its software’s , when it rolled out 4.3 firmware for Z1 i hoped that i could see 4K recording supported in addition i will use this Acer device to make you understand more that idea , this Acer is a month older then Note3 and Z1 with Android 4.2.2 and same Chipset could done the 4K on their own device !! where is Sony from all of that !!

  • Libyan Guy

    man am not talking about porting , just forget Samsung , am talking about Sony’s work on their firmwares , i don’t believe that there is something related with drivers or whatever especially when we are talking about the best android cam 20.7MP with G lens an all other advertising things ! so actually you had the best hardware that it should give’s you the best futures !

  • Timbo1

    I think the software for the camera was a bit rushed when Sony released the Z1. Before the few updates that Sony made the camera was sub par at best even with the good hardware, every update has improved the camera substantially. The update to KitKat shouldn’t be any different, Sony has taken software out of beta finally.

  • Ruslan K

    I think it is possible to create slow motion video with Snagapro S4 Pro (Xperia ZR) too, even 120 fps with less resolution than HD :) Sony, go I believe in you !!!

  • xperialover

    Well, The sony vaio product was very good, I will missed them so much but in terms of graphic performance was kind of crap.

  • Libyan Guy

    unfortunately , the cam with 4.3 still has a lot of annoying noise when u zoom in your photos also video !

    i agree with you about updating to 4.4 wont give much , however , at least we hope it can fine out that noise and will be great .

  • Timbo1

    Ya that’s the thing with digital zoom though. A cell phone camera isn’t really meant for zoom since all it does is crop the picture but hopefully it will get worked out. It would be nice if Sony gave an option on the amount of photo processing the software did because that also is a culprit for noise.

  • Tjaldid

    isn’t RAW still missing?

  • Tjaldid

    Please tell me that there is at least a decent comparable camera in the Z2 Ultra, the Z2 is too small for me

  • TheUndertaker21

    this phone is a real beast! really like it!

  • Apoorv Deshmukh

    It will be an amazing treat if sony could push 4k and timeshift video to z1 since snapdragon 800 is capable of delivering those features. Only issue can be ram.

  • Raphael

    Now VAIO has died :-( Will I have to buy a Mac to get performance and design ?

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Hmm ri8, I am using Vaio since 4 months and its a sexy machine. But With quality Nvidia graphic hardware, Vaio graphic performance in not up to the mark….

  • Daniel Huse

    You have no idea of what is Sony doing. Sony haven’t stop providing support for Z1 so there might be a chance that Z1 might get the feature in the future update. And why exectly do you need 4K? It is just because Note 3 can and Z1 can’t? Why don’t you just help yourself up and buy yourself a fucking plastic Note 3 with a 4K ability. A warning though, you might end up with stuttering 4K recording with lower than 30fps, worse camera quality, ugly and laggy UI, a tons of bloatwares and so on. Problem solved.

  • xperiafan324

    You have to remember that while we have taken for granted video recording along with photo capture in our phones, the technology for each is perfectly independent of each other ( even though they are integrated into one tiny module, it’s still two different technologies utilising the underlying cmos sensor). So the educated guess here would be that the z1 module isn’t physically capable of recording 4k video. And sony is updating the video capturing HARDWARE capabilities of the sensor for Sirius, while leaving the photo capture hardware untouched. I could be wrong and it all could be software dependent, if it is though, expect xda to provide ports for the z1.

    But I personally feel that it would be the former and not the latter. Just my thoughts though.

  • roeshak

    Don’t really understand where this fervor for 4k video comes from. Unless you have a 4k TV you won’t be able to appreciate the resolution. If the phone had a 4k or 2k display, then at least you could watch it in at least 2k.
    With a 1080p panel, you’re still stuck with that resolution. As it is all you’ll gain is bragging rights. Nothing more!

  • jlol

    4K recording allows you to zoom in without losing quality ;)

  • XellosUAE

    Most Videos/photos are best after long time ( ex. After 10_15 years; people getting married, children become old). So buy that time, it would be great to see Videos/photos with high quality. Do, 4k is welcomed.

    But true, size is an issue, especially if you use cloud storages.

  • Mahmud

    *hic hic*

  • Jlol

    In heaven……….!

  • Micro

    Honami (as we called it then) supposed to have the 4K video recording too. Something went wrong or has changed enough to make Sony drop this feature in the final Z1. No doubt it have enough power and big enough sensor to record in 4k, but who knows why the feature is missing… I hope this time everything will go OK and we can see this in Z1 too long before the Sirius release (in kit kat maybe?). Just my thoughts too ;P

  • The Rock

    OHHHH… this one is looking good. Just have to wait to see how the actual thing is like…

  • Mustafa

    YASSSSSSSSSS finalyyyyyyy 4.3 update for SP arrived!!!!!! Downloading now :))) :D!!

  • Mohammad Shahroz

    are you kidding?

  • Ana Heluši?

    Vaiooooooooo noooo

  • Rizan

    Also if you look at 4k video from the note 3 it is quite spectacular. It looks like broadcast HD.

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Try Dell Precision M3800.

  • Quark Gluon

    3GB of RAM!

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  • adecvat

    Android side.

  • adecvat

    Sony, port this to the Z1/ Z1 compact, plz.

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  • assasinezio

    All these features better make it to Z1

  • Chris

    We’re not professional photographer, so what’s the point of having RAW?

  • Chris

    In low light environment, don’t use Superior Auto Mode, use Manual instead. Super Auto will use much higher ISO than Manual in low light and that’s why noise appear.

  • Chris

    Waiting Sony to port this to my Z1.

  • arshad_imran

    patience patience.. ! Lt30p

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  • Rinku Singh

    4.4 have arrived on my Xperia v

  • Mo
  • Mo
  • Alex Marinos

    is this feature going to be on the kit kat update for the Z1?

  • sony

    no! 4k need 2gb of ram.z1 have enough power !

  • Mo
  • Rikimaru

    But why wait sirius for recording 4K, Z1 is powerful enough to do it, perhaps Sony will offer us this feature after released Sirius.

  • xperiaDROID

    And where are the screenshots? No? Liar.

  • wei124

    Haha nice one!

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  • Tjaldid

    allot of people complain that it isn’t offered and if Sony can offer it then they should.

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  • Jobs

    Wheres my windows 8 for X1?! Been waiting forever!

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  • fuck

    really? what about 4.3 update for xperia SP?

  • off

    FFS I can’t go through the comments without seeing this ten times. This is xperiablog not Sony complaints forum.

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  • ZXcorr

    I wonder what’s the output resolution for Timeshift videos?

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  • Rinku Singh

    kidding buddy

  • hamody.ap

    Samsung galaxy S5 will have optical image sensor (OIS).will sirius have it?

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  • Libyan Guy

    exactly !

  • Libyan Guy

    shut da fuck up ! i’ve got them together ! and i know what am saying not like u licking them pictures on the internet from your radish screen !

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  • puss in boots

    Good bye, Xperia Z1. Welcome, Xperia Z2. Waiting for you, Xperia Z3. May to see you in the future, Xperia Z4.

  • I’m not a pro photographer but a hobbyis, and I’d love to have RAW support to better edit the images. It’s definitely possible, I guess it just doesn’t appeal to too many.

  • I’ll be honest: I’m much more interested in RAW images than 4K video.
    Actually, for me 4K video is pointless apart from showing off. I never record high quality video with my smartphone anyway, I have a DSLR for that which “only” shoots 1080p but that’s fine for at least the coming 5 years.

  • Hitesh Pande

    I loved when sony brought dust proof and water proof . its the killer feature. I think xzl has the right form factor. they should have started the bezel less screens and differentiate themselves from the rest of the stock. one thing better would be pre rooted phones and customized hardware options for their phones. it would be like you choose your configuration for the features you want on the phone.

  • Ycleft xperia

    Xperiablog.net is not refreshing, instead it’s showing old posts!!!

  • Stevan Dj

    yeah, I think they are fixing it !!!

  • RealityCheck2013

    So the Z1 could do 4K to??? If so i will be sooooooooo HAPPY :P (+ the ‘Time shift video’ to)

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  • BA BU

    Can i download Timeshift video apk ? on my xperia zr

  • Nitin kukreja

    how to install timshift video in xperia z1 ?

  • Divya Bharathi

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