Only Xperia T Android 4.3 update currently live; Sony’s social camera included

by XB on 13th February 2014

in Android, Firmware, Xperia T, Xperia V

Xperia T Android 4.3 screen_4A quick update on the Android 4.3 firmware update for the Xperia T, TX and V. Despite Sony’s omission in its changelog for Sony’s social camera, users are reporting that the social camera and camera apps are in fact included (see the pictures below).

Only the Xperia T update is currently live, although we’re still yet to see any generic updates, the release has mainly hit Vodafone carriers in Europe. We’ll keep you posted when the update hits the Xperia TX and Xperia V.

Xperia T Android 4.3 screen_1

Xperia T Android 4.3 screen_2

Xperia T Android 4.3 screen_3

Xperia T Android 4.3 screen_4

Xperia T Android 4.3 screen_5

Xperia T Android 4.3 screen_6

Xperia T Android 4.3 screen_7

Xperia T Android 4.3 screen_8

Xperia T Android 4.3 screen_9

Xperia T Android 4.3 screen_10

Xperia T Android 4.3 screen_11

Xperia T Android 4.3 screen_12

  • Alex D.

    Any news on the upcoming KitKat update for Z1? Also, any hints on whether they’re presenting the next tablet at MWC? Thanks! :D

  • Roger

    Not in Vodafone Portugal yet…

  • hassan

    why sony ? :/

  • cs098

    Wish there are more xperia themes, I like it over cm ones, no reboots needed.

  • Nguyen Vu

    still not available here, in Czech.

  • XperiaT

    waiting from the Netherlands

  • dfc sxt

    No update in Poland yet.

  • guest

    Just flash a avaible FTF

  • Janet

    Any bond content in this one? The vodafone

  • Nikola Maruni?

    Great, but when will it be available for all unlocked phones, that is the question!

  • Nikola Maruni?

    No, Bond content was included only with special Bond editions of Xperia T, but you can always download it from XDA!

  • Misael Romero


  • Stephen

    not available yet on my spare xpreia t in ireland,

  • Vitor Silva

    Supposedly the unlocked phones should be the first ones to receive the update. But it seems carriers are gettting them first. =S

  • Jerry Berglund

    Nothing (wich is kinda strange) in Sweden yet.

  • sony
  • sony
  • sony

    lol :))

  • Janet

    Cannot see one with bond for 4.3 android. only see uk vodafone. maybe i am wrong?

  • Nguyen Vu

    I’ve download it but I don’t know how to do with, Im new

  • Nikola Maruni?

    I meant the additional content. It (some wallpapers and ringtones) can be downloaded from XDA. I believe there isn’t special James Bond ROM!

  • sony

    flash it with flash tools for xperia devices!

  • zxcvbad

    UK, no update for unlocked

  • sonyfan

    Just grab the voda one, works cherry with 3 for me.

  • Samuel

    No importa donde lo tengas, que te llegue la actualización depende del SI Number o también conocido como Customization. Si nunca lo has hechi investiga de como usar Flashtool, para que en cuanto alguien publique el .ftf puedas actualizarlo manualmente, sin esperar dias o meses.

  • raj

    Yes… In the themes screen, there is a + icon, which will take you to the Sony Select Screen, having close to 10 more for download….

  • cs098

    I actually know that already, using the snow theme right now….

    but 10 is not nearly enough compared to the countless themes cm has.

  • raj

    got your point :)

  • Manuka Maduranga

    Anyone got the update on Xperia v?

  • VenetiCAT

    no I haven’t yet, (unlocked Xperia v, UK)

  • faisal

    hi guys…while im writing here…im downloading 4.3 for SP….im from malaysia…tq sony!!!!!!!!

  • faisal

    u guys can go to sony malaysia website n go to software updates n u can see the new software 4.3….yessssss……

  • hanry dp

    what about xperia v, when it will release?

  • mrhossen

    what about SP !!! still now i don’t get the update on C5302

  • Amey

    Did anyone receive JB-4.3 For Xperia SP in Mumbai,India ?

  • XV user

    Using pc companion..??

  • XV user

    Anyone got the update for v in malaysia??

  • rk

    I’m from mumbai and even i have not received the update

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  • techielover

    mid range phones getting mid range treatment even at the time of hell lot of late updates such a shame!!
    server overloading damm are you kidding what about the z series there server never been overloaded or updates comes in phase for them
    clear indication of what you pay only thats what you get keep whining nothing will change from them now god knows how many days it will take to reach people!! atleast one 4.3 update””

  • zeb

    sony now should get ready for kitkat 4.4.2 update for sp

  • Abhijit Biswas

    Just checked, no update yet! And if you call them they say its per batch no, but they are lying, the update still hasn’t hit the Indian shores….. Those Sony idiots!

    Hopefully it rolls out today, then we have the weekend to update and try out new features!!!

  • Abhijit Biswas

    Well at least Sony it updating our mid-rangers unlike other brands(Samsung,HTC,LG,etc) who never give updates…

    So despite our urge to kill Sony(which in a way they still deserve for the delay) we must be glad they are giving us updates….

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  • Fuck Samshit

    So all those bitches can stop whining now!

  • Berg

    They won’t

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  • Pravin

    hope it comes today india

  • SK

    If u had seen the update for z series in the last few weeks, the servers were overloaded and the updates crashed for a couple of days.
    Usual process is that the update will roll out in phase for every model in a weeks time across all region. So we can wait till the batch numbers get activated in the servers.

  • SK

    These new themes need to be certified by Sony to be posted in the playstore. So we can expect Devs to start developing these themes in times to come.

  • jag

    This is what i like about sony. When they update their phones, it would feel and look like a new phone. i just hope that it’s not unstable like the ones in the Xperia S and Xperia P. Cheers to all! ^^

  • Alison Cullen

    I have received the 4.3 update (Vodafone UK) this morning but am being extremely thick here as now cannot locate how to take a screenshot as it does not appear on the power button list?? Anyone help please. Thanks

  • Maskdemort

    Nothing for Xperia T @Stock in France

  • mr.torture

    It’s still very limited amount of T’s that got this update till now. What about all those generic/unlocked phones, with no bond to carriers. The way I see these update priorities, is exactly opposite to what we have with this update.
    Isn’t it more fair to deliver updates to those users first, who paid full amount of money for their phones (for the sake of having unlocked phones).
    Instead, we will wait for who knows how many more hours/days an already over-delayed update. It’s not that I need this update for anything crucial, but it’s about (in)consistency, that is constantly delivered to us, in terms of broken promises. Dear SONY, If you’re not sure that you can finish your software in given time, then don’t promise anything to people for God’s sake. If you’re not sure it’s gonna be december, don’t promise “rolling” in that month. Be honest and say, ok, we can’t finish it till mid february, and everyone will respect that. And then deliver it when promised, to EVERYONE. This way, they are just alienating people, and it’s happening year after year, with every flagship device since X10. If they were smart, and played this “update game” a bit more smartly in recent years, they could have much much bigger user base now…
    SONY, SONY, will you ever learn…

  • francesco

    Companies make money with midrange’s products also called mainstream, not with high end devices, so they have to learn from Apple & Microsoft to take more care of their customer… ;)

  • Patrick Bateman

    Sony will release the Xperia Themes SDK to the public, along with the 4.4 KitKat update, so customization AHEAD! ^_^

  • grav1ty

    I don’t know how exactly the update procedure is at sony, but i i live in germany and i’m using a non carrier Xperia Z with Generic customization. We never were first at rollout list. We have 4 carriers in Germany, T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2 and eplus and owner of unbranded non carrier generic XZs never got update first. For Example: Rollout for 4.3 began on 23.12.2013 – 1 Week after T-Mobile devices got the update over PCC. Generic Devices had to wait exactly 1 month.
    This is not an Xperia T thing, that’s just what i wanted to tell you.

  • Nikola Maruni?

    XPERIA T unlocked version update has arrived. At least for me in Croatia or eastern Europe for the rest of you! I hope you get it too!

  • Nikola Maruni?

    Mine has arrived. I just have to switch from Win 8 to Win 7 (which is annoying) and it should update.!

  • mr.torture

    Like I said, I’m not hurrying anywhere, so I can wait till it arrives on servers, to do it via update service. I’m just saying that SONY should handle their updates with a bit more consistency, and a bit less broken promises, for their own sake.

  • zozzer

    Any 1 got the 4.3 for sp in india? If yes plz comment

  • Ufuk Krgl

    live in Turkey only :)

  • aligamz

    I really like the white backgrounds Sony is using in its 4.3 skin. A lot more elegant than stock Android, IMO.

  • Nguy?n Trung ??c

    How about Xperia TL (LT30at) ???

  • mo

    I updated my xperia. T but no ar effect :( how can i Download this?

  • Ali Cullen

    I downloaded from the play store :-)

  • FS

    T unlocked updating now! :D

  • SonyMac

    Right?! Come on at&t, roll out the update for us TL owners!

  • Mohammad Shahroz

    Still no updates in Pakistan :@ how much more i have to wait???? if anyone in Pakistan got the update please let me know.

  • Mohammad Shahroz

    can anyone provide ftf file for unlocked xperia T?

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  • Christian Francisco

    Got my Xperia T updated to JB 4.3 here in Philippines. It’s like a brand new phone again. Thank you Sony though it was a little late for the update. One thing though, why is the screenshot feature was removed? It’s very useful feature please bring it back. Thanks.

  • Branko

    Got it yesterday…Serbia.

  • neville chidawanyika

    anyone whose Xperia T SI number 1265-8787 who has updated yet?

  • Branko

    Press power button and volume down and hold it for 1 sec. to take a screenshot..

  • Christian Francisco

    It works! Thanks! But it kinda difficult though to take a screenshot. But at least it’s still there. :)

  • Stephen

    it shows up as : ar effect sony : in play store

  • mark thomas

    Can I update my tl using the ftf from a different region???….and is PlayStation 3 dualshock support in 4.3 for T?

  • Adrianus Albert Jonathan Nadea

    Yeah, didn’t update my SP via PC Companion to 4.3 (though it did upgrade the firmware to the latest in 4.1.2 JB no problem). Thankfully, the update came OTA anyway.

  • Adrianus Albert Jonathan Nadea

    For some reason, mines didn’t because I’m running Win 8. OTA saved the day though.

  • zain

    m also waiting in Pakistan :( for xperia T

  • lon

    Buti pa t, tx may 4.3 na ang v wala pa dn sa pinas hahaha tawa na lang ako :D

  • Christian Francisco

    Try mo i-reinstall yung pc companion mu tapos yung location mu change to Austria or any country from Europe. Gamit kong net smartbro lang, globe ata hindi carrier ng update dito satin, I’m not sure pero try lang.

  • Pasiek

    Have this SI number and still no update :/

  • sebas

    I have it and still nothing D:

  • amine

    cv 1266-2830 no updat ..

  • texterted

    UK unbranded now live on PC Companion! For xperia T.

  • Ethan

    Hello, does anyone has issue using stock email app to sync gmail via wifi? After 4.3 update, LT30P can’t sync the gmail via wifi using stock email app. However, yahoo mail and hotmail are fine.

  • Grrr

    UK unbranded here. Still nothing…

  • Grrrrrr

    Same here!

  • Nipun Goel

    still no update for sp in india?

  • paulcoates

    Looks like the 4.3 update has landed for Three UK owners (update notified via PC Companion app). Downloading now…

  • paulcoates

    No idea what this update was but it hasn’t updated my phone (Xperia T, Three UK) to 4.3.
    It performed an Android update but I can’t see anything that’s different (I was already on the latest version).
    Totally confused.

  • Happymonkey

    Trying myself now too? Not updating this end either? Xperia T

  • Happymonkey

    This is very annoying! Updated & everything says it’s updated then when the phone restarts it’s still 4.1.2 & nothing has changed?

  • paulcoates

    Glad it’s not just me. A bunch of stuff that I uninstalled (rubbish that came on the device eg Three Music/Games etc) is back on the device but I’m struggling to see if anything meaningful has been changed/improved.

  • Happymonkey

    Must be? Really strange! Hopefully by this time tomorrow we can actually update to 4.3?

  • ahmed

    still no update cv 1266-2830 no updat ..
    pls help

  • ahmed

    still no update cv 1266-2830 no updatee ..
    pls help

  • mark angelo Espayos

    Hi Christian, wala bang changes like sa Languages pag ni-update mo sya using other location/Countries?

  • andy roid

    What build number is it showing on your phone?

  • neville chidawanyika

    wher is 1265-8787 update

  • paulcoates


  • andy roid

    Like u said a dodgy update then! I got that build OTA last year – there are newer builds for jb – shows how poor three is!

  • Karel Komjathy

    Flash CE2 version

  • neville chidawanyika

    i really hate SONY

  • where’smyupdate

    where’s the update for T sony ? one week down!

  • wtfsony

    holy cow! one month ?? wtf

  • paulcoates

    Patience is the key now.
    4.3 has been released, now it’s up to the various network operators to filter down their respective versions.
    I’d imagine at least another week for many of us.

  • Happymonkey

    Yeah! Can only disappoint now so no point worrying about it! Now my phone isn’t reading the SD card? Works fine in my computer & in a Samsung phone I have so rather than having an update I now have a faulty phone :-(

  • neville chidawanyika

    I haven’t got mine yet

  • umar

    When i will be able to update my xperia t its si code is 1266-0471 i am from pakistan plz

  • Grr

    Anyone with 1265-8787 got the update?

  • neville chidawanyika

    I have the same SI number still nothing yet but itbis now appearing on the update checker ope anytime now

  • zain

    m also waiting in Pakistan n have the same SI 1266-0471

  • Scarlatto

    Sony LT30p (xperia T) ITALY: Released and Updated on 22 february 2014 by phone (no PC companion) – NO brand – carrier TIM .

  • paulcoates

    Cool, nice to hear it’s gradually reaching people.

  • Happymonkey

    Apparently it’s being rolled out via over the air updates to Three mobile owners since the 21st?

  • bobroosh

    Live in Canada

  • paulcoates

    I follow @ThreeUKSupport on twitter and haven’t seen them say anything but that’s good news if it’s true. I’ve certainly had nothing yet (and I’ve been checking several times a day via WiFI and PC Companion). Sad but true!

  • Happymonkey

    It also said that the phone would let you know when the update is ready? I’m gonna leave it all week & see if I get it??

  • steveve

    Xperia T (Lt30a) unlocked in Canada now downloading 4.3 via Sony Bridge for Mac!

  • Mr Intro

    still no update for my Xperia T SI 1265-8787

  • Happymonkey

    Update for Three UK users… Three are still checking the software & doing tests at there end! They are hoping to release it soon but it could still be a couple of weeks? I was actually called by the technical teamand they are fully testing it!

  • paulcoates


  • andy roid

    Thanks monkey! Got fed up with asking the facebook team!

  • andy roid

    Is there any way we could just flash the software – my friend did this with my old live walkman when three didnt release the .587 version of the software! Anyway what have three got to test? We dont get bloatware with three – just the three app and a three homepage in the browser!

  • Izhar Ul Haq

    Hi all Senior and Expert plz help me…
    I have got updated ma Xperia T running Android 4.0.4 to 4.3 by an experienced man in a market…its work fine for 3 days, except some bugs(loud speaker and charging mode) . But suddenly its cemera become un responsive, so i try to restart it..but there appear the TRIANGLE AND BLUE BAR…i have tried many time but the issue has not been resolved yet…plzz solve it for me and for all SONY loverzz.. thanksssssss in advance..

  • paulcoates

    I finally became bored of waiting and I flashed my phone (without needing to root either). Now I’m running an unbranded version of 4.3 so that’s got the added benefit of no Three startup screen etc.
    I was pretty reluctant to do this but I’m sick of wating for Three to get it released (especially as there’s still the .199 version to come!!

    Here are the instructions:

    And here’s the firmware I used (Central European – Customized CE1 (1265-1620) [Unbranded]):

  • Happymonkey

    Cool. Does it actually make any difference to the phone? I still haven’t updated it but tempted by your post!

  • paulcoates

    It’s totally transformed the phone in my opinion. I completely wiped my phone to do it though which I’m sure will have helped. I use lots of the google services so I wasn’t worried about contacts, calendars, emails etc.
    The phone is noticeably faster with lots of little things from the likes of unlocking the screen as well as the camera (mine was quite slow to open and then take photos).
    Everything just feels fresh with the newer icons, menu screens and of course there is no three branding anywhere (I always dsliked the ‘Three recommends’ stuff in the Google Play store).
    I was a bit nervous doing it (I used to have an HTC Hero which I rooted and flashed with Froyo as there weren’t any more updates) but I’m so glad I flashed my Xperia T and I felt I had nothing to lose as I’ve only got six months left on my contract.
    I’ve had NO problems with the software, I simply had to reinstall the apps I use (and re enter login details etc) which wasn’t that much of a hassle in the grand scheme of things.

    I did try to back up my phone first but PC Companion was having none of it so I just emailed any important text messages to myself but that was it. Anything on the SD card is unaffected.

    Bit of a ramble but waiting for Three’s official 4.3 update was driving me mental. Now I’ve got the very latest version of Android and it feels like I’ve got a Sim Free phone.

    Feel free to contact me if you need any more info – I’m not an expert but I can tell you exactly what I did if you need anything beyond the links I posted above.

  • geo

    done! i got the update for my Xperia T in Romania, just a minute ago! le me check the new phone! :)

  • Happymonkey

    Many thanks! Had a look at the sites you posted & looked good. I might give it a go this weekend! I’ll let ya know how I get on…

  • Juan Osorio

    please upload Xperia T SI number 1265-8787 stock 4.3 .205 firmware!

  • Happymonkey

    Haven’t updated mine as yet! I checked the Sony Blog (Official) and it was full of people complaining after updating! Three still haven’t released it anyway but starting to think they did the right thing?

  • paulcoates

    Well if that’s the reason for the delay then fair enough, I had no problems with the unbranded firmware I flashed though.
    I’ve actually got myself a SIM free Nexus 5 now so I can stop worrying about when I’ll get updates from now on. Really enjoyed the T but I think that may be my last Sony mobile phone for some time.

  • Kristijan

    What are you complaining about?! I’m from CROATIA, and I’m waiting for 2 MONTHS to get my Xperia T update to 4.3. jelly Bean! And I still haven’t got it on my phone! 2 MONTHS people!

  • andy roid

    Lol – I did exactly the same thing – can’t see why everyone was getting excited about 4.3 update which is an old software now. 4.4.3 is imminent on the nexus 5 – possible rollout from 21st April.

  • paulcoates

    The Nexus 5 is by no means perfect but I’m delighted with it. Just need to work out what to do with my Xperia T now…

  • andy roid

    Keep it for a good spare or sell xperia T and nexus 5 to get nexus 6 – when its here. I sold mine to go towards n5 – I kept my old Sony Ericsson live walkman though – my first android phone – still there isn’t really anything apart from HTC one that comes close to the sound the live with walkman kicks out!

  • Happymonkey

    Well the update from Three UK finally arrived on Friday (18/04/14) It’s the 9.2.A.1.205 build! Not exactly sure if it’s made any real difference to my phone apart from looking slightly different? I like the new Walkman set out so I guess that’s good…

  • paulcoates

    Wow, that took a LONG time! At least Three had the sense to wait for the very latest update rather than releasing the original one. I found it was a case of lots of little changes but I definitely noticed an improvement with performance although I did a clean install when I flashed the Unbranded firmware.

  • Divya Bharathi

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