Sony D6503 ‘Sirius’ shown off on video; see the new lock screen and more

by XB on 12th February 2014

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Sony D6503 SiriusThe Sony D6503 ‘Sirius’ leaks continue and this time we have the first video of the device in action. What you see below is not a hardware tour of the device, but a quick look at Sony’s Android KitKat skin. You’ll see the new unlock screen effect at the very start of the video. There is also a look at the Walkman lock screen and how you can progress through a particular song. Other features in the video are Xperia Themes, quick-starting the camera from the lock screen and a quick look at Sony’s camera apps. Check out the video below.

Thanks @rency0722!

  • Persian User

    So there is no slim bezel, but the screen looks good.
    Hope to see more IPS from now on.

  • sefther

    Muhaha anybody else thinking that “magically” swipe to unlock looks rather “g**” lol

  • Brad Williams

    Sure am. Can’t wait for my new phone to arrive. ;)

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Live Wallpaper and it’s laggy

  • Binku

    It looks very similar to Z1 in terms of software. I hope there are more stuff Sony can offer use other than ability to use with gloves and etc.

    Sony might have to consider that fact that they need to offer something other OEMs don’t have. Like dedicated Audio Chip?

  • ShinOrochiX

    I quite like it, although I must say the Xperia NXT ICS ‘sliding tab’ lock screen was the best. It had quite a formal yet elegant feel.

  • Binku

    Pre-production device. I wish he showed more than lock screen, Walkman widget and camera shortcut.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    well… being a beat build, what’d you expect?!

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Do u remember live wallpapers on Xperia S? It was laggy even with future updates, it was always laggy – Cosmic Flow

  • Mike Gonzalez

    im still convinced we will see the real Sirius at MWC at the end of the month. last year C6503 was ZL and C6603 was Z… maybe it will be the same this year too

  • You do know that you don’t have to use live wallpaper right?

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    I forced not to use them

  • Kaloyan Stoychev

    The lock screen swipe animation is incredibly gay. I hope they let us choose those.

  • they finally got rid of that ugly blinds effect for the lock screen i hated that one

    oh and blacklevel seems from this video to be AMAZING


  • Reminds me of the visualizer on the PS3, it looks okay to me but i prefer the blind effects more

  • Persian User

    You’ll see the full stuff in less than two weeks.

  • Leonardo Rojas


  • lists

    Or long update cycle for flagships… Wahahaha just kidding it’s Sony $_$

  • Nikola Maruni?

    Liked the old lockscreen better. WIth that blinds opening.

  • gui

    Yes I would like again maybe the same kind of style the telephone accept decline animation

  • Raj Singh

    I’m curious why he didn’t show the hardware…

  • cs098

    whoa the speakers are quite good, anyone noticed that?

  • Michael Hofmann

    How can we be sure this is sirius? Could it just be a software port onto a Z1?

  • Varun

    Where was this video shot?….That song/tone (Implosive silence) is from the movie Highway

  • Mr.Mr

    I love the new unlock effect!

  • Okazuma

    unlock effect is the same on the LG G2

  • Tjaldid

    Is there no specific recording chip? you know for “OK Google”

  • Tom Nguyen

    very like walkman lock screen look with progressing running ! i can move it to the best part of the song :)

  • Terry Williams

    skrew this, i want them announce the windows phone

  • GEEKnorway

    Gay? Wow. Really ignorant.

  • TechGuyChris

    Dang. I cant see the bezels on the top or bottom. this must still be thick bezels… Oh well, I might as well purchase an Xperia Z1 now.. There really isn’t a point In waiting for their press conference now. I was hoping for slim bezels. It sucks being locked into an ecosystem (Video Unlimited movie purchases.

  • Kaloyan Stoychev

    Come on now, there are sparkles. It’s practically fabulous.

  • Mohammed Khired

    still prefer the curtain style on the lock screen , more mature than this…

    but the live wallpaper…..that’s something we’ve been missing in 2013

  • Mohammed Khired

    i gotta feeling that this display is not an ips….

    almost feel the same as my xperia z1’s display , i mean it’s brightness too high !

  • filo9011

    Maybe Sirius is upgraded Z1

  • jag

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GAAAAAAAAAAAYYYyYY!!! why did they change it to that? x.X

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  • Dakota

    Gay isn’t synonymous with bad or awful. He’s right, you are ignorant. I’ll even add an ignorant right wing ass hat. You just look stupid & uncultured, using gay as a derogatory word. Like come on. Grow up. Guys fuck guys, get over it. You jack off to lesbian porn? I might also go with hypocritical ignorant right wing ass hat.

  • Dakota

    I mean sure that’d definitely possible, but at this point 2+2=5 & it doesn’t matter if it was the Z2 Z1 or Z, for all we know it very well might be. Hell, not even be Sony at all, could very well be any phone with a custom ROM.

  • Farai Chiwandire

    Am I the only one who is seriously annoyed that they have changed the album art to that crappy little Sony thing instead of the full screen one on the lock screen? I love that on Kit Kat and it gives the phone personality I feel



  • balantoy

    hopefully this is not a custom rom for xperia z/z1

  • Kaloyan Stoychev

    Thank you, Captain Presumptuous. I’m actually a liberal.

    I didn’t mean it in the sense of bad or horrible, but in the sense of tacky – as in “I’m wearing rainbows and sequins”, which very much alludes to the original meaning of the word gay. It’s why I mentioned “fabulous”.

    I have absolutely nothing against gay people. Jeez.

  • Kaloyan Stoychev

    Also, you might want to reply to the other posters here that precisely share my sentiments.

  • Legolas

    Someone in india doin that? cz thats the hindi song playing over the Walkman and we cant be 100% sure its people in comments below also said it might be a port

  • SovietXperia

    hopefully this IS a custom rom for Xperia Z/Z1. Stupid pixie dust!

  • Dakota

    Original meaning of the word gay? You mean happy? No, there was definitely a sense of negativity in your comment. Perhaps the word you were looking for was flamboyant? Much nicer word choice than using gay, I’m thinking.
    And I mean I would reply to all the others but a) yours was the first I saw & b) the board has enough spamming, so I was only going to address it once. It wasn’t anything personal, just hey, saw yours first.
    And in all honesty, my thought process went a similar way that yours did, but instead of thinking gay, I thought more girly (same with the noise it makes when you open the camera omg)

  • Dakota

    Got a lot of respect for you though. Your reply was nice. I’m so accustomed to seeing so much offensive language on here that seeing a nice intelligent reply is quite refreshing. Also your lack of personal attacks was really cool too, so I do apologize for my rudeness. Like honestly, I’m sorry.
    That being said, my point of using the word flamboyant over gay still stands. Your original comment definitely appeared to be using gay derogatory word, though I do now understand your intended use. But on a forum like this, no one is going to be thinking “hey, maybe he means gay as in like the style, it’s fabulous, it’s pretty, not like lol gayyy”

  • Quark Gluon

    Childish lockscreen! Hope there are options for this.

  • Kaloyan Stoychev

    And I expected a burst of over-sensitive defensiveness. Quite honestly, I did think twice before using the word, but my cynical self decided to conform to a more brash expression.

    I really do think the new animation can use less glitter.

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  • Veeren

    I don’t want with such minor upgrades… Sony we need a Flagship device which is perfect in every Spec and it must be the only flagship for that Complete year again don’t upgrade the device naming it as Sirius compact or Sirius ultra

  • Alfie De Castro

    this is not Sirius this is Z1 with 4.4.2 Kitkat

  • Alfie De Castro

    he should show the phone design… Z1 can shoot 4k

  • raj

    Whatever it is, all these are going to come to my Xperia Z Ultra, as an update :) :) :)

    except 4k and all :P :P

  • Alok

    Maybe its a Z1 with kitkat! :P

  • arcwindz

    It’s waterproof, so it’s a bit of tradeoff.
    Hoping that something like zl2 come out XD

  • Cmmdr Keen

    for f*ck’s sake you politically correct buzz killingtons, you weirdos steal words from the English language for your own selfishness, nobody can say mong, spastic, poofter, battyboy, ghetto, retarded, gay, religitard, rectum raider, switch hitter or any decent words anymore.

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    look how this particular libtard Dakota Fanny shows his contempt for females by allowing the stereotypical word “girly” yet finds no issue pushing his gayrage onto others.

    f*cking bigot you are mate. but trust me i love to see warped liberals eating each other. you people would eat your own babies being the self centered blinkered fools that you are

    i, like your liberal pansy friend stoychev, have no problem with people for being gay, that’s nature, but you raging liberal homos, i fucking hate you lot but i hate enablers like stoychev more


  • Colby Leong

    Would have preferred to have seen the physical phone than the software. I know Sony has great software prowess, it’s the physical design I hope they fix.

  • sonny

    I don’t think the camera of Z ultra would support 4k recoding . Because the camera’s biggest resolution is 3264×2448, but the resolution of 4k is 4096×2160, they can’t match. But I think the timeshift video will be possible to upgrade in Z ultra.

  • Ghareeb Saeed

    i DON’T THINK I will get this device anyways, I’ll try HTC this time!

  • xperiaDROID

    Those who said the new unlock screen effect is gay must be gay, seriously, I don’t see any “gay” feeling in that. I hope there won’t be just one unlock screen effect, I hope there’s more just like LG did with their phones.

    Bring it on, Sony!

  • Benefit Of Doubt

    He could be using a shit louzy camera.

  • monty

    Is this video from India…? That’s song Jonitha Gandhi’s Impulsive silence…

  • Racist B@stard

    Look at his blackish thumbs. He’s from India.

  • hamody

    We want slide lock and blind effect lock as an options also this beautiful lock screen

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  • Darren Gaspé

    Dual front speakers confirmed?

  • Bob

    Screen looks great, new UI looks great


  • Bob

    Hey did anyone else notice the sound from Cybershot Cameras when he opened the Camera app?

  • Quark Gluon

    You can’t force someone to like something. All you can do is just giving alterlatives. And according to history, Sony never gave alternative lockscreen. I really hope they will this time.

  • Amir

    it SURE looks like IPS. your eyes are not trained.

  • SK

    Thats been there even in the Z series. Try opening the camera app using the camera button in Z1

  • zaimi

    is it worthy if I sell my Z1 to get Z2? pls advice

  • SK

    Though I feel that it might be the sirius stuff, I happened to see the stock music player when the guy slides thru the apps. Is it a 4.2.2 port or really sirius?

  • xperianer

    uhm, did they reworked the appdrawer, AGAIN?
    oh man, the 4.3 appdrawer was quiet nice, but this one seems to be GEL-like. i hope i can rearrange the order of icons :/

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  • xperianer

    i watched more clear, ok, it seems own order is possible, whatever xD

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  • thumble

    Very impressive i will buy the z2 as soone as it is availlibly

  • mat jeng jeng

    Not looking so good. They come ut with old z generation design. If this the phone look like. I dont think this could be Rival to samsung s5 iphone 6 that realy come up with freshly new elegance modern style phone.


    Now rolling android 12.1 (Chestnut honey) for XPERIA Z100,Z ULTRA 200,Z TABLET 80.It brings sony new smart camera app,new launcher,new UI,so more….

    Anthony’s Child: as my father had told 36 years ago android 4.3 will roll out for XPERIA TX,T and V very shortly….please stay tuned us and bear with us.

  • Betta work bitch

    Jeez you got some problems I am gay (not the lady Gaga fan gay though XD)
    and the expression gay fits perfectly for this unlock scheme get a life I think most of my girly (as you would call them ) friends would comment it the same way

    Not everybody is homophobic just because he uses that word and honestly we gays disgraced this word and defined it in the last few years to what people think we are or look like.

    Thank the media the trannies the gay hoster on TV shows and so on…

  • karamelakimo

    i think this isn’t sirus it’s Z1 with custom 4.4.2
    anyway i liked the camera icon ,, the unlock ,, the walkman progress par
    i think kit kat on sony wil be sooo wonderful

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  • raj

    that’s what i have mentioned na…. “except 4k and all”

    Timeshift Burst is already available in Xperia Z Ultra 4.3 update

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  • laci_csk

    Yeah, if Coventry is in India. See the weather widget about 19 sec in video.
    His “only” an indian.

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  • hocestquisumus


    Sony’s strengths are most definitely in the hardware. Sony Software has been bad since, like, the dawn of time (OMG the MiniDisc players with USB…). Their Android is quite OK but probably only because most of it isn’t written by Sony.

  • hocestquisumus

    Let’s put it this way: If such a port existed, it would show up on XDA.

  • Colby Leong

    Still I wouldn’t mind having to see more of what the physical phone would look like. Bezels, maybe the dual front facing speakers…Hell maybe even a sound test, or proof that there could be a S-Master Chip

  • Berg

    You can’t see the bezels at all, and that means they must be huge? Fool..

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  • Berg

    Me too. They even did a tutorial on how to get that effect and everything :P

  • Chris

    Brightness too high? Tune it down man?

  • kun

    +1, Well said.

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  • Amir

    yes, 2 weeks ago.

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  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    i dont think this is the z2

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  • Armin Torkashvand

    it”s not z2!!!

  • panagi?tis

    so if this got 4k video i suppose we will see 4k video to 4.4 in Z1. i dont see any reason not to. camera is the same and cpu is the same

  • Battal Aljadei

    Some differences in the cpu:

    Xperia Z1: Adreno 330 (450 MHz) LPDDR3-1600 Memory Controller (12.8 GB/s)
    Xperia Z2: Adreno 330 (550 MHz) LPDDR3-1866 Memory Controller (14.9 GB/s)

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  • guest

    Obviously there is no way to judge weather this is IPS, MVA etc. from a blurry video especially when filmed from a head-on perspective. Almost every Panel looks the same when filmed in this configuration and with a brightness set this high.

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  • redwan

    i want sony xperia z2

  • grav1ty

    I like the actual launcher in 4.3, except the lack of transparency at the home and notification bar. Just make it fully transparent and remove the grey toned frame (that shade behind the icons) in app drawer. (For all, try the “TRIFLAT” design – you can download it at the Design menu from Sony Select, then you will see what i am talking about)

    Before i forget it – Give us the old feedback (“click”) tone from 4.2. I do not want that stock android tone. That forward/rewind option at WALKMAN widget is nice to have, want it!

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  • Amir

    no, you are wrong. IPS panel looks more saturated and with more accented display, like everything is more engraved on the display and better dark colors, also better contrast. no, i don’t mean oled which is a different kind of panel.

  • roeshak

    Nothing new to see here. Unlocking animation is much worse though. Why change the elegant blinds animation with this childish crap.
    I think I’ll be sticking with my Z and wait to see if sony produce something that doesn’t look like a phablet.
    This is just another Z1 variation and it’s no secret just how much I loathe that device and all its variants. Big bezel nonsense!

  • Hjopp

    If Z1 Compact is a phablet for you I can only assume you are an infant.

  • the new one is too glittery the old one was plain weird to me i would want one as the new one but with no sparkles and glitter just a plain lighted stripe

  • Kiwison

    or through the lock screen (y)

  • roeshak

    Not interested in a 4.3 inch device. By the way there’s nothing compact about that device, it’s bigger than most other devices with similar display size. The ZL was compact.

  • P9

    the battery icon!!!???

  • Clamser

    This phone is the Xperia Z1 Android 4.4 Kitkat

    do not bother

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  • Red John

    it`s not sirius it`s just test of android 4.4 kitkat on the honami. sirius will have very slim bazzel on the sides. Sony told that leaked pictures of sirius are all fake. Also told that they aren`t going to make new flagships with thick bazel like on z1. it would be slim. and that D6503 isn`t the real flagship

  • Red John

    which phone would have dual speakers?


    Fuck sony!!! I want slim bezel like Xperia ZL at least something like Xperia Z. The bezel of Z1 is too huge and make the phone looks unwieldy.


    You’re right, Z2 has the slim bezel.

  • raj

    for sure…. Indian :P :P
    Dark hands

  • Marco Antonio Maza Hernández

    Sooooooooooo BIG

  • Daniel Dorestant

    Wait… Why didn’t he go into “About Phone”?

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  • Hardik

    The Walkman shows “highway” movie album art…. Sure phone is somewhere in Indian subcontinent.

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  • roeshak

    So is the Z

  • They do sound nice and loud

  • Bob

    Oh sorry i didn’t know :p

  • Bob

    Yes and quite clear too, looking forward to this phone!!

  • Bob

    Don’t worry you can change it, as we saw in previous leaks

  • Bob

    U always say that, but yes, I agree with you.

  • Amir

    xperia sirius (Z2) will have stereo speakers with sound boost with better sound (more detailed) then htc one. this is good news for sony fans.

  • Bob

    Guys I don’t think this is the Z2.
    Firstly, the model number corresponds to the ZL, so it think it’s a Zl1
    Secondly, Sony aren’t crazy enough to release a new flagship in 6 months – this will just be the bigger version like the note 3 and s4, both are flagships
    And for you Z1 owners, don’t feel as if Sony are abandoning you, I’m sure most if not all of these features will come in 4.4 update, and it will still be supported as the 5″ flagship.
    I think sony have done the right thing – release a new, slightly bigger 5.2″ flagship that fixes the flaws of the old one (bezel, screen, speakers), but will also continue with the Z1 as it is almost the same.

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  • Amir

    soon we will find out. teaser videos and photos should come very soon. follow sony on facebook.

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  • Bob

    Yeh I can’t wait!! Even still, I’ll probably wait for the the next 5″ flagship, 5.2 is too big imo. I just really hope it has the amazing screen, speakers and small bezel like Sirius.

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  • arcwindz

    Indeed, but we are talking about the video right? So i assume it’s about the side bezel.
    The top and bottom, well it’s ugly if it’s thick tbh lol, and that’s exactly what stopped me from oogling the Z1 hope sony will change that

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  • Amir

    well, then you will have to wait maybe for a high end sidekick from sony sometime in this year. not clear when or if will happen. rumors are not clear.

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  • Optimism VS Realism

    Hate to break it to you, but 2K would just be overkill. Sure it looks good as a stat, but you can hardly tell apart 1080p from 720p on smartphones, so there really would be no point.

    And 2K would cause several problems like the phone would need to be a lot thicker (if it is even possible for such a high pixel density), it would probably overheat, GPU rendering would be worse unless you have an insanely powerful chip and battery life would be horrendous.

    All this for a very negligible increase in screen resolution. I’d rather just stick with the same big battery and powerful GPU that would be needed, but on a 1080p screen so it is faster and has good battery life.

  • Amir

    i find your post quite funny. nothing bad will happen. they will find ways to preserve battery. all Q3-4 2014 and surely 2015 flagships will be 2k whether you like it or not. that’s life. samsung dictated 2k. it’s a spec war. please, learn a bit of marketing. subtle changes and changes also.

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  • Optimism VS Realism

    I didn’t mean anything bad would happen, I was just saying how pointless it would be, even though it is inevitable. I’m sure many people would agree that 1080p is enough, and we would prefer better battery life etc. Anyway, that’s just my opinion, I’m not here to argue.

  • Bob

    Yup they sound really good. Sony is finally Sirius about sound!

  • cs098

    Oh you.


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  • Hjopp

    It’s a compact version of the Z1, try comparing the two side by side and you’ll see the difference.

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  • Noven

    I just want to understand.Where is Xperia wallpaper?

  • Advice Dawg

    If it’s in good condition with the box, I’d definitely say yes. Sell it now while it’s worth quite a lot and then u will be able to upgrade for not much money. The new speakers and screen seem really good. Even if it isn’t much of an upgrade, it’s a win win because then u will be able to sell the Z2 and upgrade when z3 comes out – that’s what I always do, sell my phone just before new one comes out and I get an upgrade every year for really cheap.

  • Bob

    Yes I completely agree. Normally I love Sony UI but after getting a 4.4.2 custom rom, it just doesn’t seem that good anymore. I also hate the small apps section – it’s the only bit that actually looks ugly in my opinion, but I still love sony UI and probably prefer it to stock android.

  • Armin Torkashvand

    nothing is clear!! just wait for MWC and dont listen to anything!!

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  • Afham

    I like the sound when the camera apps are launch…. It sound similar when you switch on sony camera…. Well its sony after all…

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